by Jonas E. Alexis and Thaddeus J. Kozinski

THADDEUS KOZINSKI taught philosophy and humanities for ten years at Wyoming Catholic College, where he also served as Academic Dean.

Kozinski is the author of The Political Problem of Religious Pluralism: And Why Philosophers Can’t Solve It (Lexington Books, 2010), and a forthcoming book on Aristotelian logic. His recent book is Modernity as Apocalypse: Sacred Nihilism and the Counterfeits of Logos. His essays have been published in Modern Age, First Things, Telos, Public Discourse, ABC Religion and Ethics, etc.

JEA: In your recent book, Modernity as Apocalypse: Sacred Nihilism and the Counterfeits of Logos, you allude to the “psychopathic new world order of the twenty-first century.”[1] What do you mean by that and what are some manifestations of this “psychopathic new world order”?

TJK: In 1984 (interestingly enough), a Polish psychiatrist named Andrzej Łobaczewski (1921-2007) completed the work that he began shortly after World War II as a member of a group of social scientists studying the nature of totalitarianism, having experienced it first-hand first under Nazism and then Stalinism. The book that was the fruit of his many years of suffering and research is Political Ponerology: A Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes.

His thesis is that the regimes he suffered under, including the United States to which he immigrated in the late 70s, are most accurately described as pathocracies, ruled by a small group of genetic psychopaths, with a wider group of willing lackeys with psychopathic tendencies, creating a political culture of “acquired psychopathy.” The masses duped by the Orwellian distortion of language that both enables and accompanies pathocratic rule, for they naturally characterize and translate any pathological behavior and speech into the moral and rational categories with which they are familiar due to their inability to imagine the psychological world in which the psychopaths live.

As Łobaczewski’s Polish colleague Stefan Błachowski wrote:

“The general inability to recognize the psychological type of such individuals [i.e. psychopaths] causes immense suffering, mass terror, violent oppression, genocide and the decay of civilization. …

As long as the suggestive [i.e. hypnotic, charming, “spellbinding”] power of the psychopaths is not confronted with facts and with moral and practical consequences of his doctrine, entire social groups may succumb to his demagogic appeal.”

And, “Methods are developed for spreading dissension between groups (as in the maxim “divide et impera” [divide and rule]).

Treason and deceit in politics are given justification and are presented as positive values. Principles of taking advantage of concrete situations are also developed. Political murder, execution of opponents, concentration camps and genocide are the product of political systems at the level of primary integration [i.e. psychopathy].7

Needless to say, Łobaczewski was prophetic. IXXI, and the genocidal War on Terror hoax that it birthed, bears all the pathocratic earmarks described above. False-flag terrorism is intrinsically psychopathic, and yet it is now the normal modus operandi of contemporary politics. Due to the Internet and courageous truth-tellers, many are waking up to this fact.

But what we are dealing with today is even worse than pathocracy. IXXI was, of course, psychopathic, but it was also Luciferian, which is not the same thing as either simple human wickedness or psychopathy. As the research of scholars such as S.K. Bain and Thomas Breidenbach has revealed, IXXI was an occult, human sacrifice, scapegoating ritual orchestrated by Deep State Luciferians.

Our pathocracy, and the Luciferianism that now accompanies and exacerbates it, can also be seen in the attempt of these elites to overthrow not only morality, in their promotion of homosexuality and baby-murder, but also Being itself, in their rejection of the immutable reality of gender and the intractable limits of human freedom.

Recently, Canada legally prohibited a father from preventing his fourteen-year-old son from undergoing a sex-change operation. This is a State at war with Being and anyone who dares to recognize the authority of Logos over the authority of the State. Both psychopaths and Satanists behave as if they are not creatures but the Creator, and they are working to create a culture wherein their demented mode of consciousness becomes the mode of consciousness of all.

Metaphysically speaking, every human being is a person, an “I,” not an object, an “it,” and morally speaking, we are obliged to treat both ourselves and others as “I’s and not “its.” Psychopaths and Luciferians treat themselves as the only “I’s” that exist, and everyone else as their “its.”

Secularist liberalism is just the social, cultural, economic, political, and religious embodiment of the disordered soul of the psychopath and Luciferian, and it has the effect of habituating otherwise normal and moral people into the consciousness and outlook of these evil people.

This habituation is becoming global now. After IXXI, being a good person means, for those inclined to the Right, condoning the murder of Muslims and wars of genocidal aggression, and substituting America for the Catholic Church as the only true “force for good in the world.”

For those left-inclined, it means condoning the murder of babies and the cultural war against Logos, and substituting a woke-America and Israel leading a globalist state as the vanguard of human evolution into Deity.

JEA: You have a long paragraph on pages 189-190 that I think is pertinent to quote in full here. You said:

TJK: “When an explanation for a massively violent event and its concomitant crisis emerges as the official, unquestionable, and authoritative narrative; when it includes, and without empirical evidence or investigative inquiry, the assignation of innocence and exceptionalism of the victims, and utter depravity and terrifying power to the designated criminals; when dissent from this narrative is socially forbidden, even to the extent of legal harassment and prosecution; when it spawns behavior in contradiction with itself, such as committing acts of terror in the name of eradicating terrorism, or restricting and punishing free speech in the name of expanding and protecting it; when the narrative is immediately supported, echoed, and policed by the vast majority of the ruling classes, including both the mainstream and ‘alternative’ (gate-keeping left and right; when it successfully unites and synthesizes otherwise opposed factions of the populace—liberals with neoconservatives, libertarians with statists, humanists with Nietzscheans, theists with atheists; when rational scrutiny and frank discussion of obvious explanation holes in the narrative are forbidden; and when the ritualistic, annual remembrance of an event and recitation of its hallowed story—particularly the harrowing portrayal of the demonic villains to which it assigns all blame for both the increasing domestic strife among citizens and the perpetual Manichean war against the newest ‘enemy’—instils and evokes primordial fear and religious awe in the populace; when the narrative of an event or series of connected events possesses all of these attributes, or even just a few of them, we know we are dealing with no ordinary phenomenon.”

These are powerful words. Can you expand on this for us?

The Catholic Mass and Eucharist is where the Innocent Victim is mystically slain, making present and real, here and now, His historical crucifixion, where His resurrected body is made available for the consumption and, thus, deification of its partakers. This sacramental ritual requires its celebrants to be in state of repentance, imputing righteousness only to the Lamb who was slain and confessing one’s personal guilt in His slaying.

The Eucharist makes all its partakers one in His divine love, and this love is to be shared with the world, hence the meaning of the word “Mass”—Ite missa est—“Go, you have been sent.” The Eucharist is both the source of unity for the Church, but also the world. States that reject the moral and spiritual authority of the Catholic Church are doomed to become enslaved to the authority of another, not-so-loving moral and spiritual authority.

If my description of false-flag terrorism is accurate, in light of the Mass and Eucharist it can be seen as their diabolical inversion, a counterfeit ritual, a black-mass. The masses are made to gather at the spectacle of the righteous victim who is slain, but instead of evoking in them repentance and confession of guilt, it produces self-righteousness and pharisaical judgment.

Instead of departing the spectacle unified in and prepared to share the divine love that was made present there, they depart unified in a shared hatred of the demonic “other,” prepared to share and act upon the murderous hatred instilled in their hearts. And like divinely revealed Catholic dogma, there is to be no questioning of or dissent from the satanic dogmas revealed to us by the priests whose media incantations and governmental sermons authoritatively define the reality of what took place.

I think false-flag terror is essentially a scapegoating ritual sacrifice, which, as René Girard has shown, is the inevitable foundation for political unity of all non-Gospel converted and infused cultures, and is the diabolical inversion of Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross.

We, individually and collectively, either follow and obey the Gospel, or we follow the devil and scapegoat. There is no third option. We are dealing with a phenomenon that can only be fully understood and effectively combatted in light of the Gospel and in the power of His grace.

As I discuss in detail in my book, the fear, and awe that is instilled by these events, which makes their narratives unquestionable and their ensuing violence seemingly omnipotent, is best described as the “satanic sacred,” only to be defeated by the true sacred, the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

JEA: You cite Professor Lance DeHaven-Smith in his study Conspiracy Theory in America (University of Texas Press) saying that the CIA invented the term “conspiracy theorist.”[2] Unpack this complicated issue for us here.

TJK: I would urge readers interested in this topic to read Smith’s book, or just the discussion of it by Ron Unz, who summarizes here the essential point:

During the mid-1960s there had been increasing public skepticism about the Warren Commission findings that a lone gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald, had been solely responsible for President Kennedy’s assassination, and growing suspicions that top-ranking American leaders had also been involved. So as a means of damage control, the CIA distributed a secret memo to all its field offices requesting that they enlist their media assets in efforts to ridicule and attack such critics as irrational supporters of “conspiracy theories.”

I think God in His providence has allowed the Internet because it poses the most serious obstacle to the propagandists. Of course, it’s a double-edged sword, providing a means to both freedom and enslavement. One of the reasons I have dedicated my life to liberal education and philosophy is because being able to think, both discursively and intuitively, with the mind and the heart, is now an essential requirement for successfully negotiating contemporary culture in general and the Internet in particular so as to be able to learn what one needs to learn for the good of one’s soul and the souls of those we need to love and protect.

The Deep State has not been able to stop the truth from getting out, but social media censorship is becoming more and more blatant and ubiquitous, and I am not sure what the outcome of this will be. It’s hard not to see some sort of civil war on the horizon. I am convinced that the only power that can vanquish the evil in which we are now immersed and getting more powerful every day (even though its “power” is illusory) is the power of God. But He requires us to be conduits of His power. We have to strive to know and do His Divine Will in every moment. Indeed, we need to live in His Divine Will.

A few years ago, I discovered the writings of a 19th-century Italian Catholic mystic named Luisa Piccarreta (already deemed a Servant of God by the Church, and soon, it appears, to be canonized) whom Jesus Christ personally taught to live in the Divine Will. Her life was a miraculous one. The teachings, given to mankind at this time when most needed, are contained in 36 volumes.

I would urge readers, non-Catholics included, to study these teachings. They are beautiful and powerful and self-authenticating, and reading them along with and in light of the Gospels will do much good to your soul.

This is the best introduction to guide you: The Crown of History: The Imminent Glorious Era of Universal Peace

  •  [1] Thaddeus J. Kozinskii, Modernity as Apocalypse: Sacred Nihilism and the Counterfeits of Logos (Brooklyn, NY: Angelico Press, 2019).
  • [2] Ibid., 215.


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  1. Pls think about what Stanley Kubrick did in Eyes Wide Shut re the “false flag” of the prostitute murder and the sacrificial phony “come take me” BS. BRILLIANT!

  2. Money donated for church purposes to the Catholic Church is being used to pay lawyers to get
    Catholic Priests and others out of child molestation charges. The Catholic Church is very cleverly set up to protect the criminals operating in secret in Rome from any criticism and legal claims from elsewhere in the world. Just imagine what Catholic Priests did to kids a century or more ago in places like South America. It took the disgusting Catholic Church about 350 years to admit the world’s greatest physicist Galileo Galilei was right and they were wrong about the Sun being the center of our Solar System, and the amazing thing is they finally admitted it at all! When you mix ignorance and power you are talking about a time bomb which can explode and destroy everything. There are many areas where one can learn about logic and critical thinking; I would recommend beginning with mathematics, physics and chemistry and engineering and flush religious hypocrisy. If religion were the answer how about appointing priests, ministers and rabbis as engineers without training to design our buildings, bridges, ships, automobiles and everything else we use every day and see how they do? Would you drive a car designed by a Catholic Priest? Just observe all the human suffering today caused by ignorant belief in phony religion in Israel which did 9/11/01 along with criminals Bush, Cheney and some four star generals. How about reading a genius intellect like Mark Twain?

    • How may kids or adults have read Mark Twain’s simple proof that Man evolved DOWN from the higher animals? Here it is: “I placed one Anaconda Snake with a herd of 500 sheep; it took one lamb for its meal. I placed two hunters with a herd of 500 buffalo; they slaughtered the whole herd!” Have you ever read a book on philosophy or logic with proofs as simple as this that reveal the most profound ethical issues and contradictions? The above proof is quoted from “Letters from the Earth” by Mark Twain, 1938. There have been full time professors at UC Berkeley editing and publishing the many great works of the genius Mark Twain long after his death. My late Mother used to read his great books like Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn to me as a child almost 80 years ago. My Mother majored in English at the great University of Minnesota one of the top Universities of the world.

  3. Though I don’t hold the Thad’s religious convictions or beliefs I do see that we are currently being ruled by evil sociopaths and psychopaths and that if we don’t stop the decline we’ll be heading into a new dark age that’s darker than the original.

  4. When a minority wants to control the majority they need to Project Their Power using an Instrument of Projection such as Empire. This requires the Administration of Systems of Control within that Empire.
    Logos is a threat to this control because Man acting in conformity with Reason is not just another animal with a Religious Belief in Technology that can be dictated to by an Oligarchical minority. Those that have thrived within Empires for millennia have therefore been constantly at war with Logos and seek to undermine it.
    Greed is Good dominance of the many by the few in a Material World requires Financial Systems of Control

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  6. ……all well and good up to the point where the narrative turns to god for the answers….maybe you have to be a psychopath to believe in god….and maybe even a bigger psychopath to believe in someone who speaks for god….either or is not the only choice….maybe neither nor….

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