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Germany says TTIP talks with US failed

Jim W. Dean - The public's attitude, those I converse with, shows a growing suspicion and antipathy toward trade treaties, as future generations have no say so afterwards.

Germany Should Offer Russia Concrete Cooperation or ‘Balance Will Be Lost’

Jim W. Dean - These are hopeful words from Mr. Steinmeier, as he is speaking for the German government, but not for NATO. Military brass often does not like balance, always preferring superiority.

No basis for talks with Turkey after coup says German FM

Germany's Steinmeier - “We are talking with each other like emissaries from two different planets. There is essentially no basis for understanding ... no basis for discussions,” the top German diplomat said.

Astronomer and Science Historian Nicholas Kollerstrom Challenges the Holocaust Industry

We surely have to believe in some sort of Logos principle which means that we can by debate find together by logic whatever the truth is.

Germany Excludes Entry of Ukraine Into EU in the Near Future

The German Foreign Ministry stated that Ukraine should not expect a quick accession to the EU. Earlier in April, Dutch voters opposed the EU's...

Rewriting History about WWII – Alla Pierce

The Russophobic orgy needs to stop.

Erdogan Smack-down

An indicator of new world trends?

Brexit Paves Waves for Germany to Take UK’s Place as Washington’s...

Britain and the US have always been close friends, however that relationship has now been tested as Britain has decided to leave the European Union. So who will become Washington's new ally?

The Meaning of Brexit

The EU kept its promise, for decades Europeans haven’t been killing each other, they kill Arabs instead...

Time to Put a Stop to German Bashing

German-bashing is contagious, much like a virus. It is a weaponized belief triggering behavior that targets an identifiable minority – those who lost WWII – and their offspring for good measure. It has the power to annul an ancient dictum: “Thou shalt not bear false witness...”

Anti-New World Order Rises in Germany

NWO agents are not immortal. They can politically bleed and can ideologically be castrated.

Did Germany attack France and England?

The misinterpretation of not only Russian, but also world history by Russian liberals has broken all boundaries of reasonable.

Genocidal but Still ‘Moderate’ – Germany Supports Its ‘Rebels’ for Certain...

Stefan Heuer Following the heinous shelling of hospitals and residential areas in Aleppo by what the West labels ‘Syrian rebel militias’, German foreign minister Frank-Walter...

Duff in Syria or is it Germany, Only DHS and FBI...

Second day we drove down from Bernkastel to Garmisch and checked into the Riesser See Hotel, loaded to the gills with Ukrainian secret police pretending to be normal every day holiday folks who do group PT in the parking lot at 6AM, not a pleasant sight.

Has LewRockwell.com Become a Zionist Shill?

To maintain that Talmudic ethics would guarantee the fairness of Republican politics is pure chutzpah.

Germany grants Turkish request to allow for prosecution of comedian who...

Jim W. Dean - Merkel just stepped in some doo doo on this one, giving her political opposition a perfect foil to put a spotlight on her "accommodations" with Turkey at the expense of German citizens' free speech rights.

German Chancellor Deputy: Wahhabism is the root of Isis and Western...

In an interview with Bild newspaper, Mr.Sigmar Gabriel Deputy of the German Prime Minister and the German Minister of Economy alluded to Saudi support of extremist and terrorist groups around the world and criticized massive western governments' relations, in particular Germany, with Saudi.

Germany Back in the Poison Gas Business, with ISIS this time

Jim W. Dean - The key weaponizing ingredient is a bonder that sticks to the inside of your lungs so you can't cough it out, and it kills you. The companies selling this stuff know what a critical agent this is and cannot pretend it is a commonly used one.

Germany Braced for Crime Wave as Police Lose Control Over Migrants

A leaked report says that German police are warning of a huge rise in drug and sex-related crimes and an increase in radicalization as...

The Rape of Japanese Men and Women After World War II

The fiery deaths of civilians in Tokyo and other cities and the vaporization of 200,000 mostly women and children in Hiroshima and Nagasaki remains an evil black smear on the human soul for all time to come; they provide a clear and terrible testament to man’s inhumanity to man.

Thomas Goodrich Against the New World Order—A Dialogue (Part I)

Thomas Goodrich: "Savage and sadistic as the war and ensuing Jewish 'peace' in Germany was, nowhere was the terrible price of propaganda more evident than in the war with Japan."

Interview – Germany moves to tighten asylum rules

Jim W. Dean - Germany's open immigration extravaganza has been an utter failure, with average German citizens being sacrificed in a new version of the Roman circus, an EU one that does not care for its people's security.

The Emasculated German Police

"The police weren't backed by German politics..."

The Polish-Hungarian Conspiracy Surrounding an Alternative Germany

Last week, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban met for six hours with Polish political patriarch Jaroslaw Kaczynski at Niedzica Castle in southern Poland. With...