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US Corporate Media Fully Complicit in Murder of Ukrainian Civilians

The U.S. dollar is rapidly heading towards irrelevancy and the elites have decided that the only way to deflect the blame is by distracting their citizens by a massive, global war. When the U.S. dollar is abandoned as the global reserve currency, the US will implode much like the Soviet Union did, rapidly and violently.

NATO Jets Targeting Serbian Airliners Heading East – Report

Air Serbia is currently the only European airline operating direct flights to Moscow, but “military conditions” are artificially created in flight patterns where they should not be.

Analysis: What’s Really Behind the War in Ukraine?

Ukraine is like the claw of a bird that would force the powerful of this world to get into a sanctions war, introduce sanctions that are unprofitable for themselves, or extremely unpleasant from the point of view of political consequences, and get a demonstration of the impossibility of achieving their goals by such methods.