Banksters transforming Baby-Boomers into Baby-Busters


by  Preston James and Mike Harris

A Baby-Buster is an asset-stripped Baby-Boomer, Baby-Boomer that becomes “Busted”. Every day there are more and more new Baby-Busters in America that emerge as the US economy sinks lower and lower due to fewer jobs, less income combined with higher prices.

Those Baby-Boomers who now have great pensions and investment income should enjoy it as much as they can, but also make significant efforts to survive the predicted coming lean times, which many economists predict will be quite severe.


These current prosperous Baby-Boomers are likely to see all their prosperity eroded over the next few years as the US Petro Dollar continues to be displaced as the World’s Reserve Currency by the BRICS Nation Development bank and the Chinese AIIB, and others now arising.

The “Greying of America” is now characterized by the emergence of more and more asset stripped, hand-to-mouth living Baby-Busters which used to be moderately affluent middle-class Baby-Boomers.

These folks can no longer maintain the lifestyles they became accustomed to before Free Trade devoured so many American good paying jobs and the Recession of 2008 eroded their savings account and investment interest income.

Most Baby-Boomers were doing quite well until they suffered the repercussions of the 2008 recession, fueled by the World’s largest mortgage fraud system which has transferred many billions from homeowners and the USG as guarantor to the Banksters.

This Recession of 2008 has eroded the interest income and sustenance and many Baby-Boomers who are now spending down their savings and investment principals. As these become exhausted many have to return to work at least part-time to even survive due to the inflation and constantly increasing taxation by big government.

Unsupervised, unaccountable Federal Reserve Monetary policy is the culprit here for the present and increasing debasement of the US Dollar.

Not surprising the 2008 recession as well as all other recessions and even the Great Depression of 1929 have all been the direct result of Federal Reserve System monetary policy and especially their discount interest rate charged to ember banks to issue money in their name.

And such policies have resulted in the progressive and systematic debasement of the value of the US FRS Fiat Dollar Note, commonly referred to as the US Petro Dollar.

Doubt this? All you have to do is research the progressive decline of the US Dollar since 1913 until now.

The current value of the US Dollar is now about 2% of its original value and that is “res ipsa loquitor” or obvious proof of negligence based on what actual reduced hard commodities and goods it will buy now compared to then. And the single factor that has determined the value of this Fiat US Banknote is the quantity issued by the FRS Banksters and that is influenced by the “discount interest rates” set by the FRS for its “automatic self-drawn loans to member banks and the interest rate spread set above that for the member bank’s individual borrowers.

All this directly relates back to actions of fraud and criminality by the FRS and their large member Wall Street banks.

When your central bank debases your currency by printing and issuing far too much with no oversight, it has dire consequences for everyone except the privileged few who run the tax and spend system inside the beltway or those special interests who receive abundant “corporate welfare” from it.

This includes those who don’t work for their money but live by speculation and privilege or those Banksters themselves that profit daily from the biggest Ponzi scheme in history by charging and receiving huge interest payments on the so-call US National Debt.

Actually this so-called US National Debt is not legally or Constitutionally owed by the American people at all. It is all a fraud. The FRS cannot charge people interest as rent for using what is required to be their own money in the first place.

In America in 1913, the City of London Khazarian Mafia private central Banksters were able to successfully bribe Congress and the President to get their Federal Reserve Act Passed.

The passage of this illegal, unConstitutional US Law actually constituted a secret coup d’état which has characterized the take-down of the Republic and the substitution of a whole new secret central (Federal) government run out of the City of London.

This secret financial coup d’état has essentially reduced America to an economic province of the City of London private central Banksters, which is a small private nation-state itself, and the home base of the Khazarian Mafia (KM).

The passage of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 allowed the City of London to set up the Federal Reserve System (FRS) as a Bank franchise of the Bank of England located in the City of London, the Khazarian Fiefdom.

The FRS has provided an elastic checkbook, a credit card with no limits for the out of control US Congress and the Administration.

Ever since the Federal Reserve System (FRS) has been creating and distributing our US money to us to use as legal tender printed by the US Treasury on its behalf. But there are some conditions. The FRS has no oversight but themselves. They decide on how much is printed and issued by various means, including directly by themselves through complex bond issues and buybacks, but also directly by their member banks who can create FRS money when they issue loans. This is technically called Fractional Reserve Banking and debt-based Fiat currency.

Slavery was outlawed in the 100s in America. But the private central Banksters’ debt-slavery created by the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 has created a new type of secret Bankster slavery in its place as a substitute.

This is called debt-slavery and keeps folks enslaved to the private central Banksters by paying interest to use what should be their own money, to pay interest on the so-call US National debt and to pay Federal Income Taxes and Property Taxes which are completely illegal and unConstitutional.

We now know for certain that the Sixteenth Amendment allowing Federal Income Taxes was never ratified and thus did not ever really become part of the US Constitution.

Central Bankster Fraud had its fingerprints all over this fraud which they felt was essential to support their ever increasing Ponzi scheme.

Federal income taxes were needed to help maintain an out of control tax and spend-more system for Congress. But it was also deemed necessary to provide Congress with an unlimited line of never ending credit accompanied by a continuing expansion of the so-called US National Debt and interest payment on that fraud.

The FRS is a huge Ponzi scheme which has captured most of the World in its spider web of debt-slavery.

The FRS is fractional because the member Banks are allowed to lend out far more money than they have in deposits, right now about 9 times or more.

And it is Fiat because the money is created out of nothing air from nothing by Fiat which is best defined as an official decision or order of those running the bank which creates the money.

Another important condition of the FRS money creation and distribution is that all money distributed to Americans for use is now technically only an FRS Bank Note, that is, a loan obligation which the user has to pay interest on to use.

The FRS has been crafty indeed in its gradual change from US Gold Certificates and US Silver Certificates to FRS bank Notes. Originally the money was issued as a Gold or Silver Certificate with actual gold or silver behind it, redeemable at any FRS Bank for actual gold or silver coinage.

Slowly but surely these certificates became notes only partially backed by Gold and Silver and then in 1971 they became backed by nothing.

The FRS claimed they were then backed by the “full faith and credit of the USG”, but essentially this has meant nothing but an ever expanding Bernie Madoff Made off with our money) Ponzi scheme.

Now for the specifics of how this World’s biggest Ponzi scheme works inside America.

The FRS has become a huge scam in which all Americans are now its victims, caught in a giant FRS Ponzi Scheme. And it seems about ready to began a gradual descent into collapse like that which characterized the Lehman Brothers collapse in 2008 which triggered the Recession of 2008 and the two subsequent bank Bailouts which ended up totaling Trillions of US Dollars and which have been withheld from the American taxpayers.

The FRS’s biggest crime has been to provide all the money “needed” to an out of control US Congress and Administration in order to finance their massively unbalanced budgets notoriously filled with pork and special interests, which kickback to them with lavish perks, revolving door jobs and huge campaign contributions.

The trick here you see is that the FRS will loan the USG as much as it wants for its special interest pork/kickback programs and just add it on their ever growing tab (the so-called US National Debt which is allegedly 13+ trillion Dollars).

But interest accrues and this is also added to the ever expanding out of control tab, the so-called US National Debt.

Do you think maybe the KM Select Few leadership has engineered this massive FRS Ponzi scheme to eventually collapse and take the World down with it in order for their Globalist NWO Phoenix to arise from the ashes and mass death?

Breaking the US Congress and Administration of this out of control spending of imaginary “created from vapor” Fiat FRS notes habit is about as easy as breaking a heroin addict of his heroin if it is supplied free in unlimited supply.

Our US Congress has been mainlining Fiat FRS notes from this ever elastic checkbook/revolving credit ever since several years after the inception of the FRS, and the payments due it for accrued interest on account are ever increasing.

Budgets experts now claim that a major part of our budget is now paid as interest on the so-called US National Debt, and this could be as high as 38-40%.

None of this US National Debt is legal or binding because it is a direct violation of the US Constitution which requires Congress to issue real money backed by Gold and Silver. By the way there is no statute of limitations on Fraud crimes especially of this magnitude so technically We The People should be able to go after them legally if we clean up our US Department of justice.

We should be able to prosecute them under RICO which will then allow us to seize all FRS and KM assets wherever they are and claw them back, all of them even those taken as lavish bonuses and salaries and other illegal perks.

A Ponzi scheme always continues to expand until it collapses when the income cannot sustain the promised and demanded expenses. Many economists and financial experts predict this end point is coming when this whole so-called US National Debt becomes so large that there will be no money left after making payments on the interest. Some believe America will then enter into a new Dark Ages of economic collapse that will make the Depression of the 1930’s look moderate.

And some believe that the FRS engineers recessions and depressions periodically so its associated big corporations can acquire valuable American land and assets of We The People at fire-sale discount rates.

Baby-Boomers worked hard, attained success and for the most part comfortable lifestyles.

Baby-Boomers born right after WW2 for the most part worked hard and attained much success economically. They became the American Middle Class. Two-foot closets and one car garages became walk in closets and one-car garages became two and three car garages. Children were sent to college and some had their expenses paid. In general, life for the Baby-Boomers was good.

There were always periodic setbacks and financial and economic cycles, but in general with hard work, many attained good employment that became careers, good paying trades, and professions. Overall, good pay, retirement funds, a a nice bevy of possessions including homes, nice cars and vacations became the norm. Some of the most fortunate were able to buy lake cabins, hobby farms and second retirement homes. The executive class arose and did exceedingly well with lavish foreign vacations and a lot of luxury purchases.

In 2007, the bottom began to drop out and in 208 for many Americans it did drop out.

The American FRS Ponzi scheme began to shudder and reach its operational limits. In 2008 Lehman Brothers went under and Hank Paulson the secretary of the Treasury told key Members of Congress and the US President that if there was not a 900 billion dollar bailout, America would collapse economically in mere days and would descend into martial law. Was this a threat or just an analysis of reality at that point of how unstable the Ponzi scheme had become?

The joke was on us, the American People and it still is unfortunately as most remain asleep. But it made these two KM Banksters rich beyond imagination at our expense and destroyed the retirements and lifestyles of many Baby-Boomers who had worked hard and saved all their lives. It has been this kind of reckless criminal behavior and RICO financial fraud that has is transforming millions of Baby-Boomers into Baby-Busters. Obviously it is time for the baby-Boomers and the new baby-Busters to wake up from their Controlled Major Mass media mind-kontrolled stupors!

The rest is history. The US Congress and the President gave the FRS its Bailout, passing the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, and then later after Barack Obama’s election, he provided another second one just as large. And after that additional monthly bailouts called Quantitative Easings were made to keep the FRS Ponzi scheme temporarily afloat until the .0001 super rich could transfer their assets into foreign based currencies and offshore safer location often heavily invested in Gold, Silver and hard commodities.

Later on, during a Congressional Hearing, it was learned that this was only the tip of the iceberg and that the FRS had issued and provided Trillions more to their associate foreign City of London private central banks in other European countries to keep them afloat. Representative Ron Paul claimed this amount was in excess of two trillion dollars, but it could be far higher. Because all attempts so far in Congress to force a complete audit of the FRS have been half-hearted and failed, we cannot know all the facts and details.

The reason Congress is not serious about reigning in the FRS is because it is addicted to the KM private central Banksters elastic checkbook and the luxurious lavish lifestyle it allows them to have because of this tax and spend/kickback system which characterized Congress.

So now it is 2016 and the FRS Ponzi scheme appears to again be reaching it point of collapse or at least to once again to have become in serious trouble.

The real problem here is the money system itself is a Fiat counterfeit private “money from nothing” system where we all have to pay interest to use what should have been our own money in the first place system.

The FRS has printed and issued and spent so many US Dollars all over the World, that it is finally becoming debased and its general value is unstable. The only thing keeping it floating right now seems to be that the other nations money is devaluing faster.

So far in this race to the bottom, many from other nations have turned to the USD as a last bastion of hope which help temporarily buttress it’s value. But this cannot last forever. But why?

The reason is that the light-bulb has gone off in many heads all around the World, including Americans. People are finally figuring out that the Banksters create money from nothing and lend it to citizens at interest to gain their huge wealth and lavish lifestyles through a fraudulent speculation based Ponzi scheme.

Everyone else has to labor for their money usually a minimum of a 40 hour work week in America, often more. Why should we the American people have to continue paying interest to use our own money and allow the US Congress to keep borrowing to pay for all these treasonous sedition so-called Free Trade Agreements which are exporting most of our good jobs.

It is our country, our Republic and it should be our money, issued at no interest and issued at controlled quantities that do not debase its value.

The top KM Banksters love Baal and worship him with kidnapped young children. If they can do this, no wonder they don’t feel guilty engineering false-flag terror, staged wars, recessions, depressions, and assassinations of politicians and whistle-blowers.

And how much money is made, how it is backed and how it is distributed to We The People to be used should actually be decided by We The People, not some foreign based Khazarian Mafia private central Banksters from the City of London or their stateside puppets.

These Khazarian Mafia private central Banksters are in it for themselves to attain their own devilish “take over the World” Globalist NWO Agenda and do not give a damn about the interests of We The People. Anyone who studies the actual sinister background and origins of the Khazarian Mafia quickly finds that they hijacked High Freemasonry and use it as cover and are actually an occult secret society at the top based on Baal worship involving pedophilia and child sacrifice. Insiders have referred to them as the World money-changers, or even the “The Baby” for their Babylonian Talmudic “money-magick”, some who have left their circles call them the Olympiads or the Synagogue of Satan or Luciferians.

Many of the leaders of the rest of the World are getting tired of being victimized by the FRS and the Khazarian Mafia Banksters and the US Petro Dollar which has been the World’s Reserve Currency.

Is the end of the hegemony of the US Petro Dollar System now fast approaching?

It was President Nixon at the direction of his KM national security adviser Heinz Kissinger that negotiated the special secret arrangement with the Mideast Oil Producers. The deal was that the USG would provide military protection for them if they agreed to only accept US Dollars for their oil sales.

This led to the US Dollar becoming the World’s Reserve Currency, a powerful advantage that has been seriously abused by the FRS on behalf of those they represent, the Khazarian Mafia and their City of London private central Banksters.

And in reaction to this continued abuse many of the World nations leaders are forming new banking and currency systems which will serve as a strong firewall against the US Petro Dollar.

Some economists are now predicting that the US Petro Dollar is going to cease to function as the World’s reserve Currency.

Other believe it will be diminished in value and be used as part of a basket of World currencies adjusted one to another for exchange value by international trade councils.

We have the BRICS System in which this kind of system is now set up and running, after just getting started. The Chinese AIIB is now emerging too and many private trade deals are being negotiated by World leaders without using the US Petro Dollar.

Some think it may even disappear from use eventually after a hard crash, replaced by a “basket” (collection) of Gold, Silver or commodity backed currencies adjusted for value by a new International Trading Board which will be set up like that of the BRICs or the AIIB.

In any event the bottom line is this, the abundance of American Baby-Boomers is now coming to an end and their lives are market by evidence of major ongoing asset stripping by the FRS via its elastic money-creation-at-will Fiat counterfeiting Ponzi scheme.

For many this Baby-Boomer abundance ended in 2008-9 when many retirement funds and investments lost up to 40-50%. Some came back, but many did not. Many thousands over-bought expensive home with borrowed money to get bigger tax right-offs or as investments based on bad investment advice or easily obtained loans with little vetting.

Detroit, past home of the World’s best automobile production plants. Now a bankrupt virtual wasteland of homelessness, unemployment, debt and death. Is this what is store for most large American cities as the FRS Ponzi scheme approaches collapse?

We have now seen the decay of the industrial Midwest to what is commonly called the Rustbelt. Detroit, aka the Iron City, which used to a bastion of good paying automotive manufacturing jobs is not an economic wasteland and actually bankrupt.

Detroit City pensions have been reduced to a fraction. All over America, major cities and even whole states are facing bankruptcy. Pensions are now under fire and some experts say they will never pay out what folks expected or even put in. Savings accounts pay almost nothing.

CD and interest used to provide 5-6% sometime even more. Savings accounts now provide less than 1% for most insured savings accounts. Inflation is realistically at 7-9% a year despite what the USG claims. Do the math, it comes out quite bad.

he USG official Unemployment figure is reported at 5-6% but is actually at about 22-24% with over 90 million able Americans who want work out of work. This massive loss of jobs and reduced income is a sure indicator of a major coming financial disaster, most likely a complete depression that will surpass the great depression of 1929.

Now for the saddest, toughest, most unjust part of all.

Many retired seniors living on social security who used to supplement that with interest from investments and savings accounts are now spending down these accounts because interest was reduced to almost nothing, far below inflation. Many have had to go back to work just to be able to eat. We are seeing folks in their 70s and in some cases their 80s getting part time jobs just to survive, when they worked hard and saved all their lives to prepare for a good retirement without having to work again at all.

And at the same time we are seeing many thousands of immigrants be allowed to enter and live in America, given sanctuary as refugees and are given far more money in aid that many Baby-Busters live off of and all paid for by taxes and money borrowed from the FRS. The USG Accounting Office (GAO) has reported that the USG has already spent most Social Security funds that were supposed to be kept in a long-term lock box. Now they are paid directly from the US Budget and about 40% of the official US National Budget is borrowed from the FRS.

The only ones that seem to be free of this financial blight in America so far are the Government workers who get great retirement pay.

Especially former members of Congress and appointed officials, some of whom get 80% of the salaries they received while working. How long are We The People going to accept this great disparity with members of Congress feathering their own beds at our expense. And it is always off the back of the working man and woman, those who actually work for a living everyday. members of Congress work for AIPAC and their special interest lobbyists, but the ones they are owned by are the Khazarian Mafia private central Banksters. Too bad they don’t realize how they have helped them ruin America bu playing into this massive FRS Ponzi scheme.

Baby-Boomers the most successful American cohort in history are now being transformed into Baby-Busters at an alarming rate destined to rapidly increase if we are reading the tea leaves correctly.

A Baby-Buster is a person that was previously a Baby-Boomer that lived a comfortable life and has now become someone that is hanging on for dear life having a difficult time surviving economically. Many Baby-Busters who have retired have had to get part-time jobs just to be able to afford food and needed medications for serious chronic health conditions.

Obviously the prevailing economic winds that are not upon us and the impending financial storm does not bode well for Baby-Boomers’ children and grandchildren. Unless the situation is completely turned around they are unlikely to ever have anything that approaches the abundant middle class life their parents or grandparent Baby-Boomers attained. Most will never own their own homes or ever get out of debt-slavery.

About 40% of the recent college grads cannot find work commensurate with their level of education and face a lifetime of college debt payment at high interest with no means to pay it off.

About 28% are back home living with their parents. Many are working entry level retail and fast food or assembly jobs that do not pay enough to even live off of. And as the Baby-Boomers become Baby-Busters they cannot provide much help for their kids and grand-kids other than perhaps a place to live.

As many Baby-Busters lose their homes and end up in overly expensive small apartments, they cannot provide much living space for their kids anymore, nor help them much or even leave them much when they die. This rampant downward mobility of their kids and grand-kids is setting a pattern for the future that looks bleak, with no way out.

Bottom line is that the way things are shaping up more and more Americans are becoming dependent on Food Stamps (EBT cards) and Welfare.

Right now America is being globalized, jobs exported to make fat profits for the major KM linked International Corporations and America is being transformed into a cross between lawless, indigent Mexico and a Police State like GAZA II, right before our eyes.

Obviously the folks that really run America the KM hijackers are rolling out their Globalist Agenda and breaking down America’s borders, language and culture. They are bringing in many millions of immigrants, legal and illegal and have set up “sanctuary cities” with little law enforcement for illegals. Bottom line is what jobs there are left for Americans after Free-Trade, they are quickly being lost to the mass wave of immigrants, many of whom get full welfare benefits especially the ones from Africa and the Mideast that have been given Refugee Status.

Sadly most Baby-Boomers are asleep at the wheel, mesmerized by their TV, computers, Movies, fantasy entertainment, professional sports, and their leisure lifestyles, unaware of the economic catastrophe awaiting them ahead.

Many Baby-Busters are now struggling and having a hard time working overtime or extra jobs just to survive, but they too seem strangely mesmerized and unable to become motivated to take any political action to try and change things in their own government. Maybe they all believe it is hopeless. Or maybe they just can’t fathom that the USG has declared a secret war against We The People on behalf of the KM which has infiltrated and hijacked them..


As the economic system continues to crumble over the next few years, increasing pressure is going to be applied to elected officials by the American masses as they become increasingly desperate. Many will go away in quiet desperation at first but then grass root organizing will create massive protest and a strong emerging populism. The USG at that point will have several options. One is provoke covering events to hide their responsibility such as a nuclear WW3 with Russia or China or some Coalition of other nations, perhaps using Iran, Pakistan, Turkey or north Korea as an ignition point. Another covering event is to release a biological plague on Americans and perhaps numerous nations all at once or in waves.

During such events most of our fearless USG leaders will go underground into DUMBS until the death rate and devastation subsides. Another covering event that could be used would be to engineer major weather catastrophes like simultaneous destructive hurricanes and tsunamis produced by seabed placed nukes. Another option that could be used would be to set off an aerial EMP to take much of the electrical grid down and then blame it on another nation or on a meteor. Or the USG could simply allow the financial system to crash out and all the major urban areas to self-destruct and burn and turn into an urban predatory death jungle while martial law is being invoked slowly.

Actually it is unlikely that the rest of the World will allow these Khazarian Mafia private central Banksters to defraud them much longer. They are likely to be stopped one way or they other and blamed for everything that has gone wrong, all the wars, the mass-murder, the starvation, the Hell on earth all over much of the Third World.

But there is a much better option. That is to start telling the public the truth and use it as a weapon to route out the Khazarian Mafia infiltrators and hijackers. Stop hiding all the secrets about Alien ET back engineered anti-gravity and free energy and release it for commercialization. the oil companies have been extensions of the Khazarian Mafia Banksters and have been stealing us blind and serving as a weapon of Globalization used against We the people and the American republic.

These oil companies must be broken up and can survive making plastics and clothing. And they can shift into making plant based motor oils too which is a viable option. Sharing this now secret Alien ET technology such as free energy would create a cheap energy revolution and if rolled out properly could liberate Americans and most of the World from poverty.

Truth is the antidote for lying and deception and these Khazarian Mafia private central Banksters and the politicians and large corporations they control live off of the lies, false-narratives and USG propaganda. Hard core truth can be an effective weapon of war against them and right now the Worldwide Internet provides a powerful means to disseminate it. Americans better wake up out of their mind-kontrolled stupor and break the spell that has been put on them by the Khazarian Mafia Banksters before it is too late and America is destroyed.


Mike Harris is the Financial Editor of VT, a VT radio host Tuesday and Thursday at 5-7 CST, former GOP Campaign Finance Chairman and gubernatorial candidate for Arizona, and Senior Vice President of Adamus Defense Group, Switzerland. One of his recent accomplishments is his coining the term Khazarian Mafia (KM) which was a result of an extensive study of the true history of Bolshevism and examination of translated documents. Another recent accomplishment was discovery of the high level of efficiency and effectiveness in the Russian defense industries compared to the planned obsolescence and incompetence of American Defense Contractors which appear to be needed to keep vast profits flowing with the various kickback and perks to some members of Congress. He also recently coined the term “Baby-Buster” which effectively describes the recent significant asset-stripping of the previously affluent and well-off Baby-Busters.



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