Big Stories the Controlled Major Mass Media refuses to report truthfully


by Preston James

As a growing number of Internet users who read the Alternative Media websites realize, the Major Mass Media is Controlled by the CIA and serves Establishment cronies who are best described as the Ruling Cabal.

This grim reality came to pass in fairly short order after the USA was infiltrated and hijacked by the City of London Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) private central Banksters in 1913 with their bribed passage of the Federal Reserve Act.

The ability to print or issue all the money you need to buy, bribe or human compromise almost every single elected or appointed official quickly put the COL Banksters in total control of the USG and all major American institutions.

And these RKM private central Banksters will remain in control until their illegal unconstitutional power to create money from nothing and charge pernicious accruing interest to use it is removed. How sick and twisted it is to defraud all Americans of the fruits of our labor. This greatest financial fraud in history is now a major RICO crime thanks to G. Robert Blakey, a legal genius who created this concept to defeat organized crime. Because the Federal Reserve System (FRS) private RKM Banksters’ crimes against America and We The People is a mega fraud there is no statute of limitations as with any major fraud.

Eventually the Establishment consolidated most American businesses into large international corporations that they could stack the boards of and quite easily control and these large corporations then stacked the USG with their choices for candidates who they made sure were elected. The result was that about 140 large international corporations seized control over the USG.

Naturally these large corporations are highly motivated to control all the Major Mass Media and the news that reaches the American masses. This in essence allows them to control We The People’s minds and keep things the way they want which is not often in the best interests of We The People.

Today the Major Mass Media has been consolidated into six large international media conglomerates, that report to a special news council best described as a “Roundtable” that is under the control of what many insiders claim is a large CIA proprietary, an international investment house that claims to be on the vanguard of investments.

This major investment house is reputed to be bifurcated into two parts, a legitimate part for investors, and a secret criminal part owned by the CIA and fully protected by the criminal invocation of so-called “national security”. Thus it is reasonable to refer to the Major Mass Media as the Controlled Major Mass media (CMMM).

It is also important that this group of six functions as an illegal News Cartel, that is an illegal News Monopoly designed to run major mind-kontrol and Psychological Operations (Psyops) against the American masses, whom the Establishments’ top dogs consider to be useless eaters and their true enemies.

Virtual news set backdrops for “Virtual news”

Your local news reporters and “Talking Heads” that report the news are generally quite nice folks, ignorant but nice script readers, who know what they have been hired to read a prepared, approved script, and that’s it.

The only investigative reporting that is allowed is to help resolve business abuses of local citizens that do not cross a certain line.

I once had a talk with a retired Editor of a major Midwestern City large newspaper. When I asked him about why they didn’t report on all the available facts about the JFK Assassination, he said that he would have been fired by the next business day. He was well aware of his allowed parameters for the content of the newspaper and followed them, accepting things because “this is just the way it is”.

The National network Talking Heads are not so nice. Many are secret CIA agents, operatives or assets, and in fact William Colby once claimed that the CIA controlled every major news figure. Since then, some of the documents on Operation Mockingbird, a CIA effort to take full control of the news have been declassified, and with some released under Freedom of Information.

Could it be that William Colby’s truthful disclosures in the Senator Frank Church Commission about the spy-craft of the CIA used and his later disclosures about the Pedophile Network to the Franklin Cover-up Pedophile crimes are the reasons that the CIA murdered him, allegedly upon the orders of the Bush Crime Cabal chief GHWB?

What this all means in practical terms is that ever since the COL/RKM private Banksters infiltrated and hijacked America in 1913, they have been waging a secret war against We The People.

To what end you might ask?

This secret war against We The People is to destroy the sovereignty of America the Republic, take full control back, use America as its slave-state, militarily and economically. The purpose of which is to make it possible for the COL/RKMers to attain the Globalist NWO one-world system run by them and their families and cronies.

The Establishment’s Top Dogs who sit at the top of their Pyramid of Power realize that it is essential to control the information that shapes the beliefs of the American masses, or they would quickly be displaced from power.

That is why their CMMM is the linchpin of their criminal hold of America, and why the Establishment is now just beginning to understand the major threat the Internet and its alternative, real news constitutes to their evil system.

Originally DARPA conned the Establishment into financing the Internet with drug money by convincing them this would constitute the greatest spy tool and data collection tool ever devised. On the surface that was true, but the real impact of the Internet is that it is the New Gutenberg Press and has made history and truth available to the masses at their fingertips on a keyboard at the speed of light.

The Establishment is now in a panic and is conducting late night meetings to try to figure out a workable way to censor the Internet and remove the power of Alternative News.

So far their new strategy is to gradually demonetize the Internet from Alternative Media “Truther” websites (by removing advertising revenues and raising required numbers of users to gain such reimbursement) and by instituting intermittent cyber blocks and denied access to Alternative Media websites using Internet providers who are either owned by them or cooperate out of fear of sanction.

This illegal cyber hacking must be credited to Fort Huachuca Army Psyops, local Fusion centers, Bluffdale NSA and the CIA. Note that each of these is serving a foreign entity that is a secret enemy of We The People and the United States of America and is thus engaged in espionage against the USA and We The People.

Note that these cyber crimes are capital crimes punishable by execution. These twisted perps get away with this Treason on behalf of a foreign based entity (the BTs) because the USA has been hijacked by the City of London Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) and the USA has actually been a nation occupied by a foreign based enemy since 1913.

This foreign enemy is now known to be a small group of 12 (now 11) as top Babylonian Talmudics and they have a number of descriptive names associated with their unimaginably evil inhumane soulless existence such as the Synagogue of Satan, RKM, Globalists, Illuminati, Order of the Snake, Olympiads, etc. Yes, these 11 now are in charge of the world’s largest Satanic death cult and every major government (except Russia and they are now trying hard to isolate, sanction and destroy it for its growing Christianity under Putin). Fortunately, many of the 11 remaining members are reaching the end of their lives due to old age and poor health despite all their regular glandular injections .

This huge but relatively secret Satanic Cult (best referred to as the Babylonian Talmudics (BTs) gains its power from murder, mass-murder, inflicting mass-illness and mass-suffering through engineered terror, engineered major wars, and various sophisticated soft-kill and hard-kill deployments.

The BT are not going to have an easy time gelding the Internet’s Alternative Media and controlling information release like the easy time they have had with the Controlled Major Mass media (CMMM) which they own and control, and it will probably be impossible. History has shown that when the genie is let out of the bottle or Pandora’s Box is opened, or Humpty Dumpty falls off the wall and breaks into pieces, revolutionary changes always occur.

And that is exactly what is now happening because of the Internet and the vast ability it has given many covert crime researchers to connect the forbidden dots, figure out what is really going on, and publish it on the Internet for millions to read and learn.

One more searcher escapes the maelstrom of the CMMM


Here are the major stories that have not been reported accurately by the CMMM. Obviously there are hundreds more but this is just a sampling of some of the most important ones.

1- The JFK Assassination. Surveys show that 60-80% of Americans do not accept the story the CMMM still reports that Oswald did it. Many now understand it was a major Coup d’état by the US Military using Op40 of the CIA which was started by Eisenhower and Nixon and that GHWB ran the op in Dealey Plaza and was there watching. Sadly the CMMM is still falsely reporting that Oswald did it and was a lone-nut patsy. The now available evidence on the Internet’s Alternative Media websites supporting this assertion is simply overwhelming.

2- RFK Assassination. Many now realize that Sirhan Sirhan was an MK-Ultra mind-kontrolled patsy and there were other shooters and more bullets fired than the .22 revolver he held. Photos show that a number of top CIA covert ops were there and some of the Op40 wetboys, so we know for certain it was CIA wetwork. And there were far too many bullet holes in the victims, walls and door frame and too many shots heard to be from one gun. Sirhan was in front of him, but Bobby was shot four times from behind, the kill shot from 1.5″ away behind his right ear.

3- MLK Assassination. Long term efforts by well-respected attorney William Pepper proved in court that MLK was assassinated in a USG-backed criminal conspiracy. Of course the CMMM never carried this story on the headlines or the National News as their prominent story which they should have. The US Army had a special team of crack, long-distance assassins deployed on a roof top to shoot if the Mafia shooter did not complete the job. The police were told to stand down and a innocent patsy was of course readied for exposure (James Earl Ray).

4- Murrah Bombing in Oklahoma City, a false-flag attack. Timothy McVeigh was presented as a crazed bomber, when actually he was a US Military secret asset whose execution was faked. Shandra Levy was the one who scheduled it and knew this and made the mistake of telling one of her girlfriends this on the phone, which caused the CIA to murder her and smear her boyfriend Representative Gary Condit who got her the job. Her body was kept at a special CIA storage and then deposited where it was found later after decomposition.

5- First Twin Towers bombing, another major false-flag attack. The FBI set up the Blind Sheik and insisted he use real explosives that would be disarmed, but of course never were and the drill was taken live. This was of course a false-flag attack designed to set the stage for the later attack on the Twin Towers on 91-11-01. This blast was used to record and analyze shock waves in the twin towers for engineering the deployment of the mini and micro-nukes to be used later on 91-11-01 that were planted in the Twin Towers, one mini each in the basements and one micro for every ten stories in the elevator shafts all the way to the top of each building.

A 55-gallon drum of cyanide stolen from Louis Champon’s natural cherry flavoring company in Boca Raton, Florida as an experiment to see if the cyanide would be destroyed by the blast of still active (it was destroyed by the blast). The Feds tried to set up Louis Champon as responsible (the fall guy), while they knew he had nothing to do with the theft of the cyanide. It was Detective James Rothstein that investigated this and intervened with evidence, proving Louis Champon was innocent and saved him from life imprisonment for what the CIA did.

6- Columbine High School in Colorado. This was a very sophisticated joint FBI/CIA operation using SSRI’s, Spychiatrists, MK-ultra type mind-kontrol. The police and swat teams were not allowed to go in for about 40 minutes, which allowed some victims to bleed to death. The excuse for this stand-down was that there were bombs inside. The real reason was that those running this op wanted a big death count to scare the masses as a means of processing the American group mind.

Naturally this was set up as another BT human sacrifice to Satan, like all of this engineered terror, real or virtual are. This particular case was real, that is there were real dead folk. Good witness reports which were suppressed claimed that other kids in the shooters close group were involved and at least one researchers thought there was at least one more shooter, an FBI HRT man dressed up like the shooters. The involvement of spychiatrists, SSRIs, advanced Psychotronics and other forms of mind-kontrol were of course kept out of the investigation.

7- The false-flag nuclear attack on America on 9-11-01. This was a false-flag attack creating a pretext to start more illegal, unconstitutional Mideast wars against Afghanistan and Iraq that never had anything to do with 9-11-01, nor did either country have any weapons of mass destruction. This attack was basically a Mossad/PNAC/Top NeoCon operation backed by POTUS, the VP, the JCS, leaders of the USAF, NORAD and the FAA. The now available evidence on the Internet’s Alternative Media websites supporting this assertion is simply overwhelming, and many Americans, including US Military and Intel, want these perps fully prosecuted, convicted and hung by the neck until dead, since this was foreign-based espionage and a clear-cut capital crime of Treason, Terrorism and mass-murder.

All the draconian laws that the BT Cabal passed to oppress We The People like the Patriot Act can now be turned upon these perps and used to send them to Guantanamo for enhanced interrogation until they make full confessions. Any of them who claimed torture was good and ordered it (Abu Ghraib style) should of course have the same thing done to them that they ordered)

8- Sandy Hook, a false-flag attack on the Second Amendment. Nobody died at Sandy Hook and there was never a real Adam Lanza at all. The best investigation was done by Professor James Fetzer in his classic book, Nobody Died at Sandy Hook. After selling big at Amazon, it was banned by Amazon. You can download it as a .pdf for free here. The first 2 pages are blank, so advance to page 3. Sandy Hook was a two-day DHS/FEMA Capstone op authorized by President Obama, run by Eric Holder; and it involved the Governor of Connecticut and the Connecticut State Police, as well as the local police. A large number of highly paid professional actors were used; and this was a CIA/Mossad-run op, using many connected to the RKM.

More than one former CIA case officers have also claimed that this was a false-flag op with nobody dead. The script written by a private Intel consulting firm has been recovered and a high official at the US Dept of Education under Obama has admitted it was a drill with nobody dead. There was one report that the Medical Examiner was seen at a medical continuing education seminar in Las Vegas afterwards and, when another physician who knew him inquired about Sandy Hook, he was told that it was only a drill, nobody died. Some researchers now believe that New Town had become the new center of the BT Satanic cult and that those participating in this sham were paid well over 1 million USD each and received free homes. If this large-scale RICO crime were ever adequately investigated, it would take down the whole government of Connecticut; and the State police, and many in the US Department of Justice, the FBI, the CIA and DHS would be going to prison for  a very long time.

9- The Boston black powder puffer bombing using professional crisis actors, some with prior amputations and bags of fake stage blood. The now available evidence on the Internet’s Alternative Media websites supporting this assertion is simply overwhelming, and it can be easily proved in an honest court of law to a jury that this was a false-flag op run by a DHS contractor and nobody died or was even injured. The sad thing is that a patsy (Tsarnaev) was murdered in cold blood by the FBI, and his brother’s life ruined, when both were innocent patsies.

10- The Orlando night club false-flag attack. Another false-flag attack where nobody died. This like so many other false-flag attacks, either real with some dead victims or those virtual only with NO dead victims all trace back to the Nazi “left behind army” and Operation Gladio, now a NATO mainstay using the DVD and Mossad to deploy terror all around the world, often paid for by the Saudis. There have been so many Gladio-style false flag attacks it would fill a small local phone book. Some have been the use of small micro-nukes and some using larger mini-nukes, many using conventional high explosives, some like the Boston Marathon using harmless black powder puffer bombs. All use innocent patsies, and often these patsies are murdered so they cannot talk or stand trial, sometimes they are so mind-kontrolled they are unable to know if they did nit or not.



One thing you can be certain of the Controlled Major Mass media (CMMM) is a virtual News and Media Monopoly run through a major Swiss investment house that claims to be on the vanguard of investing. This is best viewed as a CIA proprietary and will only deliver any stories that are false, well-prepared and are designed to psyop and mislead the masses – often to deliver trauma in order to process and manipulate the American Group Mind to support the foreign wars it wants and needs to feed the coffers of the Banksters, defense contractors and the 66 families that own major blocks of their stock.






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