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An Economic Proxy War in the Indian Ocean amid Virtual Realty...

On the cover image the US Navy in the Indian Ocean by Darini Rajaisngham-Senanayake Dr. Darini Rajasingham-Senanayake, is a Social and Medical Anthropologist, based in Colombo,...

Global Economy Screams as US and EU Provincialize Euro-America in Asian...

As Cold War escalated in the Indian Ocean Region this year, Sri Lanka’s duel US Citizen , Finance Minister, Basil Rajapakse, hastily Staged a Default in April for the first time in its history-- enabling the Washington Consensus to make deep inroads into the strategic island’s policy process.

Asia’s new ‘Donors’: the Paris Club and Dollar Debt Colonialism

the Dollar debt trap has ensured significant loss of Sri Lanka’s economic and trade policy autonomy, sovereignty and independence for the citizens of the country who are expected to pay the international creditors

IMF Bailout of BlackRock amid Adani Greenwash. Indian Ocean Region Economic...

IMF Bailout of BlackRock amid Adani Greenwash. Indian Ocean Region Economic Nightmare after Argentina one

The CEDSL Group of Academics and Activists Demands Debt Cancellation to...

In the wake of two years of economically-devastating Covid-19 lockdowns, quantitative easing, and money printing globally, we call on international actors to heed the people’s demands for a DEBT JUBILEE and CANCELLATION as a priority.