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What Caused the Carbon Isotopes Found on Mars?

NASA scientists compared the data to chemical signatures of biological processes on Earth and found some similarities to billion-year-old microbes

Mars Experienced Climate Change Eons Ago

When the Red Planet’s lakes burst their banks, the disaster carved the undulating canyons and valleys we still see today

Perseverance Success: First Martian Rock Sample Nabbed

The sample is stored inside an airtight titanium tube that will be sent back to Earth in a future mission in the early 2030s

New 360-Degree Views of Mars

Captured by NASA’s Curiosity rover, the footage takes viewers on a tour of the fourth planet from the sun’s surface

Ingenuity Completes First Flight On Another Planet

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory confirmed Ingenuity’s successful lift off into the Martian sky after receiving data from the Perseverance rover

Percy and Ingenuity Do Mars

Is flight on Mars possible?

Mars Used to Have Water: Where Did It Go?

Previous attempts to solve the puzzle did not take into account the fact that the crust can suck up water and lock it into hydrated minerals like clay and mudstone

Is There Life on Mars?

The Perseverance rover is outfitted with a science payload of instruments finely tuned for extracting information related to any biosignatures that might be present and signal the occurrence of life.

Pathfinder Led the Way to Exploration of Mars 24 Years Ago

Almost three decades ago, Americans were awed by the pitch-perfect airbag-assisted landing and the deploying of the rover Sojourner

Mars InSight Lander: Sending Data About Red Planet’s ‘Inner Space’

The robotic explorer was sent to Mars to study its formation—and the data is now making its way back to Earth

MOXIE is Needed For Trip Back From Mars

A new tool from the space agency may produce the gas, completing the next step for planning a round trip voyage

U.S., China, and United Arab Emirates All Begin Travel to Mars...

A mini-armada of landers and orbiters is about to descend on the Red Planet.

Once Upon a Time, Mars Had a Mega Tsunami

At 370 to 430 miles long, the scar is "probably the largest single landslide deposit on Mars," and possibly the longest landslide in the solar system.

Might Russia-China-USA Alliance for Space Exploration Define New ‘New World Order’?

Whatever forces are behind the current spread of the coronavirus justifying the shutdown of major nations across the globe, one thing is increasingly certain: a new system will absolutely emerge from the currently collapsing one. What remains to be seen is whether this new system will be shaped by those fascist crisis-loving technocrats pushing for a unipolar world order, or whether it will be organized by sovereign nation states working together under a multi -polar community of principle.