Press TV: Why Paris was hit twice in 2015 – a year of false flags

Watch the interview at Press TV
Watch the interview at Press TV

False flag attacks were carried out in Paris – the capital of world secularism – last year in order to stir up tensions with a strategy of pitting Islam against the West, and because the French youth are turning against Zionism and supporting the Palestinians, an American scholar and researcher says.

Dr. Kevin Barrett, editor of We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo and a founding member of the Scientific Panel for the Investigation of 9/11, made the remarks in an interview with Press TV on Friday when he was asked to name the biggest false flag operations of 2015.

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“2015 saw an outrageous number of false flag events, and the two biggest ones were the attacks in Paris, France; the second attack in Paris on November 13 was followed up quickly by a sequel attack in San Bernardino, California,” Dr. Barrett said.

“It seems that the people behind the so-called war on terror, and that would be neoconservative Zionists, have decided to use Paris as their center of operations, or at least this past year they did,” he added.

“I think that was perhaps because Paris is perhaps the capital of world secularism, and they are trying to stir up a strategy of tensions pitting Islam against the West, and in particular against the secular tendencies of the West,” he stated. “They are concerned that many progressive intellectuals… are turning against Zionism.”

French youth turning against Zionism

Dr. Barrett, an editor at VT, said “Alain Soral is absolutely right when he says in a new book that I am editing on the Paris attacks, ‘Another French False Flag,’ that they chose victims in these trendy youth neighborhoods of Paris – young people who were partying at a rock concert, young people who were hanging out at cafes – because these young people in the 11th Arrondissement of Paris are precisely the demographic in France that has been turning against Zionism and supporting the Palestinians.”

“So I think that Paris was targeted as the new fulcrum in this clash of civilizations in order to continue to try to push the West into the Zionist camp, and bring the West into a long-term war on Islam on behalf of Israel,” he noted.

Daesh exposed as false flag group

Dr. Barrett said that “regarding other false flag stories of this year, many of them are also related to the same theme.”

“I think the other great false flag story of 2015 is that the so-called Islamic States (Daesh/ISIS) has been exposed as a false flag group. It has been exposed in many many ways, as essentially a band of cutthroat mercenaries organized by the West in order to destabilize the Middle East and particularly to destabilize and even to depopulate the countries on the borders of Israel in support of the Greater Israel project, in which Israel is trying to expand and ultimately occupy everything from the Nile to Euphrates,” he stated.

“Daesh has been exposed in so many ways, and in particular by the intervention of Russia in Syria.  The Russians have potentially blown the whistle on the fact that the US war on Daesh was a fake. In 2015, we learnt that Daesh is a fake false flag group and the war on Daesh by the West was phony,” the analyst pointed out. “So I think these were the biggest false flag stories of the year 2015.”

Destruction of Jeb Bush’s candidacy

“If we can quickly go over quickly a couple of others, we have the destruction of Jeb Bush’s candidacy in the US presidency by the 9/11 truth references dropped by Donald Trump who said that Jeb’s brother, George W. Bush, was responsible for  9/11,” Dr. Barrett said.

“And we had the story of Jeremy Corbyn, who is said to be a closet 9/11 truther — he was a close associate of the late Michael Meacher, the leading UK 9/11 truther — who took over as the leader of the Labour Party. He was elected, that was a fantastic piece of news if you care about truth,” he stated.

“We had Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, an innocent man framed and sent to death for the Boston bombing, which was carried out by Craft International mercenaries,” he observed.

“And we had Kurt Sonnenfeld, a FEMA videographer and 9/11 whistleblower who filmed and photographed evidence that 9/11 was an inside job at Ground Zero after 9/11, and then was framed by the US government on a phony murder charge. He essentially has been granted asylum in Argentina,” he stated.

Argentina turns against Zionist wave of terror

Dr. Barrett said “Argentina had also decisively turned against the Zionist false flag wave of terror by not going along with the attempt to frame Iran for Israel’s own false flag attack on its own embassy and the Jewish community center in 1990s.  Alberto Nisman was murdered as part of this cover-up of Israel’s bombing of its own targets in a false flag attack.”

“So these are I think some of the biggest false flag stories of 2015. And I certainly hope that we won’t be having more of these bloody and audacious spectacles in 2016. But unfortunately we’re living in a false flag world. We’re living in an illusion created by the people who staged these gigantic terror events, including 9/11, 7/7, Madrid, Bali and Paris and up to the terror event in San Bernardino this year,” he stated.

“And there’s no reason they are going to stop until they get caught and prosecuted for their crimes against humanity.  So I think our New Year resolution for 2016 should be to arrest, try, and convict the real perpetrators of the false flag attacks that created the phony war on terror,” the editor at VT concluded.


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