End the Fed !


by Katherine Frisk

All across the Internet you will read articles and see videos on the Federal Reserve and the Central Banks of the World and why this monetary system should end.

“Something’s happening inside”

Ron Paul based his whole presidential bid on this ticket in 2011-2012. Occupy Wall Street had their own “color revolution” down the streets of New York demanding it as thousands gathered around Zuccotti Park.

The reasons are sound and valid. But I have to ask myself if the general public worldwide has possibly been duped again?

This article is more of a fishing trip than anything else. I am casting my bread upon the waters to see what comes back. I am going to use the South African Reserve Bank as an example to get my point across, though I think the same pattern could be happening in all central banks irrespective of who owns what shareholding, where, how and who gets paid out and what.

The South African Reserve Bank (SARB) was founded in 1921. Unlike the US Federal Reserve, shareholding is limited and at the end of each financial year shareholders are only paid out 10c per share. This has not changed in 97 years. Being a shareholder is more of a charity than anything else, it is certainly not a good investment. And the names of shareholders are freely available to the public. After costs, all profits are paid to the South African government for the benefit of the South African people.

So where is the catch? The catch comes when SARB makes out loans to large corporations operating within South Africa in order to develop and boost the economy. A good example of this would be the Federal Reserve that bailed out the “too big to fail banks” after the 2008 stock market crash. This money with interest should “theoretically” be paid back. It is American tax payers money. 

In the case of South Africa, before a transfer of power in 1994 from the previous Apartheid Nationalist government and the African National Congress took place, SARB made out substantial loans to corporations operating in South Africa amounting in the billions. Over a period of now 25 years, these loans to the best of my knowledge, with accrued interest, have still not been paid back. One wonders if the loans made by the “too big to fail” banks in turn will ever be paid out either?

Keep in mind that many central banks throughout the world are sitting in the same position. Many central banks today are in effect bankrupt, and are sitting with huge loans amounting to trillions that they have lent out and which have not been paid back. Some going back as far as the 1980s and the 1990s. Again I stress, this all comes from the taxpayer.

In the last year the secret treaties of the TPP and the TTIP have since come to light. This will give corporations the same rights as governments with their own courts and the right to sue governments, should their policies result in loss of income.

Goldman Sachs

The corporations included in these treaties are also… the privately owned “too big to jail” banks, such as Goldman Sachs which is a major supporter of the TPP and has donated a substantial amount of money to congressmen in order to push through “fast track.”

What this means is that if the central banks finally do sue and demand to be repaid, these corporations will now have the power to counter sue because repayment will cause them loss of income.

Also keep in mind the oldest trick in the book. Company A is in debt for a couple of billion. They set up another company B which buys out the subsidiary of company A which is in debt.

Tronox is a good example of this. When the case finally comes to court and company B which has bought out a toxic entity loses and has to pay out, company A has long since left the building. Company B is forced to sell off what little remains to pay out the debt, which because they are bankrupt in the first place, results in the company going belly up and shutting down.

All central banks are sitting with this conundrum. Huge loans that they have made out that have yet to be repaid.

Companies that no doubt by now have done a Tronox. In this case, the shareholders of the Federal Reserve Bank have long since left the building.

And the upcoming TPP and TTIP agreements will give corporations and private banks the same rights as governments, where they can counter sue the government for loss of income due to having to repay huge loans.

Do you get my drift?

One solution that would suit the corporate Vampire Squid and make it all go away, would be a very convenient “color revolution,” another “Occupy” if you will, where they can get the people to demand the end of the central banking system.

That way the money that is owed to the tax paying public of those countries will never, ever be paid back. If I am right, are you going to fall for it? 

Katherine Frisk is a freelance writer, political commentator and the author of: Jesus Was A Palestinian.


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