Impossible to Believe: A Ghostly Hitchhiker!


Speer-Williams –


It was thirteen minutes after 3:00 a.m. on a dark and rainy Sunday morning. A doctor was carefully driving home from a hospital.*

*Following data taken from the World Illustrated publication: No. 513.

Only a fool or a doctor would be out on a night like this, thought the doctor, as he drove toward a cemetery.

Suddenly the car lights revealed a bus shelter along the road. It was at the entrance to the cemetery. In the shelter stood a young girl.

“What in the world?” the surprised doctor muttered. She’s all alone … at this hour of the night.

The doctor stopped his car, opened the passenger door and yelled, “The last bus left hours ago. Better let me give you a lift.”

The girl in her late teens, with long beautiful auburn hair was dressed in a flowing white dress.

“Thank you, sir,” she said, once inside the car. “I was beginning to think no one would ever come along.”

The doctor, still trying to make sense of it all, interjected with, “But … what in the world …?”

“I was at a party near here. My friends drove me to the bus stop,” the girl said in a matter-of-fact fashion.

“But … your parents …”

“My parents will be worried sick,” she said, turning her head toward her window. Then with a voice that had a slight echo to it, she said, They hate me to be out so late.

“Well, let’s get you home. Where do you live?”

Looking straight ahead and in a monotone, the girl said, I live at 321 Hemlock Lane … It’s just off High Street.

On the drive to Hemlock Lane, both the doctor and the girl fell silent. Once on Hemlock Lane, the doctor slowed his car, rolled his window down a bit, and peered into the darkness, looking for a street address. “Are we near the 300 block?” he asked.

The doctor got no answer, so he turned from his window toward the girl, about to ask the question again, but …

the girl was gone.

Quickly, the doctor stopped his car and jumped out, ready to yell for the girl, as he peered up and down the empty street, devoid of trees and parked cars.

There’s nowhere she could be hiding. If this is a prank, it’s a good one. But how could she disappear like that, he wondered. Am I in the twilight zone?

But the doctor being a man of science knew it was impossible. It just could not have happened, he told himself.

Back inside his car and out of the rain, the doctor rubbed his eyes thinking he must have imagined the whole thing.

Shaking his head, he decided he had been working too hard. But before he moved his car, he looked where the girl once sat and noticed water on the floorboard.

That has to be from somebody’s shoes, he determined, deciding he did not imagine the girl. Surely she must have slipped away when I slowed down to read the addresses.

Still, the doctor was puzzled. Why did she jump out like that? But at least I can find out if she got home safely, he thought, pulling a flashlight out of his glove box.

“Hmm … it was 321,” the doctor lowly said, flashing his light at houses as he made his way down the street.

“There!” he said, upon finding 321, feeling a better connection with reality.

The house was dark, as he rang the doorbell, worried he was making a fool of himself. But I must know what this is all about.

Several long minutes passed before the front door was slowly opened.

“Yes? What is it?” a middle-aged man asked, with a lady peering over his shoulder.

“I’m sorry to get you out of bed, but a girl in a white dress said she … I mean I found this girl waiting at …”

Sad smiles broke over the faces of the couple. “You needn’t explain,” said the man. “We know all about it. It was our daughter who rode with you.”

“It’s happened before,” said the lady, “always on rainy Saturday nights.”

“Huh?” was the doctor’s one word response.

“Yes … you see, she died one rainy Saturday night, three years ago,” said the teary lady. “Some friends were driving her to the bus stop after a party. There was an accident …”

“Ah, what …?”asked the doctor trying to follow the impossible to believe.

“You see, she’s buried in the Evergreen Cemetery, just beyond the gates where the bus stop is.”

People who study ghost stories have recorded almost one hundred versions of the tale of the hitchhiking ghost. Its American origin goes back almost a century.

These young ladies have hitched rides in stagecoaches, farm wagons, carriages, Model T’s, and streamlined cars.

Similar stories have been found in the folklore of Europe and ancient China.

Sometimes the story gets more gruesome.

The hitchhiker borrows a coat or sweater from the driver. The coat or sweater is later found hanging on the tombstone of the hitchhiker’s grave. Sometimes, too, instead of standing near the cemetery where she belongs, the ghostly hitchhiker is found at the exact place in the road where she met her death.

No one knows why this eerie story never dies out. In any case, the next time you’re in a car on a stormy night and see a girl in white standing by the road wanting a lift, stop for her if you like, but remember, she could be a ghostly hitchhiker.

Not many of us have ever seen a ghost or someone disappear out of a car we are traveling in. Nor is there anyone who can explain how such bizarre events occur – at least not to our universal satisfaction.

These days, however, it is even difficult for us to make sense out of some geo/political events or who is ultimately behind them and why.

Is it easier to figure out how the young girl, in the white dress, appeared and disappeared from the doctor’s car than to figure out who or what is ruining mankind, our environment, and our world?

Impossible but true geo/political realities

In American communities, large and small, rich and poor, a heroin epidemic has swept our nation from coast to coast, while US Marines guard the poppy fields of Afghanistan. Crazy, but true.

Vaccines have skyrocketed childhood brain damage and autism to one victim out of every sixty-eight of those who receive the shots.

Before vaccines were mandated in various parts of our society, only one child out of many thousands was ever afflicted with autism. And yet, vaccines are being pushed by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and our federal government. Crazy, but true.

The Fukushima nuclear plant disaster of March the 12th of 2011, is still killing life in our Pacific Ocean 24/7, as 300 tons of radiated water pours into the sea daily. Nevertheless, some dark commanding force has additional nuclear power plants being built at great cost to citizens around the world, with no place on Earth to safely store the ever-growing mountains of hot nuclear waste that result from these plants. Crazy, but true.

BPA (Bisphenol A) is a toxic chemical used in the manufacture of plastics, which can be found in medical devices, dental sealants, the linings of canned foods, and in water/juice/soda/milk bottles.

We are told that BPA is a necessary component used in the hardening of plastics. But how can that be true, when a few enterprising food and drink manufacturers market BPA-free products?

So it appears that BPA does not have to be used in the manufacture of any of our various plastics, but it is, in spite of the many independent research warnings against the toxic chemical.

BPA has been found to cause male impotence, reproductive disorders, heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, breast cancer, and asthma. Is BPA being used to cull human, animal, and marine life? Is it being used to prevent the growth of human, animal, and marine life?

These questions can be argued, but not the fact that BPA plastics and particles are filling up our six major oceans: the North/South Atlantic, the North/South Pacific, the Indian Ocean, and Europe’s Mediterranean Sea.

Today, all six of the major oceans of our world are daily being purposely poisoned with Bisphenol A.

While we are being forced into the absolutely absurd and time-consuming pretense of environmentalism by the separating of our garbage into piles of plastics, glass, etc., one wonders where all of this waste actually ends up.

There is one answer to that question that is beyond being refuted: plastics with their poisonous BPA end up in our already radionuclided oceans.

All of our oceans have a gyre, which is a spiral of currents that create a vortex – a large vortex that is today loaded with BPA laden plastics.

The gyre in the North Pacific Ocean has created a garbage patch estimated to be nine feet thick and covering an area more than twice the size of Texas.

The sun and salt water eventually break down these mammoth floating islands into thousands of tons of BPA confetti that spreads throughout our oceans, with thousands of tons of plastic garbage being added on a regular basis.

If this crime against humanity is not stopped and all these islands of BPA are not recovered from our oceans, we can expect our oceans to die.

Can mankind survive while being surrounded by dead and poisonous oceans?

Why were not Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, or Donald Trump asked that question during the Presidential Debates of 2016?

Why has our federal government or the corporate media not alerted us to this ever-growing disaster?

Who or what is causing this growing catastrophe?

And how has this mysterious dark force been so able to keep so many people silent concerning their parts in contributing to this mounting tragedy?

It seems that the answers to these questions are so metaphysical they are as difficult to answer as knowing how the girl in a white dress appeared and disappeared from the doctor’s car on a rainy Sunday morning.

GMO food crops also threaten our health and the biodiversity of our ecosystem. And unless this madness is stopped all food and plant life will soon become genetically modified, with unknown results. Once again, difficult to believe, but true.

DU (depleting uranium) weaponry, which serves no strategic or tactical purposes in fighting our intentionally created terrorists, has made the entire Middle East a hotbed of radioactivity for billions of years.

We may have already destroyed the genetic future of the people in the Middle East, as DU is a weapon that keeps on altering DNA and killing life generation after generation.

DU was outlawed long ago by the Geneva Convention. Then a United Nations resolution classified DU munitions as illegal weapons of mass destruction.

And yet, the American and NATO military forces still deploy these illegal atomic munitions, which carry irremediably deadly particles to our own soldiers, airmen, and Marines – and uranium around the world, which touches us all.

In the First Gulf War of twenty-five years ago, it is estimated that the US expended 320 to 800 tons of DU, scattering 14,000 to 36,000 times more radiation than we did with our 1945 atomic bombing of Hiroshima.

Can anyone imagine how much more radiation the US has irradiated the Middle East with (and our world) in the last two and a half decades?

Did we have no leaders who knew there is no way to clean up the nuclear contaminants expended from DU munitions? Did they not know that uranium 238, which becomes DU, has a half-life of 4.5 billion years?

The official government labeling of DU is depletED uranium. But it is not depleted and will not be half depleted for billions of years.

So for almost an eternity to come, we will be inhaling uranium compounds that will settle into our lungs.

From our lungs, the uranium will migrate into our lymph nodes, bones, brains, and sexual organs, until we are struck by cancer – with our DNA mutating the whole time.

Does anyone think it would be an exaggeration to say our national government has been, and is, run by homicidal lunatics?

And if this dire situation has ever been discussed in any presidential debates, I missed it.


For decades chemtrails have poisoned our skies, waters, soils, and bodies with toxic metals and carcinogenic chemicals. And yet, these poisons are still being daily released into our environment, without a word about it from our government or corporate media.

We have diet sodas that cause weight gain, blindness, brain tumors, and cancer, but still aspartame is put into over 14,000 products and 2,000 drugs.

Vaccines that can cause SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and autism are widely mandated by government, hospitals, and schools in various quarters of our society.

Fluorides accumulate in our bodies, which can cause dental fluorosis, bone fractures, brain damage, reproductive problems, impaired thyroid function, and arthritis. Still, fluorides are widely put into US public water supplies.

This mass fluoridation of our water supplies results in the fluoridation of processed foods and drinks.

And while fluorides are banned in water, sodas, beer, wines, and food in China, Austria, the Netherlands, Japan, Finland, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Hungary, and Belgium, some oddly strange force long ago made very sure Americans consumed their fluorides daily.

Our school children are required to attend government/public schools that cause ignorance, a cessation of independent thought, and failure in life.

Little of these hard truths are passed on to the general public by the major media, or even discussed in American homes. In fact, the majority of us do not believe that any of these ticking time bombs even exist. And sadly few of us will do the necessary Internet research to obtain any of the truths concerning our major problems.

While there are those on earth who are trying to awaken from their long slumber, there are others who would join them if they would but ask others and themselves a childishly simple question …

What dark force on earth has the power to recruit so many people to commit so very many crimes against humanity, with so few people knowing about it?

Are we being destroyed by a malicious race of supernatural beings from a galaxy far, far away, who possess the kinds of knowledge that are well beyond our ability to comprehend?

Some people say the origins of our calamities are with the Jesuits or the Catholic Church. But can the Jesuits, or the Pope, with all of his corrupted and weirdly dressed sycophants, create all the money they want out of thin air?

Other people say all our problems stem from the religion of Islam. If that were true would the Islamists allow so many of their countries to be bombed into radioactive rubble? Have the Western central governments given the Islamists the rights to control all the money in most of the world?

There is, however, one very thin slice of life that can simply crank out as much “legal” currency and credit on their computers as they wish. Who are they? The International Monetary and Banking Cartel, headquartered in London.

Is this tribe of psychopaths the uncaused cause?

Are they the unmoved mover?

Are they God? Or are they Satan’s chosen psychopaths?

Are our minds, even our collective mind, unequal to theirs?

Do their thousands of evil life forms surpass our billions of human beings in the exercise of free will?

If not, then why do all the armies, navies, air forces, police, and even intelligence agencies of the Western world protect and serve them, but attack and kill us?

Are the goals and purposes of these satanic psychopaths so enigmatic as to prevent sane people from grasping them?

Evil always understands evil; sanity rarely understands insanity.

In any case, we have, in effect, become subservient to Satan and his lords of misery and pain. And so will we long remain until the day we wake up to our individual and collective powers.

The word democracy has become code for the despotism practiced by the mysterious tribe of oligarchs who are insanely ravaging our world – with the help of the ignorant and compliant ones.


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