Trump’s kowtowing to Israel shows who REALLY runs USA


By Kevin Barrett, VT Editor

Donald Trump can get away with a lot. He proved that by saying “elect me and you’ll find out who REALLY knocked down the Twin Towers,” hinting that it was the Saudis in cahoots with George W. Bush.

But wait a minute – where did we learn that? From the de facto Fox News subsidiary Infowars, long charged with covering up Zionist power in the USA in general, and the fact that Zionists did 9/11 in particular.

See: Wikispooks, Israel Did 9/11


So Trump is going to blame Muslims for the covert op designed to launch a genocide against Muslims. How original.

Trump has gotten away with questioning 9/11. He has gotten away with blaming the Saudis and blaming the Bush family. But he could never, ever get away with telling the truth: that Israel did it.

And that speaks volumes about who really rules America.

The Zionists’ dictatorship over the USA, cemented by the 9/11 inside-outside job, was on display yesterday when Trump was forced to kneel down on Fox News and kiss Israel’s behind. As the Jewish Chronicle reported:

Speaking ahead of the Nevada caucus, which Mr Trump won by more than 45 per cent, he told Fox News presenter Sean Hannity that Mr Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran had “disgusted” his Jewish friends. 

He said: “I have so many Jewish friends. They supported Obama and they are so disgusted – they can’t understand what happened, what went wrong. 

“I think that President Obama has been the worst thing that’s ever happened to Israel.” 

Mr Trump went on to describe himself as a “great friend of Israel”, an ally on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Jewish community, pointing to his Jewish son-in-law Jared, who was sitting in the audience as he spoke. 

He said he would “100 per cent” come to Israel’s defence if the country was ever under attack.

He said: “If Israel ends up attacks Iran because … they see they’re doing the nuclear, or if it’s the other way around, we have to fight with Iran. By the way, that’s not happening, folks. I don’t care. Deals are meant to be broken in some cases, all right?”


Along with blaming the Bush family and its Saudi friends for 9/11, Trump has railed against the 9/11 wars, correctly pointing out the invasion of Iraq was a disaster launched on lies. But which country benefited from America’s disaster? Who fabricated those lies?

Trump simply cannot answer those questions truthfully. It would be political suicide.

Voltaire supposedly said:

To find out who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

Trump may have dealt gently with Martin Hill, the Israel-did-9/11 heckler. He may have broken a few taboos on 9/11 and the 9/11 wars. But he left the big taboo alone. In fact, he’s actively  helping prop it up.

Some people think Trump’s lying to get elected: He’s just PRETENDING to buy into all the Zionist-instigated Islamophobia. He’s just PRETENDING to be madly in love with Israel. Once in office, they insist, he will sprinkle some pixie dust on AIPAC, Sheldon Adelson, the Bronfmans, the Rothschilds, and the rest of the Jewish-Zionist billionaires who dominate big finance, and somehow make them all go away.

That’s about as likely as Obama fulfilling his promise for real change back in 2008. Which is not to say impossible. Just unlikely.

When I started doing 9/11 truth activism, I quickly discovered that it was basically OK to blame Bush, Cheney, the Saudis, or Pakistan’s ISI. You could do that in polite company and survive. But G-d help you if you pointed out that the whole thing was about dragging the US and the West into a 100 years war against Israel’s enemies.

What kind of country is this, where it’s OK to blame an American President and his Vice President for the worst crime ever committed on American soil, but if you breathe a word of truth about the prime malefactor behind the crime—Israel and its American agents—you’ll never work in this town again?

I’ll tell you what kind of country it is: Not a country at all, but a colony.

The United States of America has been subjugated and colonized by a sh*tty little genocidal settler entity that happens to enjoy the backing of the world’s biggest crime cabal: the international banksters.

And it doesn’t look like Donald Trump, for all of his “make America great again” bombast, is going to do anything about it.


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