Bataclan security team – accused by Eagles of Death Metal – linked to Israel

ANOTHER French False Flag revealed the "inside job" long before Jesse Hughes did., introduced and translated by Kevin Barrett, VT Editor

The Eagles of Death Metal’s lead singer, Jesse Hughes, has unleashed a firestorm of controversy. In an interview with Fox, he suggested the “radical Islamic terrorist attack” on the Bataclan nightclub — the bloodiest episode of the 11/13/15 Paris attacks – was an inside job.

Hughes cited evidence that the Bataclan security team was part of the conspiracy.

In the article below, investigative journalist Hicham Hamza sifts through the evidence mentioned by Hughes. Hamza emphasizes that the Bataclan security team in question was selected and run by Pascal Touitou, the former co-owner of the Bataclan – a dubious character linked to the Israeli Mossad and such radical Zionist groups as the terrorist Jewish Defense League. Touitou’s ultra-Zionist family ran the Bataclan for decades, then sold it – while retaining full control over management and security – on September 11th, 2015.

Note: I am sending Jesse Hughes a copy of ANOTHER French False Flag? Bloody Tracks from Paris to San Bernardino, and hope to interview him on Truth Jihad Radio.


ANOTHER French False Flag revealed the "inside job" long before Jesse Hughes did.
ANOTHER French False Flag revealed the “inside job” long before Jesse Hughes did.

Bataclan security under scrutiny: the “recruiter” is related to Israel

INFO PANAMZA. Fingered by the singer and the sound engineer of the Eagles of death metal, the Bataclan security services were recruited by an agent of the Tel Aviv regime.

03/11/2016 at 22:14

24 hours of uproar.

Pampered by most French journalists since November 13th, Jesse Hughes suddenly became – this Thursday, March 10th – a “disgusting” character  for many of them.

The reason: his “exclusive” statement yesterday (on the American channel Fox Business) about the security guards at the Bataclan nightclub, presented as accomplices of the terrorists of November 13th.

On February 16th, in the Italian edition of Vanity Fair, the controversial singer went even further by stating categorically that he saw — “before the concert” and “with Shawn” (the sound engineer) — “two” terrorists “in the Bataclan.” The statements were similar to those he had made in the December 3rd edition of Paris Match:


Translation of the underlined passage above:

“But I absolutely had to find my girlfriend, Tuesday. I was so afraid that she had been hit! We headed into the dressing rooms. Nobody there. We climbed the stairs to the third floor by the door that opened onto the balcony. And there, I ran into one of the killers. He was trying to load his gun, but as he pointed it, it hit the door frame. My response was to say to Eden ‘lock the door!’ thinking he was going to kill us. But no! The guy didn’t come after us. He was on the balcony to fire at the people down below. I am convinced there were more than three shooters. And that they were in the hall before the shooting started.”

February 14th, passing through Stockholm for a concert, Jesse Hughes gave an interview to Swedish television. There he also indicated (from 8’30) that he saw “two” of “killers” backstage with Shawn before the concert.

The singer explained that his girlfriend Tuesday Cross had filmed one of them during her live broadcast of the concert via the Twitter app Periscope. Ignored by the mainstream French press, this video document has already been mentioned by Panamza – beginning  December 6th – because of the appearance (at 17’45) of a strange figure dressed in black rushing down the Bataclan stairs a few minutes before the start of the slaughter. Reminder: according to many spectators present that night, “two” of the terrorists were “all in black.”

Important detail: The group’s sound engineer, Shawn London, has also questioned the “bizarre” attitude of the security guards.


His comments were broadcast on November 25th by a web-tv channel as part of a 38-minute interview conducted by the American consultant Jim Hutchison. The technician expresses surprise (from 20 ‘to 23’) that “two” guards (of the “four present all evening”) could exit unscathed through the Bataclan’s entrance – which was supposedly occupied by some of terrorists – during the first minutes of the attack. London also claimed that a security guard – warned by the singer (in the minutes preceding the attack) of the risks incurred by the spectators pressing against the barrier – bizarrely laughed in his face.

Three months after the events, a certain opacity persists about the complete identity and precise affiliations of the men charged, that night, with security at the Bataclan.

According to Dominique Revert, co-manager since 2004 of the concert hall, “we paid attention, we searched the bags. When the concert began, there were still three or four security guys in front of the hall, at the entrance.” Problem: The security official, nicknamed “Didi” (who refuses to give his last name or to be photographed), has himself told Le Monde  that he was alone at the entrance of Bataclan. Another contradiction: “Didi” clarified on BFM TV that he oversaw “six” agents in all – while Revert has stated that the security team consisted of “twelve” people.

As of today, only one thing seems certain: The self-proclaimed “recruiter” of these (six? twelve?) agents, who admitted his role on BFM TV, is Pascal Touitou, the former co-owner of the Bataclan who remains in charge – alongside the powerful pro-Israel group Lagardère – of the Bataclan until September 2018.


The singular ideological profile of Pascal Touitou – fan of the extremist Rabbi David Touitou and bound by obscure “professional obligations” with Israel – has already been briefly mentioned by Panamza:

Just check the semi-public Facebook account of  Touitou Pascal (aka Pascal Laloux), chairman of the ultra-Zionist soccer club UJA Maccabi {now secured by the police}, to discover his political support for Gil Taieb (emblematic figure of the Jewish community, vice president of CRIF, a former militant of Bétar now close to the terrorist Jewish Defense League, founder of the “Association for the welfare of Israeli soldiers” and husband of the Socialist parliamentarian Karen Taieb) .

Naturally, Pascal Laloux posts on the social social network his “taste” for the Israeli army.

It is unsurprising that such an owner of the Bataclan has (with Association Migdal, another hard-line Zionist group) galas in favor of Israel’s army of occupation.

How did “Didi” react to the insinuations of Jesse Hughes?

This 35 year old Algerian, who has worked for Pascal Touitou since 2004, said yesterday that his “security company” (which, like his last name is never identified) “should sue for defamation.”  Recall here that the “heroic” Didi, who presents himself as a citizen born in Combs-la-Ville, received the Medal of the City from Mayor Guy Geoffroy, MP of the Républicans, who is close to the Masonic Grand Orient of France and member of the parliamentary France-Israel friendship group.

As for Jesse Hughes, another supporter of Israel, what remains to be evaluated is the element of truth, and the element of bluff, in his repeated statements that contradict the official version of November 13th, according to which “three” terrorists arrived at the Bataclan in the middle of the concert.

Is this authentic and spontaneous testimony?

Or racist prejudice based solely on the skin color of security officials who could have been confused with terrorists?

Could it be a clever tactic designed to divert the questions of citizens who are well-informed about the particular profile of the officials responsible for the Bataclan, forging, as a firewall, a perfect “conspiracy theory”?

A “theory” suggesting that the security guards (most of whom were of Afro-Maghrebian origin including “Didi”, “Hermann” or “Noumouké Sidibé,” “assistant” director of security) could be – due to their possible Islamic affiliations – operational accomplices of jihadi terrorists?

In short: a smokescreen to divert attention from the Zionist bosses of the Bataclan, putting in their place pseudo-Islamist security guards?

Doubtless such a singer as Jesse Hughes, who admires Israel, George Bush, Donald Trump and Anton Lavey (a former militant Zionist who became Pope of the “Church of Satan”) could be suitable for such schemes.

What remains is to accelerate the discovery of the truth, now camouflaged by this potential hoax.

Maybe the person who needs to be interrogated is the one who chose to relinquish his concert hall – while retaining management – on the symbolic date of September 11th: Joel Touitou, Pascal’s brother. Already installed in the Jewish state, the former programmer of the Bataclan’s shows granted, on February 16th, an interview with the Israeli propaganda channel I24news. From the 2′ mark in the video below, we can hear and observe a rare thing as this normally discreet character offers – with a flippant smile – his version of the story.


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