Donbass on the Cross – Who did it and why



Features of the war in the Donbass

by Alla Pierce

“War is merely the continuation of politics by other means”, correctly noted the Prussian military theorist General Carl von Clausewitz in his book “About War.”

Minsk2 turned out to be a trap to keep Russian sanctions going
Minsk2 turned out to be a trap to keep Russian sanctions going

[ Editor’s Note:  We are happy to have a new report from long time VT reader Alla Pierce on the Donbass War, on the people there and Russia both being held hostage to the Minsk2 agreeement that the Kiev coupmeisters refuse to implement.

Shame on France and Germany as they had guaranteed Kiev’s good faith compliance and they have done nothing more the the occasional verbal admonishment.

Ukraine, which was already in difficult financial shape before the war, being helped with large subsidies from Russia whose energy export earnings where used to help. But those ended after the Western attack, via its violent coup which miraculously appeared AFTER the Maidan protestors’ demands were agreed to.

Here we are years later, the economy on life support despite infusions of Western loans which will never be repaid, a time bomb on the EU banking system, and yet the US, EU and NATO act like nothing went wrong other than the Crimeans, 90% Russian, did not go meekly along with the deal… Jim W. Dean ]


For who and what have all the dead in Ukraine died, whose greed, whose ambitions?
For who and what have all the dead in Ukraine died, whose greed, whose ambitions?

– First published  …  March 18, 2016

Times change, and methods of warfare are changing.  Before, armed struggle was the main method of warfare, but now the methods that were once considered additional such as economic, informational and ideological confrontation, have now come to the forefront of warfare.

The military conflict in Donbass is only one of such localized armed manifestations of the 3rd World War. The war that is waged for the sphere of influence and economic resources as the struggle of ideologies and systems of value.

The third world war is a hybridized war and the conflict in Donbass has intertwined different types of warfare as a part of this greater war. Now when the armed conflict is in the frozen floor, we can draw some conclusions and look closely at some of its features.

Counter terrorist nature of the war in the Donbass

A Donbass PoW who knows he's going to be buried alive
A Donbass PoW who knows he’s going to be buried alive

The war in Donbass is a counterterrorist war. The civilians of Donbass are getting killed and they are purposely contained and suppressed under a constant state of intimidation. Many of them still live in damp, dark basements, under the city, wholly unfit for human living conditions.

Ukrainian nationalist Nazi themed battalions commit at will, a rampant array of atrocities, such as: widespread looting, murder, rape and torture. This is a classic example of inhumane terror.  Cynically, this repugnant state sponsored terror is officially labelled as an anti-terrorist operation by the Ukrainian Authorities.

Based on the definition of terrorism, it implies that there are certain requirements for it to be classified as such.  Classic terrorism is when groups use violence to achieve some end political goals.

These days we can see that terrorists’ task is to kill, in order to exponentially multiply murder and violence. Terrorism has become a tool used by states to achieve their goals. Thus, we are talking already about global terrorism.

In Donbass the society is targeted using terrorism instruments, which is used to create an impossible atmosphere of life in order to disengage geographical areas from the original Donbass residents and replace them with more convenient inhabitants from the Western Ukrainian territories to have a dominant concentration of a population with a high degree of hate towards Russians on the border between two countries.

For a long time some western regions of Ukraine has been used by the Western powers as a nursery to cultivate generations of people traditionally permeated with hatred towards other nationalities, and in particular to the Russians. Hence, we saw the shocking slogans about killing Russians starting from Maidan.


The sign says - "Death to Russians - More Murder"
The sign says – “Death to Russians – More Murder”

Death to Russians    

State policy, carried out under the supervision of Washington and the EU was aimed at the separation of Ukraine from Russia, to break age-old relations and transform ethnical brothers into enemies.

The return of Crimea was a necessary measure after Yatsenyuk’s statements about the deployment of NATO troops there and the Korsun slaughter [2], which for some reason no one remembers, but which sparked the impetus for the uprising of Crimea.

The return of Crimea was happily met by its inhabitants and had important social and political significance for Russia, but it turned out be some kind of trap, because this event was the basis for all anti-Russian propaganda and large-scale propaganda on the demonization Putin.

Properly placed narratives in the Ukrainian media spawned the growth of anti-Russian attitudes in Ukraine and the denial of the rapid growth of fascism and Nazism there by the people themselves. Western media carried out their work using much the same vein.

The population of the central and eastern part of Ukraine, diluted with residents displaced from the Western regions, under the influence of massive propaganda, largely supported the official stories of confrontation with Russia. Those who kept a clear head in an atmosphere of total lies, and one way or another tried to fight the Kiev regime, were declared separatists and terrorists and were thrown into prison or killed.

Resistance and nonconformity were brutally suppressed.  Slaughters near Korsun, in Odessa and Mariupol will remain in the most savage and inhuman pages in the history of mankind.

Terror conducted in the South-East sparked a resistance movement and as a result whole regions were labelled as terrorist areas by the Ukrainians, which the West gullibly fell for, despite the absurdity of this statement.

This last fact emphasizes that the majority of Western media serve the interests of global capital, forgetting its main purpose – to tell the truth. Only a few brave souls dare to place on their pages accurate information.

Silence, falsification and outright lies of the Western media are due to the fact that they are completely under the control of “Frankenstein,” who created a monster in the Ukraine and the Middle East. Thus, the support of ISIS that we can see in Ukrainian social networks was not surprising after all.

Terrorist acts of beheading people and burning people alive in Odessa created an outrageous and intractable phenomenon of acceptable perception amongst the public. These punitive actions are giving rise to abruption and a large amounts of hatred.

Thus, the terror on the South-East of Ukraine was an implementation of the plan of launching the machine of self-production of ethnic hatred, violence, destruction and hostility. This machine made mass murder and formed a perception of acceptance for such horrors.

Julia Tymoshenko
Julia Tymoshenko

Perhaps, this is the most brilliant operation of CIA. They created a situation that the West dreamed about for centuries.  Now Russians kill Russians.

The war in the Donbass, with the use of heavy artillery against civilians in fact, was the unhidden, blatant open form of genocide against the Russian population.

The words of Yulia Tymoshenko about the destruction of the entire region by using nuclear weapons sounded absurd but now acquired a dose of reality due to the different methods of destruction.

These military operations, as well as others, contribute to the aim of decreasing the world population, among other global problems.


The war in Donbas as a war of liberation

Svoboda - not your normal neighbors
Svoboda – not your normal neighbors

This war is a War of liberation for the people of Donbass. The invaders whoever they are have come to Donbass. Most of the combatants on either side, speak the same language, however they still happen to be the strangers and the land of Donbass is strange for them territorially and it holds nothing dear in their hearts.

The behavior of the Ukrainian army, I would like to emphasize  – the army, not only territorial battalions as the West present it, is the classic behavior of invaders, which is expressed in  widespread looting and violence in the populated areas that fall under their control.

They are invaders and enemies who are unflinchingly, destroying infrastructure, killing and torturing people. These acts are committed by fascist and Nazi ideology in its most infamous incarnation. The most disgusting historic persons are exalted to the rank of heroes of Ukraine.

Despite the fact that information about the Ukrainian realities could not reach the wider world, the few details that have broken through the information blockade caused an outcry from other countries. Volunteers, not as mercenaries (there was no money), went to Donbass to fight against the fascist scum.

The Spaniards did their duty in remembrance of their grandparents, with whom volunteers from the Soviet Union fought alongside against the Nazis in 1937. The Serbs could not tolerate the genocide of Russian brothers. The French, like the Spaniards, went to Donbass, in memory of the grandfathers who died in the Resistance, and memory of Normandy-Niemen, which will always live in the hearts of Russians and French.

Russians, whose relatives live in Donbass, the Russians whose fathers and grandfathers died for this land during the Great Patriotic War, and the Russians who do not accept fascism – came here to take part in the struggle for liberation, to render all possible assistance of various kinds.

Here is a part of conversation with a volunteer sapper from Russia with call sign “Dusty”:

– There were very few people with professional knowledge in the demining deal. I trained solders from many units of both republics and also worked with foreign volunteers who came here.
– Are you here from the first day of the war?
– Not from the first days. I was out there somewhere in the autumn of 2014, approximately. So, I go here and there and teach.
– Probably to come here in the fall of 2014th made more sense for your specialty, because at that time there were more landmines.
– There’s really a lot of landmines. But I teach more than just disabling explosives.
Thanks to his experience, Dusty knew he needed to clear the soil. I would say to treat it as “a soil doctor”.

“Now all the land, especially after active hostilities that took place in the winter, is strewn with filth and the deadly garbage, which should be immediately cleaned.” Spring will come, grass will become green, Dusty said, and the children will run to the fields to collect bullets. “The children gather ammunition, which was lying there in countless amounts and will run one and a half kilometers to sell as scrap and buy ice cream.” “Such a grimace of war – bullets for ice cream”.
And some children will set bonfires to throw bullets to see them explode.  All of this is necessary to explain and teach how to not have become victims after the fighting.

In addition, there are a lot of minefields. We can’t even say who set it up due to continuing withdrawal of the territory from one fighting side to another. Also, sometimes there are no maps of minefields. “What I am now preparing the people who can be called my students now for? What thought am I trying to convey to them? Sooner or later the war will end. People will put guns down and will go to dig the ground and plant into it, and the war will end for them but not for sappers. There is still plenty of work for us for many years.

– So you like being an instructor, drawn just by your personal enthusiasm to come here, because you realize that people need help, and the soil is suffering and wounded, and it should be treated?

– Well, yes, it happened that I know how to help. Just because of the fact that I had to deal with such things, I am very well aware of the scale of the consequences of what is happening here in the last year. I understand how this will evolve, the soil will suffer, but there are no trained people. So, I must come and share my experiences.

The transfer of the territory from those who came there with weapons is the task of the Donbass defenders, whoever they are locals or foreigners. To call them “mercenaries” is as absurd as to call them “terrorists”.


The Civil war in Donbass

The successful CIA operation turned into the most bitter and cruel of warsthe Civil War. The two branches of the same people ethnically intertwined into each other were involved in a fratricidal war.

Sometime we consider civil war the cruelest ones. Although WW2 was the most cruel and inhumane war so far. So, why do civil wars instill so much fear and loathing? The answer is simple: the betrayal. Both sides consider each other as traitors of country, ideals, values, and finally family relations.

The same actions committed by the invaders from other countries and their compatriots are taken and treated differently. This kind of war not only contains people’s righteous anger but also the pain and resentment towards those who once were considered “ours”.

The authorities in Kiev are trying to deny that the nature of this war is indeed a civil war. If the Ukrainian people come to their senses and realize that a military conflict in Donbass has nothing to do with inter-state war, at least because diplomatic relations between Ukraine and Russia have not been severed and both sides continue to carry out exchange of goods. Furthermore, Ukraine requires certain economic and financial concessions and it receives these benefits.

The Ukrainian president also has a successful business in the territory, allegedly the hostile state. The consciousness of the ordinary people of Ukraine refuse to recognize the actual fact that they participated or sent members of their families to this fratricidal war. Therefore, contrary to all logic, they are clinging to the fabricated story of supposed Russian invaders than was fed to them by their own media.

The war in the Donbass is obviously a civil war. Maidan, then Crimea, the massacre in Odessa, and brutal terroristic operation of the Ukrainian army in Donbass divided not only the South-East, the Carpathian Ukraine and Ukraine, Russia and Ukraine, but also friends, relatives and families.

Aleksey Vereschagin joined the protest movement since the early days of shameful Maidan. He insists that the present Ukrainian “government” have come to power as result of a coup and is not acting independently, but is a puppet of the West. “I believe – says Aleksey – they have no right to be called – “The government”, based on the actions that they undertook in the first few moments of their power and continue to do so to this very day. I will fight against them in every possible way. By a wide margin, they stole my homeland.”

His mother and younger brother, took a different side. Aleksey’s brother, took an active part in the first days of Maidan. Fortunately, he walked away from it, partially because of long conversations with Aleksey. “My mother also went to the Maidan protests several times to persuade Berkut not to beat “poor children”. Although, as you could see from the different videos of that event there is no question who the children were – 18 year old boys from Berkut, who had uniforms but no weapons, or armed men who threw Molotov Cocktails and rocks at them. This is already a historical fact as to how the soldiers of internal troops were burned in Maidan.”

Aleksey continues his anti-fascist activities. As a member of the “Night Wolves”, he takes part in the provision of humanitarian aid to the inhabitants of Donbass.

The source “Politnavigator” has published an article about two brothers, Yaroslav and Dmitriy Luzhetskiy who languished in the dungeons of the SBU for more than one year.

They were arrested on the denunciation of their own father. They spent many months in inhumane conditions, suffering from persecution because of their ideals and beliefs.

And there are many such examples. The atmosphere is encouraging denunciations reminiscent of Nazi Germany, when people reported on each other, including their own family members.


The reason why not all miners rose up to join the fight

The nature of resistance in the Donbass caused a lot of questions from the residents of post-Soviet regions. “Wait, the miners will rise up and fight soon!” – These words could be heard everywhere. But the miners have not risen in unison. People were puzzled how the miners after the work shift, go to perform duty at checkpoints, and then return to work.

Victor Pris, a journalist of the newspaper “Combat Flag of Donbass” explains how the mines work and why the miners of Donbass could not leave work to collectively join the Army of Novorossiya to clean the land of the enemies.

It was in the order of things to work in mine, then in the evening to get out and go to stand for 3 hours at the checkpoint, and then go home.” Such a situation was observed, when the fighting began in Slavyansk. The miners descended into the mine every day. They have a schedule: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd shift and weekend in between them. “It was really the first time when I heard this from my friends something like this – “ Yes, I worked  3rd night shift and will drive to Slavyansk to fight there for 2 days while I have my weekend, and then I’ll be  back into the mining slaughter”, – said Victor.

“Yes, indeed, not everybody came to fight.  Many cherished the illusion that things are not too bad, the others have asked, “Why should I go? Whether it will be better if I go? What if it makes things worse?” Someone immediately supported the resistance in any way they could, the others waited, thinking like this: “let Putin come with troops and do the job, then we will support this whole thing and will meet them with flowers.”

But let’s get back to the issue of mines as to one of the features that make this war in many respects different from any other. “It is not so easy to leave the mines, – said Victor, – the miners have a very special attitude and relevance to them. First, the structure of the mines require permanent support, and support beams should be keeping in line with in working condition.

In the other words, if right now there is no production in the mines, even in those that are in the fire zone, still the maintenance team is going down regardless of the shelling. They maintain the condition of the mines, to keep normal ventilation and to avoid collapses. In other words if you left the mine to its own devices for as little as three 3 days, then there will be no way in. You can permanently lock it.

There are 4 shifts in mines. 1st is mining, and the second is a maintenance. They repair the lava, strengthen and increase it, etc. On average, roughly a quarter of workers of regular shift are needed for it. This is very roughly speaking, because there is a difference between mines, depending on different formations, different depths and other things. This means that a quarter of workers are still needed. There should be people in the mine, plus technicians, and operators of compressors.

In short words, those mines that are considered closed, are not really closed in the way in which we imagine it, like everything behind the checkpoints are razed to the ground. More precisely, there is one such mine in Gorlovka that is completely closed. But all the others are still subject to management and maintenance shifts go there. “



The Cold War, as a confrontation between the two systems was global according to the number of participants involved in it. “The main characteristics of this war in the first place the arms race and second, local wars.” [4]

The Soviet Union fell and the US, considering themselves winners, began to carry out colonial policy towards Russia. In fact, the Cold War did not stop for a single day, and today is in a fairly active phase. The Russian people, in accordance with their mentality, could not put up with external control, while the Ukrainians accepted it with gratitude.

The US flag along with Ukrainian over the entrance to SBU

Turning Ukrainians from the brotherly people to enemies, the West use them in this war as a weapon against Russia. If we consider the situation in Ukraine in terms of global processes, than we can see that the coup, fully orchestrated and funded from the West, and its colonization with distinctive features.

It had external control, imposed as a result of the coup, the puppet government that privatized the remaining natural resources and strategic objects belonging to Ukraine [5], transferring them under the control of the West, together with the already, previously given away gold reserves.

There is also control over the armed forces and over the influence to change the historical, national and cultural identity of the people.

The ultimate goal of global confrontation, (today we can say – civilizations) is Russia. The objectives are to weaken and then subsequently dismember Russia and establish full control over its resources. And then the suppression of China, as the next stage in the establishment of a new world order.

Thus, having considered some of the most characteristic, distinguishing features of the war in Donbass, it can be concluded that this armed conflict is an internal war that began as a coup under the external forces control which grew into the genocide of the population, and as a consequence, civil and the liberation war of the Donbass inhabitants against invaders.

Whose court is the ball in now, another failed Western regime change with huge suffering of the targeted population.
Whose court is the ball in now, another failed Western regime change with huge suffering of the targeted population.

Despite the fact that the war in Donbass in scope [6] can be classified as local and regional conflict in its military manifestation, but in a framework of the global war waged by terrorist, information, political, financial and economic methods.

In conclusion, I would like to add few words. The basic method of the 3rd World War is information warfare. The conflict in Donbass is conveniently considered as frozen. Therefore, all media except domestic ones, are silent about what is happening there today. In fact, there are continuing battles and shelling of residential areas.

The intensity of military operations are increasing. In addition to other violations of the Minsk agreements by the Ukrainian army there has been observed the so-called “creeping occupation”, in which the small territory LPR and DPR are trapped.

The use of this tactic is kept under wrap by OCSE and the international press. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian army has not only continued military action, but also strengthens them, capturing the areas controlled by the Republics.


[1] “Manual of LPR claims that they became aware of a secret program of Kiev authorities to move the residents of the Western territories of the country to the South-East of Ukraine. About 250 thousand residents are planned to be moved into the territories left during the military actions. The program was developed together with the United States.
The essence of the program is to “organize the phased relocation of 250,000 residents of Western Ukraine, especially from villages and small towns, to the South-East. First of all, in the Donetsk, Lugansk and Nikolaev regions. ”
Thus, the residents of the Western part of the country will gain ownership of private homes and land “murdered and driven out of these areas” supporters of federalization and their families. “Financial support in the amount of 25 thousand hryvnia will be provided for each family for resettlement.”

[2] How Right Sector killed people under Korsun, March 2014.

[3] Meaning the intense fighting in the area of ​​Debaltsevo in summer 2014.

[4] The concept of the Cold War as the Third World War

[5] About shall gas in the eastern Ukraine and ownership of the biggest Ukrainian gas holding «Burisma” as one of examples. 

Export of gold reserves

Ukrainian famous humus for sale to Sweden
[6] Classification of wars          


Alla Pierce, is an independent journalist, a graduate from the Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts, and has studied journalism in the London School of Journalism.

From the first days of the crisis in Ukraine, Alla was writing about those bloody events, some of the articles were published under “Victoria Parker” pseudonym. She was an avid reader of VT for a long time due to the fact that her father is a vet of WWII and she firmly supports VT’s moral stance against regime change wars for commercial conquest.



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