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Who painted a big, bloody heart on the corpse-strewn floor of the Bataclan theater, and why? Who took the famous picture? Who released it – illegally – to the public? Why hasn’t the owner of that extremely valuable photograph stepped forward to claim it … and to sue me for using it, without anybody’s permission, on the cover of the book ANOTHER French False Flag?

We now have tentative answers to some of these questions.

The shocking photo of the Bataclan “blood heart” was the first broadcast to the world (illegally – the French law forbids the diffusion of such photos) by an Israeli group called United Hatzalah. And by a shocking “coincidence,” a member of the same group is the source of key propaganda videos of passengers trapped in the Brussels airport after the recent bombings, as reported by

Wherever there is a “radical Muslim terrorist attack,” United Hatzalah is there, pre-placed to take and disseminate propaganda images designed to inflame hatred of Israel’s perceived Muslim enemies.

Did United Hatzalah agent Yaakov Yeret know in advance that there would be a bombing at the Brussels airport? Is that why he was there, set up to film (like the Dancing Israelis on 9/11) with the UH  network standing by, ready to broadcast his videos to the world?

United Hatzalah, which poses as a paramedical organization, is a suspected front for the Israeli Mossad. Its International Operations Director is Mark Gerson, former Executive Director of Project for a New American Century (PNAC), which called for a New Pearl Harbor in September 2000 and got one exactly one year later.

Top-tier neocon Gerson and members of his United Hatzalah team were photographed at the AIPAC conference in Washington DC just two days before the Brussels bombing.

To understand what just happened in Brussels, you need to understand what really happened in the two Paris attacks of 1/7/2015 and 11/13/2015. To that end, please consult the two books I edited on the subject: We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo and ANOTHER French False Flag, reviewed below by Tom Misiewicz.



A review of ANOTHER French False Flag? Bloody Tracks from Paris to San Bernardino, Edited by Kevin Barrett, in light of subsequent events

by Tom Mysiewicz

A while back, Kevin Barrett sent me a copy of ANOTHER French False Flag? to see if I might be interested in reviewing it.   I was willing to bite…I’d long suspected many—if not most—of the terrorist events from 911 have been “false flag” events orchestrated to produce the synthetic “war on terror” and establish Greater (Eretz) Israel.  However, various matters prevented me from reading it immediately and I only finished it yesterday.  This morning I woke up to the Belgium sequel of the Paris attacks–” We Are Brussels”.  And I knew it was time to start writing again as “Islamophobia” and cries for further abridgment of European (and even American) freedom were in the air.

For a start, Barrett and several of the authors in his compendium absolutely shredded the official story of the Paris attacks and the earlier Charlie Hebdo attack and characterized them as “false flags”: events staged to some degree for political ends.  Barrett is an intellectual with at least some traction in Europe and the U.S. and is Muslim.  His book was, I’m afraid,  such an embarrassment that those behind ISIS (the original name of the Mossad, according to a piece in the Barrett compendium) felt a need to step up their game and have some real serious explosions and casualties.

We first have CCTV footage shown on CNN allegedly showing a bombing from Zaventem Airport in Brussels.  First problem:  this seems identical to the 2011 footage shot of the bombing of Domodedovo Airport in Russia in 2011.[i]

Next, there are three teams and three terrorist attacks in Brussels, just as in Paris.  Then there’s the link to Paris fortuitously captured just prior to the event–Abdeslam–and he’s being real cooperative (after having purportedly chickened out from his suicide mission in Paris) and is saying what the authorities want to hear.

Then there’s the “man in the black hat” who had apparently shed his explosive vest at the Brussels airport—providing much-needed evidence of a “suicide bomber” (just in case the ISIS flag and explosives found at another location weren’t sufficient!)  Using Barrett’s compendium as a guide, I imagine this amazing 24-year-old “mastermind explosion survivor”–who the police were looking for ever since he survived the Bataclan in Paris–will help keep the event in the public eye for quite a while and, when needed, tie everything neatly together.   (This plot calls to mind the 2014 novel “The Man in the Black Top Hat” by Ju Ephraime in which reality and imagination are blended together by a sexually seductive incubus.[ii])

And Turkey—the EU’s new indispensable partner according to Davutoglu—has “plausible deniability” even though it was key to supporting and financing ISIS according to the Barrett book.  After all, wasn’t it also bombed by former paramour ISIS just the other day?  (That one had me stumped until today.)  This gets Erdogan off the hook for his 18 March prediction of Brussels being bombed: “There is no reason why the bomb that exploded in Ankara could not explode in Brussels, or in any other European city,” Erdogan declared during a ceremony commemorating the 101st anniversary of the Battle of Gallipoli in the coastal town of Canakkale.[iii]

Apparently, it was very easy to walk into the Brussels airport with explosives—despite Erdogan’s precognition.  Media reports say no heightened security was present at public airports, bus and train stations, or other public venues.  No need to worry about increased security or nitrate-sniffing dogs.  After all, why would those be present when Belgian authorities had publicly announced the previous day that “something big was being planned”—with the arrest of Paris-attack “sometime mastermind” Abdeslam?:

The top suspect in last year’s Paris attacks told investigators after he was captured that he was planning new operations from Brussels and possibly had access to several weapons, Belgium’s foreign minister said Sunday.

Salah Abdeslam had claimed that “he was ready to restart something from Brussels, and it’s maybe the reality,” (Belgian) Foreign Minister Didier Reynders said.

Reynders gave credence to the suspect’s claim because “we found a lot of weapons, heavy weapons in the first investigations, and we  have seen a new network of people around him in Brussels.” [iv]

An examination of Salah Abdeslam that greatly discredits this official line on Brussels and the link to the Paris attacks is contained in Barrett’s book: “DECODING THE PARIS ATTACKS:  ISIS BLOWBACK OR FRENCH ISRAELI FALSE FLAG?” by Brandon Martinez.  Firstly, Abdeslam and his allegedly deceased brother both operated a bar serving alcohol in Molenbeek, Belgium.  A third brother not involved in any of the attacks states his brothers were not radicalized.

Abdeslam, after the Paris attacks, is claimed to have shed his explosive vest in a suburban dustbin for police to find and fled by car…where he was stopped and questioned by French police.  This should have ended the matter, writes Martinez (pg. 41), but…when asked why police didn’t arrest Abdeslam, who had been named as a suspect hours before he was pulled over, a French police official said: “I have no explanation.”

Martinez also quotes a Daily Mail interview with Salah’s sister-in-law Namia (pg. 44) to the effect that the supposed jihadi brother, Ibrahim Abdeslam, who authorities say blew himself up outside a Paris cafe, reportedly smoked “obscene amounts” of cannabis every day while he stayed at home collecting unemployment and listening to hip hop music, never went to the mosque or prayed, was not the least bit interested in politics or current affairs and did not even have a TV, and had no gripe with the West.

In fact, Martinez makes a cogent case that Salah Abdeslam is one of the following: a patsy, weak-minded and subject to coaching, or a government intelligence asset.  (As Abdeslam is still alive, contrary to what Martinez speculated in his essay, I would say that rules out the first prospect.)  He expresses strong doubts that the brothers—who were also involved in petty crime and drug dealing (hence the closing of their bar by authorities)–would have readily become jihadis in the very short period preceding the attacks.

For this reason, he seriously doubts the official claims that Francoise Schepmans, the mayor of the Molenbeek district of Brussels, had a list of “radical Islamists” containing the names of the Abdeslam brothers and Abdelhamid Abaaoud (allegedly seen smoking joints and drinking beer after the Paris attacks—shades of the alleged 911 attackers) on her desk a month before these attacks.

That’s an important point, I think, as many official spokespersons are calling for reduced national sovereignty and the transnational sharing of information on citizens to prevent such “failures” in the future.  Poppycock.  This rises to the level of G.W. Bush who said of the alleged Islamic terrorists after 911,“they hate us for our freedom.”  (Observe that the U.K.’s David Cameron used almost identical verbiage to classify the Brussels’ attacks as similar attacks on “freedom.”)

Logically, terrorists would not want to reduce freedom as this would hamper their ability to operate!  But Neocons and Zionists would welcome such attacks as they would (1) encourage the so-called clash of cultures and “Islamophobia”—the stopislam hashtag is trending in a major way on social media after the Belgium attack; (2) lock down the Western populations to facilitate future war-making (this reminiscent of the infamous Protocols of Zion dictum: “We shall take away their freedom on one pretext or another.  We needn’t say how long it will be until they get it back again.”); (3) make pretexts for wars against Hamas and Hezbollah and wars in Syria, Libya, Lebanon, Iran and even Russia (just heard on 22 March the speculation that Russians might be involved in hitherto unknown terror cells–on France 24!); (4) continue to depopulate areas of the Mid East according to the Israeli Yinon Plan; and, (5) make vast war profits for military contractors and banking interests.

As a youngster, I learned the three elements of a crime—motive, intent, and opportunity.  Mujahid Kamran in the compendium essay “Why Paris 11/13?” may shed additional light in this regard as to a possible additional motive for the Brussels attack—the recent EU moves toward Palestine and labeling of illegal goods made in the West Bank.  Quoting Netanyahu and Alain Soral:

“He [Netenyahu] declared to the French people on August 7th, 2014, in an interview with iTele: “This is not Israel’s battle. It is your battle. If they succeed here, if Israel is criticized instead of the terrorists, if we do not stand in solidarity, this plague of terrorism will come to your country.”

If we do not understand Netanyahu’s statement as a disguised threat, it is absurd, since there is obviously no reason why recognizing Palestine and standing is solidarity with Gaza would provoke Islamist attacks on France.  Referring to the Charlie Hebdo march, Alain Soral further points out: It’s the triumvirate of the police state, media propaganda, and Zionism. With this threesome, one approaches a dictatorship of great modernity and subtlety.”

A reading of the Barrett compendium (Rasheed al-Hajj, p. 177) tells us one thing about so-called Muslims involved in the suicide mass killing of civilian noncombatants in Brussels, Paris and other venues—they would be violating prohibitions in the Qur’an:

“Murder of innocents, even in the context of war, is strictly forbidden in the Qur’an (5:32). This is incontrovertible. Suicide is also explicitly forbidden in the Qur’an (4:29-30). Therefore, whether the terror attack of 11.13.15—Paris part deux—proves to be a political “false flag” or not, it is unalterably a religious imposter. This is to say that, whether the atrocities were carried out by ISIS sympathizers or by Israeli Mossad and French black ops forces, to attribute these actions to Islam is to raise a false flag over acts of terror.”

If the perpetrators are not strict Muslims, it is well within the realm of possibility that they are mercenaries or operatives of national players,  al-Hajj seems to say about the Paris perpetrators and, I’d imagine, he’d hold the same view about Brussels.

In response to al-Hajj, I’d say many Christians would consider the actions of the conquistadors and Crusaders to be contrary to the teachings of Jesus, and, in fact, they are.  So, would he consider them “Christian” or not?  Judging by the views of most Muslims I’ve met, I don’t think they make this fine distinction.   So he should understand Westerners who might be a bit confused.

I also have serious problems with his claims that: “…100 million indigenous Native Americans (who) were slaughtered along with tens of millions of bison, both nearly to extinction, in the genocidal settling/invasion of North America by Europeans after 1492. And that barely scratches the surface of the West’s monument of war crimes against people who never attacked them.”

This is a highly biased history—and many whites were attacked and massacred by Indians up until the 1870s.  There were between 2.1- and 18 million Indians in what is now the U.S. in the early 1700s—the 100-million figure is beyond the wildest possibility of the land supporting this number.[v]  California, run by the Spanish, had the most Indians.  Less than 80,000 Indians were killed in actual military encounters.  The majority of Indian deaths occurred due to a lack of resistance to diseases whites had some mitochondrial resistance to.  The “smallpox blanket” story was based on a single incident involving a British commander—no one in those days understood that bedbugs were the primary vector spreading smallpox.  Many Pacific Coast Indians were killed in the giant Cascadia tsunami in 1700.  (The salmon runs of the Pacific Coast made a dense Indian population possible there.)  Indians in many cases were allowed to become citizens with full legal protection.  Indians won cases as high as the Supreme Court.  The majority of the public often sided with mistreated Indians such as Chief Joseph and the Nez Perce (who defeated the U.S. Army at the Battle of Whitebird in Idaho.)  As for the killing of the buffalo, blame the wealthy financial backers[vi] of the big railroads who sponsored buffalo-killing trips.  Not all of them were white Europeans.

Unlike the Palestinians, most Indians did not own land nor did they have a concept of land ownership, which many considered as strange as trying to own the sky.  I can’t devote any more space to this subject, but I hope the author will devote additional study time.  (I spent 19 years as a hunter-gatherer and met Indians of many different tribes.)  Here’s something to think about: without the wild horses that escaped from the “evil” white Spaniards, large numbers of Plains and Southwest Indians would never have existed.  They could never kill enough buffalo on foot with dogs pulling sleds as their only means of transport.  Similarly, without “white” rifles, steel knives and hatchets, iron pots, and other implements, there would also have been fewer Indians.  (Before rifles, Indians had to creep up real close to the game—very hard to do as the game got scarce.)

Another element of the potential false flags discussed in Barrett’s compendium is the issue of Satanic and occult footprints, numerology, and the like.  His interview with Ole Dammegard is reproduced in full and worth reading.  Since Ole hasn’t commented on Brussels yet, I’ll have to start the discussion here.  The occult Skull & Bones Society at Yale, of which G.W. and G.H.W. Bush, and John Kerry were members, places great significance on the number 322—relating to German Illuminism– and was founded in 1832.[vii]  Some numerologists feel 322 is somehow related to the Hebrew letter representing 6–the Hebrew “vav” or “W”–666 in this case.  (You may recognize it from the “Monster” energy drink can.)  The frequent occurrence of 13s related to false flags seems to be connected to the destruction of the Templars (forerunners of Illuminism and Freemasonry) on Friday the 13th.  Brussels took place 130 days after the Bataclan massacre in Paris and 13 years 3 days from the start of the Iraq war during Purim2003.

Along these lines, Henry Makow makes a presentation in the Barrett compendium dealing with the related Jewish occultist tradition (p. 267 ff.):

We must overcome our cognitive dissonance. The “Jewish Conspiracy for World Domination” is not only genuine but has been a fait accompli for a 100 years and more. Despite the corporate media and academe saying the opposite, The Protocols of Zion are in fact 100% genuine…

Western society has been colonized by a satanic cult, Cabalist Judaism (Illuminism.) The true occult meaning of “revolution” is inverting reality and replacing God at the top with Lucifer…“Secularism” and “Humanism” are masks for this Satanism…Illuminati Jews make no secret that “all the races and religions shall disappear.” Migrants cross boundaries as if nation-states don’t exist.  Society has been brainwashed to deny reality. The Illuminati (Masonic) Jewish agenda is to enslave mankind, mentally and spiritually if not physically. And they have largely succeeded. In the future, they will rely increasingly on false flag terror to galvanize their plot. Western society has cancer that cannot be treated unless it is first recognized.

In the spirit of equanimity, Barrett also included essays by several skeptics—which he then refuted.  Gilad Atzmon seems to require a degree of certainty that, if applied to the “Holocaust,” might land him in a European jail.  That’s because there is mostly anecdotal evidence that any such event took place, the published 1948 Jewish population figures are higher than those in the 1930s, and Red Cross documents are nonsupporting.  Yet, we are told and most believe, the “Holocaust” definitely did take place.

Likewise, Eric Walberg expresses his non-conspiratorial 911 belief that 19 virtually untrained Muslim hijackers flew large commercial jets in an urban environment at low altitude and stall-out speeds, making maneuvers skilled military pilots would be proud of, both hitting the buildings at points that would make them collapse and mostly turn to dust.  (Hitting the Pentagon was a real feat for the other hijackers—smaller hole than plane fuselage and parts from different planes with junkyard corrosion on the undisturbed lawn.  Now that is flying!)  Well, Eric is entitled to his opinion.  He’s devoted to Islam, sees it as a great potential unifier of mankind, and I’m sure he’d like to believe resistance to the “empire” is possible.  Eric’s piece demands a “smoking gun” as proof of a conspiracy—a charge included in 80% of Federal prosecutions.  How many murders are solved this way, Eric?  I grew up in a police family.  Few crimes are solved this easily.

By the way, I also disagree with Eric’s analysis of Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor.  Japan attacked because Roosevelt rebuffed all their attempts at negotiation and cut off their coal, oil, and steel with a naval blockade.  It would have collapsed without access to raw materials and this had nothing to do with Europe.   Japan was able to attack because it had been provided with plans for Rolls Royce engines and given technical assistance building a carrier fleet—and even had help training carrier-based pilots…from the British.[viii]  The U.S. allowed members of the Japanese general staff to watch a mock aerial attack on Pearl in 1929 in which flour sacks were dropped on the same ships in the same berths.

As for the JFK coup, which both Walberg and Barrett discuss, I like to think of what the Mid East might look like if Kennedy had been alive in 1967.  No big war of conquest against the Arabs, no Dimona and Israeli secret nukes, no USS Liberty.  (It’s admitted that the 1967 invasion and occupation of Arab land by Israel was in the planning stage for years.)

Besides its many good points, is ANOTHER French False Flag? contains essays like “White Lives Matter” of Ajamu Baraka that seem glaringly out of place.  To any people (including Asian, black and brown people) the lives of their own kind matter most as they are most familiar.  Often, the problem is with the mainstream media coverage of such issues by the mostly Zionist-controlled media, rather than with “white psychopathology.”  Whites have donated uncounted millions of dollars to aid in disasters in nonwhite countries.  So they obviously do care if given the facts.  In the U.S. I see whites at “black lives matter” rallies but I see no blacks protesting the violent crime wave against whites.[ix] Whites have spent trillions of dollars on social welfare programs in the U.S. for blacks, the main result being an increase from the original 380,000 or so blacks brought to America (by mostly Jewish-owned slave ships) to the current 50-million black population.

A similar piece, U.S. IMPERIALISM, AND THE WANTON DESTRUCTION OF CULTURES by Anthony James Hall, offers additional anti-white sentiments.  He implies white imperialists are trying to colonize the Levant.  Nonsense.

I found the view of James Petras in this compendium to be far closer to reality in this regard than Hall’s (pg. 136):  “The American public provides the gold and blood for these misadventures and reaps nothing but domestic deterioration and greater international strife.”

It’s also refreshing to see Petras’ demolition of the canard that the evil “Westerners” attack the Mid East solely for oil and gas.  In the case of the destruction of Libya, Petras points out:

“The Zionist faction destroyed Gaddafi (whose capture, grotesque torture, and murder were filmed and widely disseminated), eliminating another real adversary of Israel and supporter of Palestinian rights. The US militarist faction, which led the war, got nothing positive—not even a secure naval, air, or training base—only a dead Ambassador, millions of desperate refugees flooding Europe, and thousands of trained and armed jihadists for the next target: Syria…

Once again the least influential faction in Washington turned out to be the oil and gas industry [Emphasis mine] which lost lucrative contracts it had already signed with the Gaddafi regime. Thousands of highly trained foreign oil workers were withdrawn. After Iraq, it should have been obvious that these wars were not “for oil”!

Hall next goes on to a bashing of Columbus, who, according to Simon Weisenthal, was Jewish, not Caucasian.[x]  And the Caribbean and South America were mostly resource-extraction operations and not widespread colonization enterprises until later in history.  He then goes on to berate the Founding Fathers of the U.S. for allowing black slavery to continue.  Perhaps he does not realize that Prophet Mohammed was a slave dealer and black slavery continues to exist in countries like Saudi Arabia.  Many of the 380,000 black slaves shipped to North America traveled on Jewish-owned ships[xi] and were purchased from Muslim slave dealers financed by Sephardic Jewish bankers.[xii]  (A number of Southern slaveholders were Jewish and the most powerful man in the Confederacy was Judah P. Benjamin, a Jew.  The majority of white Southerners did not own slaves.  There were also many white slaves and indentured servants.)

Those who share such views as Baraka and Hall should consider that in so-called “white” countries with large immigrant populations, the resident white populations were seldom if ever consulted about this immigration and it was imposed on them by edict and “lawfare”.   Forcing integration in this way is a form of asymmetric warfare against whites—if done to nonwhites it would be called biological and cultural genocide.  As the debt-laden whites are unable to have large families—partly because both partners have to work to pay the taxes necessary to subsidize the social benefits of their prolific immigrant replacements—the demographic collapse becomes more pronounced and rapid in onset than expected.  (I personally think collapsing the social safety net is also a major neoliberal goal with this effort.)

Gearoid O Colmain makes a good case against the knee-jerk support of this type of “immigration” by misguided liberals and “third-world” people.  I finish this review with one of the most profound observations in Barrett’s compendium—about what O Colmain calls “Coercive Engineered Migration” (pg. 115 ff.):

“Immigrants are used as weapons by one state to destabilize another…being carried out with ruthless efficiency by US-funded NGOs which are also linked to oligarchs such as George Soros and Carlos Slim. NGOs such as We2Eu, Med…, and Peng, are all linked to the powerful US and Israeli financial institutions, while ORS systems, one of the main project management companies dealing with refugees in Europe, is managed by a company affiliated with Barclays bank. The “refugee crisis” is big business and is part of a global class war that seeks to uproot humans from localities, languages, cultures, and traditions, transforming man into an economic nomad eternally worshiping at the altar of commodity fetishism…

The Project for a New American Century (PNAC), the brainchild of Zionists and neo-conservatives, threatens to enslave humanity. The state of Israel is at the heart of this project. The state of Israel is perhaps the world’s most globalized state, with powerful branches operating in Europe and the United States, registered as lobbies but functioning as de facto shadow governments.  Israel is a state but not a country. It has no official borders. It is a global imperial work in progress. The war on terror is a creation of Zionism. It is the tool with which Zion seeks to divide and conquer “the nations” (goyim) through takfiri proxy armies who mimic the Assassins of the Middle Ages, clearing the ground for the expansion of Zionist hegemony in the Middle East. Daesh and Al Qaeda are and always have been the foreign legions of the Zionist entity.

The Gaza concentration camp is a microcosm of the world to come, for the entire global policy of Zionism is attempting to reduce man to the status of a refugee, an outlaw, a terrorist. The troops on our streets and surveillance in our skies, far from temporary measures designed to protect civilians from terrorism, represent the encroaching Gaza-fiction of the world. All of the gains of centuries of class struggle are being taken away by an increasingly organized and globalized oligarchy, acutely conscious of its class interests.”

ANOTHER French False Flag?: Bloody Tracks from Paris to San Bernardino Paperback – January 6, 2016

by Dr. Kevin J. Barrett (Author), David Dees (Illustrator), and Anthony Freda (Illustrator)

Order at Amazon or by sending $20 (including shipping) to:

Sifting and Winnowing Books, POB 221, Lone Rock, WI  53556






[vi]         Theodore D. Judah, one of whose American antecedents had been a Jew, dreamed a dream as expansive as the country itself. He dreamed of a transcontinental railroad – a highway that would open and unite the country from coast to coast. Judah died at 38 in 1863 before the dream that he started would be completed…Sigmund Schlesinger came to Philadelphia in 1865, a 17-year-old émigré from Czechoslovakia, alone, with no money but with dreams and hopes…He found work on the railroad as a common hand. The work ended in Western Kansas not because the railroad was completed but because the Sioux Indians had taken to the warpath to stop the railroad. Laid off again, he volunteered for the only job available. He volunteered, with more chutzpah than brains, as a frontier scout with the U.S. Army. Sigmund did not know how to ride a horse or even shoot a gun. He quickly made friends with another scout on the same mission, a tough frontiersman, a young man his age, Jack Peate. Jack taught his quick-study friend the art of being a frontier scout. Together they rode history. They rode into the most ferocious Indian battle in frontier history against Chief Roman Nose, the battle of Beecher’s Island, Colorado. 





[xi]         Elizabeth Donnan, 4 Volumes, ‘Documents Illustrative of the History of the Slave Trade to America’ Washington, D.C. 1930, 1935 Carnegie Institute of Technology, Pittsburgh, Pa.

[xii]          Pgs. 221-222, Thomas Pellow, “The Adventures of Thomas Pellow of Penryn, Mariner” 1890, 2015 Sandycroft Publishing  ISBN 978-1522740032


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