The Secret Law of Opposites


by  Preston James


Note: This is a long article and you can read the bold print and the conclusion to save time.

The small number of individuals who really run things do so in abject secrecy and sit at the top of a Hierarchy of Evil.

They serve as the key decision makers and top policy-makers in a world of duplicity run by them. And they are wrinkled very old men nearing their end of days.

They are in a mad race to attain their secret Globalist NWO Agenda, which is unimaginably evil and completely anti-human.

They believe that they will only be able to be regenerated in an immortal form once they have attained their Globalist NWO Agenda.

Gang stalking

Actually they are criminally insane psychopaths, but they do retain the controls of power in America and much of the world. They and their top subordinates, initiates and Cutouts are always two-faced deceivers like themselves that pretend to be serving the public good, while secretly doing exactly the opposite, spreading hate, conflict, mass suffering and death, and poverty.

These individuals are truly evil, but with a nice face and very effective powers for deceiving the naive public, which tends to view them as benevolent parent figures. For those who suspect what they are really about, the unlimited money and power they will share with those who are willing to do their bidding is a strong reinforcer, and entices most to go along to get along.

These Select Few who sit at the top of this World Hierarchy of Evil control all the key institutions, large corporations and the existing Establishment, even right down to your own neighborhood.

If any public official or any person publicly crosses them and goes outside allowed parameters, they will be sanctioned and often blacklisted to varying degrees from participating in the system in any meaningful way.

Some are severely sanctioned Cointelpro-style with the FBI, CIA or foreign Intel operatives assigned to stalk them, follow them around and harass them.

The Law of Opposites, a secret Luciferian teaching of the Hierarchy is completely divergent from normal societal expectations, but serves as their main operating principle and a road-map on how to attain their goals.


Few could ever imagine how extreme the evil that the Select Few and those who occupy the top positions of the Hierarchy actually do on a daily basis.

This Hierarchy of Evil is hidden from mainstream society and operates on the Law of Opposites. The Law of Opposites is a Luciferian Law that only those who are willing and able to secretly engage in abject evil while putting on a convincingly nice face will be anointed with the power to rule.

This principle, the Law of Opposites, is based on the idea that in order to establish a whole new Globalist NWO System, the existing natural order must be destroyed.

This involves the destruction of the family and normal male and female sex roles; dirtying up the populace with drugs and pornography and dysfunctional culture; destruction of normal character and morality in exchange for the worship of the self- and institutional narcissism; massive race-mixing; forced diversity and political correctness; and destruction of borders, language and culture; covert eugenics to feed big pharma and big medicine; and induction of massive chaos in many divergent ways.


The End Justifies the Means

The whole Leo Straussian existential teaching that the “end justifies the means” is not only a Neo-Bolshevik teaching, but a age-old Luciferian/Satanic teaching. And this ideology formed the basis of the City of London- and Wall Street-financed Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in 1917, and the Maoist revolution in China after WW2.

Both of these so-called “communist” revolutions were expressions of the evil power of the secret Establishment Hierarchy associated with the City of London private Rothschild Banking money power (aka, the power of the money-changers).

“For over a decade the Clandestine Services has had the mission of maintaining a capability for influencing human behavior…If we are to continue to maintain a capability for influencing behavior, we are virtually obliged to test on unwitting humans.” Richard Helms, Deputy Director of the CIA (1963)[Jim Keith, Mind Control and UFOs: Casebook on Alternative 3, pg. 93]
“For over a decade the Clandestine Services has had the mission of maintaining a capability for influencing human behavior…If we are to continue to maintain a capability for influencing behavior, we are virtually obliged to test on unwitting humans.” Richard Helms, Deputy Director of the CIA (1963) [Jim Keith, Mind Control and UFOs: Casebook on Alternative 3, pg. 93]
What happens to someone who violates the policies and edicts of this secret Hierarchy of Evil?

If you are a whistleblower you may be placed on a nationwide “No Work List” run by Homeland Security, and the FBI will follow you around and talk to any employer and inform them you are a suspected domestic terrorist, and it will be suggested that the employer refrain from employing you.

One of the sickest things about the Select Few and their top associates is that the Hierarchy has reach all the way down to the street level, your street and neighborhood through many different means. You can have one sicko at the top of the Hierarchy that sets a policy to disarm America, and then the orders are given all the way down, and various Intel groups begin creating covert strategies using false-flags, such as staged real and faked mass-shootings in gun-free zones and use of various MK-Ultra mind-kontrolled stone killers who have had their souls murdered by the CIA, FBI or Mossad.

Various normal everyday tasks can be transformed by FBI and Intel operatives to become huge difficulties. House payments may become unrecorded, your home may be re-possessed even though you never missed a payment. Your car may be repeatedly vandalized. You may get fake traffic tickets that you never paid because you never really got them, and all at once you are arrested for non-payment.

Your residence may be frequently entered (your door lock quickly picked using a battery-powered rotary device) and disrupted inside to harass you. You may be attacked intermittently or continually with highly sophisticated psychotronic weapons. Your friends and family may be unexplainably turned against you by sophisticated remote mind-kontrol using psychotronic (EMF inductive) means to entrain their brains.

In the top ranks of the Hierarchy, it’s always a game of opposites and duplicity, lies and mandated evil far beyond imagination of the masses.


The Hierarchy’s game is one of opposites, always saying one thing while doing just the opposite in secret.

Their overall goals and objectives always conform in the long run to their age-old secret Luciferian Globalist NWO Agenda despite some policies and actions they mandate which appear to be helpful and constructive.

Such policies and actions are only deployed to serve a higher purpose, such as to put the public to sleep, to keep them fooled or satiated, that is, to gain their confidence when it is not justified.

This secret philosophy of doing the exact opposite of what good ordinary folks who live by the “Golden Rule” (treat others the way you want to be treated) is based on the belief that in order to stay in complete control over society, a ruler must be seven times more evil and vicious than his worst enemies.

At the top of the Hierarchy, they believe that if you want to stay in power you must be far more secretly evil and vicious than any of your opponents, including the common masses you rule over, otherwise you will be easily deposed.

And, it’s a belief that unless you are more vicious and more secretly evil than anyone else, you do not deserve to stay in power at the top of the Hierarchy, nor will you be able to do so. This translates into an attitude of looking on the masses as “useless eaters” to be purged and purified through massive eugenics and depopulation control.

In Roman times, the Roman rulers used crucifixions and abject terror to keep the people in line. Now days Hierarchy Rulers deploy evil against opponents covertly. One of their main strategies is to provoke weak-minded individuals to break their corporate laws so that they can indict, convict and punish them and strip them of their respectability for life.

henry-kissinger-depopulationThis small number of individuals who really run things sit at the top of a Worldwide Hierarchy of Evil that is associated with the City of London Rothschild private central banking system.

It is this private banking system which provides the endless power to the world’s largest Organized Crime Syndicate, the Khazarian Mafia, also known as the Synagogue of Satan or Mystery Babylon.

Inside America, the illegal unConstitutional private banking System, the Federal Reserve System (FRS) is a franchise of this City of London Rothschild private central banking system. Like the rest of the City of London Rothschild central bank franchises, the FRS specializes in creating counterfeit money as debt-notes and distributing it to users, while charging pernicious usury for using what should have been their own real money in the first place.

Evil with a nice face is the expected standard for those who intend to move up into the top Hierarchy Positions.

In this Hierarchy of Evil, it is a game of opposites, lies deceptions and two-faced politicians and government officials, initiated and selected by the Hierarchy according to its Rites of Initiation, which become more and more extreme and deviant at each higher level.

This Hierarchy of Evil has a public side displayed for public consumption, which is crafted to seem benevolent, when the secret power side of the system is so evil and deviant that few are able to believe it when they are informed, partly because the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) refuses to carry stories which would reveal this truth.



Major criminal acts of deviance are needed to provide kicks and entertainment to the richest, most powerful folks in the World.

What do those who occupy the top positions do for fun when they have easy access to every luxury and normal pleasure that they have gotten bored with over time? They increasingly go for kink, perversity, sadism, pedophilia, child sacrifice and other acts of the Dark Side.

They do this for kicks and stimulation, but there are even more important reasons. Many of these acts are part of Satanic rituals they do in abject secrecy to commune with Lucifer to receive powers to rule.

They believe Lucifer is the god of this World and their god, and they believe he has anointed them with power to attain his secret Globalist NWO Agenda. When attained, it will result in Lucifer rising to become the NWO Ruler of his own Luciferian World.

But they also use these rituals and initiation ceremonies for new up and comers moving up in the Hierarchy. Of course all these deviant criminal acts are videoed in case they are needed later for human compromise to correct for straying outside allowed parameters.

One form of entertainment for the Top Hierarchy members and the Select Few is to make sure doofuses and strange looking individuals are promoted up the ranks and put in charge of USG institutions, such as the FBI (e.g. J. Edgar Mary), Homeland Security, various Congressional Committees, etc.

You can get the idea here, these Hierarchy folks get great entertainment from watching these strange looking deviants and doofuses sit in high governmental positions and jerk the members of society around. Bottom line is that we all end up with some strange-looking and strange acting ducks in high places — folks like LBJ, Tricky Dick, and numerous politicians who break the laws at will and always seem to get off where anyone else gets the book thrown at them.

The actual agenda of the Hierarchy is one of unimaginable evil, something no normal human would expect and that is why it is so hard to convince the public this is real and is destroying America and its sovereignty.

This Evil Agenda of the Hierarchy is one of criminally insane Psychopaths, and it is an age-old inter-generational one.

One part of this radical Globalist NWO Agenda is to Balkanize the USA into different regions as a part of the North American Union, perhaps with The EU serving as administrators of the eastern sector, China serving as administrators of the southern sector and Mexico, Japan serving as administrators of the western sector and the UK serving as administrators of the central sector and Canada.

The purpose in de-industrializing and exporting most good jobs from America is to weaken it and once and forever obliterate the style of populism our Founding Fathers established in America in 1776.


The age old Globalist NWO Agenda is unimaginably evil and something that is being rammed down the throats of humanity by covert criminal force.

Should we expect anything less from those that run the largest Organized Crime Syndicate in the World, the Khazarian Mafia (KM)?

Because the Globalist NWO Agenda is basically an Agenda of the dark side, it is based on administering mass death and suffering to humans all over the World. This is done on a continuing inter-generational basis in order to maintain power, and to keep the masses weak, needy and conflicted so they can never effectively challenging the Hierarchy’s top leaders, the the Select few, the wrinkled old men of renown and unimaginable evil.

These Select Few are so incredibly evil that their acts are unimaginable to most normal Americans who even if told would never believe it unless all the Major Mass Media Talking heads said so.

Another part of this Globalist NWO Agenda is to radically depopulate Planet Earth of humans by 90% and to destroy all suburbs, outlying residences including farms, and move the surviving 10% into large metropolis areas with stacked very small apartments and a totally controlled environment (e.g. Agenda 21).

_63551935_totp75The Hierarchy is a worldwide occult network of high freemasonry organizations and satanic cults whose top leaders operate in the shadows and help the Select Few work toward attaining their age-old Agenda of Evil. The existing laws and the US Constitution are there only for public consumption, they are easily breached by high ranking members of the Hierarchy through one to one personal contacts with Hierarchy associates.

Those who have been close to those who occupy the top Hierarchy positions have reported that these folks seek recreation and excitement in ways which are radically divergent from normal. Such activities include strange parties with strange costumes and sexual practices, S&M, pedophilia, Child torture, child sacrifice, child hunts on private game reserves, and vivisections, many done for entertainment but  many also as Satanic blood and human sacrifice rituals to obtain power.

At the top of the Hierarchy life gets boring and they always seem to seek new kicks of extreme deviancy and blatant criminal acts.

Because of their endless wealth these oligarchs tend to have access to all the luxuries they desire, including five star hotels, the best resorts, multiple villas all over the World. One prominent Hierarchy family associated with the City of London banking is reputed to have over 100 homes all over the world with a full staff at each home that keeps them ready everyday and night for any unexpected visit by the Hierarchy owner.



Their sacrifice was not in vain
Their sacrifice was not in vain

Enough bad news. Now for the Good News. Various factions of the World are rising up and associating to end the primacy of the US Petro Dollar and the fraud of the City of London Counterfeit debt-note pernicious usury system. We have the BRICS, the AIIB and various direct trading agreements which no longer use the US Petro Dollar.

There is another factor entering the picture which will have a great unexpected impact through its coming manipulation of the Vatican. Insiders call this the Third Force and inside the Vatican in the highest positions, they claim they have entered into secret treaties with Alien ETs that will soon change everything in our world, top to bottom.

If this prediction is accurate, we will see the Hierarchy shredded in short order as the Third Force plays its hand out. Spontaneous populism is beginning to emerge in many nations and seems to be a by product of the alternative news provided by the Internet which has now surpassed the popularity of the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM), especially in folks under 30. This subject will be covered in a forthcoming article.

Despite the extreme power of the secret evil Hierarchy, there are actually limits placed on them. Insiders have reported that they operate under rules of play and must give informed consent to the masses. Thus the Georgia Guidestones allegedly Ted Turner was involved in.

Folks committed to doing good, feeding the hungry and helping the less fortunate are usually left alone. Some activists who are legit are left alone because the Hierarchy believes that opposition and fair play is necessary for their victories to mean anything.

As America reaches a financial cliff, we should all expect many radical pressure brought to bear to erode and degrade the power of the Hierarchy. The Select few know this is coming and that is why they have created Homeland Security, militarized the police, and keep staging Gladio-style False-flag, inside-job staged terror events.

sharp shooter girl

They do this to grab more and more power and use all this to stifle dissent and trick Americans into giving up their God-given Rights. Rights like the Right to Bear arms, which is supposed to be guaranteed in the Second Amendment of the US Constitution.

Stay tuned because this situation in America is bound to heat up and it is likely many unexpected events will transpire. There is a big unexpected surprise coming in the future and this will most likely completely restructure most World power.

And do not be surprised in wide based emergent populism erupts all over America and becomes centered around State Rights and the 10th Amendment. We are already seeing a popular movement to force juries to be informed of their constitutional right to void any conviction if they believe the law is wrong or unConstitution (Jury Nullification).

So things are not hopeless and real change is brewing right now. But be willing to do your part to get the truth out about 9-11-01 being a false-flag, inside-job, and Sandy Hook being a two day DHS/FEMA Capstone drill with no dead kids or adults in a school closed down in 2008 for asbestos contamination.

The hardest thing about all this is just how strange and unexpected it is, that such a unimaginably small group of criminally insane bloodline psychopaths could take over the whole world through the creation of counterfeit money. All done by implementing a worldwide private central banking system run by the Khazarian Mafia (KM) under claimed Luciferian power, a system based on debt-notes that bear pernicious usury. Fortunately this evil system that has held most of the world captive in debt-slavery, wars for profit and mass death, poverty, illness and misery appears to be coming to an end, as the US Petro Dollar approaches collapse and alternative trading and banking systems emerge.



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