Exclusive: The Coming Shift to the Esoteric (updated)


by Preston James


Editor’s note: VT has chosen not to shy away from ET issues for a variety of reasons. Anyone who follows events and believes they are driven by the simple criminal cabals that control most governments, assuming these cabals serve their members’ need for financial gain or political power is naive. VT is ready to announce the introduction of defense technologies tied to alien technology, not a surprise to anyone anymore. What I can say, and there are clear limits to what I can say, is that much of what you see below comes up behind closed doors at the “highest levels.” Of course those who think they are “the highest levels” are not even kidding themselves, they know better. They don’t run anything at all, and simply want to know how much time they have.
[ Note: This article builds on past articles on this subject of the disclosure of the reality and presence Alien ETs and their anti-gravity craft; our back-engineering and manufacturing of recovered alien anti-gravity vehicles; and secret agreements with Alien ETs.
For those who aren’t up to speed on the claims made about these issues, reading this article is likely a waste of time and it will be difficult to fit this information into their heads. Those short of time can read the bold print and pass over the rest, and then finish with the last few paragraphs of the conclusion. For those who want to read it all, one option is to read this article in smaller more manageable parts.
Many thanks to my sources, some still living but most passed. None of the novel information included is associated with VT or its Directors or Editors in any way. This article is written for the Intel community, active and retired, and is an attempt to make the previously forbidden open source public knowledge. Because VT has a policy and a commitment to being open-source, it is being provided to any and all who have an interest with no limitations or vetting. And the top Directors of VT must be commended for allowing this kind of article, which really pushes a number of limits to the max.
I do not enjoy writing this type of article for a number of reasons not appropriate to be discussed here. But I feel an obligation to get this information out so that the reader can evaluate the evidence and the claims, and then personally decide what makes the most sense to all this. Nobody would ever want to believe anything in this article is true, I certainly do not wish any of it to be true, but hard as I try to deny the available facts, I continue to realize that they do lead to disturbing possibilities and conclusions no one want really wants to allow themselves to believe. I wish it were different, but there are some grim realities here to deal with, and despite how overwhelming they may seem, we have effective means available to deal with all this as a people. Ending the cover-up and the denial by learning the truth is the first step in in this process that needs to take place, before we all lose everything we have ever worked for. ]


Top: Earth's atmosphere as it is now, WITH solar wind Bottom: Earth's atmosphere (if it was) WITHOUT solar wind
Top: Earth’s atmosphere as it is now, WITH solar wind — bottom: Earth’s atmosphere if it were WITHOUT solar wind

The Esoteric is defined as that view of reality, existence and purpose that has been designed for and understood by a specially initiated secret group alone; that requires or exhibits knowledge that is restricted to this small group and is difficult for those outside this group to understand.

If information that has leaked out is accurate (and I believe it is), in the not too distant future, remarkable disclosures about Alien ET visitors will be forthcoming and the public perspective will shift from the Establishment’s defined and distributed fake belief system, to an esoteric view of reality.

Normally the esoteric view of what man is and how he must be viewed and treated by the leaders of the Hierarchy that runs most everything in our society is discussed only in certain “high circles” of the Establishment.

That is, such secret matters are usually only discussed among the Select Few who sit at the top of the Hierarchy and run it and their close associates who have been initiated into the secrets of their rule and power, the Mystery Religions, but most realistically described as pure Luciferianism or Satanism.

President John Kennedy warned about the dangers that secret societies pose for the USA and its citizens.

From all indications so far, these coming disclosures will involve the top Clericals at the Vatican and will occur through the Catholic Church itself publicly.

As these mind-bending disclosures occur, reality as most know it will be shattered and a new esoteric based reality will be shoved into place and will dominate the public mass-mind and will change everything as we know it.

This new esoteric reality will be quite divergent from the Establishment Reality that has been comprised of big lies, false-narratives and covert propaganda to keep the masses in line on behalf of and to benefit the Establishment.

George Carlin was a brilliant comedian who dispensed truth to expose the criminal absurdities and the extreme control mandated by the Establishment Hierarchy. He died soon after he commented about the official 9-11-01 narrative and the hegemony of the Establishment. Some believe the death of this comedic genius was more than pure coincidence. The only other comedian to hit the Establishment as hard as George Carlin was Bill Hicks and both died under somewhat mysterious, suspicious circumstances. Bill Hicks unloaded on the absurdities and crimes of the Federal Reserve System on the Comedy Channel in perhaps his greatest appearance ever, and soon got an incurable case of cancer. I saw this amazing performance and I could not believe my eyes and ears. No one has ever unloaded like Hicks did on the FRS, but his performance is now excised and not available. I wonder why.

Yes, the new esoteric reality will crush and then dissipate the old reality which was served up to the masses ever since the mid 1700’s by the “Bloodline” Bankster class who provided the might to run the Establishment Hierarchy.

But sadly, the new esoteric reality provided to the masses by the Vatican will be distinctly different and likely also false.

A new false-reality will be substituted for the old one, but it will be based on some new, verifiable truths.

And the new reality will be highly esoteric, that is, a reality that was typically provided only to higher members of the Establishment Hierarchy.

As far as can be determined right now, there are some exceptions, but most initiates to the Hierarchy must have “bloodline” genetics; that is must be linked to ancient Khazarian Blood, which also carries some genetic material from the Ancient Babylonians or Canaanites (Kenites, also known as the Synagogue of Satan).

Some insiders have claimed that the top Hierarchy members have Nephilim or blood from ancient Fallen Ones, so-called Luciferian reptilian males who bred with earth women to produce giants called “Gebers”.

Gebers have been reported to have red hair, a height between 12 and 16 feet or more, two sets of teeth one in front of the other, and six fingers and toes.There are  numerous sets of recovered Geber skeletons, many with red hair that have been recovered and taken to be secretly stored in a non-public locked area of the Smithsonian Institute.

Some Christian historians believe that the Biblical account of David and Goliath was true and Goliath was a Geber, a giant son of a Nephilim.

Numerous recent disclosures are beginning to provide wide support for many of David Icke’s claims. Looks like all the accusations and smears against him were misguided. I do not share David Icke’s view on Jesus Christ or Christianity. However, despite how incredulous his claims have been about Royals and shape-shifting reptilians, as time goes on more and more evidence emerges to support them. All the trolls and sock-puppets that have been calling him a nutcase need to wake up and stop supporting the Hierarchy which is committed to their demise too, along with everyone else but themselves.

Even stranger there are some Christian historians who believe that the Biblical Account in Genesis of the Fall of man involves the sin of Adam and Eve being seduced by the reptile (great dragon) Lucifer instead of each just taking a bite of the apple.

These historians believe that the term “beguiled” (as used in the KJV) is better translated as “seduced”.

According to the Genesis 3 account both Adam and Eve “ate the forbidden fruit” and were beguiled by the serpent (Lucifer) and were injected with the corrupted DNA of the Fallen one, Lucifer, the shape-shifting reptile than can change his appearance to ordinary human or other appearances.

In years past David Icke was the first to speak out about this alleged infiltration of shape shifting reptilian genes into the Royal bloodlines and most thought he was just talking crazy.

Others accused him of being a secret Zionist because he didn’t address Zionism. In recent years David Icke has quenched those claims by being the first famous public speaker to ever publicly expose Zionism for all that it is.

Michael Salla, Ph.D. A man with impeccable academic credentials who has the website www.exopolitics.org. Known to be sensible and balanced in his presentations, books and articles, Dr. Salla is no lightweight and has obtained recent information from a former Naval Intel man who claims there was a working relationship between some Nazi scientists and Alien ETs described as Reptilians.

This took great courage and David Icke has now proved himself as a great hero and a strong anti-Zionist after all.

Surprisingly, despite all the rampant corruption in the UK and the fact that all governmental agencies are run by High Freemasons who twist the law to conform to the Hierarchy’s needs, David Icke has some powerful friends in very high places that protect him and want his discoveries told.

As time has gone on, many of his claims have been substantiated by reliable witnesses. One is the world’s top muckraker, the very accomplished and well connected New Zealand Architect Greg Hallett who is now living in exile because of so many murder attempts against him and who has an astounding history and story to tell.

I don’t agree with Greg Hallett’s conclusions about Jesus Christ and Christianity, but he has uncovered more secrets than anyone else about the Royals and the Hierarchy roots based in the City of London, the survival of Hitler and his exit provided by Ian Fleming on behalf of the City of London, and the endemic total corruption of the whole government of New Zealand.

Undoubtedly Greg Hallett is the world’s top expert and historian of the lineage of the Royals and their secret history. He has had an inside track into high UK Intel sources, who apparently want him to publicly disclose secrets that have been previously completely forbidden.

Gregg Hallett, the foremost expert of the British Royals true lineage which is that of imposters. Hallett’s book and reports are impressive and you will not find this information in such depth anywhere else.

Like David Icke, and despite the fact Greg Hallett has been seriously harassed and sanctioned to the limit, he does have some friends in high places who continue to provide some high level Intel to him, and so far are protecting his life. Obviously, someone high up wants his discoveries told and even published.

But the account gets even stranger when some of these historians claim that Eve had fraternal (not identical) twin sons, Cain and Abel. With Cain sired by Lucifer and Abel sired by Adam.

The Cain bloodline supposedly went on to become the Canaanites, Kenites and finally the Khazarians in the area now approximately the Ukraine. Some refer to this group as the “Synagogue of Satan” bloodline.

Whenever you see the “double cross” which is a one cross superimposed over another one rotated 45 degree, you have the Mark of Cain.

You will find this secret symbol of Babylonian Talmudic power displayed on many USG and state government building and window inserts.

SAUSSEY1This display of the Mark of Cain is the claiming of Cain’s authority to use evil to rule over fallen, evil humans. This deployment of Cain authority is the Hierarchy’s secret deployment of absolute oppositional evil in any extreme necessary in order to maintain power.

It is also characterized by a commitment to provoke the vulnerable by use of deployed corruption, unfairness and unjustness.

In this way these folks are duped to fall into a legal system trap where they can be proactively punished and picked off one at a tine, before they can organize and become a serious threat to Establishment hegemony, that is to the Select Few and the Hierarchy’s authority and power.

These Khazarians have absolutely no ancient Hebrew blood in them, despite the fact many migrated to Israel, where they form the majority and pretend to have Hebrew Blood. Actually 97.5% of Israelis who claim to be God’s Chosen People are only Khazarian converts to Judaism, comprised mostly Babylonian Talmudism as in Baal worship, Nimrod, and the Synagogue of Satan (although not Torah Judaism, which is radically different and based only upon the Old Testament).


Part II:

Frogner Park near Oslo tells a strange story with the sculpture of Gustav Vigeland.

Some Biblical historians have found artwork that they believe is supportive of their theory. In Norway, there is a strange massive art exhibit at Frogner Park near Oslo by renowned Norwegian artist Gustav Vigeland (1869-1943). The art depicts a breeding ritual that was purportedly continued into the mid-1800s in certain Old Black European occult families during Luciferian rituals.

A portion of Vigeland’s sculptures illustrate this alleged breeding quite explicitly, with penetration from the Reptilian creature with both male and female humans, one sculpture depicting the apparent forced penetration of a male.



The Hierarchy can only be entered by private selection and election by the Select Few and by various initiations at each level as one climbs and advances into the progressively higher levels of the Hierarchy.

The first levels are based on human compromise and dirtying up the initiate, all while videoed for later use to correct, blackmail or influence if it ever become necessary. Higher levels involve progressively more and more criminal and deviant and perverted occult rituals often involving pedophilia, with even higher levels involving child torture and sacrifice, and even vivisection of children as an important part of such evil occult initiation rituals.

REPTILE6During these rituals it is claimed that demons enter into and possess the initiate, with more and more powerful ones at the higher levels, until one is provided his/her own spirit guide, which appears during private times and advises, protects and directs, supposedly providing means of success, wealth and status available to the now high level initiate and Hierarchy member.

All initiates into the Hierarchy are purported to be willing to take a blood Oath at some point to worship Lucifer as their god and be willing to accept the Hierarchy’s Agenda of Evil which includes Baal worship, pedophilia, and child and human sacrifice to Baal as well as vivisection at the highest levels.

As these initiates prove their value to the Hierarchy, they then are moved to higher levels and re-initiated always using more intense, more deviant, increasing evil and oppositional criminal initiation rites which are occult-oriented and based on Baal worship, human sacrifice, extreme sexual perversion rituals and Luciferianism.

REPTILE88EU leaders have been ordered to sell out their national sovereignty and allow Globalization of their masses with massive immigration.

If you are confused about why EU leaders of numerous nations would not only allow massive immigration of Mideast Islamics, but would expose absurd politically memes that Islamic culture is superior and rape cannot be mentioned in the Mass Media?

The answer is that the Select Few who are the true leaders of the world and sit at the top of the Hierarchy Pyramid of Power have mandated it.

These EU leaders know that is they do not comply and put on a false-face to BS the masses in their nations, they will be severely sanctioned by the Hierarchy and that means smeared, shamed publicly and removed from power when their initiation rites are released to the public through the Major Mass Media which the Hierarchy controls through media mogul cutouts.

The new false-reality that emerges after and because of the coming disclosure is to be a stepping stone to a NWO that is NOT under the control of the Establishment Hierarchy or the World’s money-changers, aka the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia private central Banksters.

This new false reality will be used as a stepping stone to mold the human common mass group mind to a way of thinking that will serve to support and allow a worldwide Luciferian based Globalist NWO one-world government that will welcome Lucifer incarnate as the New World Ruler and false-messiah. And as the world is driven to pure Luciferianism, the world will become engulfed in a major intercontinental nuclear exchange, followed a bit later by a second one.

An attempt to establish worldwide Luciferianism after the relatively unknown force, best referred to as the “Third Force”, engineers the destruction of the economies and monetary systems of the world which are based on Babylonian Talmudic “money from nothing” private central banking. A “Third Force” Luciferian solution to this worldwide economic crash will be implemented and this will involve a digital cashless monetary system based on work units and stabilized international units of exchange.

The destruction of the now dominant Establishment Hierarchy based on the union between the Khazarian Mafia and the private central Banksters will be a certainty as this new system is shoved into place, and the ultra rich and powerful will be defrocked in mere days, much to their surprise and horror. They will not see this coming.

The best information now available suggests that this Third Force “digital, Artificial Intelligence solution” will be provided by Alien ET space visitors (Alien ETs), through the Vatican, and these Alien ET visitors may begin to use the Vatican as their home base. Some Vatican insiders have claimed that top Vatican Clerics have already established secret relationships and treaties with a certain alien ET group that presents itself as friendly to the human race and claims it can save it from the evil empire of the Bankster-owned and -controlled Hierarchy. It has been rumored that this particular group insists that Lucifer has been misunderstood and is now going to rise to his proper role as world messiah and world ruler.

Before the Vatican connection to this “Third Force” roll-out of a digital solution is explained, a brief summary of how the Establishment Hierarchy has evolved and prepared the way will be provided.

As the Third Force solution is implemented through the Vatican, the Establishment Hierarchy and the Select few and all their Lieutenants and consiglieres will be deposed.

This will be one of the biggest betrayals in history, the whole occult network will be viewed as a gross perversion of Luciferianism, will be blamed for the sad state of affairs, and will be systematically deposed and eliminated top to bottom.

This will of course blindside these secret Kings who sit at the top of the Hierarchy and all the rich and powerful Hierarchy members who have parasitized the world’s masses and their God-given property and the fruit of their labors.

Actually the age-old secret Globalist NWO plan of the Establishment Hierarchy’s Secret kings, the Select Few, the wrinkled old men who sit at the top of the Hierarchy, has been to implement their evil one-world government plan.

Their goal is to do this so they can run the whole world with such complete hegemony that they will never fear any rebellion from the peasants and their pitchforks and guillotines.

Shared Intel inside the G7 and most G20 nations are in essence controlled by the Hierarchy to a certain degree with some exceptions, but that is all beginning to change.

Right now the Hierarchy shares its Secret Shadow Government (SSG) American Intel groups with the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Germany, in essence, having formed one big SSG Intel conglomerate between all the G7 nations, and even many of the G20 nations.

This sharing of Intel among G7 and even many G20 member nations also suggests that the Hierarchy has actually established a secret NWO Globalist government without the public’s recognition.

The power that unites all these member nations to do the Hierarchy’s bidding as far as Intel Operations is due to the common use of the interest-bearing Fiat or counterfeit money provided by the RKM central Banksters run out of the City of London (aka the Vatican’s Bankers or Hofjuden or “court Jews”), of which the Federal Reserve System is a franchisee like so many other private central banks in so many other nations.

The various Intel agencies of the USA and G7 in general share the special ops and seasoned covert operators who are provided mostly by America, the UK, Israel and Germany. This has been a well-kept secret, and itself suggests that the Secret Shadow is so large it has engulfed the G7 nations and most of the G20 nations, at least to a degree.

G20 leaders who don’t comply with the Select Few’s wishes are sanctioned in attempts to bring them into line by the use of sophisticated psyops and human compromise, blackmail covert operations, or secret assassinations by covert medical means referred to inside the Intel community as “neutralizations” or “Arkansides”.

Arkensides became common regular occurrence in America thanks to the strange, staged habitual murders of the Dixie Mob (CIA Cutouts) on behalf of the Clintons in Arkansas and later in DC.



The Hierarchy mind-kontrols the masses through various sophisticated means, but the cumulative effect is that the masses believe in a false reality which has been socially constructed by the establishment and supports their needs, not the needs of the masses or We The People.

The Select Few have used the Hierarchy to create the socially-defined reality they desire, which began in earnest soon after 1913 when America was secretly invaded by the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia private central Banksters from the City of London Financial District, a private nation with its own ambassadors like the Vatican, and now Washington DC.

Once the Select Few gained access to the printing presses, they could manufacture all the money they needed to fund their expensive venture of completely mind-kontrolling the American People. This is done by completely hijacking the Education system; hijacking the legal and judiciary system which they licensed under the British BAR System; and then setting up a master UCC-based Corporate chessboard that can become the true World Government and used to take over all the world’s visible elected governments and make them surrogates.

The Select Few not only control the Hierarchy, which has now entrapped most of the world in it web of debt-slavery, but they control the dissemination of facts. This is relatively easy because they control the educational systems and control the Major Mass Media systems.

The Major Mass Media systems have been consolidated into six major media corporations which actually comprise an illegal monopoly and a Media and News Cartel, best referred to as the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM).

As numerous insiders have disclosed, Mystery Babylon, the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) private central Banking System is comprised of three main elements: The Spiritual Head which is the Vatican and is empowered by the Old Black European Nobility (hard-core Luciferian families); the financial head is the City of London private central Banksters, the Rothschild Banking System which started out as the Vatican’s bankers; and Washington DC, which is actually an independent nation-state like the Vatican and the City of London and functions as Mystery Babylon’s enforcer all around the world.


As the major world economic reset occurs which will likely be accompanied at the same time by Disclosure of the reality of Alien ETs visiting Planet earth in their Anti-gravity craft. It is unknown which will occur first, whether the reset will set off the disclosure or vice versa.

Hollywoodism, the most effective mass mind-kontrol ever conceived, financed and deployed against the masses.

The Select Few gained control of the creation of social reality, and molded it to fit within their assigned parameters. This process has taken 50 years of their control over the Major Mass Media and Television to accomplish this using Babylonian Talmudism.

The reason Hollywood magnates, executives and top actors are paid so much is because it has high value to the Hierarchy. The culture and norms that Hollywood disseminates to mind-kontrol the masses in America and around much of the world is vital to the Hierarchy’s attainment of their Luciferian Globalist NWO system of worldwide evil with its coming “boot in your face” 24/7 police state tyranny.

The overall purpose of the entertainment industry’s nexus in Hollywood is to provide an escapist imaginary fantasy life to satiate the masses with vicarious achievements to the point they are no longer motivated to work hard, or organize to change anything.

This essentially takes the wind out of their sails and demotivates them to organize and use mass people power (populism) to stand against and force the changes they want and need by overpowering the Evil Hierarchy aka the Establishment that feeds itself at the expense of We The People.

Hollywoodism is the biggest, most effective means to satiate the masses to prevent social action to defend their God-given rights which are supposed to be guaranteed in the US Constitution and its Bill of Rights. Most hard-core social activists spend little time watching the “boob tube” and listening to all the weird lie-based advertising and fake testimonials. It’s a fact that all the Big Pharma ads are at dinner time, and are only deployed to provide “informed consent” and prevent big payouts in later liability lawsuits.



It is hard to start wars and costs a lot of money to hire mercenaries who function as Gladio Terrorists.

The Select Few control the creation of social reality through their control of the Major Mass Media and Hollywood based entertainment. These Folks that control the large International investment house with its home office in Switzerland (This corp is on the “Vanguard” of investments which provides funding for much of the mercenary based terror and is reported to have financed and provided the tankers used to steal Iraqi and Syrian oil through Turkey.

This large, rich and powerful corporation is directed by the same top establishment Hierarchy officials (the Select Few aka the “Secret Kings”) who also control the creation and distribution of money within the private RKM Central Banking System.

This major international Corporation finances much of the Gladio terror around the world and the mercenaries used to start wars and destroy nations such as is now happening in Iraq and Syria. Obviously the folks running it have lost their very souls and are major international criminals that need to be brought to final judgement in a suitable court of law.

Is Switzerland and Swiss banking a Knights Templar stronghold?

Insiders have claimed for many years that this whole secret Swiss banking system which has been involved in so much secret war financing, Nazi money and mercenaries for terror financing was actually started by the Knights Templar and continues to be secretly run by them on behalf of the folks that really run the Vatican to this day.

These same top Policy-makers (Secret Kings) of the Hierarchy also have deployed numerous deviant actions to produce the chaos and societal disintegration they need to justify their taking of more and more rights from We The People in order to gain more absolute police state power.

There can be no doubt that the Hierarchy’s Globalist NWO Agenda is unimaginably evil and completely oppositional to everything that is decent.

And we now know for certain from disclosed white papers and insider reports that their Globalist NWO Agenda is unimaginably evil, is based on ancient Baal worship, and functions as an operational Death Cult that “ministers death to the masses of humans all over the world to thin the herd, purify and preserve the humans race”.

The most visible example of this is one part of the Hierarchy’s occult network, the notorious Skull and Bones so-called fraternity at Yale University which meets in the windowless building called the “Tomb”.

Videos taken clandestinely show that this fraternity like others at other Ivy League Universities is based on Luciferianism, the occult, Luciferian sexual rituals and mock human sacrifice rituals, and oaths to Lucifer as their god.

But the most important part of their socialization and initiation into the occult Network (aka the Process Church) is the inculcation of a key belief.

This is the belief that “ministering (deploying) war to the world” is necessary to purify the human race and elicit the transfer power and assets from the masses to the Establishment Hierarchy.

Part of this belief entails the idea that such deployment of mass war and engineered mass death is not only admirable but necessary to the survival and purity of the human race and constitutes a blood sacrifice to Lucifer to obtain supernatural power.

Lieutenants, Consiglieres, Cutouts, mercenaries and dirtied up former soldiers do all the dirty work for the Select Few and are thus easily deniable by the Select few.

The Select Few engineer and covertly deploy various acts of unimaginable evil using Cutouts, owned Intel and mercenaries as well as mind-kontrolled stone-killers. These evils are thus deniable but are what have been dooming all humans to lives of debt-slavery, constant division and conflict, engineered mass-disease, staged false-flags, engineered wars with mass suffering, mass death and mass-disabilities, and devastation of whole nation states.

And all because several wrinkled up incredibly wicked old men sit at the top of the Hierarchy and have been allowed to continue their criminally insane acts of evil and mass-murder unchallenged and unmitigated.

Most folks never find out about all this and those that are close to the top and know what they evil Hierarchy Secret kings are doing, folks who could end it all, are the ones who are fully on board and sharing in the illegal gains. They are all in, and desire to maintain their riches, power and status. But they too have given their very souls to the dark side and Lucifer for power, protection, and gain.

Should the system crash, they would crash with it. These Lieutenants and consiglieres are the ones that fulfill the orders of the Select Few and gain immensely in all the spoils of their wars and conflicts. So obviously they will never turn on their evil masters.

And all this has been ordered and deployed by the Select Few wrinkled up evil, anti-human old men who approach death.

They are on a mad race to complete their Globalist NWO Agenda to rule the whole world and seat Lucifer as their messiah in a new World Temple in Jerusalem. They believe that once they attain this age-old goal they will be transformed into eternal god like beings and restored to their youthful state.

The Hierarchy’s unimaginably Evil Globalist NWO Agenda has been delayed and is now effectively checkmated by Putin and the Russian Federation in Syria and the Mideast.

The Hierarchy’s Globalist NWO Agenda was supposed to be completed in the year 2,000. They had rolled out Operation Garden Plot, Rex 84, the War on Drugs, and many other covert Psyops and operations to provide for this implementation.

But crafty covert and unexpected rear-guard actions by various divergent factions inside American Intel sandbagged, blocked and sabotaged these efforts and prevented attainment by the year 2,000.

This rear guard action by even those in the Hierarchy and close to it who are blocking and sandbagging in secret unknown to the Select few have actually help create increasing exposure and public blockage to the implementation these Hierarchy plans to attain the Globalist NWO Agenda.



NATO’s Operation Gladio, hard core soulless unimaginably evil Luciferian pedophiles at work engineering and deploying mass-murder of innocents with impunity.

The engineering and deployment of False-flag Gladio attacks followed by a reactionary War on Terror was suggested by the Fourth Reich Nazis running NATO and the secret DVD and a secret faction inside NASA to get the plan moving ahead again. These Gladio unit leaders suggested this could drive the completion of the Hierarchy’s Globalist NWO Agenda and get it unstuck.

Denial of NATO’s Gladio’s existence is useless, the whole matter has been completely exposed in the Italian Courts some years back and is there for anyone who wants to learn of it. This whole subject and all the massive body of evidence has been of course completely censored from the American Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM).

It is important to know that NATO is a essentially a Fourth Reich organization and is the home of Operation Gladio which is still operational. Gladio is still used to blow up and mass-murder innocents all over the world in order to create synthetic terror and chaos in order to justify the taking of more and more taxpayer money and rights, all done in order to facilitate the attainment of the Hierarchy’s Globalist NWO Evil Agenda.

Starting big international wars for massive Hierarchy profits is hard work and special means must be deployed such as hiring mind-kontrolled mercenaries to deploy Terror and atrocities against innocent civilians, often including women and children.

The fact is it is difficult to start wars, and that is where NATO’s Gladio can do the job effectively by blowing up and mass-murdering innocent women and children. Members of the Gladio teams are soulless, criminally insane psychopaths that are so evil they cannot be regarded as human anymore. Why do so many of them have either “black eyes” or dark rings around their eyes? Is it true that demon-possession has produced these effects? Or did they at one time drink special KM Koolaide concocted to steal their souls and make them stone-killers that can be remotely triggered?

More and more folks all around the world are learning about Operation Gladio, the left behind Fourth Reich (DVD) army that runs NATO. This is due to all the good articles and videos now available on the Worldwide Internet, the New Gutenberg press that spreads information and news at the speed of light to many millions everywhere.

One of the main subplots of the Hierarchy’s Globalist NWO Agenda of Evil is the commitment to produce opposites to everything human, loving and decent within the lives of the masses.

The Hierarchy’s game has always been one of the infiltration, hijacking and consolidation of all major corporations into easy to control conglomerates. This process has been accompanied by the privatization of all controls over society by a covertly assembled Secret Shadow Government (SSG), while buying, bribing and seizing control over all elected and governmental officials and the Major Mass Media to create a visible USG that serves as a ceremonial government only.

But this has never been enough. The Hierarchy has also used its many (now 37 American and many foreign) Intel agencies to set up secret proprietary or dummy corporations to do much of their dirty work and black operations such as secret Gladio-style False-flag terror, illegal weapons and drug trafficking, child sex trafficking for forced prostitution and pedophile honey-trap ops, and organ trafficking after kidnapping and murdering the donors.

Their purpose is to enact the policies of opposites, that is to steer society into everything evil, away from all goodness, mercy, self-direction, liberty and personal responsibility.

It is important to note that in addition to these 37 American Intel agencies, there are some deep-black and beyond-black Intel agencies that are privatized within certain defense contractors and so secret they are “off the books”, completely deniable and within what is referred to as unacknowledged programs. Thus you can have such a completely deniable program within a large defense contractor without the Corporate President or the Board even knowing about it, what it does, or who it associates with.

Extreme Secret Shadow Government (SSG) Secrecy has also produced a bright side because counter-reactionary blow-back has occurred and is increasing by the day all around the world.

Extreme Secret Shadow Government (SSG) Secrecy has also produced a bright side in the extreme darkness for humanity that the Hierarchy has been working hard to produce for many generations through their bloodline occult families that specialize in Baal worship, child and adult sacrifice, pedophilia, bisexuality, destruction of sex roles and the family system, diversity, perversity and political correctness.

Actually there has been a bright side to this extreme secrecy in one sense. Some of these deep-black and beyond-black unacknowledged programs have formed secret sub-alliances with the Intel of foreign defense contractors and both are now working to implement solutions and rear-guard actions directly against the Hierarchy and its evil.

It is now a reality that many high ranking former and current Intel are working covertly to stop war, expose the Hierarchy’s evil Globalist NWO plan and have begun instituting very sophisticated psyops and covert rear-guard actions.

Numerous high level, some active, some retired, are now associating with other Intel from many other nations who are catching on to the Hierarchy’s evil plan to destroy humanity and have decided that we must all work together to stop these needless Bankster wars for profits.

The light bulb has gone off in their heads, “instead of killing each other for the Banksters, why not work together for peace, mutually beneficial business deals and for the benefit of all mankind?

This appears to be the operational philosophy of many top Intel right now and also President Putin who came from Soviet Intel. Because Israel was set up as a secret outpost for Russian Bolshevism and the Soviet Union, Israel Intel was completely penetrated from the start and continues to be completely penetrated by the new Russian Federation.

This penetration is so well masked that even the top Israeli officials have no idea. Because all raw NSA data is downloaded from the secret NSA satellite system to Tel Aviv as a part of a secret Intel sharing treaty between the USA and Israel, Putin and the Russian Federation have gained access to ALL NSA raw data, every single bit.

Putin has recently claimed that the Russian Federation will be leaking secret Intel files on America and these leaks will be revealing. The provocation to which Putin may be planning to respond to was the recent Panama Bank data leaks, which were cleansed and vetted to expose only certain BRICs officials and to spank some stateside and EU officials that have veered from their allowed parameters.

A major shift has occurred, blind loyalty to the Hierarchy is now quickly eroding in High circles of American, G7 Intel and most G-20 Intel.

It seems obvious when you really examine the background facts and the timing that a major shift in blind loyalties from the Evil Occult Luciferian Babylonian Talmudic based Hierarchy by many top Intel has occurred. this major shift has been predicated by some major related events that have occurred, something that has shocked them out of their mind-kontrolled stupors.

Seems to me that this event would have to have been the recovery of Alien ET crashed anti-gravity craft and bodies, with some survivors, and the subsequent back-engineering and production of such craft as well as the creation of agreements (treaties) between some governments and some Alien ET groups.

The Select Few doesn’t care what the masses believe about anything, only what they know to be true for sure by verifiable proof about certain verboten subjects related to their counterfeit interest bearing so-called money, control of the Major Mass Media, illegal weapons and drugs trafficking, false-flag terror and their ability to buy, bribe and control almost every single elected or appointed official.

Real MIBs caught on video in a Canadian Hotel following a UFO report in 2008. MIBs often just make serious threats to never speak about seeing a UFO or aliens close up, but sometimes as in the case of Phil Snyder they murder witnesses or insiders who disclose. It seems a surety that some MIBs are either Alien ETs, or alternatively Alien ET/human hybrids. Many have strange speech patterns, quirks and appear quite different than normal humans close up. Some have been reported to be able to exert telepathic powers and mind-kontrol over those they have contact with and even wipe their memories. It has been reported that some can walk through walls and doors, entering locked, high security USG and Defense contractor facilities, which suggests some inter-dimensional capabilities. Some MIBs have cloaked, blurred faces according to some witnesses.

The Select Few have gone to extreme lengths and used Men in Black (MIBs, human weirdos and also real Alien/human hybrids) to keep the whole Alien ET and recovered anti-gravity craft completely unproven to the public.

The Select Few do not care what the public suspects or believes about such matters, but they do care what the public knows for certain about such matters and go to extreme lengths to prevent “knowing for sure” with irrefutable facts.

Obviously the Select Few have pulled every string they can conceive to keep the masses from ever finding out about this new reality that Alien ETs are real, fly around in anti-gravity craft that can cross vast distances in a short period of time, can have accidents and crash and are able and willing to communicate with human leaders and even form agreements to share technology  for human biological elements and genetic materials.

They have used Cutouts to deploy threats and various serious sanctions such as job loss, secret assassinations, murder of family members, medically disguised murder, psychotronic harassment and many more sanctions.

All done to keep this matter of the reality of Alien ETs and their high technologies secret. Because they know that once this secret is out and is christened by the Major Mass Media with observable, verifiable and verified proof for all to see, their days of ruling as Secret Kings are numbered.

The fact that the Select few have become old and have been rumored to have used endocrine injections for years appears to have altered their thinking over time and has tilted them to such extremes that even their own lieutenants and consiglieres are beginning to covertly defect. Many of those who are not secretly defecting are at least sandbagging the increasingly psychotic edicts of the Select few, edicts such as orders to disarm American gun owners no matter what it costs or takes.

This is of course a completely impossible feat. Or the edict to bomb and destroy Iran for Israel and the Khazarian Mafia, which would be suicide for the Khazarian Mafia and the Hierarchy due to the Russian defense alliance with Iran and the extreme potency of Russia’s clearly superior weapon systems.

The Third Force has been quietly at work negotiating secret agreements to disclose in small baby steps and is overriding the controls of the Hierarchy.

TR3B ?

This itself is a bad omen for the continuing unabated hegemony of the Hierarchy and the Select Few that run it from the top.

Despite all three attempts by the Select Few to prevent “knowing for certain” by the masses about such matters, a Third Force has been quietly at work.

It has aligned itself with certain factions of a new much larger Majestic to make sure various leaks occur such as the Disclosure Project by Stephen Greer, M.D. and some revealing fairly well documented TV shows like Hanger 1.

And the last several years, there have been so many well-documented sightings and photographs of the TR3B “Black Triangle” in Belgium, Australia and the USA, that the presence of real anti-gravity craft can no longer be successfully denied, even using the CMMM and paid shills like Popular Mechanics to do so. Numerous valid satellite photos of the TR3B have been authenticated too.

Reproductions of arches dedicated to Baal from Palmyra, Syria will be revealed on April 19, 2016.

It has been reported that reproductions of the arches in Palmyra that were dedicated to Baal will be revealed on April 19, 2016 in London and New York City.

Ruins of the Arches dedicated to Baal in Palmyra, Syria.

On or around April 19th which is a famous occultic day often used by the Hierarchy on which to deploy terror attacks and MK-Ultra shooters in gun-free zones.

The Hierarchy allegedly believes use of NATO Gladio Terror cells and MK-Ultra mind-kontrolled shooters on or near that day releases Luciferian/Satanic Black Magick power and places a hypnotic spell on the land which will advance the attainment of their Globalist NWO Luciferian Kingdom.

  • April 19, 1993 – Waco Massacre: An FBI assault lead to the burning down of the compound of a sect named Branch Davidians, killing 76 men, women and children.
  • April 19, 1995 – Oklahoma City bombing – 168 people killed.
  • April 20, 1999 – Columbine High School massacre – 13 people murdered, 21 injured.
  • April 16, 2007 – Virginia Tech massacre – 32 killed; 17 injured.
  • April 15, 2013 – Boston Marathon explosions – 3 killed; 107 injured.
  • April 19, 2013 – Boston terrorist Tamerlan Tsarnaev shot to death.

The New Majestic is now functioning as a somewhat independent world body and is serving as the World’s ambassadors to certain Alien ET groups.

And there is one additional occurrence which for the most part seems to have become beneficial. Majestic Twelve (aka Majestic 12, or now just Majestic) has been expanded to include many more than twelve members to include a fair number of those “read in” from many different nations.

Despite certain Hierarchy members being involved, this body has taken on a life of its own and if insider reports are accurate, has gone off to form its own alternative Secret Government which because of it secret treaties with a certain Alien ET group, has been able to obtain significant power, somewhat rivaling the Hierarchy.

Richard Dolan, the most respected researcher and author on a wide range of Alien ET, UFO, secret ultra-advanced break-away societies, and other disclosure matters. He knows a great deal because of his deep contacts into this secret world, and he keeps a lot to himself. But what he is not willing to disclose openly due to security concerns and his loyalty to protect his deep sources inside, he proceeds to paint a picture from which you can quite easily deduce what he knows and is suggesting. If you are able, get hold of his books which are the best out there. (www.youtube.com videos of his presentations are informative and well worth the time watching).

I have no corroboration but there have been insider reports that the new Majestic has actually entered into secret negotiations with a certain Alien ET group (maybe more than one) and has perhaps signed a treaty with them. What is in the treaty is unknown but is suspected to be similar to what the first one was that was signed by president Eisenhower in 1954 at Holloman Air Base.

This agreement may involve providing some land for some Alien ETs (perhaps in Africa) in exchange for help establishing world peace and a complete end to the Establish Hierarchy’s Evil Globalist NWO Agenda of hate, terror, mass starvation, engineered mass illness for Big Pharma and Big Medicine profits, and staged wars and mass-murder of millions.

The New Majestic group is divided but has likely helped prevent a full-scale intercontinental nuclear WW3.

It is hard to know for certain but there have been insider reports that the New Majestic group has been a major force preventing a full scale nuclear war between NATO and Russia and the USA and Russia over the Hierarchy’s deployment of Mercenaries labeled ISIS to fight on behalf of Israel and the UK Banksters, in order to provide cheap assets and oil pipelines for the Hierarchy associated corporations.

If reports are accurate the New Majestic is functioning as a new secret organization among nations that surpasses even the UN, and may have been approved by the UN to do its negotiating with Alien Ets.

There have been reports that Majestic is divided with the old boys completely against disclosure because they fear it would immediately neutralize Hierarchy World power and their vast riches and status in society. Many younger members feel disclosure is a must because the Alien Groups they are negotiating with want it and expect it for any meaningful final treaty to be established and validated.

Some fear that a Third Force which is Luciferian-based is using these Alien ETs to deploy a crafty proposal which would covertly get rid of the evil Hierarchy in exchange for instituting a new worldwide Luciferianism presented as a system based on light, shared knowledge, taking care of everyone and worship of Lucifer as god. Of course allowing the Hierarchy’s private Banking System to crash (aka the “destruction of Mystery Babylon”) would quickly clear the way for a new digital solution based on work units and fair value units of goods and could easily appease the masses.

It’s not too hard to find out who gains from war and all the induced and deployed evil Hierarchy  mandates.

If one wants to know who the evil Bloodline Hierarchy fed families are, just find out who the major stockholders are in the oil and defense companies that profits so handsomely from these Hierarchy engineered wars. It always comes down to greed and their desire to steal from the masses using government in order to sustain their lavish, luxurious lifestyle of Kings, Queens, Princes and royalty.

Only with these massive illegal drug and war profits, and massive money/Bankster fraud can these wasteful evil lifestyles be sustained. That is, unless the Establishment continues to steal the fruit of the masses labor and their natural resources, they cannot maintain their lavish lifestyle, that of Kings, Queens, Princes and royalty.

All visible Governmental decisions are actually pre-determined by the Select Few of the Hierarchy of Evil.

All real governmental control decisions are made outside the visible, ceremonial government by these wrinkled, old, near death Select Few that run the Secret Shadow (invisible) Government. These completely deviant monsters from hell live a life of opposites, all the while putting on a fake public face and pretending to be philanthropists by setting up Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Private Foundations that give large donations to so-called charitable organizations.

But in reality what their NGOs give is a pittance to what these “monsters who walk among us freely” have stolen from the public for their own lavish lifestyles. But even worse, most of these NGOs and so-called charitable foundations (which are all tax exempt) also have a dark side, and typically serve as privatized Intel operations for these Select few and their Hierarchy of Evil.

The Select Few who pull all the strings of the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) and of the visible, ceremonial government as well, use the visible government as their enforcer and protector and international war-fighter in order to destroy sovereign nations and gain cheap access to their natural resources for their associated large international corporations.



Some strange actions have been taken by the Vatican in the last several years.

The Vatican has been buying and/or leasing many of the world’s observatories with powerful telescopes and has built their own state of the art high powered stereo telescope on Mount Graham near Safford, Arizona Arizona called L.U.C.I.F.E.R. which represents a Large Binocular Telescope with a Near-infrared Utility, and with a with Camera, and and an Integral, Field Unit, for Extragalactic, Research.

The Vatican’s Advanced Technology Telescope complex (VATT) on Mount Graham near Safford, Arizona. The L.U.C.I.F.E.R. telescope is a part of this complex.

Why has the Vatican made sky watching with the world’s most powerful telescopes a high priority? Who are they expecting soon?

The rumor now circulating in some Intel circles is that the Vatican is awaiting the appearance of their true Messiah Lucifer who will be an Alien ET that will come to Earth to take over and rule from the Catholic Church in a new Temple built in Jerusalem.

The Catholic Church has obtained secret Agreements with all parties involved to administer Jerusalem as an open, international territory.

The Israeli leaders have sold their tribe out and perhaps have been given no choice since the Vatican can order their demise any time it wants, it has so much power over the Banksters and the USG.

Pope Francis announced that he would baptize Martians if they asked.

Innards of the the Vatican’s L.U.C.I.F.E.R. Telescope. “L.U.C.I.F.E.R., which stands for “Large Binocular Telescope Near-infrared Utility with Camera and Integral Field Unit for Extragalactic Research,” is a chilled instrument attached to a telescope in Arizona. And yes, it’s named for the Devil, whose name itself means “morning star” [and which] happens to be right next to the Vatican Observatory on Mt. Graham in Tucson”.
The Official Vatican Chief Astronomer Father Jose Fumes now claims that alien life in the universe exists but it is unlikely to have been visited by Jesus.

Dr. Christopher Corbally, Vice Director for the Vatican Observatory Research Group on Mt. Graham until 2012, believes our image of God will have to change if disclosure of alien life is soon revealed by scientists. We will have to begin viewing God as a broader entity instead of an “anthropocentric” God.

The current Vatican Observatory director, Father Josè Funes has supported that line of thinking, suggesting that alien life not only exists in the universe and is “our brother” but will, when manifested, confirm the “true” faith of Christianity and the dominion of Rome.

This statement expresses the apparent underlying motivation for the Vatican’s huge expenditures and efforts to dominate astronomy and acquire access to so many observatories around the World: to maintain the dominion of Rome (the Vatican, the Catholic Church and faith) by making the first cooperative agreements with any Alien ET groups that visit Planet Earth.

Perhaps they have already made contact, negotiated agreements or treaties with one or more Alien ET groups and are awaiting the arrival of Lucifer. Remember it was well respected Father Malachi Martin who quit the Jesuits and remarked before he died mysteriously that the Vatican had been infiltrated by Luciferians and Black Satanic rituals and masses were being performed in the basement of the Vatican.

The Catholic Church has claimed that it is the only true Christian Church and one cannot “go to heaven” unless they are a practicing Catholic in good standing. Critics have replied that a great deal of what the Vatican teaches as doctrine is based on Tradition and is not supported in the Bible at all, such as the edict that Priest cannot marry or one must eat fish on Friday, or the Pope is the “Vicar of Christ” on Planet earth and his word on all Christian matters is final.

Critics have pulled some strange facts from historical accounts of the actual origins of the catholic Church and see it as a false representation of Christianity and one that is infiltrated by Luciferians as Malachi Martin disclosed before he died (or was medically murdered as many believe).

Is there a coming forced shift to the esoteric and will the Vatican be the initiator?

Is the Vatican expecting to be the ones announcing and proving a major world event that will shift the people’s mindset from the mundane to a new esoteric view of the universe with a god and messiah named Lucifer?

If Malachi Martin’s reports were accurate and there is no valid reason to doubt his claims, then the Vatican has made a 180-degree lane change from Christianity to Luciferianism, and done so covertly.

Obviously the Vatican is deeply invested in watching the skies and waiting for the appearance of some major event that they believe will change human beliefs, culture and society forever. Vatican insiders believe this coming event will shift mankind from the ordinary mundane everyday life concerns to a new esoteric mindset, quite foreign to most.

If that isn’t enough there have been numerous insider reports that numerous other nations are becoming quite involved with Alien ET technologies including anti-gravity and free energy (zero-point) technologies. And now there are reports that the Chinese are working with other nations in dual role projects that appear to be space exploration technology oriented as well as defense oriented.

If reports are correct at least several nations not including the USA are close to manufacturing Zero-point energy products and are also close to the successful development of anti-gravity craft (Alien ET Reproduction Vehicles, ARVs).

Chinese to build numerous advanced Space centers in South America.

And add to all this, the recent announcement of a high technology space center being built in Argentina by China with permission and cooperation of the Argentinian Government. It has been claimed that this Space center will have deep space capabilities.

UFO7It can be expected that this will involve the use of back-engineered and manufactured recovered Alien ET anti-gravity craft. There is good reason to believe that the Chinese have already entered into a secret agreement with an Alien ET group that has Chinese facial characteristics.

The fact that this new Chinese space base is being constructed in Argentina has resulted in some speculation that this is really a joint deep space effort between China, Argentina and the Fourth Reich which is believed by some insiders to still have Argentina as their covert but real home base.

The announced location of this new Space Center seems more than coincidental. Could this be a joint effort between the Chinese and the Fourth Reich which was centered in Argentina after WW2, the locations where Hitler ended up after being rescued by Ian Fleming and resided for an extended time with Eva Braun?

And it was just announced that China is also building a new space station in a joint effort with Venezuela too, and perhaps more in other South American nations. Some American defense experts are concerned that these basis may be missile and satellite tracking bases and could even be used to harbor Chinese ICBMs targeting the USA.




There is substantial evidence from well over one hundred well-vetted and reliable witnesses with various levels of secret clearances that have come forward in Steven Greer, M.D.’s Disclosure Project and shared what they know about a secret space program hidden deep within the US Defense contractor system.

None have been prosecuted for sharing this secret information. Before the Disclosure Project the norm was to be murdered, often “Arkensided” using unidentifiable covert medical means or remarkably fast growing strange cancers.

Well known defense industry artist and American Hero Mark McCandlish has gone public with illustrations he made of an actual “Alien Reproduction Vehicle” (video below). Other insiders have  reviewed the plans and said they seem accurate to what a certain Defense Contractor developed.

KGB movies of Alien ETs and recovered anti-gravity craft have been released which are unmistakably authentic. Hundreds of supporting documents have been revealed by numerous individuals working in such secret programs including from Lloyd Bushman, a top scientist working at area 51. Colonel Philip Corso was one of the first to go public with the back-engineering of recovered alien technology and this was spelled out in his book, The Day After Roswell. Both these men are deceased, but their testimonies were backed up by verifiable facts.

It is now known for certain that since WW2, the USG has highly classified all Alien ET matters and almost completely privatized the pursuit of back-engineering and manufacturing alien technologies and recovered alien anti-gravity craft.

There are reliable insider reports of the US Military being involved in a Secret Space program that uses back engineered anti-gravity craft for deep space operations. It is also been reported that after such service periods the pilots minds are wiped somewhat clean using special drugs and psychotronic procedures.

Similar procedures have been reported to have been used for over 20 years on certain black ops to erase trauma and include the use of IV bags filled with a special mix of hypnotic chemicals like scopolomine and placidyl and connection up to a suitcase with electrodes making contact with the subject’s head for psychotronic processing and erasure.

It has been reported by Attorney Paul Wilshire who represented this team right before he was murdered, that this “clean team” was inserted into Waco during the final assault and lethally injected the children to keep them from suffering. They couldn’t get to the kids in the buried bus who died horrible convulsive deaths from the gas which turned to cyanide. Their “trauma erasure” failed and these men started remembering what they did and felt abused and used and wanted to get their story out to Congress in exchange for  immunity from any prosecution or sanction.

It has also been reported from vetted reliable sources that the USG and other nations have entered into more than one secret agreement with certain Alien ET groups beginning in the 1920’s. Germany was the first to do so and now the USG, Russia and China have followed with their own agreements, some call treaties. Because these matters are the most classified secrets of any government involved, it is hard to get the specifics.

It is strongly suspected based on early anecdotal reports of those involved at the periphery who are now deceased that the first USG treaty involved an Agreement signed by President Eisenhower. The agreement specified that the certain Alien ET group involved would share their ultra advanced anti-gravity and electronics technology in exchange for the right to abduct American citizens, as long as certain conditions were met.

The first condition was that the abductees could not be harmed as their biological sample were obtained, and the second one was that their memories would be wiped clean to prevent traumatic memories. The third condition was that the Alien ETs would provide the USG with a list of Abductees so they could be watched for any harmful effects of the abductions, which in some cases would be repetitive.

There have been numerous anecdotal reports from insiders over the years that later on when one of the Alien ET craft crashed as a result of a system failure linked to US radar and lighting, USG Intel responsible was alarmed to find vivisection human bodies and evidence they were being used for weird biological experimentation and also as a food source. As best as can be surmised, at this point the USG completely privatized all such Alien ET matters into the deep recesses of specialized Defense Contractors and allowed Majestic 12 to morph into an international group, some believe that it became an arm of the UN itself.

At first Majestic 12 was completely controlled by the Select few of the Establishment Hierarchy. But over the years as MJ has morphed and expanded to an international body, it has sort of gone in its own direction, and associations between the Secret Space War contractors in some different nations have begun to work together to fight what some claim is a Secret Space War over Planet Earth.

Traditionally anyone that worked in one of these deep-black or beyond-black programs who leaked anything was arkensided often by shadowy characters called Men In Black (MIBs). It is known that Kelly AFB at one time ran a special spook squad of weird looking humans to visit public witnesses to discredit them.

Who would ever believe it if two weirdos looking like alien/human hybrids driving a 1956 Cadillac in the mid-1990’s pulled up and threatened them that they better not talk. There are several incident where abductions were linked to the use of small individuals with rubber alien headgear who kidnapped, drugged and released hitchhikers who woke up suddenly and saw them pull of their masks as the walked away after leaving the abductee at the side of the road still unconscious. So we know that the US Military has used fake Aliens for their own mind-kontrol experiments.

But there is also reason to believe that some of the MIBs are either real Alien ETs or Alien/human hybrids based on some of the remarkable things they have done like blurring their faces from view, causing mental confusion in a human they were threatening, but exerting some kind of mental control over them without even touching them, etc.

One always has to wonder why the Select Few who control the Hierarchy so far refuses to allow disclosure? The best guess is so far that it would mean the instant end to their primacy and control over everything in society, and a complete loss of power, riches and status.

And yet there are forces in MJ pushing for this and various quite powerful Intel factions that have formed from numerous different nations who are pushing hard for partial disclosure at first followed by systematic step to full disclosure over time as the public adjusts.

It seems that incredible amounts of vetted information about these matters have been released on such television shows as Hanger 1, which has a large bevy of copies of actual UFO documents which have been given them by high ranking individuals involved in the Secret Space war.

The best guess right now is that several of the world’s most powerful nations have made agreements with Alien ET groups to obtain advanced technologies and defensive space war weapons. The first one to fully disclose will obtain an incredible amount of political power and that is why some who have examined this whole matter of disclosure in detail believe that the first group that will do so is the Vatican.

The Vatican has already made the initial steps necessary and prepared the way. The latest rumor is that the Vatican’s top Clerics believe that Jesus is not returning but that Lucifer is, and he will be seated as the world’s Messiah. And perhaps that would explain why they have leased, bought and acquired control over so many observatories and built a huge one in Arizona called Lucifer.

Of course to classical Christian philosophers this is no surprise because they have always expected a war between God Almighty and Lucifer, the Cosmic rebel who believes he can defeat God in a Secret Space War and become God Almighty himself.

One way or another something has got to give pretty soon regarding disclosure. There are just far too many leaks and the Hierarchy is rapidly losing control over these matters as well as thousands of elated documents.


Here are some interesting videos for those that have time and interest.

Bonus Video #1 on Boyd Bushman, a senior scientist who worked for several major defense contractors at Area 51 and other sensitive installations which have had unacknowledged, deep-black and beyond-black programs. This is his last interview before he died and discloses some of his knowledge of Alien ETs at Area 51 and various Anti-gravity Craft.

Bonus Video #2 on back-engineering and manufacturing of Alien Anti-gravity Craft for those who have time and interest:

Film-maker James Allen, who made the following video, was apparently murdered by sophisticated radiation poisoning by MIBs who likely placed refined thorium in his immediate environment, or his food or beverage intake.



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