About your ‘Afghani House Slaves’ – Letter to Congress

This assortment of rare earth elements includes, clockwise from top, praseodymium, cerium, lanthanum, neodymium, samarium and gadolinium. Peggy Greb / USDA
This assortment of rare earth elements includes, clockwise from top, praseodymium, cerium, lanthanum, neodymium, samarium and gadolinium. Peggy Greb / USDA
This assortment of rare earth elements includes, clockwise from top, praseodymium, cerium, lanthanum, neodymium, samarium and gadolinium. Peggy Greb / USDA


To the Honorable Members of the U.S. Congress:

The U.S. Congress must stop the war crimes in Afghanistan. The U.S. government is morally and legally responsible for these war crimes.


After fifteen  years, the U.S. government has not been able to win the war in Afghanistan. I strongly believe that the United States government soldiers, and “selected” house slaves, the Afghan puppet administration, cannot fight the Afghans Freedom Fighters themselves on the ground.

So the U.S. is resorting to bombardment, drones, and mercenaries against Afghan civilians, the villagers, and terrorizing innocent Afghans in order to try to hold back the Afghan Freedom Fighters. The U.S. is using Afghans to kill Afghans.

The Afghan villagers only want independence, an end to foreign occupation and an end to “selected” corrupt, puppet Afghan administrations, who consist of war profiteers and communist war criminals, like Rashid Dostum, first vice president. It is shameful that the U.S government continues to wage this dirty war and “select” and fund its corrupt Afghan puppets/house slaves.

The genocide, massacring, torturing, raping and slaughtering of several hundred thousand innocent Afghan villagers in Kunduz, Helmand and other Pashtun areas are war crimes and human rights violations. Genocide of the Pashtun villagers is being documented. If you look at the definition of terrorism, I believe the U.S. government and its selected agents and mercenaries are the real terrorists, who have terrorized and are terrorizing the Afghan civilians, especially in the villages. I believe you, the United States Congress, needs to start calling for an investigation of these war crimes and end this war.

On his recent trip to Kabul to visit the U.S. “selected” Afghan administration, Secretary Kerry stated at the April 9th joint news conference with Mr. Ghani that “The U.S. continues to support the sovereignty, the independence, and the territorial integrity of a self-reliant, democratic and …Afghanistan.”

This statement is laughable.

First, I strongly believe that the U.S. government does not support Afghanistan’s sovereignty, as it illegally invaded it in 2001, and continues to occupy Afghanistan with its military bases, its 9, 500 troops, its numerous CIA paramilitary forces, and the hundreds of thousands of private security contractors and mercenaries on the ground, who are paid with United States’ funds.

Second, it is laughable for Secretary Kerry to say that Afghanistan is independent and it has a “democratic” government. The Afghan house slaves, Ghani and “CEO” Abdullah Abdullah are “selected” not elected. Secretary Kerry reminded Ghani that he will say when the “selected” government will end.

Kerry stated, “Let me make this very, very clear because I brokered the agreement. There is no end to this agreement at the end of two years or in six months from now… This is an agreement for a unity government, the duration of which is five years.”


It is pretty obvious that the United States not only “selected” the Afghan puppet leaders but controls them. According to Kerry, the “selected” government will continue and there will be no elections in 6 months or two years.

This type of government is not of the Afghan people, by the Afghan people and for the Afghan people.

It is a “selected” administration of the U.S. and its war profiteers, by the U.S. and its war profiteers and for the U.S. and its war profiteers for the purpose of implementing U.S policy.

The “selection” of another country’s leaders does not create a democracy. There can be no democracy when a country is occupied by a foreign country. There can be no independence for Afghanistan with the U.S. and other foreign countries financially supporting it. Afghanistan is not “self-reliant”, sovereign, independent or democratic.

Why is the U.S. government occupying Afghanistan? It is not about supporting its independence or sovereignty. It is not about caring for the Afghan people. It is not about terrorism, al-Qaede or Daesh. Afghanistan is not responsible for the tragic events of 9/11. The U.S. government’s 28 classified pages, which were referred to recently in the media and recent lawsuits ,are pointing to Saudi Arabia. Yet the U.S. government chose to invade and occupy Afghanistan. I think it is time that the U.S. government reveal why it is really in Afghanistan.

It is all about the vast untapped Rare Earth Elements (REEs) in Afghanistan especially in the Pashtun areas such as Helmand and about relocating its outer defense perimeter to Central Asia with Afghanistan at the heart. The U.S. Pentagon referred to Afghanistan as the “Saudi Arabia of lithium…” The U.S. government needs a new supply chain for REEs instead of relying on China to supply it with REEs.

The invasion and occupation of Afghanistan is really about the U.S. and NATO having direct access and control over Afghanistan’s vast untapped Rare Earth Elements (REEs), which are worth trillions.

These REEs are vital to the manufacture of technology and defense systems.

The U.S. sent down geologists with special operations forces into the REE deposits of the Helmand region at the start of the invasion. The U.S. even knew about these REEs deposits before the war. I believe control of the REEs is the real reason for the invasion, continued occupation and covert war and genocide against the Afghan villagers.

The New York Times wrote an article about the REEs in 2010 in which it referred to Afghanistan as becoming “…one of the most important mining centers in the world, the United States officials believe.”

Rare Earth Elements in Afghanistan
Rare Earth Elements in Afghanistan

It is not about fighting terrorism. It is about the U.S. fighting for control of the Afghan people’s REEs. It is obvious that the U.S. and NATO will fight anyone that gets in their way of this goal.

The Afghan villagers are in their way because this REE rich-land is their land and as history has shown they cherish their freedom and defend their homeland. I believe this is why genocide and other war crimes are being committed now against the Afghan/Pashtun villagers.

In addition, Secretary Kerry is asking for the Afghan Freedom Fighters to enter into a “real” and “legitimate” peace process. Secretary Kerry wants the Afghan Freedom Fighters to enter into direct talks with the “selected” Afghan house slaves administration I strongly believe to have “legitimate” and “real” peace talks, the U.S. government needs to hold direct talks with the Afghan Freedom Fighters, since the U.S. is really in control and power in Afghanistan.

As history has shown, I believe that the Afghan Freedom Fighters will never talk with the “selected” house slaves because they see them as not legitimate and without real power.

I hate war. Congress must stop funding this ugly, non-winnable war in Afghanistan and its greedy war profiteers. Congress must stop these war crimes against the Afghan villagers, who have suffered enough these past four decades.

Sincerely,  Kadir A. Mohmand



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