Unfathomable Hypocrisy of the USG and its Network News


by Preston James

[ This is a long article due to the content covered. You can skim through it fairly quickly by reading the bold print and then the conclusion. ]

Interchangeable Talking Heads of the Corporate Mass Media
Interchangeable Talking Heads of the Corporate Mass Media

Right now there is no direct means by which We The People can force the USG or its mouthpiece the Network News to tell the truth.

Soon that will probably be no longer the situation because massive change is now on the way, predicated by the information revolution provided by the worldwide Internet, the new Gutenberg Press which transmits facts, opinions and history at the speed of light instead of paper and ink.

But until that happens it is important to realize that We The People have somehow lost our power to control our own government which has been infiltrated in 1913 and then over time completely hijacked by the world’s largest organized crime syndicate, the Khazarian Mafia.

This article will explain how We The People lost control over their own USG.

The Khazarian Mafia is now is in full control of the USG and the Network News too, but stay tuned because that is all in serious flux right now.

America is now an occupied nation, occupied this Khazarian Mafia (KM) a foreign-based world’s largest crime syndicate which has set up a well organized pyramidal Hierarchy viewed by Americans as “the Establishment” (aka the Blue-bloods, the Pilgrim Society types, the Eastern Establishment “Bloodline” Families).

This notably criminal, foreign-based group now controls American society and its institutions especially and including the Network News and all Major Mass Media.

The Major Mass Media functions as the mouthpiece and defender of this Hierarchy, best referred to as the Establishment Hierarchy, and no longer serves any of the interests of We The People.

In fact, the Establishment Hierarchy’s positions are communicated in the Network News as the USG’s positions. But the Network News belies the fact that the Establishment Hierarchy has manipulated the USG to secretly do the same very bad things that our elected officials are supposed to be fighting and trying to stop.

By anyone’s terms, this is blatant USG hypocrisy.

Most Americans have traditionally expected their press to be free and to serve as a watchdog and monitor of the truthfulness of government, and report any big government lies and corruption.

They have no idea that the American Network News and the Major Mass Media is completely controlled and serves only the interests of the Establishment Hierarchy and its political and financial interests, just like the USG itself which has been hijacked and manipulated to serve first the Establishment Hierarchy.

Take the War on Terror for example, is based on one of the biggest whoppers ever told.

GLADIO1We now know for certain that the USG and its close partner Israel are the World’s biggest terrorists and use NATO’s secret Gladio squads and other Intel groups to deploy false-flag attacks. And they do this in order to motivate the US Public to support USG actions they would normally never support.

But does the Network News ever tell the American people the truth about this, that the USG is using certain special groups in its Intel and Military to stage gladio-style, inside-job, false-flag attacks? Nope, not a chance.

You can however read about this in numerous alternative news websites on the Worldwide Internet, the New Gutenberg Press. But many Americans refuse to believe any news that is reported on any Internet website unless it is reported as true in one of the Network News like ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MNBC, Fox, NPR and PBS.

Network News is part of the USG war and terror machine, all designed to gain more power and generate huge profits for its associated banks and defense contractors.

Yes, it can now quite easily be shown that the USG uses the Network news to manipulate the American people to allow or support illegal, unConstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared, unwinnable, perpetual wars, wars that generate huge profits for establishment families who own large blocks of stock in large defense contractors.

So, on the one hand we have the USG spending trillions of dollars sending American Soldiers to invade and occupy supposed nations who harbor terrorists to fight terrorism, when in reality it if the Establishment Hierarchy that is setting up and deploying the terror in the first place.

Take the War on Drugs, another example of blatant lies, deception and complete hypocrisy by the USG on behalf of its master the Establishment Hierarchy.

One the one hand we have the USG using secret factions in its Intel agencies and military, especially the CIA, to traffick large amounts of illegal narcotics and drugs into America.

Like USG staged terror, it serves several useful purposes for the Establishment Hierarchy. It creates a reason to allocate billions of dollars to build up internal police state mechanisms in Law Enforcement which are also used to spy on all Americans and to harass, tyrannize and even murder important whistle-blowers when deemed necessary.

Order ab chaos.

This is the age old game whereby governments they generate chaos and trouble to make big profits and gain more centralized consolidated power.

You see, the game here is an age-old one based on the Babylonian Talmudic script, “Order Ab Chaos”, that is, a government can generate chaos in society in order to create the new social order it desires.

When folks moved from the farms to the cities to work in mass production jobs, new jobs arose solving other people’s problems for those who now had the money to pay for such services.

Making money from other people’s trouble.

Whole new industries emerges based on solving the problems of other people and doing it for money. Making money from others trouble can be an ethical acceptable way to make money and even earn a living as long as the “helper” isn’t creating the trouble in the first place.

Much of Psychiatry, Psychology has been accused of doing this by labeling folks with normal life adjustment problems with life-long psychiatric DSM labels that determine their life insurance rates and are often used to make them second class citizens. Typically these labels are just given by one therapist during the process of obtaining insurance payment and the stick as permanent truth, as “freeze dried stigma”.

Big Medicine and Big Pharma have also been accused of creating their own illnesses through maladaptive treatment of symptoms and no serious prevention; and by the administration of poor quality vaccines contaminated with ethyl mercury and many other highly toxic compounds now linked to later, quite serious health problems.

Some alternative medicine providers now view fluoride in the public water as serious toxin, lowing IQ in children by at least 8 points (according to a recent peer reviewed study), making folks passive, causing the malfunction of the thyroid and other glands, and contributing to arthritis and deterioration of joints in later life.

It didn’t take too long for governments to figure out that without war and major social problems they had a hard time maintaining power and keeping unity and purpose as a nation…

So they decided to secretly cause major problems themselves, problems so large and difficult that only they could provide solutions.

Barry Goldwater once claimed that any government big enough to meet all your needs will be big and powerful enough to take everything you have, and probably will.

Gain big power, make huge profits by provoking and punishing the masses.

To gain more order a government provokes its people to “sin” in mass. Trafficking habit-forming narcotics into an inner city and selling them cheap is one way. Then it can punish them en masse by building up a large Law Enforcement, Court and Corrections System. More crime more power. You get the idea.

IRONMOUNTAIN1This belief was well covered in the Report from Iron Mountain, a special study conducted by the USG using the top experts in many fields to discover what elements hold a society together.

Despite later denials about this leaked document, and numerous attempts to discredit it using planted misinformation, it is real.

This report provides a snapshot into the thinking of the Establishment Hierarchy, later to become the foundational thinking of the CFR, Trilateral Commission, Defense Policy Board, AIPAC, numerous Hierarchy financed NGOs and the like.

The NATO Operation Gladio “Left-behind Army” has served the Establishment Hierarchy well and numerous US and European governments as well as Israel have supported such benefits and reaped huge rewards by using Gladio False-flag attacks to gain more power and money from the Taxpayers.

Of course staging and deploying a major false-flag attack on America on 9-11-01 was a very crafty move. It served as a major Pearl Harbor event like PNAC claimed was needed in order for the USG to gain military superiority in the Mideast and the World for the Hierarchy and Israel’s Likudists which are their primary action-agents to run terror and start wars.

But how can the American Major Mass Media get away with continually dispensing the big lies, false-narratives and propaganda which mislead the American people from the total hypocrisy of the USG?

There are six good reasons why the Network News can lie and deceive the American people and have been able to mind-kontrol the American masses to believe a whole body of lies, false-narratives and USG Propaganda.

  1. It is now “legal” for the Major Mass Media to dispense clearly false USG propaganda for the Establishment Hierarchy for reasons of so-called “national security” and that is their main function now days.
  2. The Establishment Hierarchy that runs the USG also control the major Mass Media and has the muscle, influence and reach necessary to fully control the Network News which functions as a Cartel, that is, an illegal monopoly.
  3. Any newscaster or Talking Head that tells the truth is often cutoff but always sanctioned to some degree, some fired, some blacklisted, and some even murdered (perhaps like Tim Russert for questioning Bush2 about his Skull and Bones membership).
  4. Most Americans want to believe their government. They view it as a benevolent parent figure, and extension of their parent’s authority. Now days this is a very big mistake. It would be far too upsetting to believe that the USG has been hijacked and is now run by an unimaginably evil, self-serving world’s largest organized crime syndicate.
  5. The American masses have become addicted to the voluntary hypnosis obtained sitting in front of their televisions because they have become addicted to being passively entertained almost continually during leisure time. The Hierarchy’s Network news and Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) serves this now habitual need.
  6. The Network News and the CMMM were originally supposed to be a source of the sharing of truth to the community and American masses (the Moral Density claimed by Emil Durkheim), the Neo-Bolshevik value of “political correctness” has created a feel-good, do-good superficial society where there is no place for any truth, according to Detective James Rothstein (NYCPD Gold Shield and NY State Crime Commission Special Squad, Retired). The American masses have been so successfully mind-kontrolled by the CMMM that most have developed a deep emotional need to believe the USG is a good and and innocent parent figure, unless they have been personally “burned” by the USG, when they usually just go away in quiet desperation with absolutely no recourse available.

Most Americans who watch the Network news have been almost completely bamboozled and mind-kontrolled by all its blatant lies on behalf of the Establishment Hierarchy which it represents through a major cutout, this well-known very large investment house.

6corps-320x3163The Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) is an illegal Media and News Cartel comprised of six major mass media moguls who are KM “tribalists” and answer to a large investment house based in Switzerland claimed to be on the “Vanguard” of Investments.

This large investment house was recently linked to running a very large black-budget slush fund to buy and transport large tanker trucks to Iraq and Syria to haul stolen oil for ISIS, the so-called Islamic State.

It has also now been fingered by insiders to not only control all American Mainstream News, but to serve as a major slush fund to finance numerous Gladio-style terror groups linked to NATO, and Gehlen and Mueller’s “left behind army”.

This investment house has near complete control over the Major Mass Media on behalf of the Establishment Hierarchy which is run by several very evil and very old wrinkled up old men in wheelchairs nearing death and final judgment. Their control over the CMMM is so complete that if any talking head newscaster veers outside his or her allowed parameters he or she is immediately sanctioned and usually quite severely.

BUZZSAW2Talking heads, journalists and reporters who stray from their allowed parameters usually receive serious sanctions upon the policies and order of the Establishment Hierarchy.

Some who strayed outside allowed parameters have been slapped down, some suspended, some fired, and some have been murdered. Doubt this level of control is possible, then just read the book, Into the Buzzsaw.

Or you can ask Sharyl Atkinson what happened we she tried to tell the truth. She has made a recent comeback on network TV which suggests that the Establishment Hierarchy is under serious stress and is now conciliatory in token ways.

Or ask Dan Rather what happened to him when he told the truth about Bush2’s so-called service in the Air National Guard, or many other victims of the CMMM.

In Rather’s case the denial/spin/cover-up machine was activated and the CMMM worked very hard to try to show his story to be false, even though it was true.

But you can’t ask Gary Webb about how he was ruined, surveilled and psychotronically harassed and gang-stalked because he is dead, murdered by the CIA.

Webb was “arkencided” by two gunshots to the head which the coroner and police claimed was suicide. Supposedly a suicide note in his own handwriting was left.

The new movie, Kill The Messenger is about Gary Webb. He was murdered (shot in the head twice) and did not commit suicide.

It is important to note that it is quite easy for seasoned CIA wetboy contractors to seal off a parameter, order a police stand-down, sedate a target with scopolomine spray in the face or other gas. Once this is done and they have complete control over the target, they can then manipulate the target into writing a brief so-called suicide note. This is often done by threatening to torture and murder the target and provide a quick painless death if the target cooperates.

Often the wetboy team may threaten to torture or murder some or all of their family one by one later if they do not cooperate. Then typically the target is murdered by a lethal injection between the toes or under the arm that is difficult or impossible to detect during any autopsy (most are prevented by national security edict).

How disgusting it is that even today when we know for certain that the CIA’s OP40 assassinated JFK, the CMMM continues to claim that the innocent patsy Oswald did it. It is high time rule of law is enforced against everyone in American society and especially the out of control Intel Agencies.

There is no need for secrecy any more except launch codes and we must no longer permit national security to be imposed as routine cover for such disgusting and evil national security crimes which are completely illegal and unConstitutional.

The Big Lie about ISIS:

The USG claims to be fighting ISIS. But the fact of the matter is that the CIA created ISIS with Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia as a private Khazarian Mafia Hierarchy army. This secret coalition has numerous objectives, but the primary one is to completely destroy Syria and Iran the way they destroyed Iraq and Libya.

And all this in order to protect Israel’s long term welfare and to prevent the development of competition in crude oil and Iran’s zero point energy research. Insiders often jokingly refer to as I.S.I.S. as Israeli Secret Intelligence Service.

Iran is not interested in developing nuclear weapons.


Hierarchy puppets in Congress and their spokespersons have been continually telling members of the US Congress in key committees that Iran is developing nuclear weapons and that is why it must be invaded and liberated (why we must use our military to bring them “freedom”.

Because they use complete Orwellian double-speak, they really mean just the opposite, that is, the complete occupation, tyranny and Balkanization of Syria and Iran just like was done to Iraq and Libya. Of course this is complete bunk as the Iranians are more concerned with nuclear based energy development which does not convert to nuclear weapons.

For the last ten years Israel has claimed that Iran is months away from a viable nuke, but that has been one of the biggest whoppers ever told.

The Network News Cartel serves the Establishment Hierarchy’s specific needs and is very carefully monitored minute by minute and highly controlled.

The bottom line is this, the Establishment Hierarchy continually uses the CMMM to spread the lies it needs to justify evil actions that are directed to attaining its secret Globalist NWO Agenda.

It specializes in creating conflict, division, and chaos in order to increase its size, centralized power, and to manipulate Americans to be willing to give up more and more basic God-given rights for the USG’s false claims of increased safety which can easily be shown to be one of the biggest lies ever told.

Fortunately we have the Internet and the numerous good alternative news websites it provides. We must all work together and inform as many of our friends and family as we can of what is really going on as best we can.

Typically most evangelical Christians have been exceeding naive and ill-informed, easily manipulated by Zionists to believe that Khazarians are God’s chosen.

They have also been conned to wrongly believe that the land they stole from Palestinians who are the true Hebrews (according to recent genetic tests at places like Harvard medical School) is theirs instead of the Palestinians.

But scientific genetic tests now show that 80% of the Palestinians carry Hebrew blood and are thus true Semites unlike the Khazarians in Israel, who are 97% of the so-called “Judaics” living in Israel.

Most evangelical Christians have been conned by Zionists into believing the notably false and dangerous doctrine of Dominionism. But now, thanks to VT and many other great alternative news websites available on the worldwide Internet, the tide is changing. We now have new prevailing winds, best described as a spontaneously emerging populism that allows and declares real truth that runs 180-degrees opposite the lies and mind-kontrol of the CMMM.

Here is an example of a very successful businessman from Texas who has learned the truth from the Internet (although the CMMM would at present never carry these facts). I believe it signifies a major turning point where the Internet has now taken predominance over the CMMM. And right now the public’s confidence in the Major Mass Media is at an all time low, while their confidence in the Internet to provide access to truth from many sources grows.


Presidential candidate Donald Trump has claimed that the father of Ted Cruz appears to have been involved in the JFK assassination. A well-known former NSA now claims that Cruz’s father was a CIA operative involved in Operation Mongoose. Now we have the researcher who dug up this story originally, now shot dead, claimed a suicide by authorities, but another obvious CIA murder. Who is kidding who here?

And other researchers now claim that the Canadian born Ted Cruz cannot legally run for President of the USA and is also a sheep-dipped CIA man like the Billary Clintons and every other president since Op40 assassinated JFK for the Hierarchy, except for Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan.

If these claims are true we have the top elected offices staffed by sheep-dipped spooks that have been stroked upward through the system and never worked a real day in their lives or achieved anything on their own and always are given a “get out of jail free card” by the Establishment Hierarchy no matter if they lie, steal, oppress using USG Agencies like the IRS, rape or even order murders.

Electing sheep-dipped spooks that want to start wars and mass-murder innocent civilians in foreign nations for super big profits and more power is never good for the average hard working American.

And many insiders have speculated that all these CIA-controlled Presidents including LBJ all worked for the Bush Crime Cabal and claim that GHWB ran the JFK Assassination himself personally. If I did know that any of these claims were true for certain I could neither deny or confirm any, since each of their 201 and 303 files of these individuals are completely locked down and forever sealed, except for some unaccounted for copies out there is sub-station file cabinets that have been forgotten about, a frequent occurrence actually.

Trump claims that he will put ISIS out of business in short order. This is actually quite an easy task to complete if done properly. If elected all he has to do is: seriously sanction the CIA; pull out all American troops, ships and aircraft from the Mideast and stop provoking Syria, Iran and Putin; cut off all funding to the Blackwater type CIA mercenary armies; cut off all funding to Israel that is used to support ISIS; do his best to see NATO and Gladio dissolved; and seriously and prosecute all Americans involved in ISIS including those who are stateside that serve the major investment house in Switzerland that controls all US News and supports terror operations. I certainly hope he is well informed and is sincere about his claim he will do this.



The Internet was set up and financed by the Establishment Hierarchy to serve as the greatest tool ever conceived and deployed for spying on the masses all around the world, in every nation. It has served that need to a point.

But is has also gained a life of its own and has numerous great alternative news websites run by folks who have connected the dots and are now publishing a lot of facts that expose the evil of the Establishment Hierarchy and its committed opposition to anything good.

And the Establishment Hierarchy has financed numerous limited hangout misinformation websites that carry a large percentage of facts to gain credibility, then followed periodically by bad “payloads”. This effort to deceive Internet users has largely failed because many have become so sophisticated that they connect the dots of truth nuggets from many different sites and come to their own conclusions, while ignoring most or all of the notably bad misleading payloads.

Will Americans soon stop kowtowing to the Khazarian mafia?
Will Americans soon stop kowtowing to the Khazarian Mafia?

Now the Establishment Hierarchy has a very real and serious problem dealing with a new spontaneously emerging, powerful American populism which is even spreading to misinformed, Zio-conned evangelical Christian Dominionists — who are soon to be Former Dominionists.

For years, the Establishment Hierarchy has used underhanded rules of engagement against an American public which at present has little means of recourse. This is essentially an asymmetrical war against the American People by the Establishment Hierarchy on behalf of the Khazarian Mafia (KM). If a person whom they view as any threat has no serious power surrounding him, they do whatever they want. They may order DHS, the FBI, the CIA, the Mossad or private contractors to harass, gang stalk, psychotronically assault, place on a “No work under any circumstances” domestic terror watch list, or sometimes even murder them.

But now the Establishment Hierarchy has become reticent to take on certain new factions that have emerged in American Intel and the High US Military command structure. These folks are now hip to the Establishment Hierarchy’s massive lies, and are tired of US soldiers and Intel being served up as cannon fodder to gain power and make vast riches for the Establishment Hierarchy, or be pawns during their mass human sacrifices to their god, Lucifer.

The folks in these factions have become too well-informed and now have the capability to strike back immediately for any murders in their members’ groups, realizing that many of the so-called protection teams around these crime kingpins are now hip too and deeply conflicted and capable of standing down with a wink and a nod.

So this big battle between these powerful new factions and the Establishment Hierarchy is now being fought and is apparent if one carefully reads between the lines of the stories in the CMMM and on the Alternative Internet websites. The current rules of engagement for both sides have emerged that are similar to the knights of the round-table without any personal violence. It has become a battle of information, psyops and for the hearts and minds of the American people.

Here’s a final thought for you to ponder. As the American masses become fully informed about the Establishment Hierarchy’s serious criminal, anti-human, anti-American enterprises, they may awake en masse and become exceedingly vengeful, someday able to pick up pitchforks and go after this small number of anti-human, weird looking, evil two-faced crime lords. And at that point, if they try to deploy the US Military or DHS or any US agencies against them, members of these agencies will likely also be among the well-informed, and so deeply conflicted that they will refuse to make war against the American people and may also turn on the Select Few top Hierarchy crime lords themselves.


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