Why Do Oligarchs Confess Their Crimes Beforehand?


by Speer-Williams – Jsw4@mac.com


fireIt was the first day of my marketing class in college. All my classmates were at their desks waiting for our professor to arrive.

I knew the professor by his excellent reputation, but had never seen him. I was anxious to find out just what the learned lecturer looked like … that is, if he ever showed up.

After four or five minutes of waiting, some of the students glanced at each other with questioning looks.

A frustrated male student stood up, gathered his books, and started for the exit. Then it happened.

A bull of a man with a mane of long white hair stormed into the room, looking fierce. He paid no attention to the student who had paused on his way to the door.

Instead, the professor made haste to the straight-back chair standing beside his desk. He picked up the chair, raised it over his head, and threw it against the far wall.

whamGood heavens … is he crazy?

Murmurs of awe rippled around the classroom. Was the man dangerous?

“Do I have your attention?” yelled the professor. “That’s the first lesson of salesmanship … Do not start or give any part of your sales pitch … until you have your prospect’s attention.”

That eccentric teacher was the most popular professor in the university because he expressed his free will in beneficial and entertaining ways.

And while I can remember little, if any- thing, I learned in college, I remember those practical (if banal) words of my marketing professor – words I took with me to the sands of Miami Beach the ensuing summer.

summerYears ago, during the summer of 1958, learning how to ski was a big deal in Miami for vacationers lounging on the beaches; and the only authorized ski school allowed on the beach was Lee’s Water-Skiing School.

Lee’s salesmen all wore white shoes and socks, with long white pants and tee shirts, all topped off with white pith helmets. Across their tee shirts were emblazoned words in blue type: Lee’s Water-Ski School.

The only place I could get a job that summer was as a salesman for the pirate water-ski school: Scotty’s Ski School.*

*Scotty, with long blond hair down to his shoulders, looked like a sunbaked hippy and acted like an unreformed ex-convict. He had all the personality of the Grinch.

Scotty’s girlfriend, Marge, looked like a sunbaked heroin addict and drove a fifteen-year-old Buick station wagon. It was a beat-up old clunker in which Marge drove the embarrassed students of water sking from their hotels to meet Scotty on the Intracoastal Waterway. 

My uniform was a pair of old flip-flops, a swimsuit, and aviator sunglasses. Such abbreviated beachwear served two vital purposes: I could usually go undetected as a ski salesman, and I could perhaps impress some of my female customers.*

*Back then, I had muscles to spare.

From the beginning, I had decided to limit my clientele to shapely, attractive young women. And while I had no problem remembering my professor’s sage words, I had annoying troubles keeping my wandering mind off the young ladies and onto my sales pitches.

It is often said that wisdom is of little value if it is not put to practical use.

Certainly that axiom is true if we define practical as something that not only benefits ourselves, but others as well.

It is certainly practical to earn money; but, is it practical for one to increase their exercise of positive free will? I believe it absolutely is, as the exercise of positive free will benefits others as much as ourselves.

In other words, we can use our free will to expand our free will potential (the use it or lose it principle) or use negative free will to decrease our free will capacity.*

*Free will comes to us in two varieties: positive and negative. And the only way to hold on to one’s free-will potential, with the exercise of negative free will, is to announce one’s negative intentions beforehand; otherwise, we would be overriding the free will of another.

Overriding the free will of others diminishes our own employment of free will.

Carefully choose between your positive and negative paths of free will, as your spiritual future depends on it.

pathsMy marketing professor gave me an obvious sales axiom, with the real possibility to expand my positive free will on the beaches of Miami. I could, however, have chosen to merely flirt with girls, stolen their money, and provided no ski lessons. If I had done that and had never told them of my negative intentions, I would have lost free-will potential, because I would have abrogated their free will. Such an unannounced negative use of my free will would have overridden their free will, which would have eventually blunted my use of my free will – either negative or positive.

On the other hand, if I had told them, “Give me money for ski lessons that do not exist,” and they did … then I would not have lost any of my own free will potential.

And that is why the satanic forces are always telling us of their evil plans – either surreptitiously in their fictitious novels, television, or movies, or most indisputably in their many hundreds of thousands of pages of governmental legislation, regulations, statutes, edicts, decrees, rulings, and proclamations.

These dark forces have to tell us of their negative intentions before they act on them or they lose their power of free will – both negative and positive. It’s just the way it is in a free-will universe such as ours.

Still on an entirely smaller scale, there are those who try to covertly override our free will. Such transgressions are committed by those ignorant of what they are doing to themselves and their karma.

The ruling banking oligarchs of earth, however, are much more clever than the petty tyrants of our families, circle of friends, or work associates who try secretly to blunt our free will.

At any time in the last century, the controlling dark lords could have had the US government violate every free will of every American, without ever announcing their intention to do so – if it were not for the supreme universal law that punishes such offenses with a reduction of their free will potential.

So, the power structure has always gone to great pains to have the federal government pass laws, issue orders, directives, regulations, and decisions “legalizing” their negative agendas. And with insufficient objections from the people, there is no overriding of free will, as such tacit agreement is still agreement.

So if there is not adequate kickback or resistance from the public, then the people have given their consent to those governmental agencies, meaning there is no infringement of the public’s free will.

Conversely, if the collective American consciousness opposed the federal government’s negative agendas, those evil plans could not be implemented without the negative forces losing some of their free-will power. It is our collective ignorance and apathy that is enslaving us.

true powerYou see, free will cuts fairly both ways:  positive and negative.

When the federal government tells us that its Executive Branch agencies, like the Post Office, have bought millions of rounds of illegal hollow-point bullets (banned by the Hague Convention), or that its Internal Revenue Service has just bought thousands of shotguns, they are alerting us to something that is most significant. They are telling us that those weapons are to be used on us.

If we do not object to such outrageous practices, then our free will has not been violated; in fact, such inaction on our part implies our agreement, even though we are scheduled to be killed.

Much of our collective torpidity comes from our naive inability to confront evil, as the turpitude of the dark forces defies our general understanding of depravity.

Still, every negative exercise of free will that we acquiesce to, either by general agreement or ignorance, reduces our ability to implement our own free will.

Of course, the satanic Controllers of our world are fully aware of mankind’s potential for positive free will, and so strive for you to have as little of those latent abilities as possible, as servitude is the price we must pay for losing our free will.

This is the reason that government-mandated schools indoctrinate rather than teach critical thinking.

They enact hundreds of thousands of pages of mistitled laws in nations all over the world in order to keep us in ever smaller mental prisons that leave most people feeling overwhelmed, with little positive free-will potential.

The No Child Left Behind Act should accurately be labeled the No Child Left Educated Act. The new Common Core “educational” initiative is even more insane.

The Patriot Act should be called the Imprison Patriots Act.

The Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act should be called the No Labeling of GMO Foods Act.

The War on Illiteracy is actually a War on Literacy.

The War on Drugs is actually a war on the American people meant to fill the corporately owned and managed US and state prisons with slave labor.*

*US government statistics tell us that 72 percent of African-American children are born to unmarried mothers. This is primarily due to the illegal street drugs brought into Black communities by the American shadow government that leads to the imprisonment of fathers and husbands for possessing or dealing drugs.

And with so many media reports of well-meaning citizens running afoul of governmental overreach, the majority of Americans have withdrawn their use of free will.

Many join the vast herds of the living dead and only go through the motions of living, trying to avoid stress as best as they can. But such people are on the run, with misery and suffering closing in on them. These are the people who go along to get along and justify media propaganda as fast as they are exposed to it.

galileo galileiThen there is the smaller but very vocal underbelly of Republican and Democratic agitators and ignorant dilettantes who campaign for all negative agendas by supporting the likes of the Bush or Clinton crime families.

These are the people who use their free will to support more wars, human torture, the non-labeling of GMO foods, forced vaccinations, race and gender friction, a further degraded culture, the Federal Reserve System, and more tyrannical government. These are the ones who are actively reducing their capacity for positive free will and are destroying their souls in the process.

Why do they do it? They can no longer help themselves. It is the end result, the end phenomenon of foregoing their use of free will or using it in too many covert and negative ways.

The history of the studies on free will are said to be more than 2,000 years old, with today’s neuroscientists and cognitive scientists largely holding sway with their denial of the existence of man’s free will.

This bias may largely be due to the fact that those who control the corporate mainstream media also control major research and modern science.

Those godless oligarchs not only deny that man possesses free will, they work tirelessly to ensure that man never attains it – and for good reason.

Man’s free will potential is a moral, ethical, and unpredictable threat to the psychopathic would-be Controllers of this world. That is a fact that has long been well known by great writers such as Shakespeare, Voltaire, Tocqueville, Mark Twain, and Isaac Asimov. The great American author and professor of biochemistry at Boston University, Isaac Asimov, is best known for his works of science fiction and for his popular science books.


The Controllers’ latest thrust in their man has no free will campaign is what  they call transhumanism.

The commonly used definition of transhumanism is the belief or theory that the human race can and probably will evolve beyond its current physical and mental limitations by means of science and technology.

Transhumanists believe the human brain creates mind and consciousness, and that man has no free will. They also believe that without their tech, it’s birth to death and nothing more.

Nevertheless, the likely near-term trajectory of transhumanism is using nanotechnology to insert mechanisms, chips, and drugs into the human brain and body that would ensure man is never again able to practice free will.

Those unfortunates who are forced into or even volunteer for transhuman experiments will be implanted for a variety of reasons: behavioral control, tracking, mind manipulation, thought  pattern generation and alteration, and  a reduction of consciousness.

This assault on humanity has already begun on a wide scale with vaccines, which, in part, are covert operations to re-engineer the DNA of humans – all of course without man’s informed consent.

Yes, we have consented to their vaccines but were never informed of its dangers. Nevertheless, consent (even ignorant consent) is all that matters in a free-will universe.

While concealing the true intention of vaccines but lauding their promised  benefits, the Power Structure lies to us. Lies, however, are allowed in our free- will universe; it is up to our own free will to believe and act on lies or not.

There has been a virtual explosion of scientific knowledge during the last fifty years, likely greater than in all of man’s history – most of it kept from public awareness. Most of these awe-inspiring advancements have been in military weapons for control and death.

All this has come from the synergy and interplay between three recent and amazing revolutions: biotechnology, quantum theory, and the computer – or so says Professor Michio Kaku.

Smart phones, smart meters, smart cars, smart roads, smart drugs, smart vaccines, smart bombs, A.I. (artificial intelligence), ubiquitous computing, transhumanism, and depopulation are all part of the dystopia planned for us once we are sufficiently disarmed of our free will.

Using robotics and brain implants to merge our minds with machines will limit, or likely eliminate, our capacity for free will, which is the goal of the satanic forces, all under the guise of treating various psychoanalytic or neurological conditions.

Advanced biogenetic engineering is certainly possible; but whether it will be used for positive or negative purposes is the important question.

In today’s world it is guaranteed that advancements in biogenetics will be used to defeat humanity.

Man’s free will capacity will lessen to the degree he becomes machine-like, no matter the physical advances of humans interfacing with bio or nano- technology.

Abdicating one’s free will to the crimes of transhumanism could be the most grievous mistake anyone could ever make.

Free will is our most valuable asset and weapon against enslavement. We must not only protect our free will, we must expand its use.

Already, controlled science claims man is no more than a rather moist robot that is controlled by the programming of his brain and that no overriding “ghost” in the machine exists.

This concept completely overlooks the obvious fact that free will is necessary for ethical and moral responsibility.

Man, by the employment of the positive free-will potential that comes from a higher part of our makeup (our spiritual selves), can become far more than the mere programmed robots the banking oligarchs (wretched brood of vipers) and their many transhumanists (soulless minions) would like for us to become.

Don Juan in Carlos Castaneda’s books talks of the contradiction between the intelligence of man, the engineer, and the stupidity of his systems of belief, or the stupidity of his contradictory behavior. This is easily seen in the men who develop weapons to alter or destroy human life overtly with war or covertly with vaccines and depleting uranium.

Determinism or Free Will?

Determinism is the doctrine that free will is merely an illusion, and all events, including human action, are ultimately determined by causes external to the will. Some philosophers have taken determinism to imply that individual human beings have no free will and cannot be held accountable or morally responsible for their actions.

Free will, on the other hand, asserts the belief that all non-psychopathic, ensouled human beings have the ability to act on their own discretion.

We exercise our free will when we practice to improve our selflessness, self-discipline, self-control, self-esteem, self-image, and self-awareness.

Self-awareness becomes obvious to us whenever we stop and realize that we are aware of being aware.

And as self-aware beings we have a great responsibility to ourselves and others: we must hold criminal leaders accountable for their crimes – for if we do not, more crime around the world is assured.

I certainly believe our national leaders are responsible for their many crimes against humanity and should be held accountable. Do you agree?

I’m pretty sure which viewpoint my wise old marketing professor would support.

Practice exercising your free will, because with enough of that God-given ability you’ll be able to bend the steel bars that imprison you.



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