The Strange Times We Live In: Geoengineering and Morgellons Disease



A friend of mine sent me the following graphic a few days ago. It expresses, through a heavy dose of irony, the strangeness of the times we live in…


We have of course become a society rigidly governed by concepts of political correctness. Offend this or that group and you will pay a price of some sort, such as loss of your job. But accidentally stepping outside the bounds of PC covenants isn’t the only thing we have to worry about these days. Not by a long shot…

Our media are controlled by a handful of corporations, whose owners uniformly support a genocidal, apartheid state in the Middle East; we have governments who claim to be fighting terrorism while bankrolling terrorists; each election year we are presented with the wearisome choice of a “lesser of two evils,” while at the same time our food supply has become contaminated with genetically modified organisms, and even those of us who make a conscious effort to avoid such foods are probably consuming them anyway due to the absence of labeling.

But perhaps most striking and telling of all, in terms of how strange everything has gotten, is the fact that our skies are now filled with unnatural, aerosolized clouds–a phenomenon that goes unremarked upon by the media while millions of people either, a) are wholly oblivious to it (probably the majority), or, b) pretend not to notice (a not insignificant minority). This perhaps more so than anything is testimony to how controlled we have become, for unlike the GMO foods, the chemtrails, as they sometimes are referred, stretch through our atmosphere in plain view for anyone with eyes to see. All you have to do is look up.

Perhaps part of the problem is that those born in the 1990s or later are most likely too young to remember what normal skies looked like. So just for comparison’s sake, here is how a normal sky with normal cumulus clouds looked before the government began its program of weather modification:


And this is how our skies appear currently on days of heavy spraying…


So what exactly are they spraying and why are they doing it? Soil and water samples have been collected in a number of areas following heavy spraying activity. These have been found to contain high concentrations of aluminum and barium, and in some cases strontium as well, and the most commonly accepted theory is that the government is engaged in a program of geoengineering for purpose of combating climate change. The finely ground elements, particularly the aluminum, will reflect sunlight back into space and thereby, theoretically, slow the pace of planetary warming.

Under this theory, the fact that the program was launched in secret, and without a national debate on the advisability of the science, is deplorable, but at least there is an understandable, perhaps even a benign or propitious, purpose behind it.

But is the motive at play really all that benign and propitious?

Some light on this question is shed by a recently published paper entitled “Evidence of Coal-Fly-Ash Toxic Chemical Geoengineering in the Troposphere: Consequences for Public Health,” by J. Marvin Herndon, a geophysicist and former researcher at the University of California, San Diego.

Herndon, who has been described as a “scientific maverick,” [1]  picked up where those who had gathered the water samples and had them analyzed left off. His research led him to the conclusion that the aluminum, strontium and barium found in the previous tests were in reality “fingerprints” of coal fly ash, a toxic waste product generated by coal-burning power plants:

Like a fingerprint, the 8-element ratios of the San Diego rainwater extract of the tropospheric-emplaced particulate matter match element-by-element the laboratory water extract of coal fly ash within the range of observations. Said another way, the tropospheric-emplaced matter has the same water-leach characteristics as coal fly ash for at least eight elements, which is indeed strong evidence of the identification of the aerosolized substance as coal fly ash. [2]

Herndon also notes that the aforementioned measurements of aluminum and other elements in post-spray rainwater have been carried out by concerned citizens in a number of countries, including the US, Canada, France, Portugal, Germany, Australia, and New Zealand, and he comments that “the global extent of tropospheric coal fly ash emplacement is inferred” from these analyses. Assuming that he is correct and these “fingerprints” all point to coal fly ash, then worth noting is that in addition to aluminum and barium, the coal-burning waste product contains a number of other substances you definitely also wouldn’t want to inhale into your lungs either. These include arsenic, mercury, beryllium, thorium and uranium, and as Herdon puts it, all of this poses “profound implications” for public health and the environment.

But perhaps the single biggest jaw-dropper of all is that Herndon’s research has led him to postulate that, rather than cooling the planet, the massive spraying program may in fact be accelerating the warming process:

Aside from the serious potential toxicity ramifications on public health and Earth’s biota that derive directly from aerosolized emplacement of coal fly ash into the troposphere, such pervasive, widespread, tanker-jet spraying affects weather and Earth’s heat balance in ways that act in opposition to cooling the Earth. Those who reside in locations where natural cloud cover is rare, like San Diego, notice the rapid cooling after the sun goes down, except on cloudy days when heat is retained. During the daytime coal fly ash clouds may block sunlight, but at night may retard heat loss from the Earth, act to prevent rainfall, and contribute to global warming. Nighttime tanker-jet spraying, presumably to hide the activity from public view, further retards heat loss.

There is yet another consequence of tropospheric coal ash spraying that is contrary to cooling the Earth and has potentially far-reaching adverse ecological and public health implications: weather modification and concomitant disruption of habitats and food sources. As reported by NASA, “Normal rainfall droplet creation involves water vapor condensing on particles in clouds. The droplets eventually coalesce together to form drops large enough to fall to Earth. However, as more and more pollution particles (aerosols) enter a rain cloud, the same amount of water becomes spread out. These smaller water droplets float with the air and are prevented from coalescing and growing large enough for a raindrop. Thus, the cloud yields less rainfall over the course of its lifetime compared to a clean (non-polluted) cloud of the same size” In addition to preventing water droplets from coalescing and growing large enough to fall to Earth, coal fly ash, which formed under annhydrous conditions, will hydrate, trapping additional moisture thus further acting to prevent rainfall. That may cause drought in some areas, floods in others, crop failure, forest die-offs, and adverse ecological impacts, especially in conjunction with the chemically-mobile-aluminum contamination from coal fly ash. The consequences ultimately may have devastating effects on habitats and reduce human food production. [3]

The following is an interview conducted with Herndon over a Chattanooga, Tennessee radio station in October of last year. The host at one point in the show makes a comment that would be offensive to most Muslims, but the view expressed is by the host alone, not by Herndon.

In Herdon’s thesis, coal fly ash seems to be the main material being sprayed from the tanker planes, but is it possible some other substance is being deliberately mixed into it? Another good question is: why is the coal fly ash being released into the troposphere rather than the stratosphere, which is at a higher elevation?


In the video, Herndon discusses academics who have proposed the possibility of climate change being reversed by spraying reflective particles into the atmosphere (the academics in question invariably speaking of this as if it is not already occurring), but as Herndon notes, their supposedly learned recommendations on the matter have been that the proposed spraying ought to take place in the stratosphere. And as he points out, substances sprayed at that level “would remain suspended for perhaps two years.” But this is not where the coal fly ash–if it is indeed that–is being sprayed. Rather, the aerosolized clouds we are seeing in our skies are being emptied into the troposphere, “the lower atmosphere that mixes with the air people breathe,” as Herndon puts it, which means “the particles fall out, they come to earth, they rain down, they mix in the air that people breathe.”

Herndon is making an excellent point here. If the intent of the spraying is to reflect sunlight back into space, would it not be better for the particulate matter to be sprayed in the higher stratosphere, where it would remain aloft for longer periods of time?

Why is the spraying occurring at the lower atmospheric level? What is the motive here? Could it be a medical test of some sort, and have the earth and its biota, including human beings, become the guinea pigs in that test? Moreover, is something else, some other experimental and potentially toxic substance, being sprayed in addition to the coal fly ash?

The US has a long history of conducting medical experiments on unsuspecting populations. This includes the Tuskegee syphilis experiment in the 1930s; similar experiments in Guatemala in the 1940s in which some 700 people were deliberately infected with sexually transmitted diseases in order to test the effectiveness of penicillin; the Stateville Penitentiary malaria study, also in the 1940s; the spraying of the bacteria Serratia marcescens over the city of San Francisco in 1950; projects Bluebird and Artichoke, as well as the MKULTRA program of the 1950s and 60s, in which drugs, including LSD, were tested for potential use in mind-control and behavior modification, and so on. The list is actually quite a long one.


Military personnel have especially been used as subjects. In 1994, Sen. John D. Rockefeller of West Virginia released a report documenting US Defense Dept. studies carried out on hundreds of thousands of military personnel over a 50-year period, often without the service member’s knowledge. Included among these was an investigational vaccine administered to US troops in the Gulf War of 1991, presumably to protect from exposure to biological agents, as well the testing of various chemical weapons, including one designed to “break a man.” As the report puts it:

Every year, thousands of experiments utilizing human subjects are still being conducted by, or on behalf of, the DOD. Many of these ongoing experiments have very appropriate goals, such as obtaining information for preventing, diagnosing, and treating various diseases and disabilities acquired during military service. Although military personnel are the logical choice as human subjects for such research, it is questionable whether the military hierarchy allows for individuals in subordinate positions of power to refuse to participate in military experiments. It is also questionable whether those who participated as human subjects in military research were given adequate information to fully understand the potential benefits and risks of the experiments. Moreover, the evidence suggests that they have not been adequately monitored for adverse health effects after the experimental protocols end. [4]

Keep in mind the date of the report–1994–and the comment that the experiments “are still being conducted.”


The 21st century brought with it a diabolical new disease, an affliction so strange and bizarre it almost defies any possible natural cause or explanation. The first case was reported in 2001 by Mary Leitao, who put up a website describing her son’s illness. She named the disease Morgellons. Since then thousands more people have shown similar signs of the affliction.

Officially, the US government says all of these people are crazy, that they are suffering from “delusional parasitosis.” But are they? The disease is characterized by fibers or sometimes black specks or hexagon-shaped objects emerging from skin lesions, accompanied by sensations of bugs crawling beneath the skin. The government claims the fibers are nothing more than clothing fibers. But independent researchers have determined otherwise, and the Mayo Clinic, for its own part, seems to leave the question open:

Morgellons disease is an uncommon, unexplained skin disorder characterized by sores, crawling sensations on and under the skin, and fiber-like filaments emerging from the sores. It’s not certain what these strings are. Some say they are wisps of cotton thread, probably coming from clothing or bandages. Others say they result from an infectious process in the skin cells. Further study is needed. [5]

Further study is indeed needed, but try obtaining grants for research into a disease the government says doesn’t exist. They’re hard to come by. The Charles E. Holman Morgellons Disease Foundation is one of a small number of charitable foundations raising money for Morgellons research. The organization has been dependent largely upon individual donations, and in the current year has set a fundraising goal of $10,000–a mere drop in the bucket compared to the vast amounts raised for other research endeavors.

Be that as it may, the CEHMDF held a conference in Austin, Texas this year from April 30-May 1. One of the speakers was Dr. Randy Wymore, who spoke along with some 12 other professionals. Wymore is associate professor of pharmacology and physiology at Oklahoma State University, where he also serves as director of the Center for the Investigation of Morgellons Disease at OSU’s Center for Health Sciences. He and several other health care professionals who have examined Morgellons patients can be seen in the following video:

Some have suggested that Morgellons is a result of the aerial spraying; others have linked it to GMO foods; while still others believe both have been factors in its spread. It’s hard to say for sure, but the fact that the government denies the existence of both Morgellons and the spraying would suggest there might be a link between the two. Whatever the case, Wymore, for his own part, theorizes on five possible causes for the disease:

  • viral
  • parasitic
  • fungal
  • bacterial
  • environmental contamination

He adds, however: “We just do not know. There is not enough evidence yet.” [6]

There may not be enough evidence to draw solid, scientific conclusions at present, but the finding, beneath the skin of Morgellons patients, of such things as fibrous growth forms with genes that only exist in plants has led some to speculate that what is in reality being tested is a human genetic mutation or alteration program–or possibly even a genetic weapon. Clifford Carnicom believes that what’s going on in the skies is not geoengineering per se, but bioengineering–or at the very least there is a link between the two.

“The problem is much bigger than we may be aware of, and this problem is extending well beyond the consideration of what we would call geoengineering by itself,” Carnicom says. He adds:

Engineering in general is the design and the creation or the alteration of a system. The method usually involves technology. There’s a very interesting phrase that came in the definitions that I was looking for–that engineering usually involves ‘craft, cunning, and skill’–an interesting phrase which applies, and not necessarily in a negative way. Obviously, then, the inference there will be that once we have such a system to either alter, design, or plan or create something, then we apply it to something, and this has caused the emergence of new terms to exist for us such as ‘geoengineering’ and ‘bioengineering’–because now we’re at that point of saying, ‘let us apply it to the earth’ or ‘let us apply it to life.’ [7]

Carnicom began his career as a citizen scientific researcher back in 1999 when he first noticed aerial spraying in the skies over his home in New Mexico. Attempts to obtain information about it from government officials led to the standard response that the clouds he was seeing were nothing more than ordinary jet contrails.

Finding the answers unsatisfactory, Carnicom founded the Carnicom Institute (CI) and began studying the matter. He put up a website in order both to share his findings with the public as well as to appeal to other researchers to get involved, and in the years since, the CI has published some 400 research papers. It is a vast wealth of material, extending from 1999 up to the present, and all of it, arranged chronologically by date, is available to the public in the CI’s research library. [8]

One of the more recently-published papers is entitled “A Clash of Evidence: The Realities of Solar Radiation Management (SRM),” published on April 6 of this year and written by Carnicom himself. In the paper, the author reaches the same conclusion as Herndon–that the spraying, due in part to its taking place in the troposphere, is most likely warming rather than cooling the planet.

To claim further that the motives of the geoengineering practitioners are beneficial and well-intended (i.e, solar radiation management and the curtailment of “global warming”) but that the operations are now known to actually cause harm because of a net heating effect is equally misguided. The operations as they are practiced are not an experiment of beneficent intent; the developers understand the physics and the applications quite well (within their sphere of interest). Rest assured that the web of deployment is not centered on, or confined to, the principles of “Solar Radiation Management.” [9]

Was the father of the H-bomb also the father of chemtrails?

Interestingly, Carnicom also notes that one of the first scientists to propose geoengineering as a means of impeding climate change was Edward Teller, widely known as the “father of the hydrogen bomb.” Teller’s thesis on the matter was discussed in a paper entitled “Global Warming and Ice Ages: Prospects for Physics-Based Modulation of Global Change,” which he published with two co-authors. The paper first appeared in August of 1997. The first “chemtrails” seem to have materialized in the skies over America in the late 1990s (Carnicom places the starting point at early 1999).

Here Carnicom comments on Teller’s work:

This paper, authored in part by the developer of the hydrogen bomb, is often cited by activists themselves as one of the holy grails that proves that geoengineering operations are in place, and that they are indeed “cooling the planet” and “combating global warming” (albeit covertly, for some unknown reason). There are some important portions of the paper that have not been paid attention to; this omission inappropriately supports a culture of popular belief that lacks scientific foundation.

Edward Teller does indeed propose various schemes for cooling the earth’s temperature, including the introduction of aerosols or particulates into the atmosphere. The issue, however, is WHERE in the atmosphere he proposes to do this, and the answer to this question is very relevant to the cause and purpose of this paper. It is even more revealing to point out the additional options that are both proposed and preferred by Edward Teller in his paper, as they help to place his atmospheric aerosol proposal into a better perspective….

If you hold a parasol over your head on a hot sunny day, it might keep you cooler. The air around you will still absorb that heat, however. The color and material of the umbrella is going to be another factor (i.e, albedo, specific heat, etc.) that you will want to consider. If you want to cool the planet, you are going to have to move the umbrella a lot further away – into space, for example. This is the essence of the Teller paper, and it is important to understand this proposal before certain terms of “solar radiation management” with respect to current geoengineering practices are bandied about. WHERE the material is injected into the atmosphere makes a big difference on the net heat effect, and this topic has largely been ignored within the popular circles of discussion on geoengineering. This discussion should lead one to think much more deeply about what the definition of geoengineering actually is, and how that definition compares to the realities of the projects and operations AS THEY ARE CURRENTLY AND ACTIVELY PRACTICED. Climate modification strategies, or more appropriately, environmental control strategies, are only one part of a much bigger picture. [10]

Though Carnicom makes no mention of it in his paper, Teller, an ardent Zionist, helped Israel develop its nuclear program. According to an article in Haaretz:

Teller also served as an advisor to Israel during the 15-year period leading up to the Six-Day War, when it was reportedly working on developing its own nuclear military capacity. He is said to have implored Israeli officials to promise him they would never sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty – something Israel has not done to this day. [11]

It was the appearance of Morgellons Disease, or Morgellons syndrome, which led Carnicom to begin researching the possibility that the spraying had a bioengineering application in addition to its geoengineering use. As he puts it:

In 2006 we started getting reports from general citizens that something was going on effecting their health. It looked like bad news, and the real bad news is that nobody seems to want to talk about it again. [12]

Skin lesions on a Morgellons patient

The CI began analyzing samples from Morgellons sufferers, and one who contributed to this research is Dr. Gwen Scott, who developed a certain test, involving rinsing your mouth with red wine, to determine the presence of fibers or other objects.

Fibers found beneath the skin of a Morgellons patient
Fibers from a red wine test, with results pictured in a sink
Fibers from a red wine test, with results pictured in a sink

Some of the objects beneath the skin of Morgellons sufferers were found to be genetically modified. Another practitioner who contributed to the research was Dr. Lorraine Hurley. Hurley died last year after being struck by a vehicle while riding her bicycle on Cape Cod in Massachusetts.

“I have undergone an education like no other this past year,” she said prior to her death. “I have attempted to speak with family and friends about a multitude of issues that are a clear and present danger to our lives and survival and many have shut me down. I can appreciate that to acknowledge what is happening in the world today in its entirety is mind bending but that can no longer be an excuse to ignore it or to label me or other activists as nuts. For my part what is at stake is so dire that I no longer care if you think I am crazy. I intend to speak out more aggressively and more publicly as all evidence suggests catastrophic consequences of the multitudinous covert operations taking place are imminent.[13]

Following her death, Hurley was remembered as “a fabulous healer and visionary.” [14]

“This is a war on for absolute power, and climate change is simply a curtain, a theater, a stage,” she said in a radio interview in 2013. “While they are able to control the climate, it isn’t for the purpose of actually maintaining conditions on the planet that will allow as much normalcy as possible to continue.” [15]

Dispelling the idea, held by a good portion of the public, that what’s going on in the skies is for our own good, indeed seems to be of the utmost critical importance at this point. But as Carnicom notes, for the average person, reaching such a verdict requires a lengthy thinking process, and public mediums, including the Internet, are filled with dupery and disinformation intended to mislead.

In terms of “agendas attached to this alteration of our planet, I noticed a rather, to me, disprportionate platform given to the idea that somehow this is to reduce global warming,” Carnicom says.

“And it was interesting to me that this platform was being given so much airtime because it started to present contradictions to me, and also that this was benevolent, that this was somehow good for us…and this presented contradictions to me, because if I have something good to offer you, I would like to tell you. I would like to tell you if I thought I was doing something good for you. Why would I want to hold back on that? I would want to proclaim it! And such a thing never was taking place! There was no proclamation. It was always innuendo–that somehow it must be good for you, but really best we don’t talk about it or don’t ask how and why and who, and all these things,” he adds.

The CI has analyzed soil and water samples taken from the environment after heavy spraying and compared them with samples from the skin and saliva of those showing Morgellons symptoms. The similarities are apparently quite striking, and both include “unusual biological components,” as Carnicom puts it.

“These matches are strong–right across the board–very strong matches–between environmental samples and biological components, and identical to similar structures that have been repeatedly found in the human body,” he says. [16]

Some of the growth forms appear to be self-replicating and act as parasites once inside the human body. In a separate paper, entitled “Morgellons: A Working Hypothesis, part 1,” Carnicom writes:

As with all nutrients that are redirected to support a parasitic or diseased relationship between living forms, this loss of nutrients and energy will be done at the expense of the host. Let us be clear that the human being is the host here, and there can be no expectation other than that of suffering to some degree. In many cases, the suffering is extreme and we all pay the price for this with each day that we allow this situation to pass unchallenged. [17]

There presently are websites offering treatment or “detoxification” plans for Morgellons sufferers, and some which even tout “cures” for the affliction. How effective any of these are, I cannot say.

You may be wondering by now: if there is a connection between the spraying and Morgellons, why have only a relatively few people come down with the disease? The hypothesis here is that vast numbers of people actually have in fact been infected–but the reason only a small number of people exhibit symptoms is that the bodies of these people are, for whatever reasons, essentially “rejecting” the parasites. As for the rest of us, our bodies have accepted them. Lending credence to this theory is that the aforementioned red wine test has been carried out on persons without symptoms but who have nonetheless tested positive anyway. For that reason Carnicom believes it is misleading to refer to Morgellons as a “disease,” since the word “disease” denotes something carried by only a limited percentage of the population. The indications, he says, are that it is much more widespread.

And apparently it isn’t only humans. There have been reports of pets showing Morgellons symptons, and you can go here to view what appear to be Morgellons fibers found in a sample of Chicken McNuggets purchased at a McDonalds.

I’ll try to get into all of this in more detail in a future article, but for now I would just point out that the only hope we have of ending the spraying is for the US military to intervene to stop it. People have been talking about “chemtrails” for more than 15 years now, watching the skies, pointing them out, taking videos and uploading the videos to the Internet–to no avail. And the issue of Morgellons has been discussed widely as well, on the Internet at any rate, and has been widely suspected as a cause of the spraying since at least the year 2006. But in all this time, from the earliest days of the 21st century all the way up till now, nothing has been done. The spraying simply continues. And even if the aerosols are not causing Morgellons–even if Morgellons is a wholly imagined disease, which I don’t believe to be the case, but suppose for a moment this is so–still aluminum has long been known to be neurotoxic, which means that the spraying, as Herndon notes, has almost certainly contributed to the spiking rates of Alzheimer’s, autism, and other neurological illnesses.

To reiterate: the government denies the existence of both the spraying as well as Morgellons disease. The mainstream media have substantially ignored both stories, while even so-called alternative media, perhaps cowed into submission, have given it all short shrift. And electing Trump or Clinton this fall is not likely to change much. What’s occurring now in our skies is out of the power of ordinary civilians. The only hope we have is of the military stepping in to contravene it.


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