Are you willing to become a NWO Global Citizen ?


by  Preston James

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By now most habitual readers of the alternative Internet media have started connecting the dots and figured out that there is a massive criminal conspiracy at play in the the world today, one that has plagued America from its first major infiltration in 1913.

When John F. Kennedy was president, he characterized it this way:

For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence–on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system that has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations.

JFK realized that this Criminal Cabal was responsible for the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917, Soviet Russia, Nazi and Axis Fascism including Italy and Japan, and Maoism after WW2.

The Cabal’s power is centered in the private central Fiat banking System:

JFK was certain that this massive criminal conspiracy was centered in the private central banking system, and he also realized it was aligned with and used the secret societies for cover.

Evidence for his belief of this is supported in one of his final executive order EO 11110 which produced American debt free money that bore no interest due to the private City of London foreign bankers.

Here is a photograph of the $5 bill JFK authorized and issued as legal tender outside of the illegal, unConstitutional Federal Reserve System, which is owned by foreign based interlocked Cabal families. Note the term Federal Reserve does NOT appear on this bill and the date of issue is 1963.



This executive order 11110 began the process of returning the issuing of US Dollars back to the US Treasury without involvement in the Federal Reserve System and without bearing interest to be charged to American taxpayers.

EO 11110 was soon rescinded by Lyndon Johnson after he was illegally sworn in for president. There is clear and indisputable evidence that LBJ ran much of the cover-up of the JFK Assassination. But LBJ also played an important part in the assassination’s planning with GHWB, the man who ran this CIA OP40 operation and was rewarded for this by being appointed to run the CIA and then given the US Presidency.

It is generally believed that JFK’s issuing of real US bill outside of the Federal Reserve System was one of the main factors that led to his assassination, and perhaps the final straw after deciding to pull out of Vietnam and cut off the oil depletion allowance and separate from LBJ in the next election.

Since GHWB’s successful deployment of the JFK Assassination, the Bush faction has been promoted to a prominent control position for the Cabal and to this day is now hanging on for dear life, attempting to put forth its candidate for president to maintain its high position of power in the Cabal.

JFK was also aware that this massive criminal conspiracy used the CIA for most of their extra-legal operations designed to destroy the sovereignty of America and he had decided that the CIA must be shattered into a thousand pieces if America was ever to survive.

Before America is fully Globalized” the masses must be deeply and successfully mind-kontrolled by the Major Mass Media.

Before the Cabal can complete its evil Globalist NWO Agenda, it must change the hearts and minds of We The People to neutralize any mass opposition we might have to their roll-out of their Globalist NWO System which requires an end to American Sovereignty including its prior borders, language and culture.

The best way to do this is to “dirty up” a population with the proliferation of pornography, destroy belief in traditional religious values, destroy normal sex roles and one man/one woman marriage, destroy normal borders language and culture, and promote diversity and political correctness. Actually this is a main tenet of Bolshevism, to transform the state into Big Brother.

“No people will tamely surrender their Liberties, nor can any be easily subdued, when knowledge is diffused and Virtue is preserved. On the Contrary, when People are universally ignorant, and debauched in their Manners, they will sink under their own weight without the Aid of foreign Invaders.” — Samuel Adams, American Founding Father


Why is it so difficult for Americans to wake up and see what is going on – that their government has been infiltrated and hijacked by a vast criminal conspiracy? J. Edgar Hoover, himself compromised and a captive of this Criminal Cabal remarked:

“The individual is handicapped, by coming face-to-face, with a conspiracy so monstrous, he cannot believe it exists.

The American mind, simply has not come to a realization of the evil, which has been introduced into our midst . . . It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy, which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent.”

The philosophy and goals of this Criminal Cabal is so contrary to what the average American stands for that the mindset of this Criminal Cabal is unimaginable to most. The average American wants to believe that the USG is a benevolent parent figure which serves their best interest as citizens. But the Cabal is run by a Select Few top Policy-makers who live in a world of inhuman opposites and serious goals to enslave, tyrannize and consume the masses in order to attain their incredibly evil age-old inter-generational Globalist NWO Agenda.

The Criminal Cabal has fully infiltrated and hijacked all the major institutions in America including the USG and the monetary manufacturing and distribution system (which is private). This Criminal Cabal attempts to control most elections and those it can’t it works hard to compromise or neutralize the influence of those candidates elected who will not serve them.

Unless the unexpected occurs, the Cabal works hard to see presidents elected who will fulfill two important objectives for them:

1- The Cabal’s first and most important objective in the election of any US President is to do everything possible to make sure that any President who is elected will maintain complete cover-ups of all previous major crimes of the Cabal that are simmering beneath the surface. This is essential to the Cabal’s long term survival because if these serious crimes are completely exposed such could expose and neutralize the cabal’s power base with We The people.

It is vitally important for the Cabal to make sure the elected and appointed USG officials maintain the cover-up of the Cabal’s outrageous RICO crimes including the numerous false-flag terror ops inside America as well as their criminal use of the American military machine to commit serious war crimes in aggressive foreign wars for the Cabal.

Obviously as JFK pointed out, without abject secrecy this massive criminal conspiracy would not be able to function because at some point We The People would rise up at every level and do whatever was necessary to route these infiltrators and traitors out of control positions in our USG and institutions.

Bohemian Grove 1915 - a pivotal secret society still in operation
Bohemian Grove 1915 – a secret society still in operation

This need for the ability to falsely impose “national security” as an immediate cover-up mechanism explains why the Cabal has used the Secret societies and the Intelligence agencies, especially the CIA as it main vehicle to many of it covert crimes inside America which have been used to advance it Globalist NWO Agenda.

This Globalist NWO Agenda is so hateful, so evil and involves such inhuman acts such as pedophilia, murder, mass-murder by engineered wars of aggressive, torture, anonymous drone strike murders of thousands of innocent women and children, that is is unfathomable and unimaginable by most Americans.

It would be easier to convince the average dumbed-down naive America that one’s mother belonged to a secret cannibal cult and kidnapped and chopped up little kids after pedophiling them and torturing them. Surprisingly, this is exactly what the top Cabal leaders actually do in their Luciferian (Satanic) black mass rituals.

Don’t believe it, then do your own research. In order to understand these creatures of the night who run the Cabal, one needs to understand the sophisticated recruitment process which occurs in stages and involves the selection of those who either have no souls in the first place or will give them up for big money, big power and big status. (a good source of background information is Kay Griggs personal video testimony, a lady who has been completely vetted and proved to be legitimate in about 95% of her claims). You can find her testimony by searching on

2- The Cabal spends a lot of money to elect Presidents who will work to promote and advance their Globalist NWO Agenda of Free Trade, destruction of America’s language, borders and culture and US Sovereignty.

This Globalist NWO Agenda involves making progressive but extreme changes to American society which will change the average person to mold them into what the cabal calls a “Global Citizen”. A good Global citizen has a new set of Globalist style expectations for human behavior, his/her society and the nation they live in.

The new society is one where there are no definite or predetermined sex roles, traditional one man/one woman marriage and family systems are a thing of the past. Sexual perversion is taught as normal and even preferred. Traditional religion is trashed and viewed as obsolete. Situational, relative morality and “the end justifies the means” is the new modus of “right and wrong”. Political correctness is the new governing philosophy of public criticism which means the only criticism that is okay is that against the traditional order, another opposite.

The Cabal expects their Presidents to appoint Cabal-linked officials to their cabinet and appointments, folks who will advance the Globalist NWO Agenda which is to create a One-world system which the Cabal completely controls.



Global zombie uniformity
Global zombie uniformity

The bottom line to all this is that if you refuse to allow yourself to be “Globalized”, that is to be freely mind-kontrolled and molded into a Global Citizen, a person that will easily accept the Cabal’s Globalist NWO One-world system Agenda, then you are going to become a target for surveillance.

On the other hand if you have allowed yourself to be mind-kontrolled and Globalized, this transformation the Cabal is now attempting to impose on America, you will like what is coming. That is until the full agenda is rolled out which will involved drastic depopulation measures using starvation from 2020 to 2030. If the Cabal’s intended kill-off doesn’t occur fast enough, then they plan to deploy biowarfare to speed it up, until their 90% quota is met.

Now for the good news. Lately the Cabal has stumbled with Brexit and with the creation of BRICS, the AIIB, the SCO. The SCO is the new Shanghai Cooperation Agreement with China, Russia, and now Pakistan and India, previous long term enemies brought together at the time of the Brexit vote by a common rejection of the Cabal’s private central FIAT Banking system which they expect to fail. And there are numerous new trade deals between many nations that are not based on the use of the now doomed US Petro Dollar. All these nations involved in these new banking and trade systems without the US Petro Dollar are now forming a strong financial firewall against private Fiat western central banking.

A significant portion of the nations of the World are now hip to what the Cabal is and how it is empowered by the private central banking system which has been their main financial parasite. These nations have reacted and responded by forming their own private trade arrangements and alternative banking systems.

If Americans continue to wake up in mass as has started, thanks to the deep penetration of the Internet’s Alternative Media, this will add to the pressure now being exerted by the rest of the world on the Cabal. Such pressure can actually break the control systems of the Cabal not only at the alphabet agency level but at the street level too.

The key to all this is for Americans to realize that the TV Nightly News and other Network news they listen to is actually a tightly controlled, censored, pre-scripted system of mind-kontrol that utilizes big lies, false-narratives and Cabal propaganda. The American major Mass media is actually a Media Cartel comprised of six major media corporations which are all controlled by a large Cabal-controlled investment house which claims to be on the Vanguard of investments.

This same large investment house was recently linked to the financing of a great deal of terror and the purchase of a large number of crude oil tankers used to transport stolen Syrian crude oil for ISIS, a creation of the CIA, Senator John McCain, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and others.

So we all must make a choice, are we going to persist by allowing the Cabal’s Controlled Major Mass Media to mind-kontrol us and take way our Republic, Constitution and Rule of Law from us, or are we going to take it all back as is our collective right and obligation to do?

Bottom line. It’s now time for all Americans to make a choice. Are we going to allow ourselves to be Globalized into “good NWO Global Citizens” and easily give up our US Sovereignty, or are we going to take our country back from the foreign banking parasites we call the Criminal Banking Cabal? Are we going to restore America to the Republic our Founding Fathers fought and died to establish for us? Are we going to fully restore the US Constitution, Bill of Rights and Rule of Law and take back everything the parasitic “Select Few” wrinkled up old men with shrunken brains that are nearing death have stolen from us all?



Special thanks to Ben Garrison for allowing the use of one of his original political cartoons.


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