Back To The Future


by Katherine Frisk

342x256_Jerusalem_fullI was going through some old papers this weekend and came across some letters that I wrote to the newspaper in 1996.

Sometimes we forget who we are and where we come from. Re-reading them gave me a sense of stability that I seem to have lost in recent years, especially since becoming involved in independent media. I realized that, while the whole world might have devolved into pure and utter madness, my rudder has not changed, I am steering the same course.

However, in re-reading them, they sounded an alarm for what is going on in Europe and in the USA in 2016. Sectarian violence involving race, religion and gender that is rising to unprecedented levels. And there are many who fuel the fires of this hatred, banging their arrogant drums for all to hear.

If they want a racial, religious or even gender war, they will get it. And when it is finally over, nobody will be happy or proud of the fruits of their labour, and the full impact of blind hatred will become self-evident, as it already is in Syria and Eastern Ukraine.

Do I agree with the funded influx of refugees into Europe who have a medieval mentality and are raping women at every opportunity they can get? No I don’t.

The influx of immigrants had an uncanny parallel after Europeans in vast number of all races, religions and genders came out into the streets to protest the bombing of Gaza in 2014. Does anyone remember that? Co-incidence? I doubt it.

Do I agree with the flooding of illegal immigrants into the USA, taking into account their own high unemployment levels and rapidly dropping standards of living? No I don’t. Do I agree with Black Lives Matter, or Democracy now? Or red-necked KKK members with their inbred racial hatred? No I don’t. They all fuel the fires of racial, religious and gender violence. I stopped watching Democracy Now some time ago. Instead of representing all people in a sane and rational manner, it has taken a decidedly biased view, and inadvertently stokes up more racial hatred than it presumes to extinguish.

None of them, funnily enough, ever mention the Native American who seems to slip everyone’s mind in all of this mudslinging. You know, the people who originally owned the whole of North America until they were kicked off their land and now live on “reserves?”


Ten_commandments_il_fullxfull.581457643_c45fAll societies around the world today to varying degrees, are multicultural, multi religious, and any society worth living in has gender equality.

It is time we accepted that the whole world is not going to become Zionist and worship a Jewish Messiah, while crowding outside the walls of a temple which they will not be allowed to enter because they are not the chosen race.

It is time we accepted that the whole world is not going to become “Catholic” under the dictates of Rome while signing over their land mass to Papal ownership in the form of trusts whereby their countries are “dedicated to the Virgin Mary.”

It is time we accepted that the whole world is not going to become Muslim in an international Caliphate ruled from Istanbul and where women will become third class citizens, worth less than a camel and forced to walk around in tents.

None of these three religions, no matter how they might justify themselves under any given text, which any serious scholar will tell you was never written by “God,” but by men with their own agendas and often inaccurately transcribed at that, has a corner on “God,” or race, or nationality or even gender perceptions which in all cases in their extreme fundamentalist views is biased and discriminatory.

I honestly, in my misguided obviously, view of the world, thought we had all grown up and got past religious, racial and gender sectarianism. But apparently not. Everyone is still behaving like teenage gangs in a school yard. When do we get to grow up?



Monotheism was not founded by a Semite, a European or an Arab. Monotheism was founded by Akhenaten, an Egyptian of mixed Nubian, Semite and European blood, in Amarna. All three religions still use the Egyptian word Amen to end their prayers.

All three were founded on Egyptian religious instruction and all three follow the ten commandments which were copied from the Egyptian Book Of The Coming Forth Of Day.

Does this make any of the three religions invalid? Not necessarily. But it would be a change if they all got their facts straight for once and coupled with scientific textual analysis, historical accuracy and archaeological evidence cleaned up their own acts before dictating to others as to what to believe and how they should or should not pray and by what name they should call “God.”

Such arrogance belongs in the dark ages along with stoning people to death, burning them at the stake and chopping their heads off because they do not wear a wig, enter a nunnery or dress up in a tent.

Here are extracts from the two letters I wrote in 1996 to the local newspaper. They are as relevant now as they were then, if not more so.


All Religions Should Refuse To Fight An Outdated War ~ 6th February 1996

“There is an ill wind blowing through the world at the moment, one of religious fanaticism that threatens equality, justice, liberty and freedom of speech and worship. From Bosnia to Palestine, from Farrakhan to neo-Nazis. In Egypt, in Malawi and unfortunately seeping into the very fabric of South African society.

May sanity prevail and may deep-rooted hatreds be overcome by right-minded people of all three religions who refuse to become embroiled in an outdated, medieval and irresponsible war over Jehovah/ God/ Allah, who is after all one and the same concept.”


Religious Intolerance Shows Attitude Opposed To All That Nelson Mandela Stands For ~ 13th February 1996

“These headlines have been occupying the pages of newspapers recently: ‘Zionists have no right to instruct us,’ ‘Farrakhan an aid to reconciliation,’ ‘No shortage of anti-Jewish lines in the Koran,’ ‘Radio 702 made racist slurs against Arabs,’ ‘Koestler got it wrong – and Cohens prove it,’ ‘anti-Semitism doing well in Gauteng,’ ‘Visit proved media prejudice,’ ‘Preachy American insulted Sexwales…,’


What do you people think that you are doing? Isn’t this kind of attitude against everything that Nelson Mandela stands for? Has the fight against apartheid, which is over now, turned into a fight for religious domination? Do we suddenly in the interests of trying to establish dominance in the worship of God, become blind to bigotry and racism if that person happens to be a certain skin colour and of a certain religious persuasion?

There are good Jews and bad Jews, good Muslims and bad Muslims, good Christians and bad Christians. What is more Christianity, Islam and Judaism are all recent immigrants to this country and to a large majority of South Africans, these are in essence foreign religions that have been imported. Will these religions fight another fight, a fight for converts which in turn will be used for political gain?

Perhaps in order to avoid this debacle, we should settle the argument once and for all and to quote Credo Mutwa from Indaba My Children, call God ‘Unkulunkulu,’ which translated means, ‘the Great Spirit.’

Nobody will accept this of course. The Muslims will call it ‘infidel,’ the Christians ‘pagan,’ and the Jews ‘false gods.'”

But when all is said and done, Unkulunkulu and Wakan Tanka might after all, be closer to the truth than anyone would like to admit.





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