Who Will Prevail – The Warm Bloods or the Cold Blooded?


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Written on its original papyrus, and safely secured in a dusty museum, is an ancient story entitled The Doomed Prince.

Once upon a time, an Egyptian king prayed to his gods for a male son to succeed him on the throne. His prayers were answered but came with a warning: his son would eventually die of an attack from a dog, a snake, or a crocodile.

To protect his son as long as possible, the King ordered that his young son be sequestered within the walls of a palace in the desert, next to the mighty Nile River.

 As the prince grew, he felt that he was forced to do without many of the things that made childhood fun.

 And, he was right. He was, of course, denied a dog.

He had heard about dogs, and he was sure he would love having one – at least he would have someone to play with.

His father, however, had different ideas about his son having a dog. After all, it was a dog that might end the life of his son.

The prince, though, never gave up on his dream of having a dog. Week after week, year after year, the little boy pleaded with his father for a dog.

When the prince was about twelve years old, his father gave in, but he stipulated that the dog could weigh no more than 45 pounds.

The young prince was thrilled. And soon he found a little black, white, and red mongrel of many breeds, who looked a bit like a beggar, sitting at the palace gate.

 He named the dog, who had a limp and could neither hear nor bark, Juno. But the prince didn’t care about Juno’s disabilities and he soon became very devoted to the little crippled guy. And if anything, the little mutt loved the prince even more.

Boy and dog spent many happy years together, that is, until the prince fell in love with a young woman he had known since childhood.

 Juno, now an old dog, was almost blind. He needed the prince’s attention more than ever, but the prince was distracted by love.

In time, the prince married his lady love and told her about the prophecy given to his father.

Immediately, the new princess became suspicious of Juno and told the prince of her concern.

“No, no! If it’s a dog that kills me, as is stated in the Book of Destination, it will not be by Juno,” declared the Prince.

“Well,” responded the princess, “you must have a giant … a giant with a club …  accompany us whenever we venture outside of the palace.”

While sleeping one night, the princess was disturbed by a dream about a snake striking the prince. Horrified, she woke up, stifling her screams. Out of the corner of her eye she saw an actual black asp crawling toward the prince.

She jumped from bed, grabbed the prince’s sword, and killed the snake. Now, we only have to worry about a crocodile and … a dog, she thought.

 Another day, while the prince was walking by the river Nile with his bodyguard, the princess, and Juno, a huge crocodile surfaced from the Nile.

 “One day, I’ll kill you before your giant can beat me away,” said the crocodile.

And while Juno could not see the crocodile in the river, nor hear him talk, he smelled the evil coming from the reptile’s direction. It was an evil that might one day threaten his master.

In time, the princess was with baby. Both she and the prince were elated, hoping it would be a boy who would one day sit on the throne of Egypt.

With the prospect of a child on the horizon, poor Juno was all but forgotten. So distracted was the prince that he often forgot to feed Juno or make sure he had water.

Now old, blind, deaf, and dumb, Juno was weak and dehydrated from a lack of water and food. Still, the little dog adored his master, always sniffing to find him, hoping to again feel his loving hand.

Within a month of the baby’s arrival, the princess was unable to take long walks with the prince along the Nile. So instead of walking, she had the giant carry her as the prince walked ahead.

Juno always tried to follow them as best as he could, only having the appearing-disappearing and faint scents of the prince, the princess, and the giant to guide him.

The prince, lost in thoughts of the coming baby, was well ahead of the princess and the giant. The princess taking advantage of the opportunity,  told the giant, “Put me down and go strangle the dog.” She wanted to eliminate the second preordination of death of the prince.

 Soon Juno smelt the approaching giant and began to wag his tail, until he could no longer breathe. Then, his tail wagged no more.

 Lying in the reeds close to the prince was the crocodile. This monster soon ravaged the hapless prince, fulfilling the prophecy, and then took off after the giant, who was without his club.

After killing the giant, the crocodile looked around for the princess and the baby that she was carrying.

The princess, now all alone, saw the crocodile coming toward her and tried to run; but she fell, and became easy prey for the huge reptile.

Juno, left for dead, slowly awoke, smelling the evil coming from the crocodile, as it approached the princess.

“AWWWOOOF!” barked Juno for the first time in his life, running straight for the evil smell.

The princess’s scream was unheard by Juno as he bit down on the huge snout of the croc and would not let go. Shake as the crocodile would, Juno held on.

The screams of the princess soon brought crocodile hunters to her aid. Some carried her back to the palace, while others killed the crocodile.

 One hunter picked up the lifeless body of the old dog, and carried it to the palace, presenting it to the princess. 

 Tears filled her eyes as she hugged the bloody, dead Juno to her breast.

A monument was built for the prince, and next to it was another – a monument for old Juno.

After the baby boy arrived, the princess told him what his name would be – it would be Juno!

Although little Juno had saved the royal lineage, and King Juno proved to be the best sovereign Egypt ever had, subsequent cruel kings had Juno’s name removed from all records. Even then, history favored tyrants.

I believe the purpose of the story is for readers to wonder how tyrants were able to take over Egypt after the good King Juno died.

And I wonder how many people will agree with me in thinking it was because of the Egyptians’ general ignorance of the various machinations used by would-be tyrants.

The artifices used today by the soulless and hidden ones are probably no more clever than they were in King Juno’s day; deceptions are today merely propagated faster by the use of television, Internet, and motion pictures.

I am sure it is readily obvious to you that in order to manipulate public opinion and eliminate all critical thinking, it would be ever so expedient for the reptilians to own and command the corporate media. And of course, that is exactly what has happened.

The majority stockholders of all major media outlets are the same faceless-soulless ones who have long owned the central banks of our world – thus giving them all the free money they desire. And what have they done with this money they create on their huge computers?

First, they keep 99% of that bogus money from 99% of us.

Secondly, they are destroying our Christian culture with what they call sexual liberation, which is  actually sexual licentiousness. Will it be long before pedophilia is legalized while heterosexuality is criminalized … or at the very least, demonized?

Without any moral restraints a culture that tolerates both sexual depravity and financial usury quickly goes to pot, causing the fall of all once vibrant, growing, and prosperous civilizations.

Thirdly, they finance wars on all known life forms, convincing most of us to call these crimes against humanity, animal, and plant life … patriotism.

Be not confused by the hundreds of thousands of intermediaries who populate the higher ranks of the corporate, political, and mass media worlds, whose names are celebrated. Such recognized faces and names are artificially placed  between us (the 99%) and those who are intent on enslaving the world with mis-disinformation, war, and poverty – they are the crocodiles ­­– the reptilian brains.

We are the ass-sniffing, obedient, trick-performing dogs (with a few being Junos), while those above us are the snakes hopeful of becoming one of the secretive crocodiles.

The average dog has what we might say is a limited intelligence. And it seems this is also true of the majority of humans. How intelligent can most humans be when they actually think jet fuel (basically kerosene) can turn sixteen-inch steel I beams, well encased in concrete, into streams of molten metal, as was done to the three skyscrapers of the WTC (World Trade Center) on the 11th of September, 2001?

Is it a conspiracy theory to say 9/11 was an inside job? Yes, but only to those who are ignorant of some important facts – or to those who want to avoid those facts.

The most important and salient fact is the 9/11 disaster was used as a pretext for the numerous, insane, and ensuing barbarities we rushed to unleash on millions of innocent people who knew little to nothing about 9/11.

The crocodiles have had their way, while the dogs have been led by the snakes.

There are provable facts related to 9/11 that surely prove it was an inside job.

Fact number one: A little more than seven hours after the two WTC towers fell, some distance away, WTC building 7 fell. The building was obviously prepped with internal explosives, as it fell into its footprint within seconds, without any aircraft hitting it or any kerosene touching it.*

*The BBC in England reported the falling of Building 7 twenty minutes before the building actually fell.

WTC 7 housed the largest set of CIA offices investigating stock, bond and accounting fraud. WTC 7 was also the first of the destruction sites to be cleaned up, thus quickly destroying all evidence of the investigation in progress.

On July 24, 2001, forty-nine days before 9/11, Larry Silverstein bought fourteen million dollars of insurance on his WTC 7 building. Later, the courts awarded Silverstein almost five billion dollars.

Fact number two: There were numerous eye witnesses (and ear witnesses) to explosions taking place throughout the collapsing buildings, and even videos of large explosions happening on various floors of the buildings.

Fact number three: A band of dancing Israelis was reported to have filmed the entire disaster from the top of a parking garage in New Jersey. At each collapse, the Israelis began dancing and throwing each other high fives. The dancers were reported to the police and were apprehended and turned over to the FBI, who released them back to Israel. The FBI and corporate media have never explained to the American public how the Israelis knew the 9/11 disaster would happen.

Fact number four: After the first two buildings fell, police arrested two more Israelis approaching the George Washington Bridge in a van that was loaded with tons of high explosives. Again, the Israelis were turned over to the FBI but were later released. To my knowledge none of these stories concerning these Israelis was ever reported by the Zionist-controlled corporate mainstream media.*

*More details involving the Dancing Israelis, however, may still be found on YouTube.

Fact number five: The Pentagon is arguably the most secured and monitored building in the entire Western Hemisphere, yet no actual footage of a plane hitting the building has surfaced or ever been released by the government. Moreover, the aftermath photos of the cavernous hole in the Pentagon show no wreckage or any debris in the foreground.

Fact number six: Key members of the 9/11 Commission have stated that the Commission was set up to fail.*

*Lee Hamilton, the Vice Chairman of the commission, and other vital members criticized the government for sabotage, due to a lack of funding and time to complete the study.

In fact, Max Cleland quit the commission labeling it a national scandal caused by the Bush White House.

Writer and consultant in national and international security affairs Dr. Alan Sabrosky, of American and Jewish heritage, has placed the entire 9/11 disaster on Israel’s doorstep.

Dr. Sabrosky claims only Israel had the expertise, access, and motivation to have arranged for a wired demolition of the WTC buildings.

Expertise: Israel has long had experience in the development of explosives, having built so many atomic bombs. Israel is estimated to be the third or fourth leading nuclear power on earth, but is actually the foremost power, as they have long had a hold on the US nuclear stockpile. Such is the unbelievable control the Zionist oligarchs have had on America’s government, media, economy, culture, and all other institutions.

Access: Rigging the World Trade Center buildings for a controlled demolition would have required the services of at least a squad of experts. Such enormous madness would have to have been done at night, well after working hours. Still, how did the high-rise night crew of bombers come and go in and out of the buildings or do any of their surreptitious work  without ever being stopped, cross-examined, and arrested by the security forces that patrolled the buildings?


The security company assigned to guard the World Trade Center buildings was ICTS, an Israeli company, which means it was a Mossad operation.

ICTS was also the security company for all three airports from which all four of the 9/11 attacking planes departed.

ICTS was also in charge of airport security in Paris and Amsterdam, from which the so-called Shoe Bomber and Underwear Bomber departed.

ICTS had 24/7, state-of-the-art electronic surveillance and well-manned foot patrols in all three of the WTC buildings; so the demolition installers could not have been missed.

Going into the dozens of elevator shafts, implanting the explosives, running detonator cord, and then placing wire or cable back to a system of controls was a huge  and detailed operation that could not have gone unnoticed by the army of foot patrols of the ICTS – the Israeli security company. It was a task that required far more time, labor, and expertise than simply placing some suitcase bombs in elevator shafts.

But one thing still puzzles me. How do the people who think jet fuel brought down the World Trade Center buildings explain the fact that jet planes fly without blowing up from the burning of jet fuel?

Perhaps there are people who will never believe that WTC 7 ever collapsed without any aircraft ever hitting it.

How do people discount the fact that important facts concerning 9/11 are never reported by any of the major television networks?

Have any of the major magazines, newspapers, political journals, or publishing houses ever given us any important facts concerning 9/11?

If you think 9/11 was an inside job, have you ever wondered what the motivation for it was?

Motivation: Perhaps you have heard of PNAC, the terribly mislabeled Progress for a New American Century. PNAC has resulted in an utter deterioration in American morals, economy, and governmental integrity. But then again, PNAC was not meant to aid America; in some deluded way PNAC was meant to abet Israel in their foreign policy of covert warfare.

The PNAC documents were put together by Israeli dual citizens, called Neoconservatives (Neo cons), who have controlled US foreign policy since (at least) the presidential days of George H. W. Bush. The PNAC papers (which were, in effect, strict presidential orders) called for unprovoked war on Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Afghanistan, and Sudan.

In the PNAC documents, the Neocons admitted the US public would not support the cold-blooded killing of people who had done nothing to the citizens of America. The actual wording in the PNAC document is …

This process of transformation is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor.

A little more than a year later, Israeli’s Mossad gave their US  fifth column the Pearl Harbor they asked for – we know that gift as the 9/11 disaster.

But the 9/11 disaster gave us more than endless wars on fabricated terrorists; it also gave us the satanic governmental policy known as Enhanced Interrogation, which in more explicit words means the torture of human life.*

*Our decade-and-a-half US national policy of human torture takes place in some of our over 700 foreign bases.  These inhuman atrocities often take place on children, with their parents forced to watch.

Immediately following our 9/11 false flag disaster came the long piece of pre-written legislation falsely known as the Patriot Act.*

*In the name of national security, members of Congress had to vote on the lengthy Patriot Act, without being given adequate time to study or even read it.

Patriot Acts I and II gutted the US Constitution and gave the federal government unprecedented powers to spy and imprison wholly innocent citizens of America.

The Neocons who started the rapid decline of our economy, morals, freedoms, and security are still in power, controlling our US foreign policy.

Then there is the obvious Zionist strategy of stripping all Western nations of their national identity by herding millions of Africans and Arabs into America and Europe.

All decent people in our world have a mortal enemy, with few knowing that deadly arch-enemy is Zionism.

There is but one axiom that holds the potential of salvaging what freedoms and prosperity we have left in our Western world …

knowledge protects, while ignorance endangers.

Who will prevail – the warm blooded ones or the cold-blooded snakes and crocodiles?


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