You’re Fired…


By J. Speer-Williams


The elephant is the controlled  media’s constant attempts to distort reality in the minds of their viewers.

 If those in public service, the media, medicine, science, or academia ever state the unspoken truths, they are promptly terminated and blacklisted with contemptuous disapproval.*

*The most overused, feared, and ugly pejoratives in America, today, are three in number: anti-Semitic, racist, and homophobe.

Such has been the draconian effort to eliminate our expression of free will and free speech.

The list of taboo subjects (seldom found in Presidential debates) that one must be careful talking or writing about has grown long and is getting longer.

In their efforts to override our free will the dark forces have repeatedly told us how to speak (or not speak) on all of the following subjects … or … pay an expensive price for not complying.

Remember, since 9/11 the United States of America has developed a massive domestic surveillance state that rivals the communist one in Stasi East Germany – so be careful what you say and to whom you say it.

The ever-growing list of non-politically correct questions –

Should America continue its “special” relationship with Israel?

Should we allow gays into our military?

Why have lesbians never supported Trump?

Were Tea Party activists, who objected to the bank bailouts, true Americans?

Should men who want to be females be allowed to use women’s bathrooms?

Are Hate Crimes legislation a cover for governmental crimes?

Should we return to States’ Rights and a more favorable ratio between the individual and government?

Should we limit the size and power of government?

Is there an Intelligent Design to life or are we all an accident?

Can we have an impartial free press when a mere six media giants own ninety percent of what we read, watch, or listen to – especially when all six of those media giants are owned and controlled by the same foreign oligarchs?

Should we fund the pro-abortion movement or even the anti-abortion movement?

Should term limits be imposed on Congress?

Should we allow a portion of US foreign aid to Israel to be used to elect American presidents and politicians by way of George Soros and other Zionist oligarchs?

Should we continue to federalize our local police in spite of the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878?

Is the nuclear agreement with Iran the only worthwhile product of the Obama Administration?

Should we surrender our national sovereignty to a One World Government ruled by foreign oligarchs?

Should we allow women into combat?

What’s causing an average of twenty-two military veterans to commit suicide a day? Psychiatric drugs? Atrocities committed in combat?

Are Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction still hidden?

Should the carbon tax scheme (based on the man-made global warming thesis) become a reality?

Are gun owners and activists domestic terrorists?

If we love America, should we never expose governmental crimes?

How high is the Clinton body count?

Why the toxic aerosol assault on America with chemtrails?

Should we continue to allow cops to take steroids?

Do all lives matter?

Why did Hillary BleachBit thousands of her emails?

Should we allow pro-choice legislation to be decided upon by the states?

Is snitching on friends and neighbors  patriotic?

Do same-sex marriages destroy the sanctity of traditional marriages?

Is sex education for children a way to a more moral America?

Did a broke Secretary of State Clinton become a billionaire by selling state favors and secrets?

Should we stop White genocide?

Is socialism the path to economic and moral collapse?

Does Jewish Bolshevism still exist?

Who comprises the Dark Cult that assaults US ethics and morality?

Is it Putin or the (Israeli dual-citizen) neocons who are bringing on WW III?

Who are the invading refugees? Syrians, or mostly sub-Saharan Africans?

Should we maintain our cultural identity or support multiculturalism?

Will voter/election fraud ever be widely exposed?

Will political correctness end free speech?

Who/what caused the immigration problem?

Are most Americans xenophobes?

Is it patriotic to support endless unprovoked wars?

Do Zionists own all central banks?

Is the so-called “liberation” of sex just another means of political Control?

Will the media ever expose the fact that the US/Israeli secret forces fund, train, and direct the Arab terrorists?

Will mandated vaccines solve the over-population problem?

Will depleting uranium munitions help to solve the above problem?

Will chemtrails also help?

Is Big Pharma causing opioid addictions?

Should illegal aliens be allowed voting and welfare rights?

Is fluoride a poison?

Is aspartame a poison?

Is the Second Amendment a poison?

Why are there no terrorist attacks on Israel?

Is the 2,500 page ObamaCare (tax) a mandate from Satan?

Do we want/need laws that exempt legislators from their own laws … like ObamaCare?

Should we publicize the Jews who oppose Zionism?

Is it patriotic to support our continuing and ungodly expensive Middle Eastern quagmire of death and destruction?

Why do dual-citizen (US/Israeli) neocons determine US foreign policies?

Will Palestine be ethnically cleansed?

Will Common Core make our children illiterate and unable to be educated?

Why does our government go deeply in debt destroying foreign infrastructures while failing to repair its own?

Should traditional family values be preserved, or should they continue to be perverted?

Will the CIA’s heroin importation ever be exposed?

Why do US Marines still guard the opium production in Afghanistan?

Any idea why the media calls American-sponsored-funded-directed Arab terrorists rebels?

Inside jobs – Boston Bombing? Oklahoma City Bombing? 9/11? Deepwater Horizon? Fukushima Daiichi?

How did Building 7 fall at free-fall speed into its own footprint just hours after the Twin Towers fell … with no airplane hitting it?

How was the BBC, in London, able to announce the fall of Building 7 forty-five minutes before the building ever fell?

Who called off our Air Defense System on 9/11?

Why has no one ever been prosecuted for their buying of put options on United and American Airlines, just prior to 9/11?

 Should Americans be told that most of their foreign aid goes to the Rothschild tribe one way or the other?

Will Transhumanism eliminate our free will?

How long will Monsanto’s Roundup continued to poison our soils?

Will genetically modified organisms be allowed to destroy all natural plant life?

Is ending the Federal Reserve System remotely possible?

Have thousands of non-Constitutional Executive Orders ended democracy?

Are those who support the torture of human life willing to have their family members tortured?

Why are clean coal plants bad, but  nuclear power plants good?

Why was Andrew Jackson’s image taken off the twenty-dollar bill?

Should we allow the continued shedding of the US Constitution?

Were Sandy Hook and the Orlando Gay-Club Massacre false flags?

Why does the government fund Planned Parenthood?

Why does Hillary wear earphones in interviews?

Does White Privilege exist?

Does Black racism exist?

Do UFOs-aliens exist?

Are humans of cosmic origin?

Is anthropogenic global warming real, or a scam for the carbon tax racket?

Who funds and directs cultural Marxism?

Which is a superior form of government: a constitutional republic, or a democracy?

Why do most Whites live in fear of being called an anti-Semite, racist, or homophobe?

Why do civil asset forfeiture laws allow cops to steal our private property?

Can our economy be fixed with more taxes and government entitlements?

Will Hillary’s obvious health, mental, and spiritual problems ever be exposed by the controlled media?

Will most Americans ever be told of the holocaust facts vs fiction?

Should Confederate flags and statues be eliminated?

Will you soon be an innocent victim of police abuse, but jailed and/or fined in any case?

Is the preservation of Western culture a lost cause?

How many worthwhile cultures has Christianity produced?

Is Judaism the Chosen Religion – and not just for the Chosen People?

Should Islam be destroyed?

principals office

Will those Christians who still celebrate Christmas soon be called anti-Semitic or racist?

Is a belief in a supreme beingness just for those ignorant of political tolerance?

As the subjects above prove, rather than becoming politically awakened, Western civilization has been psy-oped by the professed and ridiculously self-styled Social Justice Warriors, who are nothing more than Cultural Marxists* intent on degrading and weakening Western society.

*Cultural Marxism is Karl Marxism translated from economic into cultural terms, with political correctness being their chief weapon.

The majority of the American public has been effectively mind-controlled on all of the above subjects through the Controller’s use of their mass media.

Coming to the correct viewpoints regarding the above subjects should be among our first steps in employing the use of our positive free will.

Warnings: If you are storing as little as a week’s worth of food and water, flash lights, cigarette lighters, firewood or gold and silver coins please keep it to yourself, as such prudent actions can make you a target of government.

If you have an old Support Ron Paul sticker on your vehicle, please remove it as the police in some places have been ordered to stop and search such cars and trucks.

And spending cash will become ever more suspicious. Try to avoid that when you can.

And be please be aware that owning any kind of unregistered firearm will soon mean immediate arrest, followed by indefinite imprisonment if caught – the kind of imprisonment that has no trial or notification to lawyers, family or close friends. America is no longer the country your parents grew up in.

Fortunately one’s positive free will does not have to be publicized in order for it to be to effective; but it does require a degree of enlightenment that must precede one’s positive intention of free will in our free will universe.

Post Script: The inventory of rapidly expanding politically prohibited ideas is enlarging so quickly, I have difficulty in keeping up with what the tyrannical authorities demand from me.

So, I would appreciate your help by letting me know of any viewpoints that are best not widely voiced, lest the busy and ubiquitous Social Justice Warriors report the crime to Homeland Security.

Simply email me at the email address above.

Thank you.

Hold on. I just thought of another no-no.

Why is it anti-Semitic to criticize Jewish settlements on stolen Palestinian land?



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