Looks like Hillary will be Trumped


I’m calling this one for Trump and the GOP! I think the Democratic donkeys are going to be trampled under a herd of Republican elephants.

Even the latest ABC poll only has Hillary leading narrowly. Since they had her leading by 12 points a week or so ago that should tell you something. So far as I can tell ABC only polls registered Democrats.

The way I see it, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Utah and Colorado, all states supposed to be in play according to the MSM, are going for the Trump. All talk of Pence pulling out or the pro-German wing of the Republican Party doing a Trump dump has ceased. There was even talk this week of the Democrats dropping Hillary at the last moment and going with the Jesuit, ‘Father’ Kaine, presumably on the basis that Kaine is able not about to be indicted.

Since the States of New York, Illinois and California appear to have rejected the principle of free and fair elections and do not propose to count the votes fairly, there is no way Donald Trump can win them. Even if he were to obtain a majority from living American voters, it would be outweighed by the dead voters, the Mexican vote and Democrats allowed to vote twice, or three times in the case of Illinois.

In those circumstances I can’t see him winning by a landslide, but I think he’ll win comfortably. I see that Dick Morris is of the same view, and his opinions on the US political scene are always worth reading. He is drawing a comparison with 1980, when Ronald Reagan broke late and won by a landslide. The Democrats are trying to cheer themselves up by saying that the prospect of Trump winning is energising their supporters. That works both ways, however – I imagine Republicans (real ones that is, not RINOs) are feeling pretty energised right now.

Rally contrast
Contrast of Trump Clinton rallies

The big difference lies in the enthusiasm of Trumpy’s supporters. Hillary is not generating the same level of interest. I suspect the donkeys are worried about turnout amongst the young and African-Americans.

The big issue now is whether the Secret Service can protect the president-elect from the DVD, or indeed whether they will even try. President Kennedy trusted the Secret Service, which was a fatal mistake, with respect.

The withdrawal of Secret Service protection from the Lincoln was the first sign that an assassination was going down on that shameful day in 1963 in Dallas TX, when Germany bloodily changed the face of America forever.

With the Secret Service no longer independent and under the rigid control of the badly-penetrated DNI, Trumpy may need to be careful.

Since the Secret Service are unreliable and have shown a willingness to withdraw protection from presidents the Germans want to remove, President Kennedy being the prime example, Donald Trump will need to consider supplementing the Secret Service with his own people.

Hillary and the Fibbies

Looks like the FBI have obtained a copy of that DNA report I advised on Barack Obama! The key to the independence of law enforcement and intelligence agencies from political interference is intelligence. It’s not what you know or who you know, it’s what you know about whom.

I’m hearing all sorts of stuff – links to China, dirty dealings at the Clinton Foundation and some very interesting emails. My take is that the Fibbies, sensibly, have been talking to Meade, the Pentagon and the Virginia farm boys. Don’t forget, we live in a post Spyhunter world. Intel agencies now know that Germany has been interfering in the democratic process for 150 years, bribing, blackmailing and murdering her way to influence.

That works both ways – corrupt candidates backed by the DVD can be exposed by the INTELCOM. Looks like the Good Guys have finally stopped sitting on the side-lines and joined the fight. This is the Super Bowl and the place to be is on the field, not sitting in the stands munching hot dogs and complaining about the score.


The Betrayal of Brexit

You heard it here first! I was talking about establishment/German attempts to betray Brexit shortly after the vote. As I predicted there has been a desperate effort to keep the UK trapped inside the so-called Single Market, to allow European dumping of exports and labor on our more flexible and vibrant economy. We are to the EU what the US is to Mexico.


This week saw the judges weighing in, with an absurd and illogical ruling that the government can’t withdraw from the Treaty on European Union without primary legislation.

It is being reported here that the case was bankrolled by the notoriously anti-British George Soros, named by Dr Robert Kaplan in his very good book on Soros as a German agent.

The court, presided over by a committed Europhile, Lord Thomas, who very frankly should have recused himself, said in effect that the Royal Prerogative can only be used to accede to EU treaties, not withdraw from them. I was junior counsel to the late Leo Price QC in the early stages of the Rees-Mogg case, where the court upheld the use of the Royal Prerogative to sign up to the bitterly controversial Maastricht Treaty.

With respect to the court, the proposition that the Prerogative can be used to sign up for a treaty but not withdraw from it only has to be stated for its absurdity to be apparent. The ruling is internally inconsistent, as well as being inconsistent with earlier, binding precedent, such as the Rees-Mogg case. In one paragraph it says that Parliament is supreme. A few paragraphs later, the court says in effect that Parliament is not in fact supreme and that its statutes can be ‘set aside’ by the courts!

The Divisional Court also treated the Metric Martyrs case as rightly decided, which it wasn’t, and as a binding precedent, which it isn’t. The judges in Metric Martyr only came up with the ‘super-statute’ idea after argument was heard, reaching their decision in secret. What they should have done, with respect, was to relist the case for further argument. Had they done so I would have been able to point out that none of the cases they had come up with was in point, as none dealt with implied repeal.

We don’t have super-statutes in Britain, as we don’t have a written constitution, thank goodness (look at the mess the Supreme Court has made of yours!). It follows that community law in Britain could never be supreme, as Parliament remained free to pass legislation in breach of community law. In Metric Martyrs I relied upon the Weights and Measures Act 1985, which allowed the martyrs to sell in pounds and ounces, i.e. in proper measurements. The prosecution relied upon the European Communities Act 1972, which required the use of French revolutionary measurements, like the kilogramme.

Since the 1985 act was later, the 1972 act was impliedly repealed to the extent of the inconsistency. The judges got around this by refusing to apply the 1985 act and applying the 1972 act. In so doing, with respect, they acted unconstitutionally, as the courts are bound by acts of Parliament. Fortunately, since they didn’t hear argument on the point on which they decided the case, their decision wasn’t binding.

For the claimants in the Article 50 case to assert that they were defending the rights of Parliament, at the same time as saying that Parliament’s statutes can be ignored by the court, was the height of hypocrisy. Fortunately the government has exercised its right of appeal. The decision should be overturned by the Supreme Court next month. Although none of the judges on the Divisional Court was a particularly good lawyer with respect, the Supreme Court contains some of the finest legal minds in Britain.

The judiciary are now whinging about the savage political backlash, but what did they expect? Their decision can’t be justified on legal grounds, with respect, indeed it is barely reasoned at all. It was in effect a political decision. Having entered the political arena the judges will have to fend for themselves. Even the Lord Chancellor, Liz Truss, has refused to come to their aid, and rightly so. Judges should stay out of politics. When they become political, as they have on the EU, they risk losing the respect of the public and politicians.

The Vienna Convention

Theresa May
Theresa May

Theresa May is badly bungling Brexit. She didn’t want it, hasn’t thought deeply about it and wasn’t familiar with the arguments.

She’s also house-trained and over-dependent on her civil servants, including the hated and notoriously Europhile Cabinet Secretary, Sir Jeremy Heywood, whose knighthood was effectively awarded by himself, since the Cabinet Office controls the honors system.

She should have used Article 50 straight-away. Even better she should have ignored Article 50 altogether, as it’s a trap, and gone with the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties.

This implicitly allows withdrawal from a multilateral treaty on 12 months’ notice, and expressly allows withdrawal on three months’ notice only, when there has been a fundamental change of circumstances. The referendum result was clearly one of those.



Max Spiers
Max Spiers

I have been somewhat remiss in not condemning this outrage before. I never knew Max, although we were due to meet at the Bases Conference in Pewsey, Wiltshire, on the weekend of August 13-14, where we were to be fellow speakers. Tragically, Max never made it, being assassinated in Poland in June.

The Poles are claiming that he died of ‘natural causes’, indeed they put that on his death certificate. Who do the Poles think they are kidding?

Had Max lived to speak at the conference I doubt I would have agreed with everything he had to say, although he and I were working, entirely independently, on similar subjects, like the DVD, for which he had a different name.

He had a right however to hold his views and to speak his mind. He also had the right to live, although the connivance of the pro-German Polish government in his assassination shows how worthless that right is in the EU. Our own Foreign Office has backed down, sadly, and is going along with the Polish cover-up. The Munich Mentality is alive and well at King Charles St, the arrival of Boris Johnson notwithstanding.

Warsaw needs to look out for itself. Agreeing to the assassination, probably by the DVD, of a prominent British conspiracy theorist on Polish soil was an unfriendly act towards Her Majesty. We’re not going to invade Poland, but neither are we going to lift a finger if the Russians do. If Warsaw wants military help against the Russians it can ask its friends the Germans to send a few panzers. Jerry knows the way to Poland.

Before you even ask, yes I was told before driving to the conference that one of my fellow-speakers had been assassinated in Poland and no, I did not pull out.

Indeed the Bases Project are making a DVD of the speeches and will be putting out a YouTube video. There are far too many speakers, if you ask me, pulling out of conferences at short notice these days on flimsy pretexts like another speaker being assassinated shortly before the conference.


KMS Prinz Eugen and HMS Hood

Prinz Eugen
Prinz Eugen

There were some interesting comments in response to my column last week. One commenter wanted to know what the correct terms for the Germans are. The short answer is that the Germans can be referred to properly as the ‘Huns’, ‘Fritz’, ‘the Boche(s)’, ‘Jerry’, ‘the Jerries’, or, on more formal occasions, simply as ‘the Germans’.

The expression ‘the Hun’ as a description of the Germans seems to have come into common usage in 1914, following the invasion of Belgium and Luxembourg by our community partner the Kaiser. ‘Jerry’ came into vogue in 1939, after our community partner Adolf Hitler invaded Poland.

A most fascinating fact emerged in the discussion – the Prinz Eugen used High Explosive (HE) ammunition for her main battery during the Battle of the Denmark Strait, which saw the tragic loss of the beautiful and mighty battlecruiser Hood. The source given was Prinz Eugen’s logbook. I think that holds up and that our community partner Kapitän zur See Helmuth Brinkmann did indeed order the use of HE.


Why? In order to start a few small fires, that’s why, in order to cover the detonation of an IED in Hood’s magazines by radio-control from the Bismarck.

Given the lack of a trajectory for any of the shells from the Bismarck which would explain penetration of Hood’s well-protected main magazines, some naval historians have alighted on the possibility of a shell from Prinz Eugen as having delivered the fatal blow.

As I point out in Spyhunter this doesn’t make sense. Prinz Eugen was only a 16,000 ton heavy cruiser, not a mighty 44,000 ton battlecruiser. Her main battery was equipped with 8”/60 cal. guns, scarcely powerful enough to punch through three inches of armor plate at combat range. Redesigned in the light of the painful experience of the Battle of Jutland, Hood’s main deck armor was basically designed to resist incoming supersonic 15” shellfire.

Hood’s powerful 15”/42 cal main battery guns could throw out shells the size of Volkswagens at about Mach 2. No warship afloat today could sustain being hit by a broadside from HMS Hood – a nuclear carrier would probably fireball, as the shells penetrated her aviation fuel tanks or bomb and missile magazines.

Prinz Eugen’s small 270 lb shells would basically bounce off 3” deck armor, if they even got as far as the main deck (a lot of their energy would be spent penetrating the steel shelter deck). If they were HE, not APC (i.e. armor-piercing) they wouldn’t even penetrate the strong shelter deck. They would explode on impact, causing havoc with ship’s boats, unprotected AA positions and possibly funnels, but they wouldn’t sink a capital ship.

The Hun assassinated the Lord Kitchener in World War 1 using an IED, sinking the armored cruiser HMS Hampshire, which was carrying the great general to Russia. Looks like he pulled the same stunt again, this time using radio control rather than a timer. Lloyd George, of course, had wanted Lord Kitchener out of the way, and the Hun still hadn’t forgiven him for whipping
his allies the Mad Mahdi (a religious nutter who today would be in ISIS, or the Democratic Party) and the Boers.

I have discovered another fact this week about the Prinz Eugen, which confirms my analysis. She was equipped with sonar, and detected Vice-Admiral Holland’s battle squadron at 0500 hours on May 24. The British ships were over the horizon, but they were thundering towards the enemy at high speed, with their Battle Ensigns flying. Hood’s powerful steam turbines gave out 144,000 shaft horsepower, indeed when commissioned in 1920 she was the most powerful moving object yet constructed in the history of mankind.

HMS Nelson
HMS Nelson

The next British capital ships, the battleships Rodney and Nelson, had less than a third of Hood’s power. HMS Prince of Wales’s turbines also gave out over 100,000 SHP.

The sonar operator on Prinz Eugen would have heard the screws of nearly 100,000 tons of warships (at full load displacement), pushing out nearly a quarter of million horsepower, charging directly towards his ship at 1,000 yards a minute. Under ordinary circumstances we would have expected Jerry to flee.

Our community partners the Kriegsmarine had a firm policy of declining combat with a superior enemy, and Admiral Holland’s squadron packed 8 15” and 10 14” main battery guns, plus the 16 8” guns of Real-Admiral Wake-Walker’s cruisers, against Admiral Lutjens’s 8 15” and 8 8”.

Why did Admiral Lutjens not withdraw whilst he had the chance? Because he knew the Hood was going to blow up, that’s why, indeed he actually ordered Brinkmann to swing his guns onto Prince of Wales BEFORE poor Hood blew up.

He also knew that the treacherous and despicable Cabinet Secretary Sir Edward Bridges, a truly loathsome individual, was going to use the defeat as an excuse to force out Winston Churchill and install the pro-German Lord Halifax as Prime Minister.

He also knew that Deputy Führer Rudolf Hess had taken the details of the plan to place an IED on board Hood and sortie the Bismarck to Britain two weeks before. He had of course allowed his ships to be photographed in a Norwegian fjiord by an RAF Spitfire, indeed he ordered his AA gunners not to open fire, to make sure the photos got to the Admiralty.


My Reading This Week

Political treachery was the subject of my main reading this week (it’s only 512 pages, so obviously I was reading other stuff as well), Liberty’s Last Stand, by Stephen Coonts. Bringing his two heroes, Rear-Admiral Jake Grafton and Tommy Carmellini, together, the novel has a cracking plot. An evil, Muslim, socialist, black man called Barry Soetoro, who actually believes in global warming and hates whites, wins the presidency in 2008.


By August 2016, after nearly 8 years in office, the Democratic candidate, a Mrs Hinton, is facing defeat in November. I wonder on which politicians Barry Soetoro and Mrs Hinton might be based? My goodness me, it’s a brain-teaser. I’ll leave you to guess.

Soetoro then arranges some Islamic terrorist atrocities and declares martial law, planning to postpone the election. Jake Grafton is arrested by FEMA and flung into a FEMA concentration camp in West Virginia. Civil war ensues, as Texas declares independence. Other states follow.

Liberty’s Last Stand moves at a tremendous pace, making serious political points along the way. Lots of FEMA guys get whacked, so it’s a fun read. The plot, moreover, is credible.

In his blog about the book, Stephen makes some pertinent observations about the overreach of federal judges and bureaucrats, and the impotence of Congress. Huge swathes of American life are governed not by statutes or the Constitution, but by federal regulations, applied by a bureaucracy which manages to be both heartless and mindless at the same time.

There will be a lot of work for President Trump to do.



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