Flag Burning Again, Another Draft Dodging Patriot’s Stench

Whichone is the real American flag? Which one do we defend? Which one is Trump talking about?
Whichone is the real American flag? Which one do we defend? Which one is Trump talking about?
Whichone is the real American flag? Which one do we defend? Which one is Trump talking about?

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Now we have another Vietnam era chickenhawk draft dodger probably heading for the White House, unless of course there really is a god, something I gave up on perhaps at age 3.

As a combat vet that actually joined the Marine Corps in 1968, like the 19000 brother Marines that died in Vietnam or of wounds soon after, the 1.5 million more that died before age 50 of agent orange, I reflect on the insult.  It’s either rich fatasses who never worked a day in their lives, Romney, Bush, Trump and so many others that dodged the draft or the endless others, the Chickenhawks, lets name just a few.  Be warned that this list has a clear slant and is not endorsed by us.  We ask why it leaves off obvious names like Rudy Giuliani for instance, born in 1944 like a great many who died in Vietnam.

Here is my personal issue, why do so many assholes come out of the woodwork, none of them very bright, none of them very nice people with the exception, probably of Bernie Sanders and maybe Bobby Kennedy, and want to offer us their personal skills and insights to save us from ourselves by being president?

Or senator or whatever?

I would like former Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel better if he had protested the Vietnam War when he came home, but he is a real combat vet, meaning he was enlisted and carried a gun in Vietnam.  He was the best Defense Secretary we have had since they used to be Secretary of War.

Then we have the military academy people, which is worse.  These professional brown noses were quite a sight in Vietnam, as long as you were in the rear of the rear of the rear.  Theatrical combat-like incidents were staged for them in Vietnam, in order to give them medals.  They actually mimeographed the after action reports and just changed the names and dates, something any researcher should have been able to pull out but none did.

Nobody checks on anything.

First we have to get real, accepting that running for public office requires millions of dollars which can only be raised by agreeing to change absolutely nothing whatsoever or to make things worse.

Even then, the system isn’t perfect and elections can actually work though election rigging as a major CIA specialty around the world, one that has been brought home more than once.

Today we have foreign intelligence services, partnered with organized crime and the Republican Party.  There is full cooperation in election rigging at every level with the FBI, police and even the Federal Election Commission active.

Backing it up are the courts controlled by the Federalist Society, who stacked every court in the land with judges who are sworn to support election rigging and to quash any cases brought before them that would actually count ballots or check voter rolls against computer tallys.

But then again, you will be able to be arrested for burning a flag if you can.

The American flag is already so piss soaked as it is, I don’t know how you could light one.


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