New York Daily News and ISIS are happy about assassination of Russian ambassador Andrey Karlov

Gersh Kuntzman
Gersh Kuntzman

…by Jonas E. Alexis


Jewish writer Gersh Kuntzmann of the New York Daily News is happy because Russian ambassador Andrey Karlov is assassinated. Guntzmann writes,

“As Vladimir Putin’s man in Turkey, Karlov was the public face of that murderous dictator’s war crimes around the globe and of oppression at home. I, for one, am shedding no tears for Andrei Karlov.”[1]

Can you imagine the uproar in the political landscape in America and much of the West if a Russian official or news outlet had praised the assassination of a US diplomat or ambassador? There is more:

“Kuntzmann also repeatedly compared the assassination of Karlov to the killing of Ernst vom Rath, a Nazi German embassy official shot dead in 1938 by Jewish teenager Herschel Grynszpan, while also likening Vladimir Putin, the leader of the government that Karlov served, to the infamous dictator Adolf Hitler.”[2]

Why was the Russian ambassador killed in Turkey? According to Kuntzmann, Karlov wasn’t a diplomat at all. He was a soldier aiding and abetting a dictator like Vladimir Putin, who is Hitler reborn.

“Karlov’s job in Turkey was to ease tensions over Russia’s atrocities in Syria and its incursions inside Turkey itself — meaning his job was to enable and normalize Vladimir Putin. Given that role, he wasn’t a diplomat, but a soldier, and his death is the same whether it came on a battlefield outside Aleppo or in an art gallery in Ankara.”[3]

Herschel Grynszpan
Herschel Grynszpan

Karlov’s assassination, says Kuntzmann, wasn’t terrorism. It was “retribution for Vladimir Putin’s war crimes.”[4] This is Kuntmann in action:

“As Vladimir Putin’s man in Turkey, Karlov was the public face of that murderous dictator’s war crimes around the globe and of oppression at home. Andrei Karlov is the human embodiment of policies that deployed bunker busters to kill babies, sent fighter planes on scorched earth bombing runs that destroyed a whole city, aided Syrian madman Bashar al-Assad in his campaign that has killed hundreds of thousands, and even ordered attacks on UN aid workers.

“So I, for one, am shedding no tears for Andrei Karlov. Frankly, I’m surprised his murder didn’t come months ago.”[5]

Kuntzmann brings up the fact that Jewish assassin Herschel Grynszpan gunned down a German diplomat in Paris in 1938 in almost the same way.

Once again, can you imagine the uproar among the Neoconservative Mafia if any Russian official or any Russian news media such as Russia Today had applauded the assassination of a US diplomat? Wouldn’t they invoke conspiratorial theories saying that Russia is duplicitous?

Yet New York Daily News allows Kuntzmann to say nasty things about a Russian diplomat with no consequences. What Kuntzmann and the Zionist media are basically telling us here is that Vladimir Putin was right all along: the New World Order worships Satan. NWO agents like Kuntzmann want to shed innocent blood, and that’s how they have been able to survive.

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