Media and CIA v Trump

Intel agencies have always had to be careful what to give presidents, and moreso when they have contact with foreign intelligence agencies themselves
The Media

The mainstream media are America’s enemy. It’s not just that they are Democrats and are completely unwilling to be fair to a conservative Republican president.

They actively wish to do America harm and will tell any lie which they think will help them achieve their aims.

There is a reason for that, aside from the innate lack of patriotism of far too many liberals. The Reich Propaganda Ministry didn’t fold its tent at the end of World War II. It was re-organised into the Propaganda Section of the DVD and took over the Abwehr’s existing media assets.

In World War II ABC, NBC, CBS, the New York Times, Time and Life were broadly pro-Axis, although they had to be careful not to appear as such. Their pro-Axis propaganda was nuanced and subtle. Their aims were to undermine the support of the American people for the war and President Roosevelt in particular.

Always Follow the Money

The reasons are not hard to find: always follow the money. To determine why a particular media outlet follows a particular line you just have to look at its ownership. Once you’ve sorted out who the owners are, you then look at their banking arrangements, concentrating on their offshore activities.

Since Germany controls high-yield trading programs, she controls most major banks, whose profits depend upon continued access to the programs. Once you control a bank you can control its clients.

With a state propaganda outlet like the BBC, not one of Donald Trump’s favorites, as we saw in his bravura performance on Thursday, control usually depends upon blackmailing or bribing senior officials. The notorious Lord Reith, e.g., was blackmailed over his mistresses. With someone like Reith, you tend to get protégés exercising influence decades after their sponsor’s retirement.

Whilst the President’s instincts are sound, no-one, clearly, has briefed him on the DVD. A copy of Spyhunter was hand-delivered to Trump Tower during the campaign, but so far as I can tell, it never reached him. Someone needs to tell him that he’s even more right about the media than he thinks, and that key American papers and broadcasters are being manipulated by the world’s most powerful intelligence agency.


The CIA and FBI

Roscoe Hillenkoetter

They’re not the only ones. The first director of the CIA, Roscoe Hillenkoetter, was a German spy, who provided critical intelligence on Pearl Harbor to Tokyo, via Berlin, prior to the Japs’ sneak attack. Never mind that he was an admiral – so were John McCain’s father and grandfather.

That didn’t stop them working for the Jerries. Lord Mountbatten was the professional head of the Royal Navy, but he was only paid by us Brits.

Throughout his life he worked for our community partners the Jerries, as did his old man before him.

Hillenkoetter was followed by two more German agents, Bedell Smith and Allen Dulles. When President Kennedy appointed a loyal American as head of the CIA, John McCone, the DVD murdered the president.

The Abwehr had the FBI’s predecessor, the Bureau of Investigation, thoroughly penetrated. They were also blackmailing J. Edgar Hoover, whose dress sense was not all it could have been, no offense intended. The BoI’s investigation, such as it was, into the Abwehr’s kidnap of the Lindbergh Baby, was easily compromised. The BoI bungled so badly that even today the true file has not been released. (There’s always a fake file to keep historians and the media happy).

German penetration of the CIA and FBI, largely through the medium of the Correa/COREA Group, has caused hideous confusion down the years, not least over Operation Paperclip. That was a German, not an American, operation.


Fake News Over Russia

The President’s also right about the so-called Russian scandal as well. Russia did not, repeat not, influence the outcome of the 2016 general election. The hacking allegation is frankly bizarre. The Democrats appear to have deluded themselves into believing that you can hack into a voting machine which is not online.

As we saw with the farcical recount process, there was no problem with the voting machines. The only widespread fraud committed was by Democrats, e.g. by crossing state lines into swing states like New Hampshire, or getting illegal aliens to vote.

The DNC leaks seem to have been just that – leaks, i.e. they seem to have from within the Democratic Party. The CIA’s report was just a load of nonsense. Forgive me if I’m getting too technical, but in the Intelligence Community the CIA’s analysis is known as unmitigated crap. NSA were right to distance themselves from the reporting.

The credibility of both the CIA and the FBI with conservatives has been shattered. Both agencies are highly politicised and each is clearly targeting the Trump Administration.

Each is also clearly prepared to lie in order to achieve its objectives. Neither should be surprised if further intelligence assessments are rejected.


The Attack on General Flynn

The forcing out of Mike Flynn was a disgrace. President Trump did not fire Sally Yates a moment too soon. With respect, she was clearly abusing her office in passing on a fake warning to the White House, suggesting that Mike Flynn’s conversations with the Russian Ambassador somehow amounted to a criminal offense. How, exactly?

It is not, not repeat not, an offense for a private citizen to meet with or talk to the ambassador of any country with which the US has established friendly relations. Nor is it an offense to discuss foreign policy issues, not least if they happen to be raised by the ambassador in question. You don’t have to restrict yourself to the weather or last night’s TV. Otherwise, you’d have to lock up the whole Council on Foreign Relations, although come to think of it, that’s not a bad idea.

It may be an offense for a private citizen to make foreign policy, although exactly how a private citizen could do that is unclear. Nothing which has been released about General Flynn’s conversation with Ambassador Kislyak comes anywhere near suggesting that the general was trying to make foreign policy, putting entirely to one side the fact that he was representing the President-Elect and was part of the Transition Team.

Very frankly, Sally Yates was yanking the White House’s chain. With respect she had no business whatsoever lending her name to such an absurd allegation. In so doing she inflicted major damage on the credibility of the Justice Department, calling its political neutrality into question.

The only criminal offenses committed were in the leaking of classified material to the media and, possibly, in relation to the wiretap. Who was being tapped, General Flynn or Ambassador Kislyak? If it was the former then the legal basis for the tap is unclear, to say the least. If it was the latter then it was a serious breach of diplomatic protocol.

Since the leak obviously came out of either CIA or FBI, each of whom enjoys a close relationship to the Washington Post, it looks like an FBI wiretap. Whoops. There will have to be an investigation, the results of which should be made available to the Russian Government. Since the Justice Department cannot investigate itself, and there are reasonable grounds for supposing that serious criminal offenses have been committed by Justice Department officials and/or FBI agents, Special Counsel would need to be appointed.

It’s good to see Breitbart going after Reince Priebus. He seems to bear a major responsibility for the Flynn Fiasco and may well be reporting to Bush 41. If so, he will have to go. I am well aware that someone in the White House is blocking stuff from reaching the President.

I imagine that 41’s strategy is to lose the mid-terms, in the hope of turning President Trump into a lame duck from January 2019. Obama is cranking up his ground operation and has clearly set his eye on winning the mid-terms. I suspect however that both 41 and Obama will be disappointed, as they were in 2016.


Three Myths about President Putin Busted

Anna Politkovskaya

(1) Anna Politkovskaya
President Putin did NOT order Anna Politkovskaya’s shameful 2006 murder. As I explain in Spyhunter she was murdered on the orders of the DVD, using Russian organised crime assets, in order to embarrass dear old Pooters. The MSM do not understand the cui bono principle – with his poll numbers Vladimir Putin had nothing to gain and everything to lose from ordering Anna Politkovskaya’s murder.

It seems like she was a nice lady, albeit with a bee in her bonnet about the Second Chechen War. She had persuaded herself that Russia’s very professional security forces had been carrying out human rights abuses in Chechnya. No doubt there has been the occasional human rights abuse down there from time to time there, but nothing that couldn’t be swept quietly under the carpet.

(2) Lt-Col Litvinenko
As I also explain in Spyhunter, Lt-Col Litvinenko wasn’t murdered at all, never mind on the orders of President Putin. He knew he was taking Polonium but had been persuaded by his boss Boris Berezovsky that it was safe to do so, provided he took the antidote, Prussian Blue, with it.

The problem with Prussian Blue however is that it’s metallic. It can do as much damage as the original poison, and did so in this case. Litvinenko died of peritonitis, poor chap, not Polonium poisoning, although that may have been a contributory factor.

No offense, but you can forget the Janet and John report from Sir Michael Owen. He’s a nice chap, with respect (I once appeared in front of him as counsel, when he was on the High Court bench) but he wasn’t shown the original autopsy report, only the fake ordered by the Cabinet Office. It’s important to remember that there has been no proper inquest into Lt-Col Litvinenko’s death, with a jury.

(3) MH17
I have already exploded this myth on VT. MH17 was brought down by the Chinese, using their version of the Buk, the HQ-16, probably an A model. The pro-Russian rebels had a missile, alright, which they had been allowed to capture, but it had no radar and they didn’t have the launch codes anyway.

The forensic reports commissioned by the Dutch Safety Board effectively rule out both the Russians and the rebels, as they demonstrate, on a true analysis, that there were two missiles, not one. The first missile was clearly much less powerful and at that altitude could only have been an AAM, which had to have been fired from a Ukrainian Air Force fighter, as no Russian warplane was near enough.

The MSM will doubtless continue to propagate these myths, partly because they are intelligence-illiterate, partly because there are almost no journalists in the Western world with high intelligence and partly because they are subject to deep censorship by the DVD’s efficient Propaganda Section.


This Week’s Movie Review: Carry On Spying, 1964 (dir. Gerald Thomas)

A documentary on the work of MI6 in the Cold War, Carry On Spying is also viewed as a farce, appropriately enough. Arguably the Cold War itself was a farce, engineered by the DVD in a successful effort to turn Germany’s wartime enemies against each other. DVD assets inside MI6, the FBI and the CIA are still pushing an anti-Russian agenda of course, aided by dupes who have genuinely convinced themselves that Russia is an adversary.

By 1964 British Intelligence was largely seen as a joke, given the number of Soviet moles inside it, and that was before the exposure of Sir Roger Hollis, the Director-General of MI5.

What the public didn’t know, of course, was that the ‘Soviet’ spies were mostly German, with Kim Philby to the fore. The idea that Kim Philby was a communist was no less credible than the plot of Carry on Spying.

The movie is actually quite witty, not least the zither soundtrack – it’s largely a spoof of the Third Man. I love the bit about the table at the Café Mozart being reserved for a ‘party of British agents’. With DVD assets running MI6 for much of the post-war period, its operational security was a joke.

Most of the old Carry On favorites make their appearance – Kenneth Williams, Charles Hawtrey, Jim Dale et al. Babs Windsor makes her first appearance in a Carry On. That fine old British comedy duo Eric Barker and Richard Wattis also make an appearance.

Carry on Spying still gets a laugh more than 50 years after it was made.



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