It’s a Bad Idea. There’s a Better Solution!


by Speer-Williams –

Donald Trump’s oft repeated campaign promise to build a wall is not only not advisable, it’s a bad idea.

The American Secret-Shadow Government is largely composed of foreign central bankers, their sixteen American intelligence agencies, and major media outlets in the United States and Europe.

Acting as a hostile “government,” this cult has been well united in opposing President Trump’s every political move. They excoriate Mr. Trump while always exempting themselves of any guilt for their countless crimes; nevertheless, their demonic acts are palpable in their evilness. Their idolatry of money, power, and supremacy has never known any bounds – never has enough been anywhere near enough for them. One does not expect the gospel from these bankers, but some common sense would be appreciated. They strive for a world filled with cruel pimps and hapless harlots and “to hell” with wholesome, healthy, and affluent American families.

Their blasphemies against God’s sacrament of holy matrimony are sufficient to define them as the heathens they are. And there is nothing that gives these anti-Americans more grist for their subversion mills than Trump’s campaign promise of building a 35 to 40 foot high wall along the 1,954 miles of our border with Mexico.

In this case the anti-Americans are right, but for the wrong reasons. The mass hysteria of their street seditionaries, however, is about to become alarming.

The meritorious of our world are demonized, silenced, fired, voted out of office, or often assassinated.

The bankers and their minions survive; and they do not want the best for either Mexico or America.

Their long-term goal, apparently, is universal chaos, and the very prospect of building a huge wall along our Mexican border is loaded with various opportunities for them to cause havoc inside and outside of government.

Currently, those in the shadows are biding their time, but they are ready to spring full length on Trump and his administration, once plans for the border wall develop toward implementation. And then they will have plenty of muck and sludge in which to cover Trump and further divide our nation.

Sadly President Trump’s idea of a border wall was poorly thought out. The concept seemed to serve him well as campaign rhetoric, but it is there that all of its usefulness ceased. From here forward, talk or action toward building the wall will only damage Donald Trump and the American people he has vowed to help.

On the campaign trail, candidate Trump said he would get the Mexican government to pay for the wall, which regrettably was  another poorly regarded assertion.

I do not believe there is a single high-level Mexican leader who would agree to paying for the wall, as surely that would amount to political suicide for them.

Candidate Trump also said if the Mexican government did not readily agree to paying for the wall, he would levy a tax on the money Mexican immigrants sent home to their families.

What Trump, and his team, never calculated was Western Union is not the only way to transfer funds around the world. More and more, Bitcoin, and other digital forms of currency, are being used by those who wish to send money to their families in Mexico. Transferring money by digital means is not only faster than Western Union, bitcoins are difficult to block by any government.

I have also heard of a service some Mexican immigrants are using that allows them to send money home via ATM machines, with the funds arriving as pesos.

While campaigning, Trump also said if Mexico refused to pay for the wall, he would put a tax on the goods America imported from Mexico. And since US imports from Mexico exceed our exports to that country, it would make for a double win.

Again candidate Trump and his team failed to realize an important fact: as president, Mr. Trump  could not raise border tariffs; he would have to convince Congress to do that for him, which would prove unlikely.

Few senators or congressmen would go on record as having voted to raise the price of food for American consumers, as voting to increase tariffs on imported goods and foodstuffs would cause.

Since former President Obama doubled our national debt, there are less Americans than ever who can afford an increase in food prices.

But how can President Trump walk away from a promise he made to the American people, hundreds of times, and not lose face and more importantly his hard-won credibility.

A far superior idea as to how to prevent illegal migration should do the trick.


What is that “far superior” idea? It’s coming, but first learn of some plausible reasons why the border wall concept should be put into our national rearview mirror.

We can ill afford to take on such a wall-building project while so much of our US infrastructure is falling into decay.

Former Democratic Senator from New York, Daniel Moynihan, said 

Everyone is entitled to their own


but everyone is not entitled to their

own facts.

The American people who ignore the following facts will do so at the peril of us all.

Please keep in mind no nation can prosper with an infrastructure that is failing.

As a corollary, no nation on Earth can prosper with the measure of irresponsible spending, in which the American government has long engaged.

One of the few ways a country can succeed economically, even with wild government spending, is to build and maintain enough useful infrastructure projects that bring a healthy return on investment.

You see, over-budget government spending creates inflation, but the production of goods and services (which worthwhile infrastructure projects help to create) reduces inflation. And hyperinflation is to those who have experienced it the most unfortunate of all possible economic worlds – just ask the people of Zimbabwe, Yugoslavia, or Nicaragua.

We should never raise our debt ceiling without first cutting our spending; that, however, would require responsible political leaders.

Our federal government has continually flirted with runaway inflation ever since allowing the European central bankers to issue our currency and credit in 1913.

A hundred US dollars in 1912 is today worth over $2,400. Will Americans have to suffer the fate of the German Weimar Republic in order to learn the lessons of responsible government?


 Our first and most obvious need for money is the unbelievable cost associated with the repairing of   our 87,000 dams across America.

Those 87,000 dams have an average of fifty years of deferred maintenance, which must mean any one of them could fail at any time. *

*In 2009, the National Dam Safety Program and FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency) declared that more than 1,800 US dams were “high hazard dams,” the failure of any could be catastrophic in terms of human and animal lives lost and infrastructure/agriculture destroyed.

The Association of State Dam Safety Officials has estimated the cost of repairing the most deficient dams to exceed $50 billion. The cost to repair our remaining 85,200 dams is of course in the billions of dollars.

Well-functioning dams are the positive additions to our national infrastructure, as they not only save lives, but produce electricity, feed agriculture, and provide life-giving water to our cities ­– vital benefits a border wall cannot yield.

The proposed border wall is much like all the bombs we have used to kill so many innocent people; they provide no return on investment – that is unless you believe the long spouted lie that those bombs are ensuring our national security.

But would we not be a fool of a nation to spend trillions of our dollars destroying other countries’ infrastructures, when we could use that money to restore our own crumbling infrastructure?

Today, America needs those trillions of dollars to repair our energy and transit systems, our ports and airports, our dams and levees, our schools, our inland waterways, our wastewater and solid waste disposal systems, our highways, railways, and bridges, our hazardous waste disposal, and our clean drinking water, so vital to life. *

*According to the American Road and Transportation Builders Association, nearly 56,000 of our bridges are now “structurally deficient.”

 Our airports are on par with third-world countries. We do not have a single airport included in the top twenty-five in the world. 

Our highways are so crowded we lose approximately 101 billion dollars a year in wasted time and fuel.

 According to the US Department of Transportation over two-thirds of our roads are in alarming need of repairs or upgrades. 

No national economy can improve without an adequate infrastructure. Bloomberg has stated that by 2025 our lack of infrastructure investment will cost us almost as much as four trillion dollars from our national gross domestic product. 

Our American electrical-power grid is defenseless against an electromagnetic pulse attack, which is strange since hardening and protecting our power sources from an enemies’attack is relatively cheap.

No thanks goes to our last US president, Mr. Barack Obama, as his legacy is the almost ten trillion dollars he authorized in bombing and destroying infrastructures and the lives of millions of children, women, and men instead of giving even a casual thought concerning our dying American infrastructure.

A border wall could, at best, stop only about one-half of the illegal aliens pouring into our country. The other half come through legally as tourists, with passports, at airports and border crossings and then stay put when their visas expire.

Another wistful idea amongst the wishful thinkers is a border wall would eliminate the flow of drugs into our country. There is not even a slim chance of that as long as the  CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) continues with its current arsenal  of traitors in office.

Google: The Mena (Arkansas) Airport Connection: Bush, Clinton, and the CIA.

The Mena Intermountain Municipal Airport in Arkansas long served as a major pick up and drop off location for illegal drug shipments, handled by Bush I, Bill Clinton, and the CIA.

Wall or no wall, the heavy flow of dangerous drugs will continue to flood the United States, unless John Kennedy’s foremost wish is realized.


Illegal immigrant and illegal drugs are clearly two different problems requiring two different solutions.

 Our Peaceful Divide

The Rio Grande River separates Texas from Mexico. We cannot very well build that part of the wall in the river, so where should it be built? In Mexico? Would the Mexican government agree to that?

Should the wall be built north of the river? Would such a wall cause environmental damage that would send the US media into ravingly mad spats of outrage?

Would the wall block water from draining into the Rio Grande River, causing that waterway to dry up?

How would wildlife animals be able to survive?

Would we ignore our Endangered Species Act? And what about all of our Environmental Protection statutes?

Moreover, the wall probably could not be finished during President Trump’s four-year term … if he lasts in office for four years.

It took over thirty years for us to complete our first coast-to-coast Interstate Highway (I-80 from California to New Jersey), which was built over a much friendlier  and populated terrain than the deserts and mountains between  the US and Mexico. Building the wall would require work camps and new lengthy roads to be built, all expensive time consumers.

This great wall might not be built within eight years, assuming Mr. Trump serves two four-year terms.

So what then?

Would the new president push to complete the wall? Would he  pressure Congress for the funds to maintain the wall and the large three-shifts of staffs needed to police it with airplanes and SUVs, while the media for four or eight years has been braying “It’s a Wall of Shame.”

Yes, the wall is a bad idea, but there is an excellent solution any one of my readers can pass up the line to President Trump, which he is free to take as his own idea.

Our Best Southern Border Solution!

All solutions should be win-win propositions.

A strong bi-lateral agricultural and economic agreement between America and Mexico could obviate the need for further diplomatic discussions concerning a border wall and put a final end to the border crossings of millions of illegal aliens, without putting up a wall.

First, our Border Police must again be given the authority to turn back illegal aliens, the very power the US border guards lost during Mr. Obama’s administration.

Secondly, a notice to all should be given that within six weeks all welfare benefits, schooling, and driver’s licenses to illegals aliens will be discontinued.

Then with less money than what millions of untrained, unskilled, uneducated, and poor immigrants (some diseased) would cost us to support in our country, we could turn the border towns of Cuidad Juarez, Nogales, Tijuana, Mexicali, and others into sparkling cities of great economic resurgence, with the bonus of an increase in jobs for Americans.

A wall along our southern border is a negative concept and blights the landscape. Let us reach out a helping hand to our neighbors to the south, rather than a slap in their face.

Instead of building a border wall (that could imprison Americans), we need to eliminate all welfare given to illegal immigrants. It is not job opportunities that drive so many illegals into America; it is  our endless parade of financial aid packages given to those who have knowingly broken our laws.

For some time our great nation has faced a long-term budgetary deficit and crisis. Should we risk the significantly ever mounting, lifetime, social-welfare costs of the ever-increasing influx of illegal aliens?

Additionally, we should provide no legal processes for illegal aliens, no trials, nothing but deportation for illegals.

There is a far better way, a more humane way, to solve our illegal immigration problem, and that is to make the vast expanse of desert between the US and Mexico bloom with farm crops, for miles on both sides of the border.

The Great American-Mexican

Farm Lands

To the west of the American-Mexican border is the Pacific Ocean; to the east is the Gulf of Mexico. Along both of these mighty bodies of water could be erected freshwater desalination plants. It seems logical to think such works could pump almost unlimited amounts of fresh water to stations along the international border.

Perhaps more important are the estimated thirty-six underground freshwater aquifers that are thought to exist from one end of the border to the other – the most prominent being the Hueco Bolson, Mesilla Bolson, San Pedro, and Santa Cruz aquifers.

There certainly seems to be enough water beneath the desert sands on both sides of the US and Mexican border (and in the Pacific and Atlantic waters) to cultivate enough food crops to feed the world indefinitely.

The solution to poverty is the vast production of goods and services people need or want, not welfare handouts.

Fresh water desalination plants and water wells are infinitely  more productive than a gigantic border wall.

Such a magnificent underground river has already been created in Libya …

The Great Man-Made River.

Libyans called it their Eighth Wonder of the World, which it was until the underground river drew the attention of the ruling International Bankers. These controllers of mankind had their puppets in the government of America (namely Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton) bomb the waterworks, making the incredible claim they were merely freeing the Libyans of their “terrible dictator,” Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

So the Great Libyan Man-Made River miracle was destroyed. And with it went the dream of making the Libyan deserts green, and for the first time in history providing clean drinking water for all Libyan citizens.

And perhaps such a project for the US and Mexico would be defeated, as the controlling autocrats of our world have a largely undisclosed plan to gain a monopoly on the world’s fresh water supply, as they control almost everything else.

Still, in theory, such a water supply between America and Mexico could provide both countries thousands of farming and agricultural related jobs, plus all the spin-off vocations, trades, and professions such an epic and Herculean enterprise as hundreds of thousands of fertile farming acres would attract.

The Mexican border towns of Tijuana, San Luis, Nogales, Juarez, Nuevo Laredo, Matamoros, and Acuña would prosper and grow, enticing many illegal aliens in America back into Mexico.

The sale of so much food to the world would give America and Mexico each a favorable balance of trade and make both countries amongst the most prosperous in the world.

Granted, it would be infinitely more difficult to bring about hundreds of thousands of acres of productive farmland along the US Mexican border than to build a wall along that border, but the rewards would be infinitely greater.

This project could get started during Trump’s presidency, as perhaps an overture, or an introduction to something far more substantial in the future. And if it did, it could secure Mr. Trump’s place in history as maybe our greatest president in modern times.

The rewards for mankind of developing such an expanse of fruitful agriculture would be hard to estimate. Moreover, such a project would serve as a model for the bilateral relationships between neighboring nations across the world.

Peace on earth, good will toward men, and prosperity for every human being, however, is the last thing the savage bankers of our world want; they want an earth of failed states that they can collapse into their globalistic* One World tyranny.

*America’s unconstitutional left turn from our traditional isolationism (nationalism) to our self-defeating interventionism around the world has cost mankind millions of deaths and immeasurable destruction, in just our two world wars.

 The American government was taken over by the banking warmongers, even before Woodrow Wilson’s presidency. Today that control has expanded to incalculable bounds and is reflected in what President Trump calls the swamp.

No matter what sob story you hear from the major news media,  the sub rosa itinerary of the cartel of bankers includes making the United States and the European countries the inclusive catch-alls for the diseased, the illiterates, the psychotics, and the criminals from sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East, Central/South America, and Mexico.

Have you noticed the media pathos for humanity, so prevalent during the refugee floods into Europe, which was absent when the US/NATO war machines were creating charred bodies with their white phosphorus-DU (Depleting Uranium*) bombs?

*Depleted uranium is a calculated misnomer, as DU is not depleted, and will not be for billions of years. DU bombs have long been classified by the United Nations as illegal weapons of mass destruction.

 The innocent citizens of the Middle East have been forced to endure the increased dangers of cancer, birth defects, and other diseases because of the DU munitions expended by the US/NATO air forces and ground troops.

 The half life of DU is four and a half billion years, with no known way of cleaning it up.

 DU also affects our own ground troops and is thought to be the reason for our terrible Gulf War Syndrome. 

 Over 200,000 returning Gulf War veterans came down with a multi-symptom illness thought to be related to DU.

Where were the photos of children, who had been burnt alive? Where were the mainstream videos of screaming mothers clutching their charred and burning little ones to their breasts?

Where was the media’s sympathy for those who deserved it? Are we to assume the mainstream media’s owners and controllers are mad-dog warmongers? Yes!

We were not supposed to know of the horrors committed by Western bombs, as the repulsions of decent people could have ended the mass carnage of innocent, men, women, and children. We are to only heed the sick, maudlin media messages that end by telling us again and again …

Support the removal of all immigration barriers to Western nations or you are a racist, Islamophobic, Nazi, fascist, homophobic, xenophobic, nationalist, isolationist, hater, and a deplorable.

Does CNN send you into a state of high dudgeon? I hope so.

The Luciferian bankers and their thousands of demons in the media, government, education, and all walks of life will ignorantly, or from malice, continue to scream and dance with the devil while continuing their insane support of sanctuary cities and anything else that is counterproductive to our culture, our families, our society, our country, and our world.

But what these minions of the masters of discord, disunity, and division will productively be doing is pointing to themselves, while professing either their ignorance or their evil intentions.

Such misguided souls will bring up complications as to why the most basic implementation of the above win-win proposals will not work. That is to be expected, as their game has been and will remain to be obfuscation and obstruction, with no concern of how that damages our nation or our world.

Remember, our enemies are easy enough to recognize if we will but look and listen; and, knowing who our enemies are is necessary for victory.

 When do societies fall?

When speech becomes violence, and violence becomes speech.

As Stefan Molyneux has quoted, “Hard times breed strong men. Strong men breed good times. Good times breed weak men. Weak men breed bad times.”

 It is now time for strong men to act or we will have bad times for many generations – perhaps centuries –  to come.

 Be an American:

Speak Truth to Power!


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