President Trump’s Korean Peninsula Gambit?


by Preston James


President Trump with National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster

Current background realities:

1- The Russians and Chinese have a working agreement to displace the Babylonian Talmudics BT/RKM private pernicious usury central Banking system and provide BRICS as the world’s new reserve currency system.

2- Rex Tillerson put together a very large deal between Exxon and Rosneft Russian Federation Oil Corporation. Being Secretary of State you can imagine that he will be advising President Trump to protect this agreement and make sure it remains intact when the smoke settles.

3- The BRICS banking system has now set up a Swift-type wire transfer system, allowing direct monetary transfers between BRICS member banks.

4- The New AIIB and Shanghai “Silk Road” economic Agreement is moving ahead and will eventually create a railroad system and a strong industrial trade system between Russia and China. And, if progress continues as expected most European nations will enter this new, developing trade pact as soon as the EU System is deconstructed, which experts believe is a certainty. President Duterte of the Philippines claims to be booting out the RKM Banksters right now. He has now been invited to meet with President Trump at the White House.

5- The top BT/RKM Banksters you can count on a couple of hands have decided to use the CIA/Israel/Saudis to create and deploy ISIS to destabilize the Mideast and Africa and create millions of homeless individuals. This small satanic group has also provided funds to ship these immigrants to European nations, Australia and America to neutralize emerging populism and as part of a new policy to progressively eradicate the white race, to destroy borders, language and culture and thus de-nationalize targeted nations and destroy their sovereignty.

6- This massive immigration is all part of their long term plan to destroy populism, nationalism and sovereignty by Globalization in order to create a NWO to be run by their satanic one-work government ruler.

7- This long term secret BT/RKM agenda involves hijacking and then using each of the following groups as Cutouts, and then destroying each when done with them, often pitting one against the other to weaken them and set them up for destruction. These groups include the Caucasian race, Christian, Islamics, Torah Hebrews and then Israeli and American based Khazarians who have been used as key Cutouts to destroy many societies and have been well-rewarded. The last group that will be destroyed unless this process is stopped will be the BT/RKM themselves.

There is an overall plan that is being deployed by the Fallen ones (Lesser Gods) who descended to Earth at Mount Hermon in ancient times and are the parasites driving all this war, mass-death, mass-human suffering and hell on Earth that has been produced in so many nations throughout history. This plan is best described as a very sophisticated, intergenerational long-term plan to destroy the human race, replace it with a new trans-human race (melding of iron and clay), and place a pure satanic NWO demonic-empowered, one-world ruler in place to rule the whole world. Most Cutouts assisting in the implementation of this plan have no idea about what is really behind it.

8- Right now there is allegedly a secret audit of the Federal Reserve System, a franchise of the City of London BT/RKM private central Banksters who charge folks who use their debt-notes, accruing pernicious usury for doing so. This is just one more form of populist pressure being brought against the BT/RKM Banksters, who now realize that unless they deploy American military might against the Russian Chinese Axis, they will be finished.

9- The BT/RKM has been building up China for many years as an economic powerhouse to take the place of the USA after they have completely parasitized it and Balkanized it. The American Christian church is the BT/RKM’s number one enemy in America, and they expect the eventual collapse of their Ponzi scheme to destroy America, as they shift their center of interest to Malaysia and China. They have allegedly planned to make China their new wealthy target to parasitize for the next 50 years at least and do not see Christianity as a growing threat there, since it is not supported by the ruling regime.

10- The BT/RKM plans to use American military and economic might to isolate Russia and then collapse it so that the powerful budding Christianity and Christian churches can once again be destroyed. Russian weaponry may be more advanced than commonly recognized in US Military and Intel circles. Many Russian Federation Military experts believe that the USG is getting ready for a first strike against Russia.

Does Russia lead the Superweapons arms race?


Now enter President Trump and his circle of advisers.

Trump is a nationalist at heart, wants to rebuild American and make it strong economically once again. His main advisers are there to represent the BT/RKM Banksters, but mostly their own stateside interests. These advisers represent the America Khazarian Tribe who expect them to preserve Americans’ financial strength by preserving the Federal Reserve System, a strong Military and an improved American economy.

President Trump’s advisers and the Stateside Tribal Chiefs they represent and serve do not understand that the Stateside Khazarian Tribe has been set up and used as Cutouts for the BT and will be sacrificed by the BT as they move ahead with their Globalist NWO agenda of pure evil.

President Trump’s advisers now realize that unless the BRICS nations system and the new budding Shanghai Silk Road trading pact is neutralized, eventually the Federal Reserve System will be reduced in power and reach, and the US Petro Dollar will cease to be the World’s Reserve Currency.  Allegedly they have convinced President Trump to support their new chessboard strategy to surround the Russian Federation with weapons systems and move against North Korea by staging massive military force against it, posturing to deploy it instantly.

What few Americans realize is that it was the US Department of State and the CIA/BCC/RKM that armed North Korea with everything from centrifuges, nuclear materials, black helicopters and guidance system (with satellite accessible back-doors).

It is hard work to start wars needed to keep the Banksters, defense contractors, and their major stock-holder families in big profits. Aggressive wars provide cheap natural resources, and thousands of victims for organ trafficking and sex-trafficking, as well.

The CIA and the RKM placed puppet dictators like Noriega, Saddam Hussein in power so they can become tyrants and then be set up to be used as a false reason necessitating illegal wars of aggression designed to make war profits, liberate land, destroy BT/RKM “enemies” and provide cheap natural resources.


Trump with Xi

What exactly is the strategy that President Trump has now deployed to neutralize BRICS and Shanghai Silk Road which is the main recognized threat to the FRS controlled American economic situation?

1- Trump’s strategy appears to be to counter Kim Jong Un’s saber-rattling and weapons display by sending subs and a carrier group near Korea, deploying massive amounts of well-armed drones that can strike North Korea with below-radar stealth attacks, and moving B1 and B2 bombers within easy striking distance of North Korea. But it is unlikely that this is what President Trump’s real agenda is. By the way, some insiders believe that Kim Jong Un has been remotely entrained to act by Secret Shadow Government (SSG)-deployed, ultra high-tech psychotronics. This would mean that Kim Jong Un has been set up as a tool on the Grand Chessboard by the SSG to be used as desired.

2- A good bet is that President Trump has made a secret deal with China. This deal involves China being allowed to take back Taiwan as long as they deal with it like they did when they took back Hong Kong from the UK when their lease ran out. China left Hong Kong intact to operate as it was because it was so profitable and economics is a big concern of the new China. China agrees to cut off coal and food from North Korea and allow Trump to stage strategic strikes to remove Kim Jong Un from power. China allows Korea to be re-united as long as there will be no US military in Korea anymore and no nuclear weapons anywhere in the Korean peninsula, north or south.

3- President Trump will allow BRICS and Shanghai Silk Road AIIB to continue as long as they participate in a new IMF special Drawing Rights form of World Reserve Currency, making room for America to stay in the game, while allowing room for BRICS and the new Shanghai Silk-Road AIIB trade pact, which are both growing. Has President Trump set up the negotiated end of the FRS while appearing to be fighting for it; and just how dangerous a game is this for America?

4- Some of President Trump’s advisers may have different plans and may try to set off a full nuclear exchange-based WW3 with Russia and China by provoking them to act first, or staging a nuclear false-flag to be falsely blamed on Russia.



City of London statue

Donald Trump has been accused of making a 180-degree change since being elected president. Some insiders claim he is being blackmailed by the BT/RKM.

Others claim that the various above-top-secret, deep-black and beyond-black briefings he received shocked him, taking him to the edge of reality and creating a different current mindset.

We won’t know for sure until time passes and we see how all matters play out. It’s now a known fact that the Hillary Clinton DNC insider team immediately concocted the “Russia did it” notably false narrative the very day she lost the election as a means to neutralize President Trump.

Obviously we are living in dangerous times. America has been asset-stripped bare by the BT/RKM private City of London Banksters and their tribal Cutouts. The middle class is being eroded and destroyed by the day. Unemployment and underemployment is at the highest point ever. Savings yield far less than inflation and life-long attempts to build a nest egg are failing for millions of Americans.

The stock market is set for a big crash and many pensions are going to be severely cutback; some will fail completely unless the American economy is restored. Prices are rising, debt-load is increasing and the top 1% are increasing their wealth by leaps and bounds. CEO’s are making salaries in the millions to 100-millions per year (especially health care CEO’s).

Approximately 40% of Federal taxes collected are paid to the Federal Reserve System as interest on their debt-notes lent to Americans to use as their “money”. Massive amounts of USD dollars are being spent on top secret, deep-black and beyond-black secret programs, much of it obtained through CIA-organized crime (illegal weapon and narcotics trafficking and corporate scams and bust-outs), and direct FRS secret loans.


Approximately 985 Billion USD per year is being spent on above-ground secret Intel and spying programs, and about another 1.5 Trillion dollars on Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs) and Secret deep Space War fleets. So much money is going into these black programs, many unacknowledged and unaccounted, that the American economy is basically being stripped bare by such expenditures.

Those who sit on a special group called MJ, Majestic or MAJI, take your pick, have claimed these gross expenditures are all necessary because these Black programs are busy fighting certain groups of Alien ET invaders. What we do not know is whether they are fighting to establish a Globalist NWO, one-world satanic government for the BT itself.

In any event, the Secret Space War is apparently quite real, but whom are they fighting and for what purpose are questions that remain credibly unanswered. That alone is the biggest secret here and one the SSG may not even be able to answer themselves, especially if they have been severely psychotronically mind-kontrolled by working too closely with certain Alien ET groups who specialize in the most sophisticated forms of Mind-kontrol imaginable.

Past members of MJ

These grim realities all may have affected President Trump if he was given decent briefings on these matters. President Trump is a known business strategist par excellance. And it can be reasonably expected that he will be managing foreign affairs with this same methodology that made him many millions in the past.

If President Trump’s strong arm efforts to manipulate the Chinese and Russians with the threat of deployment of US Military might against them fails. If it provokes a Russian first strike, or if the SSG deploys a secret DOD false-flag nuke inside America to justify a nuclear response against the Russian Federation, we could see a very nasty full-scale nuclear WW3 arise in short order. It may be that President Trump has no idea of the SSG and its capabilities to manipulate him and his Administration by covert means.

But if he succeeds, will it be the end of the FRS and a whole new IMF system of SBRs, BRICS and Shanghai Silk-Road AIIB all working together in a more equitable system?




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