Yemen, Cholera, Israel and WMDs

Not neon hotdogs, the Cholera virus viewed under an electron microscope.

While we are covering Yemen today, we feel a need to put a stake in the heart (or perhaps a bayonet in the bum) of the CIA-Mossad puppet called Gaddafi, the darling of the Israeli-paid phonies of the ‘Alternative Media’; eventually we are going to cover Israel’s love affair for North Korea and even delve into their powerful friends among Iran’s Mullahs as well. We long ago busted Azerbaijan and Georgia as client states, Ukraine as a client state and most dreadful of all, Trump’s America as a client state.

The cholera epidemic in Yemen is now officially “suspicious.”  There is a high likelihood that this is biological warfare on behalf of, well, there is no way of getting around it.  The US is involved, we support Saudi Arabia, who has turned to Israel for prohibited weapons many times.  We have a war where the US is supporting al Qaeda and, from time to time, pretending to attack them.

This kind of behavior is typical, and always disappointing.  We have Saudi Arabia hiring druglord mercenaries and evidence of at least one tactical nuclear weapon being used.  The video below has been identified as a nuclear attack by Jeff Smith, physicist and IAEA inspector.

It’s is one thing making accusations, even offering ADS incident teams begin forensic analysis.  We, in reality, have a situation where the players involved have a long history of use of prohibited weapons, barbaric acts, use of terrorism and a mindset that lend to turning to cruelty against the innocent.

They know they can get away with it and they also know they have powerful friends in Washington and total control of the press.  This week they went after Syria again, imaginary executions and burned bodies by the thousands, a pipe dream as was Trump, and his ‘wag the dog’ missile attack, in itself a pitiful failure and proof Americas Tomahawk missiles need to be scrapped as useless.

There is no way to get to the truth without the history behind it, without opening files and without going into use of something more than prohibited weapons, prohibited information.  We begin:

After the fall of Gadaffi, what has now been exposed as a key part of the Kosher Nostra Fake News began a programme of whitewashing Gadaffi. When the US went after Gadaffi, our sources tell us that the full force of one of the greatest criminal abuses of our time the Bush kidnapping, torture and rendition programme not only existed there but was growing every day, in direct contravention to Obama policy.

This is the root of the bitterness between Obama and Netanyahu, why Obama took down the Iron Dome, removing the key AEGIS ships and why the US and Israel entered a dark period in their relations. Netanyahu believed that he could keep the worst of the NeoCon abuses from the War On Terror going in Libya, where American contracting companies, some unknown, like Google Ideas Group but all the other usual suspects as well, would use Afghani drug money and Saudi cash to maintain their prisons and torture centres – a veritable Gulag archipelago on an unprecedented scale and the continuing centre for bizarre experiments in bioweapons and worse.

In January, 2009, Barack Obama, the same Barack Obama who stood against George Bush and his invasion of Iraq, assumed the Presidency in a landslide victory – a real landslide victory. Sources say that, with as many as 5 millions votes flipped against him, he still won handily.

This takes us to Libya, one of the first targets of Obama’s wrath – it had nothing to do with Arab Springs or spreading democracy; you see, and we will prove, that Libya existed as both an Israeli base of operations for things too dark to do anywhere else, (one of two, the other being North Korea) and as a last bastion, a last bastion for what?

In 2003, Bush, Blair, Cheney, the NeoCons and their bandit corporations setup operations in Libya, the land of magic rivers and imaginary gold-backed currency. We are going to show you how Libya was created, why Obama destroyed it and the legacy that remains. The evidence is incontrovertible and overwhelming, as will be the gasp that comes out of the Israeli-run, fake, alternative media when they see this.

Suffice it to say, one of the most important tools we’ve used to identify the enemies of Syria and Russia, those pushing for war against Iran and those who would advance the cause of the Kosher Nostra take over in Washington is by going back and looking at those who cried crocodile tears over Gaddafi, the man who ran the Bush rendition programme, a man we can prove was born into the Mossad.

Obama wasn’t allowed to close Guantanamo, but destroying Gaddafi was a thousand times more important to that cause and you would never hear that truth from the small army of activists, all assets of Israel in this case, that ran to Tripoli and filled hotels, crying crocodile tears while the world burned down on the actor Gaddafi.  So many buy this, the compelling narrative of another cardboard Lothario puppet, no wonder Trump is in the White House, steeped in the role of “Nixon’s Last Days.”

We begin our story with our own role and will provide background that is not part of the false narrative.  It is important to note that pumping fakery into the blogosphere is now fully controlled where once there were many players involved.  You can no longer simply make things up without permission from Google Jigsaw and their CIA/Mossad friends.

VT or, more appropriately, ADS (American Defence Solutions Inc.) has received a report that the Cholera outbreak in Yemen is due to biological weapons vectors. SIGINT intercepts claim that Israelo-Arab teams embedded within Saudi-funded Al-Qaeda in Yemen have hit wells with a weaponised Cholera developed, initially in Libya.

This is nothing new when it comes to Israeli malfeasance, between December 1947 and May 1948 the terrorists of the Hagganah’s Palmach and Pum assassination squads, acting on the orders of Menachem Begin, poisoned the wells of Palestinian villages with typhoid and dysentery as part of the campaign of ethnic cleansing that gave rise to the state of Israel.


There’s a rumor that one of the people on VT was assigned to Libya within months of Gaddafi taking over, and another later assigned to hunt rogue CIA agents in Libya as part of a combined CIA-Mossad team.  The imaginary Mossad agent was a doctor Eduardo Leonardi from Argentina, or so he claimed; two years later he would be dead…

VT’s staffers have more direct experience with Gladio and the Libya Project than anyone around today, and we are the only ones talking.  Survival in the trade isn’t a guarantee and nobody reaches retirement age unless one has long become a mindless ass kisser. Back  to Kissinger’s plan, his Libya, Nixon’s Libya, so clever they were, read on and learn how Libya under Gaddafi became the CIA’s puppet state, as with North Korea, for all things that could not be done otherwise.

The operation was intended to deceive Congress because the real Libya was not what it seemed to be; after 1967 and Israel’s Blitzkrieg victory, they convinced the US to aid them in regime change in Libya. The US had an airbase there, a leftover from WW2, but Libya was considered ‘low value’ until the plan was brought in and Henry Kissinger jumped on it. Remember, the war in Vietnam was raging full bore and NATO was stretched thin in Europe; this is what Kissinger presented to Nixon:

The Israelis have got a guy, a Libyan colonel named Gaddafi, a lifelong Israeli asset, they want to put this guy in and the CIA is completely behind them; the Israelis want to build up a credible military threat on Egypt’s western border and we need an operational base for Gladio in case Russian tanks hit the Fulda Gap.

With the French out of NATO and cosying up to the Soviets, American forces will lack strategic depth and we would be looking at another Dunkirk in three weeks, retreating behind a veritable storm of tactical nuclear weapons. Only Libya, a non-aligned Libya, playing the US and Russia against one another, can keep us in play in southern Europe, it’s Libya that commands the Mediterranean, small population, oil, with the US Navy out of Naples and Sardinia, Libya would be a prize. Israel says they can hold it for us – how we are going to begin is this:

We are going to relocate our special ops commands and bring the Phoenix Programme people over, to set up Libya for us, they can work with our P2 Freemasonic assets across Europe (now called the Alt. Right, Neo-Nazis, etc.) and we can arrange for weapons and explosive storage and targeted assassinations of labour, political, journalists, the thousands of in-place assets that the Soviets have been running within Europe’s communist and liberals establishments for decades.

For the next 20 years, the CIA’s partners set off nearly 100 bombs and murdered the Prime Ministers of Italy and Sweden.

Israel’s partnership in Libya began immediately, training Gaddafi’s security services and taking over the operation of Libya’s Diplomatic Corps around the world, anyone that can’t see the fingerprints of this relationship on decades of history is simply not paying attention. Similarly, this brings us to a couple of things we are going to address right off, one being Lockerbie and the other the Berlin discotheque, both obvious false flags and may well have been staged simply to maintain Gaddafi’s reputation.

We have evidence that the 1987 attack on Libya by Reagan was coordinated by American Forward Air Controllers on the ground in Libya, then of course we have Gaddafi’s poor, dead daughter. For added drama, and to to show personal loss, Gaddafi and his aides drove to a local hospital, there they asked staff to take them to the bedside of a dying child, here Gaddafi performed the necessary ceremony, muttering ‘I adopt thee, I adopt thee, I adopt thee’, neatly pirouetted then slithered out of the room while a remaining security officer put a pillow over her face.

The American contingent in Libya, the CIA Gladio headquarters and the five special forces training camps – Americans masquerading as IRA terrorists, made sure the US false flag attack would be a huge success for the acting president, another notch in his belt to add to Grenada. Pretty soon, nobody would remember Vietnam.

Nixon was gone and Kissinger ruled the roost in Washington when, in 1975, Israel signed a weapons agreement with South Africa. Aided by France, Britain, traitors in the US, Libya, South Africa and Israel began development of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons. South Africa’s programme would explode it’s first nuclear weapon on September 22nd, 1979, a weapon built at the Pelendaba facility.

That programme would be shut down during the post-Apartheid transition and the removal of the nine remaining nukes, negotiated by Dr. David kelly and a 25 year old David Cameron. Israel would end up in possession of some of those weapons and one would later be exploded by North Korea. (13.2 kiloton gun type uranium weapon refined at Pelendaba from Katanga ore.)

American Vela satellites identified the signature from the 1979 Prince Edward Island explosion which produced North Korea’s first fission reaction and clarified, to those who pay attention, that North Korea was also an Israeli partner. We would see the Republic of Georgia become an Israeli partner and attack Russia, we would see Ukraine become an Israeli partner and attack Russia and in Washington today, we have an Israeli mafia asset in the White House who may well be planning to attack Russia as well, but we digress….

The South African Programme, which intended to openly market nuclear weapons, was re-formulated outside Johannesburg at a company called Tradewind, run by Israeli Johann Meyer. There, a full nuclear weapons facility was run, under the nose of the govt. with weapons quality German-built high speed gas centrifuges, row upon row, pumping out Plutonium until it was shut down in 2003.

That’s the same year Gaddafi’s nuclear programme was rolled up as well, and that was done very publicly, as the Israeli asset Gaddafi, now officially announced he was joining the War On Terror and his secret prison complex would be turned over to the Bush administration.

America moved thousands through Libya, which headquartered and hosted the Bush rendition programme – Gaddafi was the real muscle behind the Bush crusader war against Islam. from what we are told, the son of a Jewish mother. It was at this point that Halliburton, Bechtel, BAE and BP took over economic operation of Libya.

Back in South Africa, during the 1990s, a ‘truth and reconciliation commission’ investigated the weapons programmes used to produce VX nerve gas, BZ (a hallucinogen), Sarin gas and a number of other chemical and biological weapons as well, run by a Dr. Basson. The findings are classified, however, one of VT’s editors, acting as UN Envoy, was able to access them.

Israel has always been about biological and chemical warfare, weapons that could be moved easily through customs and planted by an army of Sayanim.

One of the biggest problems faced by Israel is their limited geography’ Col. James Hanke, editor of VT, still won’t talk about what he did in Israel, but we know that he carried a covert radiation detector into the Dimona facility. What we do know is this: Israel and South Africa had, and likely continue, to maintain nuclear facilities, according to VT Editor Jeff Smith, a former IAEA inspector and nuclear physicist, in Mauritania, there they worked with ‘Lord of War’ Viktor Bout.

In the rebel breakaway region of western Mauritania, deep underground inside an iron ore mine owned by former South African Prime Minister DeKlerk, stolen US nuclear pits were matched and re-machined. Smith claims these were purchased by a dozen countries, including Saudi Arabia.

Simultaneously, in Libya, Bechtel Corporation built a chemical weapons research centre, the year was 2006, a Wikileaks cable from the US State Dept. openly acknowledged that the US was aware this was a biological weapons facility, the most advanced on Earth, until, the opening of the Lugar Labs in Tblisi, Georgia.

As part of an investigation run out of Houston, TX by Smith, CIA agent Roland Carnaby, (murdered) FBI Agent John O’Neill (murdered in the WTC on 9/11) and FBI Agent Mike Dick (who escaped a murder attempt and sued the FBI for ‘accidentally’ targeting him as an armed terrorist) a nuclear smuggling ring was broken up.

Behind the ring, aiding Viktor Bout were, according to our highest sources, names like Bill Richardson and Tom Countryman, Richard Clarke, Benjamin Netanyahu, Rudy Giuliani and Patrick Fitzgerald. Making this possible was the ‘accidental’ destruction of the records of the entire inventory of dismantled nuclear weapons tied to the Strategic Arms Limitation Treaties.

Over 2000 nuclear pits are unaccounted for, according to sources at the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Now you wonder why we laugh when people talk about ‘Dirty Bombs’….

It was Richardson that covered this up, as head of the DOE, but the real security problem is tied to pit matching, you see, plutonium deteriorates quickly, turning into P-240, therefore nuclear pits can become dangerously unstable. It is required that they are re-machined, using matched pairs from the same production run or they will eventually go critical, with extremely unpleasant results.

The cholera in Yemen

Cholera as a Biological Weapon

During World War II, the Japanese biological weapons program known as Unit 731 located in Pingfan Manchuria (24 kilometers south of Harbin) experimented with Vibrio cholera as a weapons agent. It was reported that the Japanese dropped cholera and typhus cultures into more than 1,000 Chinese wells and reportedly caused 10,000 cases in 1941. However, an estimated 1,700 of the deaths were Japanese soldiers, a testimony to the difficulty of protecting one’s own troops from biological agents and controlling infections.

South Africa’s biological weapons program, Project Coast (1981-1994), under the direction of Colonel Wouter Basson, developed cholera as a possible biological agent. It was reported that during South Africa’s civil war, cholera, anthrax and other bacteria were released into water in rebel-held areas.

Iraq’s biological weapons program reportedly began with the start of the Al-Hazen Institute in 1974 where cholera was one of the biological agents under study. North Korea reportedly also studied cholera as a possible biological weapons agent.


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