Mattis: Civilian deaths inevitable in war against Daesh


by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor  … with Press TV, Teheran

Individual tragedies are hard to focus on where we are way over a million in these regime change slaughters

[ Editor’s Note: I was surprised how many idiots there were in the PressTV comments on this, that I was anti-Syrian for trying to cover up the civilian killings, like anyone could really do that. I did not know I had such power.

This is nothing more than a diversion from the real civilian killing that has been going on. And that is due to the US Coalition’s use of state sponsored terrorism in its regime change game. This is widely known and even accepted.

You have not has a single major religious denomination denounce this state sponsored terrorism as they don’t want to add their names to the target list. They know they are soft targets. But when their turn comes they will be the first to cry “More should have been done to stop this”.

And then you have an army of anonymous internet commenters, and the usual paid trolls take us on because we put our names on our work, when they don’t. There is no major institutional pushback against this state sponsored terror, which is a huge threat to all of us as it is now becoming accepted that nothing can really be done about it. The real killers don’t even get bad press.

No politician runs for office stating that one of his or her main planks is to stop the US from doing this and reveal the whole story of what it has done. They know that not enough of the public cares. It would be political suicide. So the blame does not all go on the perps, but the huge masses of  Americans who have failed in their own duty. Political power for change does not happen because a small percentage of the people push for it.

No major civic or veterans organization has stepped forward to denounce all those in the US government and military who have quietly gone along with this crime, and that’s what it is, a crime against humanity, which the Nuremburg trials showed there is no immunity, but you need a huge army to enforce it…JD ]

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The civilians always get the short end of the stick
Published on May 28, 2017

The US Defense Secretary says civilian casualties are inevitable in the war against ISIL in Iraq. James Mattis says civilian casualties are a fact in such situations, adding that the US is doing everything humanly possible to avoid them at all costs. He made the remarks in an interview with CBS’s Face the Nation.

Some NGO’s have blamed the Trump administration that’s accelerated the pace of combat for the rise in civilian casualties. Washington has contested that by saying they have not changed their rules of engagement.

A coalition led by the US has acknowledged over 450 civilian deaths since it began its airstrikes in Syria and Iraq in 2014. Airwars, a London-based group that tracks civilian deaths, has put the number at nearly 3700 since then.



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