8/17/17 Barcelona False Flag?


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By Kevin Barrett, VT Editor

My correspondent in Spain writes (re: Barcelona vehicular homicide):

It is a “False Flag” Kevin
Hundreds of main and small details.
On top of that: is the Independence of Cataluña for the first october 2017… They are sending the army to Cataluña in order to stop the arrival of the Toyotas from the desert.

I am still waiting for him to send the details, which I will vet and report on False Flag Weekly News tomorrow.

Here are five reasons to immediately suspect a possible false flag.


1. Spain is experiencing an existential crisis as the Catalonia Independence Referendum, scheduled for October, approaches. Could elements of the Spanish national government, and its NATO friends, be looking for an excuse to militarily occupy Catalonia in advance of the referendum?

2. The date 8/17/17 (or 17/8/17 in the European system) looks like typical illuminati numerology. The digits resolve into two 1s (11) and two 7s (77). (And the 8 is a “1 + 7). Remember the planes that hit the Towers? 11 and 77, of course. Britain’s biggest modern terror event was on 7/7. A suspiciously disproportionate number of false flag events seem to coincide with dates featuring the numeral 11 and its multiples.

3. Israel is angry with Spain, whose municipalities are leading the world in divesting from the Zionist Entity.

SPECIFICS (admittedly skimpy so far, since this just happened)

4. The van driver supposedly began running people over outside a kosher restaurant.

5. The alleged terrorist were considerate enough to have dropped off a passport featuring an Arabic name (Driss Oukabir) when they abandoned the van. The routine drop of an ID card or passport fingering or leading to a patsy is Standard Operating Procedure for false flaggers.

I will try to keep this article updated. Feel free to sound off in the comments.


7/18/16 3:30 Central

I am in Chicago waiting for a plane to Dallas, where I’ll be speaking at the Muslim Congress this weekend.  Here are some items that have come in.

-“A passport found in the van took the police to the Alcanar house where bombs were being prepared.”

That was very considerate of the terrorist to throw down a passport to help the police locate his safe house full of explosives. Obviously we shouldn’t be at all skeptical of a story like this, since “radical Islamic terrorists” ALWAYS throw down their passports to assist police. For details, check out Michel Chossudovsky’s new article Barcelona Manchester Berlin Paris Nice London New York: Passports and IDs Mysteriously Discovered in the Wake of Terror Attacks.


-The Spanish government is staging a “Je Suis Charlie” scene in an attempt to “unite the SPANISH people” (and underline the Catalan independence movement?)


-One of my best European sources writes:


Indicators :

1. All Culprits dead.
Reason given: Wearing “bomb”-belts.
2. A connection is made to a prior major FALSE FLAG : 9/11.
“…Random attacks against unarmed civilians were seen as ineffective, and even counter-productive in terms of garnering public support in the Muslim world.
The 9/11 attack was launched against targets seen by al-Qaida as symbolsk of US economic, political and military power….”.
3. Passport found inside vehicle.
4. SITE INTEL GROUP claiming a fake terror group behind attacks.
5. Picture of young child “missing” to stirr empathy 
6. The application of Impossibilities :
One police man kills 4 “terrorist”.
All in order for the psyop to go smoother.


-A VT source writes:

I searched anagrams for Driss Oukabir. One of the anagrams is ISIS dak burro.

Often, the words in anagrams are not immediately obvious, so I have to look them up online, because they don’t even look like words, at first.

Dak | Define Dak at Dictionary.com

/dɑːk/ noun (formerly, in India) 1. a system of mail delivery or passenger transport by relays of bearers or horses stationed at intervals along a route. (as modifier): dak bearers.


An anonymous source from Barcelona reports:

Was it a false flag?

Maybe it was a let-it-happen thing. I can’t imagine that they could fake such big and bloody event.

Who benefits? Why do they attack civil targets and not political, military or sensible infrastructure?

– ISIS: wants to polarize western society and radicalize part of the Muslim community.

– Global capitalism: is searching for the “clash of civilization” at any cost, to

*legitimize wars in middle east and “war against terrorism.”
*prepare western countrys for civil war (police state)
*create cohesion in Europe population (against national state). This could be relevant because Catalunya is really in rebellion against Spain.

The mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau, is a very honest person. Her party and another her allied party (CUP), who form government are very left wing. Ada Colau was very emotional and strucked, she layed down flowers for the victims and nearly cried. I take her as witness that what has happened, really happend. Maybe she is deceived as well.

Some fishy things:

– The ID document.

Why should they use the ID document of the brother. They could steal one from a really innocent person without connexion to the action, to distract police. I wouldn’t do this to my brother.

Ruling out that they really lost the ID, why should they leave it in the van, when the hunt starts and they try to get away? Just to reclaim authorship?

It was said the brother needed the document to hire the van, because he’s just 17 year old. This argument is ridiculous. Why should the youngest of the people involved hire the van?

But if it was set up, couldn’t they (police) have it done easier and more credible saying they followed the van-trace back to the agency where they hired the van and got the personal data there?

– the second van showed up in Vic, about 50 minutes by car.

They don’t speak about the driver. They haven’t caught him. Where is he?

Why did he go to Vic? Cambrils where the rest of the gang was executed is just the opposite direction.

Wanted he go to Ripoll? Vic is half the way to Ripoll, from Barcelona. But why did he park the van in Vic? Change car?

How could he make it to Vic. It was told that the second van was a get away car. If police know that it must have been immediately after the attack. All the big streets and highways do have vigilance cameras. Why didn’t they find it? Or did they know only much later when they checked where the first van came from?

– the driver of the first van

How could he escape?

Who was he? They never showed a picture from any security camera. They just gave a description (1.70 cm tall, young, white shirt with stripes). Where does the description come from? Witness? Camera?

The driver is still on the run (21 of Aug.). They think it was Younes Aboyaaqoub (22 years old).

Police says he got away by Metro and afterwards he captured a car (white Ford Focus) and stabbed the owner to death. He broke through a police control (at Diagonal). They found the car 3 km away, the wounded (or already dead owner, I don’t know exactly) inside and the aggressor already gone.

I find it difficult to believe that he could have broken through that control and make 3 km with all the Barcelona police on the street in high alert and get away without being seen.

I find it difficult to believe that he could have stabbed the car owner. The owner was a 32 old strong man. You must be a real killer to do that. The perpetrators they present to us were nearly kids.

– the alleged terrorist were very young. The fotos show intelligent nice young guys. Their families have joined the protests against these acts and are shocked because neither the boys nor the imam (who has disappeared and is accused now of having radicalized the boys) have shown signs of radicalization.


were well known and integrated



Police speak about 12 terrorists. This is a whole bunch. You need some military discipline to raise up this group and manage a such complicated project (occupy a house, build bombs, hire vans) without something leaking out. Hard to imagine.

Cambrils is far away from Ripoll. Wouldn’t it have been easier to have the bomb lab nearer?

– Cambrils execution

Official version says that 5 terrorists narrowed a police control. Police shot and the car (Audio 3) turned over. 5 terrorists came out with knifes and explosive belts. One police officer killed 4 of them, the 5th ran away to a park. He was stopped by police, he didn’t obey the order to lay down. He was shot, stood up again, tried to cross the road with his explosives (was fake) and shot to death.

Why aren’t they interested in prisoners? Why don’t they shoot to the leg instead of shoot to kill?

Why should 5 terrorists travel in just one car, only armed with knives and fake explosive belts?

– security video of the erotic – museum Barcelona

Official version says that the van drove down in the middle of the Rambla zigzagging.


In the following video


we see the van driving on the street (not on the Rambla) against the traffic direction (this way goes up to plaza Catalunya),

Without zigzagging, we see a man who pushes away a baby buggy and the van passes from left to right, could easyly have caught the man, but didn’t.  (0.15 –  0.18). The people are moving but don’t really show panic.

Later a woman shut the window. Before you can see something big, like a van, coming up the street ( in the correct direction), you see it in the right wing of the window wing that is closed by the woman. 0.50 – 0.53. She closes the window and  in the final screen we see something big driving up to plaza catalunya.

Why is the van in false direction driving on the left of the Rambla. It’s not zigzagging. What vehicle is coming up the same street in correct direction. Why didn’t the driver stopp if there is so much trouble?

– Alcanar – the bomb lab

There was an explosion a day before the Barcelona attack, on Wednesday. It was a huge explosion and almost nothing was left. It was declared a gas explosion. Only after the Barcelona attack it was recognized the connexion to the events. Why didn’t police or firemen recognize the explosion as something more explosive than gas? Now they found traces there of TATP, an explosive called “the mother of satan”. They should have investigated better. Catalunya is on alert 4 from 5 on the terrorist attack scale.



– helicopter

I have a good view over Barcelona and I saw only one helicopter that day (17th of Aug.) No movement of rescue-helicopters, no vigilance in spite of maximum alert. Strange.  In any mayor demonstration, there are 3 to 4 helicopters.

– police action against jihadism in spain



Barcelona attack: Woman caught up in third terror event after surviving London Bridge and Paris rampages

This just in from a Barcelona source:

Barcelona update

The hunt is over. They found the fugitive and killed him. They get straight their narrative now.

Here is my version.

I’ve had some time today to explore the Rambla.  There are some things  I’ve to correct from my former observation. But I still believe that there is something more to the history they don’t tell us.


My take on it in short:

– the attack happened, it’s not staged.

– we haven’t seen the perpetrator = phantom driver

– we don’t know, who really did it.


so here is my script:

there were two teams:

Team A: the islam and the Alcanar terrorists. (the bad one, real terrorists)

Team B: the Ripoll-boys (the good ones, the patsy)

They prepare an attack in Alcanar (Lab). Somebody blows it up (secret service). They lure the patsy into position. They perpetrate the attack in Barcelona (secret service). They execute the patsy in evident situation, kill them all, nobody can talk.



Team A = real terrorists, convinced and paid for.

Team B = patsy, to blame the action on the whole muslim community = “Even if they smile and they are shy and reasonable: you never can trust them.”


  1. I went to the Rambla and asked two diferent person (women, working there) about what has happened on Thursday. Both said they weren’t there but collegues of them, yes, and those told very cruel things and they still are in a state of shock.


They told me:

– the van was zigzagging. ( in the video not).

– the car was hitting against quioscs (I have not seen signs of any damage on quioscs)

– it is a wonder that there were not more victims, because at that time the Rambla is very crowded and you can’t even get out of the way.

– after the amok-drive, the Rambla was totally empty, no-one on the street, all locked in hotels, restaurants, shops.


Q: Could it be posible to stage this event?

I think, no, because there are too many people involved, who could observe something strange. It’s 500 m full with quioscs and their employees. And the Rambla would be so crowded that there must be real victims. You can’t occupy 500 m Rambla only with actors.


  1. The erotic museum video is authentic and right.

I was inside and the camera can’t focus the street in front. What we see is rightly the middle of the Rambla and the street on the other side of the Rambla. On the bottom of the video the people are searching cover between the quioscs, on the left hand we see one (like a shadow).


Q: Who published the video. Did the owner of the museum sell it to a newspaper? Did the police authorize the publishing?

Q: What is coming driving the way up the Rambla in the last seconds of the video?


  1. Vigilance Cameras

There are a lot, cameras focused on the street and cameras with wide angles. Where the van finally stopped, there is a plaque saying: video vigilance in the periphery of 500 m, that’s just the distance the van run. I think there must be more cameras I haven’t seen, maybe with motor and wide angles. The Rambla is notorious for pickpockets and prostitution in the streets surrounding. There must be camera vigilance 24/7 to protect the tourists.


Q: Didn’t they have any acceptable footage of the van and especially the driver, to publish, involving the population in the search? Why didn’t they publish more detailed fotos of the driver?


  1. Private videos and fotos

The left and right of the Rambla is occupied by shops, restaurants and hotels. There are always people on the balconys, making fotos.

Q: Why aren’t there fotos or videos of the van in action?

It’s strange that there is none (I haven’t seen any) that shows the van in action.

I understand that when it happened the police cut off the cell-phone-communication, and reserved the bandwidth for its own need, how they explained it on tv. But still there is no material that shows the van driving down the Rambla.


  1. Entrance point of the van, on top of the Rambla.

The entrance is very narrow. When you come from Pelayo-Street, you have to turn right. You have to avoid a monument and the subway entrance. The best way to enter would be behind the monument. But normally there are policeman and a police van. They should have seen the van coming in. From that very first moment on the police was alerted. So there was time to focus cameras and get patrols engaged.


Q: Why is there no footage of the driver?

Q: How could the driver escape from the scene? (Now it’s said that he used the confusion to escape. But somebody must have seen him : early on they described the driver very well, with his cloth.)


  1. The driver clothes.


The newspaper LA VANGUARDIA published “the last foto of the terrorist-driver, in the banc, withdrawing money”, a day before the attack = Wednesday (the link is to the telegraph, who picked up the foto). We see him in a shirt with black and white stripes. That coincides with the description of the van-driver.

Q: Why should he dress such an eye-catching shirt. “Normal terrorists” would wear something less striking, when they go to work.

Q: It’s really hot in August. Wouldn’t he change the shirt from one day to the other?


  1. Good guys

The boys from Ripoll were known as good guys. Nobody has noticed any kind of radicalization or extremist ideology. Here is a heartbreaking testimony of a social worker of Ripoll, a woman who knew them all.


She says, she can’t understand how these boys could have done this and what is her fault not to have perceived the danger.

  1. Bad guy(s)

Seems to be that the bad guy was the imam, and the terrorists from Alcanar. It’s said that the imam had contact in prison (he was there for narco) with someone from the Madrid train attacks. They say the imam died in the Alcanar explosion. There is only one left, the one who survived the explosion. They interogate him. He says they were fabricating bombs in  Alcanar.


  1. Good guys and bad guys.

In one report (newspaper) I read that the people from Alcanar and Ripoll were not very close.

Q: Is there (beside the imam) any relation between the Ripoll-boys and the Alcanar team?

Q: Could it be that the Ripoll-boys are just patsys and the Alcanar-team is the equipe A, with full knowledge and expertise?


  1. The escape

The oficial version (21th of Aug.) is now, that the driver could escape from the crime scene, and went by foot (that’s why there is no subway footage of him) to “zona universitaria”. There he stabbed to death a man who wanted to park his car. He took the car, came into a police-control, broke through, made 3 km more, left the car and got away without beeing seen.


Q: How could he get out of the van without beeing identified and persecuted?

Q: The area is highly controlled by video vigilance. Why couldn’t they trace him?

Q: The driver of the stolen car was a 34 years old, a well trained Catalan adult. Younes is 22 years old. It’s very tough to kill someone with a knife. Could he do it? Could he do it without resistance of the killed man? Could he do it without beeing seen?

Q: How could he make 3km after braking a control?

Q: How could he get away without beeing seen?


  1. Execution

A woman saw a strange man in Subirats (Catalunya) and asked him what he is doing there. She recognized him as the wanted man. He fled. She called the police. They found him and shot him to death. They say he wear an explosive belt.

Q: How did he get there?

Q: Did he wear his striped shirt?

Q: Why should he wear an explosive belt, when he is fleeing?

Q: Isn’t there a way to arrest one single man without killing him?


  1. No witnesses.

There are no more witnesses left, beside the elder brother, Driss…., and the guy from Alcanar.

Driss seems not to be involved. He can’t say anything. The guy from Alcanar says that they were building bombs. But who is “they”.


  1. The Alcanar explosions

First explosion: arround 23:17



1 death and 6 wounded.

The time is odd: The firefighters got the call at 23:17. Is it possible that the explosion was at 23:11 (= 9:11) and it took some time to call the firefighters?


Q: This explosion appears now to be the first “strike”. Maybe it was no accident but intentially. Is it the tag (911) we’ve seen all  over these years in differents events?


The second explosion:

They are working on the site and trigger a new explosion. They think, maybe there was a kind of gas bubble left, that exploded.


Q: Can they be so naiv to think that it’s just a gas-explosion and that the more than 100 gas containers are destined to be selled to tourists, when they have caught an arab victim in an occupied house, in a remote area, with the alert level of terrorism at 4 from 5?


  1. The lost  ID

Nobody talks about it, the police not and the journalist neither. This is the main point to be skeptical about the official narrative. Nobody cares.


  1. There was a demonstration of muslims today, against terrorism. Slogans:

– “no tinc por” (I don’t fear. I have no fear. I’m not afraid). You could read it in a doble sense: You terrorists don’t scare me. Or: I don’t fear the reaction. I don’t fear islamofobia.

– Not in my name.

– We are all Barcelona.

– Interesting: I saw one plaque saying: If you stop paying them, they will not attack us any more.


Michel Chossudovsky, CIA Warned Spanish Police: “Islamic State Planned to Attack Barcelona”. US-led Coalition Supported ISIS in Iraq-Syria


Hi Kevin,

updates from Barcelona.

I can’t write a coherent text, don’t have the time to elaborate and I can’t research in depth neither. Just some details and thoughts, without order, only numbered. (C= Comment / Q= Question)


  1. When you get tired receiving these mails, let me know and I’ll hold on. By the way: you are the only recepent of these mails. I say this because I mentinoned Fetzer in a mail before.


  1. The mail before was a little bit chaotic. There were some fotos and comments on it (at the end of the whole mail) . I hope you have seen it referring to the erotic museum.


  1. The oficial narrative has nearly finished. The driver (Younes Abouyaaqoub) was found and shot dead (executed, I would say).


Here are some good documentations about what has happend:

videodoc El Pais Ataque y Fuga de Younes, con fotos Boqueria



doc El Pais : detalles y integrantes



It’s in spanish, sorry. In the first link you’ll find two fotos of Younes, entering and leaving the Boqueria, big market some 50 m from the point he had stopped the car.


  1. Why did he stop?

They say, because of the hits, the van got, the airbag was triggered and the electronics shut down.


  1. He stopped just on a mosaic of Joan Miro. It’s at least an icon of Barcelona Art, would be interesting to find a good interpretation of this mosaic. It seems that Miro had relations to masonry as well.


  1. https://elpais.com/ccaa/2017/08/21/catalunya/1503325626_792809.html?rel=mas


1.28 – 1.42: Major Josep Lluis Tarapero: ….“seconds after the hittings we have seen already some pictures/fotos of him like I said, he crosses las Ramblas, enters the Boqueria Zone, and begins to avance in direction Zona Universitaria.”


C: They had already a foto, seconds after the events, they didn’t publish these fotos. They didn’t find this person, although he crosses half Barcelona by foot, to zona universitaria, where he kills a man to steal his car, like police says.


C: The major doesn’t explain how the driver gets out of the car. Are there fotos? I found in this same location a plaque saying that in 500 m perimeter there are security cameras.


1.42 – 2.05:  Witness: “ I was only 20-30 m away when a white van passed by. There was  a man, I could discern a man. I heard a detonation and the people already fell over me, I was on the way with a suitcase, the suitcase flew away and I could get near to the bodys, they were lying on the ground, it was clear there were mortal victims.”


C: Nobody has mentioned the “detonation” yet. I  can’t remember having seen something in the newspapers. Maybe the witness is wrong.

2.28 –   : Major Tarapero: ….”hit a femal police officer (with the stolen car and the dead owner inside), gets away and avance to the zone St. Just Desvern

where some time afterwards, ….äh, minutes, …..20 minutes, something like that, the car is located (found) in a zone around the building Walden.


C: the major has problems to keep a straight face: time…..minutes…..20 minutes, something like that…..

The man hunt started more than 90 min. before. The have an alert level 4 out of 5. A car brakes through a control, can make 3 km. They need 20 minutes to find it. The driver is gone.

……no comment….


  1. The oficial version continues: Younes gets away  and goes at night by foot to Subirats, a zone about 50 km away from Barcelona. Some people recognize him in a remote area:

an argentine man, who is living in a house, where before a maroquian family lived. Younes made some whistles, he seemed to looking for help from somebody known. The argentine man told it to a neighbor who called the police. The argentine man says that Younes looked like half drugged or drunk. Maybe he was just exhausted, would be normal after 4 days run away.


A woman saw Younes and recognized him without any doubt and called as wall the police.

A police patrol found Younes. The wanted him to render, he opened his shirt showing an explosive belt and cried: God is great (Alluaakbar) and they shot him to death.


Q: in the fotos when he enters The Boqueria he is quite flat, we don’t see something like a belt under his shirt. How could he have get this belt on the run?

Q: They already knew that the belts in Cambrils were fake. They could think that it’s a fake again. Why don’t they shot to immobilize instead of killing the man?

Q: Was Younes drugged?

C: The foto of the face of the dead Younes was leaked and a catalan comedian published it on twitter to give the face free for a shitstorm.



  1. Police investigates now on the imam and maybe other people (helpers)
  2. The innocence of these young boys is a new dimension. The old scheme of radicalizacion doesn’t work any more. Every muslim is suspect now.
  3. The imam had ties to one of the perpetrators of the train attack in Madrid. Here is the connection to secret services. The train attack was exactly 911 days after the 911 attack in US. 911 is a hallmark of the secret services. Even the first explosion in Alcanar took place around 9:11 (the police or firefighter were phoned at 23:17, if you discount some time of confusion before doing the emergency call, the explosion could have happened at 9:11 pm, would be interesting to get the exact time).


  1. The CUP

The CUP (Candidatura d’Unitat Popular) is a left wing party which is in government with another left wing party (Barcelona en comu) to which the Barcelona major belongs (Ada Colau).  CUP is extrem left.

The said about the attacks:

  1. We don’t want to have the king (Felipe VI) here because its hipocrite to demonstrate against terrorism having at the same time very nice relationship to Saudi Arabia, who sponsor financially and idiologically ISIS.
  2. They (CUP) think, that the Spanish government uses the Barcelona attack against the Independence movement.
  3. The later statement (b) is very interesting. I can’t find any document that gives more explanation. Superficially it means, that Spanish politic tries to manipulate the events to get some benefits out of it for spanish nation state. But it goes the other way around as well. For exampel the minister of inner affairs Fons (Catalan) counted the victims in 2 Catalan and 2 Spanish.

I ask myself if there are people in the CUP that understand the attack as an advise of european elite or global elite to the Catalan separatist movement: that’s enough, don’t go further, if not, we blow you up by terrorism.



  1. It’s dificult to maintain a theory of a conspiracy. I don’t think any more in two teams, A, real terrorist and B, patsys.

Maybe the younsters very trapped by this imam. One of the imprisoned terrorist said, the imam wanted to blow himself up, in front of monuments. Maybe they believed him and helped him. But that wouldn’t explain their own behaviour. From 15 to 17 you are quite manipuable and you can decide to do very radical things. But it’s strange that there were no sign by none of theme of radicalization. But there were older ones as well.


  1. I think there is the normal police, trying to fight the terrorist and maybe the deep state police, staging events. It’s dificult to explain how this work out.

The major of the police had some problems to admit that they needed 20 min. to find the get away car.


  1. The social environment in Ripoll (families, social worker, teachers, trainers) can’t understand the motive of these boys.




  1. The 911 tag (more or less  at 9.11 pm the first explosion) and the pattern of leaving behind ID’s, allows us to link the Barcelona attack to all the other events with 911 hallmark before. Especially the 911 tag hints to a globalist elite performing their agenda, in this case, shooting against the separatist movement (it’s not just a catalan elite, but goes from left to right, the full spectrum). But after all somebody is responsible for this separation proces, and this would be the catalan elite. The slogan “no tinc por” could be read as the middlefinger that the catalan elite shows to the globalists, that try to intimidate and frighten the leading elite of this movement.

If this is the case, we should take very serious the ISIS warning of more attacks.


  1. Because of the apparent innocence of the Ripoll boys, we thought about two teams, team A the patsys (Ripoll boys), maybe to a certain degree involved, but not as criminal as we are told and team B, real terrorists (Alcanar), at least the imam, with ties to secret services, whoever that is. But we can consider now the possiblility of secret service connexions (would be in charge of the globalist agenda) and add a third team C, “the professionals”.

That would explain the James Bond style runaway of Younes Abouyaaquob, a mix of skilled killer, stand driver and unprofessional police, and finally, he gets shot, showing to be the patsy he really was, equipped with a fake explosive belt, half drunk or drugged, like a witness perceived him, and made up to kill him. The amok-drive and get away, would have been work of a professional and Younes arround there to build up the narrative. The police had allready short after the amok-drive fotos of Younes entering the Boqueria. But he managed to get out and walk 90 minutes to zona universitaria. They could have shut some major streets and he wouldn’t have got out. Instead there was during some hours, at least one or two hours the rumor that a terrorist had hidden in a turkish restaurant with hostages. Afterwards they left this narrative without any clear statement what was going on there. (I can’t remember now. Must be investigated). Seeing this from up today, it seems that this was the smoke curtain to get Younes and maybe the real driver out of the zone.

The first explosion would be as well work of team C, to start the events at a certain time, killing witnesses as well. It’s beyond our conaissance how these events are perpetrated and intertwined with normal police action. They don’t explain that in the newspaper. Yes, it sounds like a spy novel but even when Mayor Trapero, chief of the catalan police, informed that they needed 20 minutes to find the car after it broke through the control, he stumbled a little bit: It passed some time…..minutes, well …. it was 20 minutes ….. This happened in full man hunt in one of the biggest roads out of Barcelona. Difficult to explain, difficult to hide the fact. The Mayor seemed to doubt one moment, we hear his inner voice saying: “Shall I say it”? He said it. He knows that it’s or a huge failure or a huge cover up of something else in the police procedure.

It’s all guessing, of course. How could we know better. But we have reason to doubt the official narrative.


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