Profiles in Madness


Whom Satan would destroy, he first makes insane by having them justify the torture of their supposed enemies.

Sociopathy, demonically spawned, with anti-life motivations is technically termed psychopathy – a mental illness of an inter-species of predators.

Two-facedness is its hidden manifestation, while outwardly trying to present an acceptable identity.

There are two distinct brands of psychopathy: the successful and the failed.
The amorality of those in the Shadow Government who run the American government knows no bounds and they should be labeled as Successful Psychopaths.

These psychopaths will remain in charge of “our” government as long as the majority of the American public continues to believe “their” government is merely incompetent.

Successful psychopaths vastly outnumber the failed ones. Nevertheless, both kinds of insanity control the city, state, and federal governments of our country, thus creating a psychopathic control grid.

Receiving lifetime income from the public service sector, with its many opportunities to destroy the lives of millions of people, is a magnet for psychopaths of all kinds.

We live in a worldwide, dog-eat-dog system built by psychopaths, which rewards pure psychopathy – as long as it is utterly successful, no matter how offensively intrusive it may be to the sane.

To be a successful psychopath one must accurately mimic acceptable behavior while covertly harming as many people as possible.

The NeoCon warmongers that form the American Shadow Government are excellent examples of successful psychopaths. How can this be?

Most people cannot see past their dissimulation – their lies, which sets them free to harm all others, with no ideology or discrimination involved. Psychopaths use snakes in the dark to strike at all forms of positive life.

During the French Revolution, the Jacobins (the NeoCons of their day) used ignorant peasants to bring down their nearly empty Bastille and then behead thousands of their fellow citizens.

In the Russian Revolution, the Bolsheviks (the NeoCons of their day) used ignorant peasants to brutally murder or imprison millions of their fellow citizens.

In our current US Revolution, the Rothschilds’ NeoCons (the Jacobins and Bolsheviks of our day) use our ignorant youth to shout down all sensible speakers, disrupt all public discourse, eliminate all articulate reasoning, and engage in what could be called fascistic behavior, while labeling others with the pejoratives they themselves are guilty. This process is the manufacture of psychopathy.

These successful psychopaths in government (the NeoCons) easily convince zombie TV addicts that the depleting uranium (DU) bombs we expended on millions of innocent souls in the Middle East were acts of kindness, because the US then made those countries free for “democracy” – the American form of democracy, which means a lot of destruction, with millions of injured, dead, and homeless, plus a country that is atomically radiated.

Please tell me what good is a democracy in a land that has been made radioactive for billions of years (4.5 billion), with no known ways of cleaning any of it up? Can these television propaganda guzzlers actually believe that the incendiary bombs that burned babies alive were sent with kind intentions?

Axiom: The more ignorant a population becomes, the less clever psychopaths need be in order to remain successful – meaning going undetected as psychopaths. The function of the news and commentary of the Western media is to manufacture consent (and/or confusion) for international crimes against humanity.

The Western media is careful not to educate the public about how to spot successful psychopaths, but not so with failed psychopaths. We all get more than a daily dose of the profiles of failed psychopaths – like Ted Bundy or Jeffrey Dahmer.

John Douglas, a former chief of the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit and author of Mind Hunter, wrote, “A very conservative estimate is that there are between 35 and 50 active serial killers in the United States” [at any given time]. Mr. Douglas’ estimate only gives us the number of failed psychopaths who turned into serial killers.

And you can bet that the corporate mainstream media will continue to give us a daily accounting of all the brutal killings committed by failed psychopaths. Why do you think this is so? One main reason is to generate fear. A fearful public is easier to control than a non-fearful one. And such a public will allow a police state to be built up around them until our local police departments become almost indistinguishable from the Army’s heavily armed infantry combat units – all in violation of our Posse Comitatus Act of 1878.

I believe that there is another more subtle reason for all the promotion of failed psychopaths: it is to cause us to believe that all psychopaths are failed psychopaths – meaning they have all been detected and labeled as raving lunatics. This ploy keeps the light of truth away from the more clever psychopaths, most especially those in government.

Still, many Americans were able to spot two notable failed psychopaths in the US government: Little Boy George Bush and his sinister vice president, Dick Cheney.

Dick Cheney should have been in prison, not on television justifying torture. That psychopath is not only a disgrace to America, but to the human race. There is one person of national prominence, however, who can rival Cheney in psychopathy – Hillary Clinton.

But what about all the successful psychopaths in government that go unexposed?
There is absolutely no difference in the psychological makeup between failed psychopaths and the ones that go undetected. None! They are both bat-sh*t crazy.


Typical US Congress person

Neither type of psycho is primarily motivated by money, sex, drugs, power, or prestige (although they’ll take them all as fringe benefits). Seeing or knowing of the suffering of others is their “ticket to ride.”

These self-serving, parasitic trolls are sub-human in that they feel no empathy for the suffering of others; in fact, they “get off” on the misery and pain of anyone. It is just what makes a psychopath’s life worth living.

Successful psychopaths conceal their lack of compassion, while the unsuccessful ones, in some wild exuberance, broadcast their real insanity for the whole world to see.

The important message I hope to communicate in this piece is there is a simple way to spot psychopaths in government: they are the ones who find bogus reasons to advocate for the destruction of any nation that actually poses no threat to the United States of America or her allies.

There is, however, an easier way yet to spot psychopaths: they are the ones who try to find reasons for the torture of human life. To justify torture in any fashion is to make a pact with Satan.

The day the majority of Americans justify torture is the day that what was once the greatest country in recorded history will have lost her collective soul to Satan.

Unknown to most of us, since the Bush/Cheney administration, the CIA, with the help of the US military and 81 million dollars that was sent to psychopathic psychiatrists, “our” government has long been torturing innocent men, women, and children in over 700 American military and intelligence bases all around the world.

Recently a declassified (but heavily redacted) Senate report on the CIA’s post-9/11 “interrogation” programs surfaced. Although this limited report only skims the surface of … rectal feeding, forced nudity, isolation and confinement, stripped-beaten-and-bound with tape, 180 hours of sleep deprivation, Russian roulette, stress positions with broken bones, threats of torturing children … it is appalling enough.

Only sparingly do I hear anyone speaking out against America’s role in torture.

Did our well-placed leaders not know about our horrific torture of human life a decade ago? Have these well-placed leaders ever condemned torture?

Or has the ever-controlled and much-censured mainstream media simply refused to report on the views of the few who do object to torture?

This same media, however, will spend lots of money on dramas that show how the torture of a would-be terrorist saved thousands of lives. But still there should be some righteous demands for prosecution of the war criminals in the CIA, the military, and in the encrustedly filthy field of psychiatry.

Where is there the least glimmer of hope from the White House or from the denizens on “the Hill” promising accountability for such outrageous moral transgressions?

Certainly all members of the US Congress have long been aware of this national atrocity, but who in that craven body of old and drab dotards has ever spoken out against it? Today, the joint cry of our leaders in government has been … It was just happenstance … We were ignorant of it.

Happenstance for thirteen years? Ignorance for more than a decade? So they didn’t know about it; but still, they take no action against it. At least former President Jimmy Carter was once allowed on TV to sound the alarm about our hidden national policy of torturing human life, with no workable intelligence data ever being produced.

How can some poor, illiterate, and homeless farming family who lost their home to our bombs have more hot data than the CIA and Pentagon who have long organized, armed, funded, directed, and equipped every terrorist group in the Middle East (while pretending to make war on those very same terrorists)?

How many Americans know that we buy such sorrowful driftwood from warlords in order to torture what we then call the worst of the worst terrorists? Please take note of all the media’s scary Arabic names of the captured souls we hear about. Are these names real or made up by the CIA?

Will any of those responsible for beginning and implementing our national policy of torture ever be held accountable? No, of course not. Will our torture of human life ever be discontinued? Sadly, I think not in a country swamped in ignorance and evil. What is the difference between evil and ignorance? It is a slippery slide from ignorance to evil. And evil begets evil, causing even more ignorance.

Is the ignorance of the American people the root cause of all US governmental evil? Or are some people (like many of those who steer our government, direct our military, or dabble in mental health) just innately evil?

Today, thanks to the majority of the American voters, and the “leaders” they have allowed into office, there is very little balance in our nation between the forces of the positive and the negative – between the good and the evil.

The torturous sufferings of many innocent people have been done in my name, in your name, in our children’s names. How dare those monsters from Hades? How dare they blacken our country’s name? Truthfully and accurately stated, torture has been used to gratify the psychopaths in our government and those who control it.

Psychopaths operate in all strata of existence, from the lowest of life, to governments, to militaries, to police forces, to our associates, and to our friends and families. But most of all, psychopaths populate our intelligence agencies, and the various fields of psychiatry, psychology, and all levels of education.

It is perhaps the lowest form of betrayal for medical professionals to dedicate themselves, not to healing life, but to torturing it in military sites around the world. These lost ones have an absence of soul, an absence of godliness, an absence of love, insight, and clarity of spirit.

In a far more affluent, decent, and self-respecting America, we worked to export wanted and needed goods and services all over the world; but today, our exports are deadly to life, while we are importing torture of our own citizens. The hydra-headed attack of torture on our ill-perceived enemies has become a little-known back-door incursion that has brought torture home to America.

Already tens of thousands of US citizens have been tortured with prolonged solitary confinement in our state and federal prisons. According to a ten-year-old report from the Bureau of Justice Statistics there are more than 80,000 men, women, and children locked into solitary confinement in prisons across the United States with some spending more than twenty-five years alone in a miniature room with one constant hope – death.

If you dare, form a mental image of living your life in a windowless box, with the size and confinement of the interior of an elevator.
Now imagine a concrete slab along one wall; that’s where you do what you do all the time – sit and sleep. Except sleep is rarely possible, as there’s an overhead fluorescent light that never quits.

If only you had something to read, even an empty cereal box would do. You could read it over and over for days, for weeks, for months, and for years. You could even memorize its words and then orate them toward a blank wall … or you could holler, bellow, or bawl them for some variety.

Writing materials would be an impossible godsend that might help you to hold onto your mind, which is always filled with panic. The walls close in on you until you feel as if you were buried alive, leaving you with one hope – death.

What kind of presidents have we had that have not ended solitary confinement for children, women, and men with one of their many Executive Orders? What kind of Supreme Court have we had that has not made solitary confinement for women, children, and men unconstitutional?

What kind of Congress have we had that has not made confinement in solitary cells illegal? We have the kind of government that is modeled after the curse of our existence – the CIA/NSA/FBI.

Until we follow former President John F. Kennedy’s intention of ripping the Central Intelligence Agency into a thousand pieces, none of us will have the opportunity of becoming the Americans we really want to be. Even without the CIA, we would still have sixteen of those (God forbid!) intelligence agencies left – far, far more than we should legitimately ever need.


A powerfully demonic cabal has long authored our laws, influenced our courts, controlled our leaders, and committed illegal, unilateral wars of aggression on innocent men, women, and children.

Governments do not govern, but merely control the machinery of government, being themselves controlled by the hidden hand.
Benjamin Disraeli (1804-1881)

Unless unaware American citizens become aware of our immoralities against humanity and oppose those crimes in some fashion, they will, indeed, continue to be complicit in monstrous criminality.

To break out of that mold of self-imposed nescience, one must come to the understanding that America has been and is being controlled by many soulless beings who are never troubled by any sort of conscience. By definition, soulless beings have no self-consciousness, therefore no conscience. Typically psychopaths have no working soul and seldom a working conscience.

In fact, souled beings who become psychopaths run the dangerous risk of becoming soulless. It all revolves around the effectiveness and health of one’s conscience.

Ignorance has a debilitating effect on our conscience, while knowledge affords us the opportunity to fortify our conscience.


To progressively become aware of our government’s crimes against humanity opens new vistas for the fortification of our conscience, and hence the expansion of our soul and its ability to exercise its free will. Do you have free will? I know I have free will!

How do we know what we know?

The above is an epistemological question, perhaps with more than the one answer of observation. But the authorities tell us that our senses can lie to us. What the experts do not tell us is … Under normal conditions our senses do not lie to us.

Commonly, what we observe is reality. Still, observation is too simple an answer for those who would deny us the existence of free will.

In the fields of mental health there are growing advocacies for the denial of the objective reality of free will. Are these questionable claims meant to discourage our personal assumptions of responsibility, as without responsibility there can be no free will: destroy one, you then destroy the other.

The challenge to the actuality of our free will is their attempt at the negation of the importance of us all assuming more responsibility. Our abandonment of our individual responsibilities is the real goal of the dark forces that control the American and the European governments.

But do we not have a responsibility to protect our environment?

Do firefighters not have the serious responsibility of extinguishing fires?

Do airline pilots not have the responsibility to safely land their planes?

Do medical doctors not have the responsibility to do their patients no harm?

And do all citizens not have the responsibility to ensure that their government has the sacred and sworn responsibility to serve them.


Will you take the pledge below?

I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same …

Once aware of the importance of responsibility and free will, please do not attempt to impose your enlightenment upon those who resist it. Everyone is on a spiritual path of some sort. So let be those who are not yet to the point of looking evil in the eye. They will eventually come to learn the hard truths, albeit the hard ways.

But please pray for our forgiveness, our divine salvation, our deliverance from sin and its consequences.

Truth coming to you on the wings of a snow-white dove.


J. Speer-Williams



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