The Las Vegas Gambit


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by Tom Mysiewicz

The October 1st attack on the Route 91 Harvest festival in Las Vegas—which ex-intel operative Robert David Steele speculates may be a real surprise attack that hijacked a week-long Federal training drill(1)–is starting to resemble the false narrative concocted after the 1963 assassination of JFK.  It would be little surprising if some of the same players were involved.(2)

The event itself also has echoes of the granddaddy of mass-shooting false flags, the April 1996 Port Arthur massacre in Australia, which was used by newly elected (March 1996) pro-Zionist government of John Howard to force the confiscation of nearly 700,000 semiautomatic weapons and even pump shotguns from Aussies.(2a)

First the only two police in the town were sent on a wild goose chase to find a heroin stash in a coal mine.  It later turned out to be soap powder.   While the police were away, multiple victims were expertly killed with head shots in rapid succession.  There were conflicting descriptions of events and the only point of agreement was that the shooter  had “long blonde hair.”    Some allege the shooting was supposed to be done on a ferry but the sailing time was changed and the initial shooter first took out a nearby cafe full of people.  An apparent handler at the cafe stood up and told the shooter “No, not here” according to some.  This individual was promptly shot to death.  Survivors huddled for hours waiting for police to rescue them before they were shot.  Some 200 police and police snipers responded but remained in defensive positions for hours while the killing went on supposedly due to hundreds of wild shots—which hit none of them—allegedly fired by the apparent patsy.  (Makes me think of that iconic shot of a group of police officers in Las Vegas hiding behind a vehicle while concert goers nonchalantly film the scene with their I-phones.)

Prior to the trial newspapers ran pictures of the designated “killer”—and then survivors were asked to I.D. the attacker in a police lineup!  This individual would be classified as mentally retarded in the U.S.  His shooting experience was can “plinking” with a single-shot Webbley air rifle.  It was claimed he had amassed a large arsenal of semiautomatic guns and ammunition by making cash purchases from Tasmanian gun shops.  No indication was given as to where he got these sums or where he learned to be an expert marksman.  He had smooth skin whereas several survivors described their assailant as having pockmarked skin with bad acne scars.  These were not allowed to testify as was the woman who had originally notified police of the attack.  The police failed to secure evidence left by the real killer(s) nor did they take fingerprints from these materials or get DNA samples.

In fact, there was no real evidence connecting the patsy to the killings (2b) and it would have been embarrassing for the Crown had it gone to a full trial.  Martin Bryant was reportedly 58 kilometers away when the first of “his” killings took place.  Fortunately for the organizers, Bryant’s mother and sister reportedly threatened to kill themselves if he didn’t take the plea bargain of his defense attorney and plead guilty, which he did.  The records of this event have been sealed until 2027 and Martin Bryant is now serving life without parole but is still a loose end—not a problem with Steven Paddock.

In the Las Vegas iteration of Port Arthur, speculation also abounds that the deceased suspect alleged to be a “Steven Paddock” was participating in some type of sting—either official or set up by individuals impersonating U.S. officials—which would account for the large number of weapons, purchase records, etc.  In support of this scenario: five cameras it’s claimed Paddock set up inside and outside the room supposedly had no data.  Or, could they have been streaming pictures to some foreign or domestic entity?  Suspiciously, Paddock’s house in Mesquite, NV had been left unguarded until October 10th, when it was broken into.  According to authorities nothing was taken—which rules out an ordinary souvenir hunter.  But could the visitor have been looking for whatever was uploading?

Already on the Internet some are calling the probable patsy “Lee Harvey Paddock”(3)—remembering that poor-marksman Oswald was similarly accused of impossibly accurate shooting from the high Texas Book Repository(4) when witnesses placed the real shooters at ground level on the so-called “grassy knoll.”

The police have completely changed their story, making it even more improbable

Paddock’s alleged actual marksmanship skill was just revealed by Clark Co. Sheriff Joe Lombardo on October 9th when he changed the official timeline yet again.  Now, Paddock is said to have fired 200 rounds at a security guard, wounding the guard in the leg BEFORE he opened fire (allegedly) at the crowd.(5)  Even allowing that the wounded guard was named Jesus, it still allegedly took that many rounds and Paddock didn’t kill the guy—but he was then able to kill 58 and wound hundreds from 320 feet above ground and 1200 feet away—without making any holes in the plastic canopy partially covering the stage?  Lombardo added he did not know why Paddock then stopped shooting.

I know from experience that even a 2 or 3 degree error in aim can mean a complete miss.  Aiming adjustments are necessary based on the shooter’s position (standing, sitting or prone) and the shooter’s elevation due to the parabolic path of the bullet for each type of ammunition.  This cannot be learned in a few minutes.  So-called “muscle memory” produced by repetition is also necessary for consistency.  Firing from a high elevation is tricky due to the downward path of the bullet.    Firing wildly into a crowd with automatic fire (“spray and pray”) is no guarantee of a large number of kills as demonstrated in Hebron by Israeli soldier Noam Friedman in January 1997.  Wanting to sabotage the peace process, this individual emptied an entire 30-round clip at close range into a packed crowd of Palestinians.  The result? Six (some accounts say 9) wounded Palestinians, no kills.

While it’s apparent Paddock was incapable of carrying out more than part of the Las Vegas attack, at best, multiple shooters skilled in “wet work” certainly could.  Especially if Paddock’s function was solely as a distraction for shooter(s) at the lower structures 400 yerds across from the other side of the concert venue or the twin 200’ tall Skyvue ferris wheel towers that stand by the concert venue and the Luxor on which construction was abandoned in 2015.(5a)  In Las Vegas the police radio traffic(6) clearly supports probable multiple shooters (elapsed times in approximate minutes starting from 10:08 p.m. Las Vegas time):


0:06—Shots fired report, sounds like automatic firearm

0:45—Shots coming from upstairs in the Mandalay Bay, halfway up (the hotel is 42 stories, which would put the first shots at the 21st floor—Ed.)

1:00—we have an active shooter inside the Fairgrounds

3:07—It sounds like it’s at the intersection, it sounds that close.  (This in response to the dispatcher telling officer fire coming from Mandalay Bay-_Ed.)

3:47—Shots are coming from Gate 7

4:10—[Dispatcher] Shots coming from either Mandalay or Luxor, we cannot tell.

4:37—(Regarding fire from the Mandalay Bay) It’s getting more faint.

5:30–it’s coming from the 50th or 60th floor….North of Mandalay Bay…it’s coming out of a window.

5:42—I see flashes in the middle…in Mandalay Bay.  On the West Tower, towards the center.  In the casino.  Like one of the middle floors.

6:27—I’m on the 31st floor (of Mandalay Bay) I can hear automatic fire… it’s coming from a floor ahead.  One floor above us. (This is the first reference to the shooter’s final claimed position—Ed.)

7:05—A flashing coming from about a third of the way up (of the Mandalay Bay—Ed.)

9:08—Anybody have eyes on the shooter?

9:12—(response) About 15th Floor on the Mandalay Bay facing the whole lot.

11:35–(different officer) On the 32nd floor.

11:36—Is he still firing? [No answer.]

12:27—Tropicana Blvd. Needs to be shut down.  There’s a lot of (gun) fire.

13:57–Coming from the Mandalay Bay on the Boulevard side.

14:34—I have not seen any flashes come from Mandalay but there is a strobe light coming from the window on the East side.  (This is the fire alarm system, which should have been set off by gun smoke.  Paddock is claimed to have disabled the entire alarm system on the 32nd floor, hence no strobe there.  But why a strobe at a distant location?  Or why not strobes on 33 and 31?—Ed.)

15:12—We’re getting from civilians there might have been three shooters.

15:20–GC60.  We have interviewed multiple people leaving the concert venue…saying that many people were shot in…or were shooting…IN the concert venue.

16:12—Broadcast telling officers on 32nd floor shooter was in rm. 135

19:40—Sounds like it’s confirmed there are at least 2 shooters with automatic weapons.

20:45—Please advise all units to have their vehicles locked.  People are going in and trying to grab shotguns.  (Presumably because there was or were shooters on the ground as shotguns are only useful at close range—Ed.)

35:50—Over by the Motel 6 by Tropicana.  There’s a white RV.  I have pedestrians saying that an older white male with (black)fatigues and a black bag went inside the motor home…Pedestrians say he came from that area of the shooting.

43:10–I need some units at Reno and Tropicana.  We might have a possible.

45:15–We’re posted…just North of the target RV on Tropicana.

47:15–Confirming that the Mandalay Bay and Alibabba and Giles are the two shooter locations.  Do we have a third?

(Recording cut off at 56:32.)

Also contradicting the lone gunman claim is witness testimony which also places shooters in other casinos.(7)  Jim Fetzer, in an interview with Jeff Rense on October 6th reports multiple hotels were attacked.  Nevada sources have subsequently indicated that false calls of multiple shooters at most of the strip hotels were made to the police, some going out over the police radio, and these other casinos were then locked down—but not attacked.  Were some of these diversionary to give the real shooters time to escape?  Fetzer also pointed out discrepancies in normal police procedures—and the lack of post-attack searches of people and rooms by police and hotel security at Mandalay Bay demonstrated Paddock was the designated patsy.

Unlike most journalists, I’m somewhat familiar with firearms and their use and have hunted and put in serious range time.  (As a young man I also ghost wrote articles for police magazines on technology and police procedures.)  Listening to the soundtracks in several videos convinces me that the shooting came from two or more locations.  Several passable sound analysis videos by tech types are already out there.

Mike Adams just did one such forensic acoustic analysis using the speed of the bullets and calculating the distance by timing  the sound of the bullets hitting the pavement vs. the report of the sounds and found at least one additional shooter at a different distance.  He states the FBI could triangulate using such recordings and find the exact location of other shooter(s).(8)

Indeed, sound technology developed around 2015 does allow the locations of shooters to be conclusively identified from monaural audio recordings.  This technology was even used to demonstrate that Sirhan-Sirhan did NOT kill RFK in 1968, i.e., he was not the “lone gunman.”  A researcher named Van Praag performed this analysis on a tape made during the RFK killing by Canadian journalist Stanislaw Pruszynski and demonstrated the shots came from different places.(9)

The weapons, magazines and other “accouterments” shown in the original crime scene also don’t seem to support the official lone-gunman account.  Less than 10% of shell casings that should be present are present (assuming the official story is correct.) There’s a mix of fresh and old blood and some of the casings have blood smudges on top as if someone with latex gloves had arranged them in the blood pool.   There is also a sledgehammer shown that suspect “Paddock” supposedly used to break the window, but a clever man like he is claimed to be would know that the window panes can be removed to clean or replace them without breaking them.  (Newer casinos are not allowed to have windows customers can open due to the suicide risk.)  And Paddock was supposedly smart enough to disable the wired smoke alarms on the whole floor but not the windowpane-break detectors?

Next, the bipod shown (Israeli FAB?)(10) on the weapon near the left side of Paddock’s alleged corpse would probably not have allowed him to fire long bursts using his right-handed bump stock.  (And, if he was right handed, why is the gun on his left side just as the pen next to the note in that picture?  Police now claim the note was written by an FBI agent.)  This is illustrated by a YouTube video “Video Proves Official Vegas Bump Stock Narrative False” (11) showing marksman Steve Krusinski firing with a bump stock and bipod.  (I don’t subscribe to all its comments about SureFire®  magazines, and there’s some plain misleading info in there.)   In any case, why would anyone want to use a bipod while firing down from a ledge (which itself would provide support but would still retard the spring action of the bump stock as would even a hand-held bipod)?

Secondly, SureFire has made a 100-round stacked magazine for a while and a 60-round stacked magazine since 2012—which appears to be the one allegedly used by Paddock to fire one burst of 70-90+ rounds.   (This could be a great ammunition saver!)  The 60-round magazine will clearly allow a shooter of a full automatic weapon to fire sustained bursts.  Trained personnel can use the 100-round magazine to discharge that number of rounds in about 18 seconds provided they are using a standard automatic weapon.   (In reviewing the picture I see neat stacks of 100-round magazines against a far-right wall.  But would a shooter restack empty magazines like that?  No.  The magazines in the weapons clearly are 60s.–Ed.)

But accurate, sustained, long-distance burst shoulder-fire with a semiautomatic/bump stock without jamming?  By a supposedly untrained elderly individual in assisted-care living?  Highly unlikely.  There are two short videos on YouTube done prior to 2015 that demonstrate my point.  The first, is by a less-skilled shooter using steel-jacketed ammo on the Tillicious channel (“SureFire Mag60 Bump Fire” 2012)(12)  You can see that the gun jams frequently.  A more skilled shooter, probably using brass-casing ammo, has better luck and, after only 1 jam manages to fire a 50-round burst.  The video by PrepperProject (“Magazine Review with Bumpstock” 2014)(13) conclude the shoulder-fire accuracy with the bumpstock and SureFire Mag5-60 at about 50 yards was  “F’ing worthless.”  So no highly-accurate 300+ yard shots with that type of setup, eh?

The official version of the attack, as it stands at the time of this writing, is so implausible I can’t help but think it was concocted to allow some form of political extortion.  This isn’t necessarily for Trump (who says he’s a 1000% supporter of Israel) and what I have defined as his “MIGA” or Make Israel Great Again mindset.  It’s primarily directed at generals and others that might want to inject some sanity into current foreign policy and restrain Trump.

Neocon war hawks such as shock jock Michael Savage (Weiner) have been quick to point out problems with the official version to their audiences—such as people facing away from Mandalay Bay being shot directly in the stomach, i.e., they were in a crossfire.  And Wikileaks’ Julian Assange, sometimes accused of being an Israeli asset, has just made some Twitter tweets according to AFF alluding to the U.S. FBI “grooming” Paddock.(14)  But he has not released them.

Why? This is a classic fork and it goes back to Steele’s speculation.  If Trump and his “deep state” handlers failed to follow the Neocon script to the letter, the whole situation could spiral out of control as per Assange’s potential allegations: a DHS operation gone bad or a “fast and furious” arms-dealing scandal would surely bring the Trump Administration down.  And, since the abortive attempt to void the election due to “Russian hacking” failed miserably, that would leave Christian-Zionist Mike Pence in more control than he already is. Pence would have the full support of the Zionist-controlled Congress and could follow the Neocon plan. 

Since Trump’s cooperation is now virtually assured with his public embrace of his longtime friend (and also Hillary Clinton’s longtime friend)  Henry Kissinger, we can rest assured that the Vegas attack will remain as the work of a lone 911-doubting white “wolf” or the handy ISIS bogey-man.  ISIS, which never attacks Israel, was the original name of the Mossad.(15)  The Bronfman-right commentators like Alex Jones and reporter Laura Lomer are already pointing the finger at ISIS to build a groundswell of public opinion.   And Steve Wynn of Wynn Casinos is making the rounds talking about how neither Paddock nor Danley were ever seen to take a drink of alcohol in the town of Las Vegas.  BTW:  Wynn was in charge of President Trump’s inauguration.  This would seem additional evidence of the ISIS meme theory—it’s apparently common knowledge around Vegas was that Paddock was at least a social drinker if not a more serious one.  So why is Wynn, a friend of Trump, painting Paddock as a potential covert Muslim?

However, I’m confident that (on orders from the top) the FBI will drag its heels on implicating ISIS—if ever–until ISIS’ work in Syria is done.  Recently, the Russian Defense Ministry accused the U.S. of “simulated efforts” in fighting ISIS in Iraq (Raqqa.)  And South Front has reported the U.S. coalition has been in negotiation with ISIS to allow fighters and civilians to travel to Syria to join the fight against the Syrian Government forces near Deir Ez-Zour.  This is to protect the oil resources for the planned Kurdish state.

Clearly, in the view of Netanyahu & Co., it would be ideal if the blame could be placed on Hezbollah, which defeated the IDF in its last invasion of Lebanon (which—unlike the “experts”–only this author predicted ahead of time.)   That self-defense militia committed the unpardonable sin of protecting Lebanon’s water supply—the Litani River—from capture, destroyed the Israeli tank force and doubled down by helping to defeat ISIS in Syria.   In this regard, the Times of Israel cites Israeli government reports that Donald Trump will soon announce a multimillion-dollar reward for capture of Hezbollah operatives!(16)

However, the most likely scenario is that when ISIS finally is blamed for the Las Vegas false flag it will give the U.S. and Israel a pretext to launch massive air and ground attacks that can decimate Hezbollah by “collateral damage” and (they probably hope) send Iran and Russia scurrying out of Syria.

Worth noting:  the Vegas attack comes roughly 5 months after criticism of Trump for insufficient devotion to Israel by his main backer—who is also the chief backer of Bibi Netanyahu (Milekowski)–Vegas kingpin Sheldon Adelson.(17)  Adelson and his wife quickly met with President Trump, allegedly to get aid for Las Vegas, but in a meeting that had reportedly been arranged before the mass shooting.  Previously, Trump had previously been in Puerto Rico surveying the hurricane damage.

Since the Las Vegas shooting, Trump has refined his official position on Iran to be more in accord with the Israeli view:  “You will see what I will be doing… Iran is a bad player and they will be taken care of as a bad player.”  New actions to be announced in the coming days will reportedly focus on two entities: Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guard and the self-defense Hezbollah militia.  The actions include financial sanctions on anyone who does business with the Revolutionary Guard.  Trump has also just clarified to the Israelis the delay in moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem as giving Abbas time to accept what he terms his “impossible” peace plan.(18) Mr. Abbas’ term expired long ago, it should be noted, and he has not been reelected by a majority of Palestinians.  This man—called a “plucked chicken” by one Israeli leader–has no real mandate to negotiate such a plan.

Trump’s new placating of Israel comes amid intense Zionist pressure to derail the nuclear agreement with Iran.  In this regard Mr. Trump has had to deal with dissension in his cabinet and among military leaders over the wisdom of this decision.(19)  Indeed, Iran has fully complied with the agreement—it is ludicrously accused of violating the “spirit” of the agreement by testing non-nuclear missiles.  Should Trump proceed with his just-announced intention it would put the U.S. at odds with its European allies causing great economic damage and driving former allies into the BRICS orbit in addition to embroiling the U.S. in expanded Mideast wars.

Trump’s claim that Iran exports terrorism is curious, especially in light of the current Mideast policy and actions of the U.S., Israel, Saudi Arabia and other countries.  Those with short memories may forget the U.S. gave Saddam Hussein nerve gas and advanced weaponry to make an unprovoked attack on Iran leading to a war that ended in a stalemate and cost over 500,000 casualties on each side.  In the 1950s the U.S. was involved with the British in deposing the elected leader of Iran, Mohammad Mossadeq.(20)

President Trump is, no doubt, a “team player.”  The Masonic-sounding terminology he used to describe the attack is reminiscent of the terminology he previously used to describe so-called white-hate groups in his coming war on white bigotry(21):  “Hatred…Act of Pure Evil…Our Unity Cannot be Shattered by Evil…Some kind of Light in the darkness…can be brightened by a single light…(and) We pray for the day when evil is vanquished…”

President Trump very quickly got sympathy from Israel and a statement from Netanyahu very similar to the one from Israel after the 911 attack on the World Trade Center: “On this terrible day, the people of Israel stand shoulder to shoulder with the American people in mourning and sorrow.”  Also similar: public displays of U.S.-Israeli solidarity, curious in that the attack killed no Israelis, allegedly wounded one Jewish female and, at the time of the attack, was not alleged to be an act of international terror.  For instance, the facade of Tel Aviv City Hall displayed a giant illuminated American flag and an Israeli flag, toggling between the two, to show support.   Do the Israelis do this when a hurricane or other natural or man-made disaster kills this many people in the U.S.?  How about when a jet crashes?   These displays have one purpose: to convince Americans of Netanyahu’s mantra “our fight is your fight.”

As with the Twin Towers on 911, no Israelis were in the crowd at the Vegas shooting,  according to Avner Saban, Israeli consul in Los Angeles.  Perhaps this was because the high Jewish holy day Yom Kippur(22) had just ended?  As this Yom Kippur takes place in the first full Jewish year since the so-called “Messianic age” began in 2016(23), and Yom Kippur in intimately connected with the ultimate destruction of Jewish enemies and restoration of Israel, this must have had particular significance to Jews.

Saban had traveled to Las Vegas, it is claimed, to “aid in efforts to locate missing Israelis.”  He told IDF Army Radio he was assisted by the consulate’s security officer and their local Israeli anti-terror unit.

“Thanks to the good work of the Foreign Ministry’s situation room of our Consulate in Los Angeles, we succeeded in reaching all Israelis that were in Las Vegas. As of now, we do not know of any Israeli who fell victim to this attack,” Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesperson Emmanuel Nahshon(24) announced publicly.  He also also added 10 to the number of Israelis who had supposedly been unaccounted for to a total of 18 after the shooting.   These will doubtless have a safe trip home after their adventure.

The presence of such surprise Israeli tourists in Las Vegas should be a wake-up call to any sane government considering the removal of visa requirements—because at first even the Israelis say they could not tell who was missing.    The events in Las Vegas fly in the face of yet another push to eliminate visa requirements for Israelis that AIPAC launched in Congress on August 31st, 2017.

According to an AIPAC press release: “House and Senate lawmakers have introduced legislation that would enable Israel’s entrance into the U.S. Visa Waiver Program, which would permit Israelis to enter the United States as visitors for up to 90 days without first obtaining a visa.  The House bill (H.R. 300) was introduced by Reps. Brad Sherman (D-CA) and Ted Poe (R-TX). The Senate bill (S. 266) was introduced by Sens. Ron Wyden (D-OR) and Orrin Hatch (R-UT).”

Explaining his rationale for introducing the bill Rep. Sherman states:  “The number of temporary Israeli visitors to the United States –averaging 320,000 annually over the past several years—would rise significantly if Israel is admitted to the Visa Waiver Program.”

Some wild speculation on the internet holds that the Israeli government announcement was actually an “all clear” signal to agents that no one had been captured.  This couldn’t be true, could it?  In June 2017 the IDF officially announced that it abandoned its long-held “Hannibal Directive”–which calls for captured Israeli soldiers to be killed to prevent them from being used for propaganda or intelligence purposes.(25)

Another common assertion making the rounds is that this attack was not Israeli related but was done solely for financial gain.  I’m doubtful of this due to the risks involved.  But many individuals in Vegas and elsewhere are not averse to making money off misfortune.  At present, there is no proof that any commercial entity stands to directly profit as a result of this attack.  However there were some unusual pre-attack stock moves and insider trading that, at least, ought to be investigated.  These involve MGM, and gun and other related stocks.(26) Going forward, analysts like Jim Fetzer foresee the implementing of Israeli-style security, first in the casinos and eventually nationwide.

Companies like OSI Systems Inc.  (NASDAQ: OSIS) of Hawthorne, CA and its Rapiscan® Systems Inc. company (long associated with Michael Chertoff)–which gained 10% between late September and October 1st and had a single 1-million share day at the low of this period—stand to sell $billions worth of backscatter X-ray machines and other security devices.  And IDF/Mossad-staffed security firms, which provide security and train public and private security to handle Americans in the “Israeli way,” may well be swamped with business.  One such firm, employing what are said to be former IDF and Mossad personnel, is located in North Las Vegas. Crisis Response International (CRI) is owned by Doron Benbenisty, a former Israeli Special Forces operator and Counter Terrorism Instructor.

Is there a downside to this? Jim Fetzer fears widespread Israeli control of security will create a situation where Israel has information about what’s going on in the U.S. before U.S. entities do.(27)


There’s also much speculation that the deceased alleged to be Paddock and his alleged girlfriend Marilou Danley were “spooks.”  Paddock appears almost deceased in what looks a photoshopped picture of them together and there seems to be a crop mark around the elbow of Danley in the picture.    And the supposed teetotaler Paddock appears to be holding an alcoholic drink.

The caveat here is that we continually hear there is a “Steven Paddock” so most of us assume this is a fact, when it may not be.  Assuming he is real and not a created persona or his brother, Paddock and Danley moved around quite a lot, were very private, and frequently not seen for long periods—all hallmarks of intel types.  Paddock’s movements were reportedly furthered by a pilot’s license, many properties and large sums of money.

We see nothing on the occupation of Paddock’s brother Eric, despite widely disseminated broadcast interviews, by which I determined that he has waived his right to privacy.  To me, both brothers look extremely similar in the distributed old picture shown—with Eric making a face and opening his eyes really wide to contrast with the droopy-eyed brother.  (He apparently has some interest in acting.)  If both had a similar facial expression they’d look even more alike.  Eric, according to Sheriff Joe Lombardo, is now in Las Vegas answering questions.  My research shows that he previously lived in Hawthorne, CA, home of OSI Systems, Inc., which operates backscatter-scanner entity Rapiscan Systems, Inc.  However, a move to Orlando, FL was made around 2006.  This is the location of another OSI subsidiary company: OSI Defense Systems Inc.

Danley, a Filipino and also an Australian citizen was once married to an Australian who now lives about 3 hours from Mena, Arkansas.  Prior to coming to the U.S. she lived in Indonesia(28).  (There’s probably no connection, but Indonesia got quite upset a few years ago when it found out that the Australian intelligence services had been closely monitoring the communications of high government officials there for many years.(29))  Danley also traveled to the Mideast as per the accompanying photograph in Dubai from her Facebook page.

As several Australians were present in proximity to Steven Paddock (including the occupant of the adjacent suite) and at least one was killed in the crowd, I’ve got to wonder if ASIS or one of the other agencies were somehow involved in whatever went wrong?  It’s also worth remembering that it was Australian intelligence that “dropped a dime” on Mordecai Vanunu,  allowing the Israeli nuclear-scientist renegade to be kidnapped by the Mossad.  This according to Victor Ostrovsky.(30)  In truth, ever since the ascendancy of the John Howard government in March 1996, the Australian government has been virtually an Israeli outpost.(31)

In closing, others have pointed out numerous occultic “tells” in this entire event, including the location by the representation of Luxor (ancient Thebes) and the numbers 11, 32 and 91.  Here’s a little hint:  32 relates to the destruction of the nations (sinners) and elevation of Israel to world domination.   32 also plays a prominent role in Freemasonry and in societies like 322–Skull & Bones.  Even Eric Paddock’s street number starts with 32.

Of course, it’s entirely possible that all this is a distraction to cover up something far more sinister… like the coming expiration of Sec. 702 of FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) on Dec. 31st, 2017.  A new act has been marked up—THE USA LIBERTY ACT–to preserve the collection of electronic communications by non-U.S. persons for use in our nation’s defense.  That, I presume, would include the collection of U.S. citizen’s data by foreign intelligence agencies such as those of the U.K., Australia, Canada, or Israel.

Having foreign entities, such as the Mossad, officially spy on Americans (regardless of what a rubber-stamp FISA court says) could pose serious problems for the rights of Americans.  AIPAC-sanctioned bills (S. 720 in the Senate and HR 1697 in the House) would criminalize speech against Israel.  If signed by President Trump, anyone guilty of violating the prohibitions, such as advocating a boycott, would face a minimum civil penalty of $250,000 and a maximum criminal penalty of $1-million and 20 years in prison.  However, Sec. 7(a) of Basic Israeli Law defines Israel as the “State of the Jewish People worldwide…”  Sec. 13(b)(2) of the Israeli Penal Code claims jurisdiction over offenses. committed against Jews anywhere in the world.(32)  The right “hate” law—and these bills mirror one passed last year in Israel–would give Israeli courts so-called diversity jurisdiction over “thought criminals” and critics of Israel outside that country!  All defendants in the above scenario could wind up like John Demjanjuk!





  1. Robert Steele interview on Veritas Radio, October 7th, 2017. This actually makes much sense as hijacking the drill would allow the government to be made the fall guy for the attack—which could give the perpetrator leverage over its foreign policy. Not surprisingly, “Stand with Israel” fan,, blogger Scott Binsack has blasted Steels’s analysis, laying the blame for the attack squarely on DHS and FEMA and “The New World Order” see:
  2. (A) JFK reportedly planned to terminate Israel’s Dimona nuclear operation (B) and had also begun issuing U.S. Notes interest-free to circumvent the controlled Federal Reserve system (C) He had also failed to remove Castro and allowed the nationalization of many Meyer Lansky gambling and business holdings in Cuba that may have been providing money laundering and covert funding for the Mideast mini state. (D) The Israelis were justified in believing Kennedy would not cooperate with them in the planned conquest of the Mideast and creation of Eretz Israel they had apparently planned for 1967.  LBJ attempted to put this plan into effect by cooperating with Israel’s reported Operation Cyanide sinking of the USS Liberty with blame to be pinned on Egypt, allowing a U.S. nuclear attack.

The failure of this plan—due to the courage of the crew and apparent broadcast by the Soviet Navy of plans to intervene—made LBJ a one-term president.  Post JFK, the functions of Lansky’s Cuba operation were transferred to Las Vegas, which Preston James recently described as the number one world narco-trafficing money laundering center…”a major CIA-Mossad-G7 intelligence asset.”

2a. Australia has a long history of Zionism and was instrumental in the conquest and partition of Palestine.  A thorough history of this can be found at:

2b. Give the whole sordid story a read at:


5a. The towers, while the doors have plywood over them have access ladders to the tops, which also have window openings.  The towers were fenced off and access is now blocked by LVPD.  A description and history of these structures by the Luxor:

  5. This possibility has led to a raft of disinfo relating to recent thefts of weapons and explosives from Israeli arms depots and the possibility that Paddock was fencing them in the Jewish-controlled town of Las Vegas. All kidding aside, if this was really the case I’d say it was proof of something else. It leads to what government types call “plausible deniability.”
  10. “A nephew of the late philosopher Isaiah Berlin…Efraim Halevy, the head of the Mossad, Israel’s espionage agency, or as he is usually introduced in English, the chief of the ISIS (Israel secret intelligence service).




see also

regarding  the Kol Nidre prayer recited at this, the holiest Sabbath of the year:


 “All vows we are likely to make, all oaths and pledges we are likely to take between this Yom Kippur and the next Yom Kippur, we publicly renounce. Let them all be relinquished and abandoned, null and void, neither firm nor established. Let our vows, pledges and oaths be considered neither vows nor pledges nor oaths.”



  2. The “Hannibal Directive” was established in the 1980s and has long been one of Israel’s signature military doctrines…and a spark for ethical debates within Israeli society. The directive is meant to stop Israel’s enemies from using captured soldiers as a bargaining chip and calls for troops to open fire when one of their own is being captured even if it causes the death of their comrade.—military-policy-to-kill-you/http

  6. Relative to the current situation, John Howard once vigorously defended the right of Israel to invade Lebanon in the 2006 invasion—acting as John Bolton’s “wingman”:

“once you are attacked…and if that attack is in the context of a 50-year rejection of your right to exist, which is the situation in relation to Iran-and bear in mind the link between Iran and Hezballah; bear in mind the exhortations from the Iranian President that Israel should be destroyed and wiped off the map-you can understand the tenacity with which the Israelis have responded.”

  1. Bush and Annan Statements New Threats to National Sovereignty by Tom Mysiewicz, APFN (American Patriot Friends Network), June 27th, 2004.


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