Strange Agenda in Water Terminology

Water is now even being lied about
Water not only flows to your stomach it also is found in every cell in every body.

Today I was shocked when I read “Don’t get us wrong, not all inorganic substances are harmful for the body. Water is an inorganic substance and yet we need it so much that without it we will die. ‘Isn’t it ironic?’ you ask, ‘that we drink a lot of water, which is inorganic, but we can’t make use of inorganic minerals?’ ” on this website .

implies water inorganic -we are mode up of water.
The attempt to separate us from Nature continues








The attempt to separate us and water from Nature continues today. Human beings are made up of water. At one point, I remember reading that babies were 90% water when born, and that we should strive for much higher percentages such as 75-85% water rather than that are now considered the norm, that being 55-65% water. The concept that we are inorganic is mind boggling and obviously must be introduced by a group attempting to harm humanity and possibly some who attempted to remove us from our planet. All  nature is organic. Animals and plants are organic. Humans are organic.

The main problems we have had with water has been pollution and contamination and at some levels alkalinity. Working with water for many years, one would have to wonder why is it impossible for the planet to focus on water treatment. Perhaps the above information makes it clear that more agendas have been operating on the planet to prevent humanity from being here rather than helping insure our survival.

We must now consider what does “inorganic” mean in the above statement? When I read it first, it seemed like it came from off-worlders attempting to steal the planet, then I also thought about the attempt to create droid hive minds, those who would prefer humans with droid minds and components, as they would naturally not want water to be organic and part of our natural habitat. In that way they would make it costly for pure water and contaminated for the poor on the planet.

In reality water is organic to the earth. It is the life blood of the surface. Internally to the earth, there is oil that powers our Negative which works together with the Sun. This brings forth the question, if considering “organic” as living, what is living? Is our Planet and our Sun not living. They are. They are considered a living system.

Living Systems make up the Planet and the Cosmos. God is Nature and the Cosmos, though we have been wrong about these connections for many years and sought to put God in a book or prophet’s statements, rather than as All That Is including Nature. Most have not gone far enough to prove God’s existence to be one of relating to the Cosmos and all systems as living systems to support one another. This in itself proves its organic nature. It is only when we blend items such as rocks and plants from other off-world civilizations, do we get confusion because it is difficult for the environment to assimilate/integrate those items into this Planet’s organic nature. Such is the story with certain chemicals including harmful plastics and also a green sludge like material I recently found in my yard.

These substances seem to come from two different aspects of manipulation, one is the plastic like substance in the photo below. This seems to turn my plants into stone, when washed off it becomes white and milky, plasticy. The other is a green algae like substance with the texture of a rock. When I approach it, I feel a strong headache. These both seem unnatural as they are constricting both to nature and humans. It is interesting to observe what has been done on to our planet, take action to stop all destruction of her and to take steps to prevent any future use of these two technologies on the planet to preserve all natural species and those off worlders, who are positively focused on a beautiful natural world that is all divinely created and organic with in its own systems.

near space photography - 20km above ground real photo
21971302 – near space photography – 20km above ground real photo


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