The Texas Church Massacre

Michael Shrimpton analyses the latest massacre


Another week, another massacre. This time it was a church, the First Baptist Church, in Sutherland Springs, TX. Twenty-five good people, one of them, Crystal Holcombe, pregnant with child, died at the hands of crazed psychopath Devin Patrick Kelley. He was an escapee from an asylum – a real one, not Congress. The youngest victim, putting to one side the unborn child which never got to take its first breath, was a one year old girl, Noah Holcombe.

The best way to stop a bad man with a gun is a good man with a gun. Fortunately this was Texas, where a good man with a gun is never far away. The murderous maniac was duly shot, although he also seems to have accelerated his death by shooting himself in the head. Interestingly, he was reportedly not a happy bunny in the week leading up to the attack, possibly because he was being forced to do something he didn’t really want to do.

This much you can read in the MSM. This however is VeteransToday, so you rightly expect to see intelligent analysis, not just the bare bones of the story.

Why Sutherland Springs?

The first and most obvious anomaly is that Kelley did not have a particularly strong connection to Sutherland Springs. He had visited the church but was not a member of the congregation. The only relation he murdered was his wife’s grandmother, which strikes me as a bit remote. Husbands often have issues with mothers-in-law, but rarely with grandmothers-in-law.

The second anomaly is how he acquired the Ruger AR-556 assault rifle. Under Texas law he should not have been able to purchase a firearm. The same almost certainly applies under Colorado firearms law.

Ruger AR-556 – a good gun, in the right hands, deadly in the wrong hands

The fault lies not with the states, however, but with the feds. Kelley’s 2012 conviction by court-martial for domestic assault should have been recorded, but wasn’t. This has happened time and time again in mass-shooting incidents. Firearms laws are not applied and violent maniacs who shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a gun manage to acquire them.

There is no point in changing the law. Kelley was prohibited by existing legislation from acquiring firearms. There is no reason to believe that harsher laws would be applied any more effectively.

This point was not grasped by that ‘useful idiot’, no offense intended, Congressman Ted Lieu (D-CA), who walked out of a minute’s silence in honor of the Sutherland Springs victims. None of them deserved to die, let alone in ignorance of why they had been targeted. Walking out of a short ceremony of remembrance strikes me as disrespectful.

Congressman Lieu thinks the way forward is to violate the Second Amendment and deprive law-abiding folk of guns. Putting to one side the fact that it was a law-abiding gun owner who prevented further loss of life by shooting the Bad Guy, more laws are pointless when existing laws are not enforced. Since it is highly unlikely that the targeting assignment was determined by Kelley himself, having the local plod not speak his name isn’t going to help either, albeit that plod’s motives were admirable.

If Congressman Lieu wants to make a rational contribution to the debate with respect (I am sending a copy of these few remarks as a courtesy, and to afford him the right to respond) he could start by asking who in Washington ordered Holloman AFB not to enter Kelley’s court-martial into the record in 2012. Of course I appreciate that as a Democrat the Congressman is not used to acting rationally, with respect, and may find the transition to being a rational actor difficult. However we here at are here to help him on his way.

The way the Air Force works

Civilians, not least non-rational actors like journalists and Congressmen, tend to have a distorted view of the military. They assume that the phrase ‘military efficiency’ is an oxymoron, like ‘smart Democrat’. One thing the military do really well however, is paperwork, not least in peacetime.

Everything has to be recorded, usually in triplicate. The Air Force has manuals coming out of its ears. I have no doubt that the steps to be taken following a conviction are set out in a manual somewhere. Unlike say the British Home Civil Service, this will not be a mere box-ticking exercise. Air Force procedures are meaningful. Someone will have checked that the box was not only ticked, but ticked accurately.

I think it highly unlikely that the proper procedures were not followed in Kelley’s case because of inefficiency. It is far more likely that orders came down from Washington. Now who would give such orders and why? COREA/Correa Group assets inside the Defense Intelligence Agency, that’s who.

Now I know something that Congressman Lieu doesn’t, indeed I suspect I know a lot of things he doesn’t. In each democracy targeted for destabilisation by the German DVD the section dealing with that target country will maintain a register of psychopaths for use in mass-shootings. These will effectively be sleepers, although not necessarily agents, as they might not be recruited until they are needed.

You see a psychopath will usually manifest his or her mental instability. It may be in ‘small’ ways, like pulling a gun without justification, or beating up your wife and child, but the signs will be there. These muppets are cannon-fodder and will not normally survive their first mass-shooting. Either the Good Guys will get them, or like Thomas Hamilton in Dunblane, the Bad Guys will take them out to stop them talking.

So the early manifestations will not be mass-shootings. The signs will be there however, for someone trained in psychiatry, or an intelligence officer trained to spot them. The Krauts do psychiatry really well. Being weak themselves one thing they really understand is human weakness.

Being responsible for more murders than any state in history Germany has always understood the mentality of murderers. Remember this is one of the few states which has organised a mass human extermination program, and in living memory too. Moreover it never prosecuted those like Admiral Wilhelm Canaris who conceived and controlled the program, who were sheltered in either East or West Germany after the war.

If you participated in the mass-killings organised by the German State you were pretty much guaranteed a job after the war, in the DVD. The agency employed tens of thousands after 1945, many of them killers. They weren’t looking for people who helped old ladies across the street. They were looking for people who ordered naked old ladies into gas chambers.

Kelley’s 2012 conviction was almost certainly flagged up on a DIA database, and the DIA is heavily penetrated by the COREA/Correa Group. My guess is that he was recruited in late 2012 or early 2013. What he was promised or paid we will probably never know. Access to firearms however was clearly part of the package.

Being a psychopath and not being happy about the target he was assigned are not necessarily inconsistent, assuming that I am correct in my analysis that he was not acting alone and did not select the target. He may even have liked his old lady’s grandma. Certainly none of the people he had dealings with in the First Baptist Church called him in to the police as a potential mass-murderer.

Kelley does however fit the profile of a DVD asset, albeit run indirectly. He would never have been allowed to deal with a German intelligence officer.

Holloman AFB and the Luftwaffe

Another thing I know which Congressman Lieu probably doesn’t, with respect, unless he’s read Spyhunter, is that Holloman AFB, where Kelley was stationed, has a long-standing connection with the Luftwaffe.

In the late 1950s, as the DVD started long-range planning for the annexation of South Vietnam by North Vietnam, their air power strategists realised that the Luftwaffe would need to provide the majority of the North Vietnamese Air Force (NVAF) fighter pilots, just as it had done for the North Koreans in the Korean War. The DVD also realised that the USAF was starting to re-equip with the advanced, supersonic Century Series of fighter aircraft, such as the North American F-100 Super Sabre, McDonnell F-101 Voodoo and Republic F-105 Thunderchief.

McDonnell F-101 Voodoo
Republic F-105 Thunderchief- The Thud

The US Navy and US Marine Corps, who would be expected to bear a major share of the load in fighting the NVAF, were also re-equipping with advanced carrier-based supersonic aircraft, such as the Chance-Vought F8U Crusader and the superb McDonnell F4H Phantom II. The Phantom was so good the Air Force bought it, not something they normally did with Navy aircraft.

These new aircraft weren’t just advanced airframes with powerful turbojets like the General Electric J-79. They were weapons systems, with advanced radar and Air to Air Missiles. They called for new tactics.

The Luftwaffe needed to know the precise capabilities of its likely opponents and the latest American fighter tactics. They learnt about capabilities by stealing the blueprints and in the case of the F-104 Starfighter and F-4 Phantom buying the aircraft themselves, although they didn’t really need them. None of the Luftwaffe’s American acquisitions ever saw combat. The Luftwaffe’s favored mount for Vietnam was the Mig-21, then under development.

Buying your enemy’s airplane and stealing his blueprints doesn’t tell you about his tactics, however. For that the Luftwaffe sent pilots to train at US air bases. Starting to get the picture?

One of those bases was Holloman. On July 1st 1968 the 49th Tactical Fighter Wing, equipped with the excellent F-4D, deployed to Holloman from Spangdahlem AFB West Germany. The 49th duly trained Luftwaffe pilots and weapons officers on the F-4, giving the Luftwaffe a priceless advantage in the skies over North Vietnam. Since West Germany was pretending to be in NATO and posturing as America’s friend, and West Germany’s role as a belligerent in the Vietnam War was a dark secret, German pilots were forbidden to fly over South Vietnam.

Generalmajor Adolf Galland had followed a similar tactic in the Korean War, when his ex-Me262 boys were flying Mig-15s, indeed it was probably at Galland’s insistence that the 15 prototype was re-engined with the Rolls-Royce Nene. Galland, Nowotny and the rest of the 262 boys had had enough problems with unreliable jet engines in WW2!

The Luftwaffe didn’t just want to know about USAF, USN and USMC tactics. They also needed to advise the DVD what to press for in Washington in terms of sabotaging them. Thus you have Kraut assets like McNamara insisting on the F-4 getting up close, where it was at a disadvantage against the Mig-21 with its lower wing-loading. ‘Von’ McNamara was bound to have been concerned about the excellent radar of the big American fighter and its long-range kill ability. He’d killed the F-108, but he couldn’t kill the F-4. Sadly he wasn’t fried for high treason, as he should have been, nicely of course. No need for extra crispy, which might have led to lots of ‘Big Mac’ jokes. Regular would have done it.

The F4H prototype – first of many

The long-standing German intelligence connection to Holloman AFB is a red-flag for me. The MSM of course are laboring under the delusion that NVAF Migs were flown mostly by North Vietnamese. Some were, but most were flown by Russian-speaking Germans. Few Krauts speak Vietnamese, and when they do it’s with a funny accent. If non-Vietnamese pilots chanced to be heard over radios, it was much better that they spoke Russian rather than German. The Krauts learned from their mistake in the Korean War, when a panicking Mig-pilot shouted ‘Achtung, Sabres’ over the radio, after a bunch of F-86 boys jumped his staffel.

The bunnies on that occasion, by the way, were piston-engined Royal Navy Hawker Sea Furies. They were off a light carrier and had been told to fly low and slow. Naval Intelligence had smelt a rat and were after proof. Your average North Korean doesn’t go around shouting ‘Achtung’, or eating sausage, although being Prussian influenced he does march a good goose-step.

Will anything change?

Sadly, no. Fifty-eight dead at Vegas wasn’t nearly enough, and it’s unlikely that anyone’s going to pay too much attention to 25 dead at a church near San Antonio. The FBI have once again been allowed to muscle out the ATF and close down the investigation. Nobody in the MSM is asking serious questions. Like the FBI they are obsessing on the shooter.

The people sitting on Spyhunter and preventing a copy from reaching the President will probably carry on sitting on it. They are not all acting out of malice – some are simply intelligence illiterate and have never heard of the DVD. Rather than pass the intelligence on and let the President organise verification, they are sitting on it, probably because they don’t want to make themselves look foolish if what I have said is wrong.

It isn’t. There is a black German intel agency called the DVD and it’s waging a quasi-war against America. One of their tactics is to organise mass-shootings. It’s worked very well for them so far, and there’s no reason why it won’t continue to do so, no reason at all. Nobody’s seriously investigated Columbine yet, and that was 18 years ago.

In Australia and the UK mass-shootings have panicked legislators into enacting repressive firearms legislation. In each country legislators failed to think about what they were doing, preferring knee-jerk responses, like Congressman Lieu, again no offense.

Little Noah Holcombe and the others will have died in vain, I am afraid. The President doesn’t know why they were shot, the FBI aren’t interested in finding out and anybody who can brief in the President is being kept away from him. I predict that it won’t be long before the next outrage.

The Political Crisis in Britain

Theresa May is stumbling towards resignation. The able International Development Secretary Priti Patel was forced out by the Foreign Office this week, with support from the Cabinet Office, who are backing Gavin Williamson to take over from May. Priti’s ‘crime’ was to have spoken to those nice people the Israelis.

In particular she had given her personal backing to a sensible plan calling for British humanitarian assistance to Syrian refugees in the Golan Heights, which are rather prettier, BTW, than you might imagine. The problem is that policy in London is not determined by ministers, but by officials. The FCO and Cabinet Office are mostly staffed by Jew-hating Arabists, yet to reconcile themselves to Israel’s victory in the Six-Day War. They need to get over it, with respect.

Hopefully Boris will be the new PM and Priti will be back, as Foreign Secretary. In the meantime the FCO are doing their best to undermine Boris. They briefed him in bad faith over an Iranian/British dual national, Nazanine Zaghari-Ratcliffe, who claims to have been visiting her country of birth on holiday, although why she left her husband behind in the UK has not been made clear. The family’s pro-EU MP, Tulip Siddiq, has been trying to make political capital out of the affair, which is being blown up by the media, after Boris told MPs Zaghari-Ratcliffe had been teaching journalists.

Teheran are obviously working hand in glove with the FCO. They duly stoked the flames of the affair by asserting that teaching journalists was a crime in Iran, justifying further charges. Presumably the Iranian regime only wants ignorant journalists, following the example of the BBC and the Washington Post.

What neither the MSM nor Ms Siddiq are pointing out is that Mrs Zaghari-Ratcliffe is also an Iranian national. Since she voluntarily returned to the Islamic Republic of Iran, the British government has no locus to intervene in her case. It is axiomatic that dual nationals are unable to rely on the protection of their second country of nationality in the other country of which they are a national.

The Political Crisis in Australia

The Australian High Court has upended Malcolm Turnbull’s government with a bizarre ruling in a case involving Barnaby Joyce and other dual national MPs and Senators (Case C15/2017). Seemingly unaware that Britain and New Zealand are no more foreign powers vis a vis Australia than vice versa, the High Court solemnly proceeded to disqualify MPs and Senators who happened to be dual nationals. Two of Australia’s recent Prime Ministers, Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard, were British Citizens, born in Britain.

As the Founding Fathers well knew Britishers and Australians share a common allegiance. A Frenchman is a foreigner in Australia and rightly so, but a British Citizen is not. It’s about time that the Aussies restored the right of appeal to the Privy Council, which is there to correct egregious errors like this. Malcolm Turnbull has my email address. I could have spared him a lot of bother if he’d asked me for my advice. He’s a bit of an idiot, however, no offense intended, and won’t be Prime Minister for much longer.

Update on the Ashes Crisis

Avon and Somerset Police (ASP), who know they have no case against our brilliant all-rounder Ben Stokes, are sitting on their hands, in the hope of handing the First Test at Brisbane on November 23rd to Australia. The England and Wales Cricket Board are also sitting tight. They need to get Ben out to Oz asap. Forget the rozzers – Ben was arrested on the orders of GO2. ASP are as bent as a three bob note, no offense intended.

ASP also need to find themselves a new chief constable, fast. The current one’s a congenital idiot, again no offense intended. International sporting contests are sometimes about as fair as the American football match with East Germany (!), complete with East German referees, in that famous episode of the A-Team. Arresting a key member of the team you want to lose is an old tactic, first tried as long ago as the 1970 Football World Cup.

If Ben Stokes does not make the First Test, and England lose, ASP face a massive bill in damages. I have no doubt that a British jury would absolutely hammer them in exemplaries, and rightly so. I would have thought £1 million the starting point. It will not stop there however. ASP must be broken up. Sacking the Chief Constable will not be enough. The entire force must be punished, and GO2 with it.

Matthew d’Ancona

Most readers of this idiot’s offensive, anti-British and anti-American column in the London Evening Standard have to gnash their teeth. I can have a go at him, however. It’s about time somebody did.

On Wednesday, the obnoxious little twerp, no offense intended, called your President “a clown”. Coming from d’Ancona, who is anti-Brexit and couldn’t see it coming, any more than he could foresee Donald Trump’s great victory over Hillary Clinton, this is a bit rich. D’Ancona also thinks the Charlottesville disturbance was caused by “neo-Nazis”, which is not only inaccurate, although some neo-Nazis may have been present, but again is a bit rich coming from someone who, albeit unwittingly, supports ReichMinister Funk’s masterplan for post-war Europe.

Supporters of the EU need to be bit careful who they call ‘neo-Nazi’. Whilst I accept that d’Ancona is historically illiterate and clueless as to the origins of the EU, he is a widely-read commentator. He would well to brush up on his modern European history. I’ll be letting him know my thoughts and will fill you in on any reply, assuming it’s printable – he’s a pretty rude journalist, even by the standards of Fleet Street.


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