Fatima & Apoc. 21:5: Behold! I Make all Things New

The New World Order is in for a surprise. It is God who is in control


By Eric Gajewski

And he that sat on the throne, said: Behold, I make all things new. And he said to me: Write, for these words are most faithful and true. Apoc. 21:5

If you have been following this apostolate for some time now you should know how important the message of Fatima is for our times. Make no mistake, the Fatima message, is the backbone, of this Apostolate and is directly connected to the Apocalypse. Sr. Lucia said so as well.

Furthermore, we know how intimately connected the Immaculate and Sacred Hearts are and how, when, we have, a strong devotion to Our Lady, we will have an even greater love for Our Lord. Having said that, in today’s reading we see Christ the King on His Throne speaking that “He makes all things new”. Are WE Catholics not waiting for a glorious period for the Church wherein the nations and even Jews will accept the true Messiah and the Church (not the Vatican II, Conciliar Church)?

If we believe the Word then we know we have a great ending coming to this story. The New World Order will be smashed, not only, by the feet of Our Lady (intercession) but also by the Fire of Divine Love which comes down upon men from on high by God Himself. The world is right now being staged for the “Fire of the holocaust” to come down and wipe out a greater portion of humanity.

God of surprises? We have heard Francis speaking of his version of the “God of surprises” wherein Love is said to be novelty and novelty itself is good for the Church but is this true? Of course not. The revolutionaries behind Vatican II are leading souls into a formalized one-world religion in which every opinion will have an equal share. Surprise! Well, true Catholics these days are not following what flows from the mouths in Rome.

The God of Surprises has a surprise not only for the New World Order but for Rome specifically. So many of you enjoyed my latest exclusive video, “the faithful few” and it ties in with our topic today. I encourage you all to watch it (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZcNSEZmVhMA).

Mary and Christ have long been forewarning Catholics of this apostasy and yet so many remained stunned “by this apparent surprise”. Perhaps, it is not so much as being surprised but rather being appalled at this point.
It is a tough pill to swallow.

However, the New World Order, will be surprised, when, they find out, in the end, that, it is truly God, who is in control and merely allows evil so that good can be seen all the more vibrantly. Thus, evil is truly not in control like they think and we can reference the vision of Pope Leo XIII. In this vision, the devil is granted 100 years to destroy the Church.

Well, we are coming to the climax where God pulls the rug out beneath the feet of the devils and all the enemies of the Church. Thus, the world ought eagerly await the fruition of the Fatima message.

The former passing away. Let us face it, this, modern world, is heading for destruction. So many are asking “Why hasn’t God acted by now”. Perhaps He has and is and we are missing out on what He wants us to truly see and learn. For example, things are getting so ridiculous with Francis and Rome these days that a good number of conservative “novus ordo” types and now coming wholly to Tradition. This is a positive yet most miss it.
Vatican II will pass even as this earth will pass.

In addition, what can we say about ourselves? Are we not waiting for our meeting with Jesus in death? Now, granted, few, will directly get there, having, first gone to Purgatory but the word “conversion” needs to be at the forefront of our minds and hearts daily. We must die and pass away in order to live wholly in Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary was the perfect model for all Christians as it relates to how we should live.

It is no wonder Heaven chose to speak through Mary at Fatima to get His people ready for the times ahead. He first prepared His throne in the Womb of Mary and His Eucharistic reign coming will see Him seated upon the Throne, Our Lady once again. In closing to this section, one of the principles of being an eagle, is, being able to adapt and change to our surroundings. The societal collapse is coming yet few have their wings spread ready to take to flight. The Beast system will be looked back upon as something “former” as we transition into this new age for the Church.



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