When society is organized into a unidimensional hierarchical structure which provides singularity of control to those who sit at the top, enormous power is gained. If these Hierarchy leaders have the unmitigated power to create and distribute money and are evil too, they can also control the Major Mass Media. The results of this evil, unmitigated power is catastrophic for the humans controlled by the Hierarchy. This is the case in America right now and this includes all their wounded, suffering and dead victims from their induced perpetual wars all over the world.

by Preston James

Sadly, we Americans and much of the world live in a fake reality based on over 50 years of lies and coordinated illusions which have been created, dispensed and introduced into the American Mass Mind by the Ruling Hierarchy.

This Ruling Hierarchy that controls the creation, management and dispensing of this fake reality is almost exclusively comprised of “Bloodline families” who are actually quite different in their value systems and genetic backgrounds than “ordinary human stock”.

They hide behind Secret Societies, a worldwide network of satanic pedophiles, and use the various law enforcement and Intel agencies they have created such as the FBI, the CIA, to protect and serve their selfish interests.

The Ruling Class’s main means of establishing and holding power is their banking-based pernicious usury money-power which just happens to be against Biblical teachings as recognized by well informed Christians and is also considered unacceptable by most Islamics.

For example, the FBI is a major RICO organization which specializes in covering up the Ruling Hierarchy’s crimes and fomenting fake and staged terror to create the need for bigger central government and more and more Ruling Hierarchy power.

The job of the CIA is to provide Intel for the Ruling Hierarchy leaders to be used to compromise politicians all over the world and to start wars which will provide large profits to the Bankers who finance them and to the large stockholders of the defense contractors.

What is most notable about the Ruling Hierarchy is that they appear to have no consciences and function as “pure sociopaths” who regard commoners as mere cattle and serfs, sometimes as mere insects, certainly as targets to dominate, use to attain their worldwide agenda, and to asset strip.

However, as a necessity in maintaining the power of their illusion upon the public, they operate in a bifurcated manner, dispensing public works to keep the masses minimally satisfied, pretending to serve the public while secretly manipulating such benefits to mask their secret evil programs.

And, many of these secret programs are so unimaginably self-serving and evil, that even when leaked to the public by informed whistle-blowers and dissatisfied and moralistic insiders, the masses just cannot believe that their official representatives would ever commit such unimaginably evil acts. The truth is so deviant and evil that it just seems inconceivable to most and directly contradicts the social reality which they grew up with.

Of course this social reality was created by the Ruling Cabal itself to serve its own needs, not We The People’s and was designed to create the false illusion needed to keep the American masses entrapped, controlled and dependent on the Ruling Hierarchy itself through a large social welfare system and a centralized, corporatized, unconstitutional  and illegal federal government.

Fooling the American Public is made possible by extensive Mind-kontrol operations that are controlled by the Ruling Hierarchy. Essentially, the Ruling Hierarchy has created and maintains a completely effective monopoly on generating the existing social reality for the last 100 years (ever since the hijacking of America by the City of London Banksters in 1913).

Replica of the Gutenberg Press, invented by Johannes Gutenberg in 1439 AD in Germany. This was the first creation of movable type that allowed the mass production of printed goods. This invention was truly revolutionary and is credited with setting off the Protestant Reformation when it was used to mass produce the Bible in translated form.

This domination of social reality has been completely monopolistic and unchallenged in any major way until the advent of the worldwide Internet and the emergence of the new alternative truth media websites.

These new “Truther” websites have provided the means to publish numerous information leaks from insiders, dissidents, and whistle-blowers that directly contradict this Ruling Hierarchy created social reality.

It is now quite appropriate to refer to the worldwide Internet as the New Gutenberg Press.

The Ruling Cabal has, of course, responded by deploying thousands of sock puppets and trolls to infect the Internet with websites that mimic Truth but are usually limited hangout followed by very misleading bad payloads of incorrect conclusions. Well-informed Internet users have often learned to weed out truth from concocted psyops and lies much to the dismay of the Ruling Hierarchy.

Because the Ruling Hierarchy created and controls the six Major Mass Media corporations, and Hollywood and the TV and movie-based entertainment industry it is easy for them to use them to create a virtual monopoly of tainted and false news and to dispense notably false narratives, big lies, and propaganda that serves their Ruling Class interests to create this false social reality.

Let’s consider one of the Biggest false narratives ever dispensed by the Ruling Hierarchy that the masses have ingested and believed 100% and which has generated endless nonsensical diatribes by Political pundits and senior members of Congress about it.

The US national deficit hoax, the endless nonsensical arguing about it, all for nothing and all based on blatant big lies, false narratives, and Ruling Hierarchy propaganda. 

The Ruling Hierarchy’s Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) regularly carries interviews with various political pundits and senior members of Congress discussing Federal Tax reduction and its likely effect on increasing the national deficit which they estimate at 2 Trillion USD. This is a blatant falsity, there is no real “national debt”.

It is all a fraud upon We The People. If their discussion were honest it would be about how there is no real national debt at all, it is a fraud and smoke and mirrors of the illegal, unconstitutional acts of the Federal Reserve System and a bought-off, crooked, compromised Bankster controlled Congress and Administration.

This false narrative of the US national debt and deficit spending is based on completely blatant lies, false-reporting and is like the old proverb of the King’s New Clothes, where the insane King is actually naked but out of fear his subjects keep telling him how great his new clothes look. Congress is out of control with its spending which is to benefit the Ruling Hierarchy.

If Congress had to balance its books like any normal middle-class American family it would be strongly curtailed in its special interest spending (which is a very large portion of it). The major kickbacks (set-aside allocations) paid back to members of Congress would cease and America would move into serious prosperity once again.

Let’s examine the facts. The US Constitution requires real money to be issued by the USG itself that is backed by Gold, Silver (real commodities) and does not allow phony debt-based FIAT money to be issued at pernicious usury by a foreign private set of Central Bankers from the City of London (COL).

These COL Banksters are known to be the Babylonian Talmudists, aka the World Zionists and actually carry absolutely no ancient Hebrew Blood at all (actually they are Old Black Nobility who follow the ancient Black Satanic arts dating back to ancient Babylonia, aka the Babylonian Talmud).

And they are hardcore secret Satanists who have created a worldwide system of central banking based on debt-notes, not real money. Long ago they hijacked Judaism too, perverted it and captured the Khazarians and molded them into a fake new imaginary race of “Jews” (Revelation 2:9, 3:9), highly rewarding selected ones with high positions and big incomes if they serve the Hierarchy with no conscience and function as Hierarchy Cutouts.

They specialize in hijacking whole nation-states so they can use them as major Cutouts and tools to asset strip the peoples of the world with their system of debt-note based Fiat private central banking. Their private central banking is based on using debt-notes, that is, fake money and is the largest human fraud ever conceived and deployed.

Their agenda is to engulf the whole world in a massive web of debt in order to destroy every nation’s basic society and shove their own Luciferian NWO one-world government in place. And then to use whatever means necessary to reduce the world total population by 90%. They specialize in starting wars while they lend debt-notes presented as real money to both sides, thus speeding up their asset stripping of the world and the destruction of societies and whole nations.

It is important to note that the Ruling Hierarchy is the “destroyer of nations, societies, and people, all done by the power of its private central Fiat Banking System of debt-notes. The Ruling Hierarchy is a worldwide secret Satanic Death Cult that is committed to purifying the human race by reducing it through induced wars and disease, all to create more and more centralized power for itself. This makes it the largest parasite to every occupy and infect Planet Earth.

Because the Ruling Hierarchy creates the existent social reality that serves itself and has classically maintained a monopoly in doing so, it is easy for them to control the internal politics in America, one of its favorite nation-states to corporatize, and use as its economic engine and also it worldwide war machine, all done while parasitically asset-stripping We The People of the fruit of our labor.

It is actually completely illegal for the USG to allow this FRS scam to operate but it does so because it is deeply compromised by AIPAC on behalf of the Banksters. Numerous US Courts including the Supreme Court have ruled that any US Law that is unconstitutional is immediately null and void.

However, because the Ruling Hierarchy has gained control over the US Department of Justice, almost every single federal judge, and the Supreme Court itself, the Constitution is not enforced as it should be.

Because most of the Justices are heavily compromised and deeply afraid of the Ruling Hierarchy’s reach, power and vengefulness, they easily succumb to their will.

Bottom line is that the Federal Reserve System is a Foreign Central FIAT Banking operation from the City of London which was able to hijack America in 1913 when they paid and bribed Congress and the President to pass the unconstitutional and illegal Federal Reserve Act.

It is an abomination of the US Constitution for the American People to have to pay pernicious interest to the Federal Reserve for renting fraudulent debt-notes in daily commerce, when it should have been their own real money in the first place, used interest-free.

Fact 1: The so-called Federal Deficit is a complete fraud. Legally the American People owe these COL/FRS Banksters nothing in interest or as a US national debt. Do not think that the interest now being paid from federal tax revenues to the FRS is insignificant. Experts have claimed that approximately 40% of American Federal Tax revenues go to the FRS for this illegal interest charged for using their money, which is technically a loan only. How much better could you live if you immediately paid 40% less Federal Tax?

Fact 2: The American Founding Fathers did not want the USG to become a corporation, did not want it charging taxes to We The People. They expected the USG to be supported by the collection of excise taxes. How interesting it is that the IRS was incorporated in Puerto Rico. Insiders have claimed it is the secret and official collection agency for the Federal Reserve System. Of course astutely informed historians know that the creation of the IRS followed the passage of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913 which itself is a private corporation incorporated in Delaware in 1914, and so did WW1.

Fact 3: The FRS serves as a fraudulent, elastic, endless checkbook for a completely compromised, evil, foreign-controlled US Congress. It loans as much in debt-notes to the US Congress that it needs to spend all over the world. Most of this spending is to appease special interest groups who have provided lavish campaign contributions and major “set-aside allocations” in numbered foreign bank accounts (usually in British associated Caribbean banks).

The so-called deficit is imaginary. This is major RICO crime and all pernicious interest charged against the American masses can be clawed-back if the US Department of Justice would ever do its rightful job instead of covering up the crimes of the Hierarchy and its Cutouts.

Ask yourself this question. If a member of the US Congress comes in near penniless and then leaves with well over 100 million dollars, how did this happen?

Also, ask yourself this question. If almost every member of Congress has signed the AIPAC Loyalty Oath to Israel to put Israel first even before US Interests, whose interests do you think the US Congress Serves First? Does this explain why we have been fighting so many perpetual wars in the Mideast for Israel (and the COL World Zionists that created Israel after WW2)?

Doubt this, just do some basic research on what former US Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney has disclosed on this. So far the only Congressman that didn’t sign this abortion is Representative Walter Jones. Why do Members of Congress feel obligated to sign this traitorous AIPAC Loyalty Oath when it is ipso facto evidence of Treason?

It is because of the power of the Foreign run FRS money-masters have over politicians. These traitors know that if they don’t sign this agreement, their political careers are over. They all know what the Banksters did to Representative James Trafficant and how they had him murdered in a staged farm accident for telling the truth about the hijacking of Congress by World Zionists and the phony FRS national debt.

These folks of the Ruling Hierarchy believe that they are special, the chosen ones, Earthly Royalty, whose job it is to thin the human herd and purify the human race.

The best snapshot we have into the Ruling Hierarchy’s value system and agenda is what has been publicly leaked and disclosed about the Russell Opium Trust (aka Skull and Bones at Yale University) which owns and uses the campus building with no windows called “the tomb”.

Each year, 15 “Bonesmen” are chosen to become new recruits into this Satanic Secret Society.

These folks then proceed to become part of one of the most powerful secret Satanic power groups that feed the top echelons of the USG and become major Cutouts for the Ruling Hierarchy.

Most of the deep dark secrets of the Skull and Bones have been leaked and published and they are so evil and so shocking that most of the American public if they were told, would not be able to believe any of it.

How do we know that these disclosures are accurate? For one we have the pioneering work of Professor Anthony Sutton. We also have the disclosures and relics provided by Educational activist Charlotte Iserbyt whose father was a Bonesman and turned from it at the end of his life.

Charlotte worked for President Reagan in the Department of Education as a Senior Policy Advisor and has been a strong heroic voice to reverse the completely dysfunctional Hierarchy driven existing national educational policy which she views as created to serve Globalist interests.

How has the Ruling Hierarchy been able to gain control over the whole American System including all the means needed to mind-kontrol the American Masses and generate a completely false reality widely accepted by We The People?

This is all due to the power that can come from hierarchical organizing of a hijacked government. Because the USG was covertly and illegally hijacked by the foreign-based City of London private Fiat Banksters in 1913, these Banksters used their ability to issue all the money they wanted and use it to take control over the whole USG and every major USG institution, bit by bit.

Who they couldn’t buy, bribe, or human compromise, they ruined or murdered (often by crafty means). Sometimes their murders were presented as suicides when the apparent evidence suggested murder (as in the case of Gary Webb, Danny Casalaro, Colonel James Sabow, and many others).

The Power of fake debt-based script presented as money allowed the Banksters to create their own Ruling Hierarchy in America.

The COL Banksters have been able to take control over America and the mechanisms which generate its reality for the masses because of their “money power” which enabled them to take control (one way or another) over every major institution of the USG and every major corporation.

This unmitigated “money power” allowed these COL Banksters to create their own Hierarchy of power in America (and much of the world).

The USG was already organized into a large hierarchy. When the Banksters hijacked America in 1913 with the illegal passage of the Federal Reserve Act, this made it easy for them to create a controlling hierarchy in America run by them.

The main thing about a hierarchy such as this one run by the COL Banksters is that it allows those few who hold the top positions in the hierarchy to easily set policy for the whole hierarchy and have its mandates implemented.

Because these Ruling Hierarchy leaders at the top apparently either have lost their souls or never had one to start with, and certainly absent any normal human conscience, acting like pure sociopaths who easily dispense evil and final judgments against most opposers, it becomes understandable why they can engage in the most evil, inhuman, satanic acts possible.

Because these leaders of the Ruling Hierarchy prefer to dispense their unimaginably evil mandates in secret to prevent disclosure and blame, these mandates are usually disguised behind double-talk such as a new way to serve We The People when the opposite is usually true.


The bottom line is this: The organizing of America into a single Hierarchy that is controlled by the top leaders of the Ruling Class (aka the “Bloodline Families”) permits those who sit at the top of this evil Ruling Class Hierarchy to easily issue mandates for any level in their Hierarchy top to bottom as long as they are somewhat justified and disguised behind double-talk.

How sick and evil it is for the USG to be organized into a rigid hierarchy that just happens to have been hijacked and is quite easily controlled from the top down by unimaginably evil satanic foreign-based Central Banksters.

Because these evil rulers have the power to order opponents corrected, ruined or even murdered in cold blood, they have established a system based on lethal threats and fear of sanctions at every level which makes members of Congress and almost all subordinates quite compliant.

“There is no such thing in America as an independent press unless it is out in country towns. You are all slaves. You know it, and I know it. There is not one of you who dares to express an honest opinion. If you expressed it, you would know beforehand that it would never appear in print. I am paid $150 for keeping honest opinions out of the paper I am connected with. Others of you are paid similar salaries for doing similar things. If I should allow honest opinions to be printed in one issue of my paper, I would be like Othello before twenty-four hours: my occupation would be gone.

The man who would be so foolish as to write honest opinions would be out on the street hunting for another job. The business of a New York journalist is to distort the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to vilify, to fawn at the feet of Mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread, or for what is about the same — his salary.

You know this, and I know it; and what foolery to be toasting an “Independent Press”! We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are jumping-jacks. They pull the string and we dance. Our time, our talents, our lives, our possibilities, are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes.”

Quote from Newspaper Editor John Swinton believed to be made at a journalist gathering on April 12, 1883, some have called his retirement party.

This “Power of Hierarchy” has also allowed several top leaders of the Ruling Hierarchy to create their own monopolistic Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) and use it as an effective tool to mislead and actually deeply mind-kontrol the American masses.

This sophisticated mind-kontrol system that the Ruling Hierarchy has created through their CMMM and other means have created a major false reality that has so gripped most Americans that even when leakers and whistle-blowers divulge the truth to them, they usually cannot even fathom that such is even possible.

This power of the Ruling Class leaders’ Hierarchy allows these select few to set-top US policy secretly and to create the public reality they want through manipulation of the news, their entertainment system (Hollywood based), the educational system, and the USG disclosures.

So when it is revealed that at least 42% of the male members of Congress are actually human compromised pedophiles, and top leaders of the Ruling Class are active participants in a worldwide Satanic Pedophile Network where children are bought, kidnapped, pedophiled, tortured and murdered like wild game, and then eaten, few can believe these claims even when they come from vetted, respected sources.

Or when astute researchers try to inform the American People that the attack on 9-11-01 used nukes and was done for COL World Zionists by Israelis, Israeli-America “Israeli-first” Dual Citizens, and traitors high up in the Pentagon and the Administration of Bush2, few Americans believe it.

This grip of the Ruling Hierarchy’s extensive and effective Mind-kontrol system is now waning significantly, thanks to the advent of the worldwide Internet. This rapid dissemination of truth to the masses has created major concern in the top levels of the Hierarchy and the Hierarchy’s leaders are now instituting major corrections to geld the Internet, such as: ending Net Neutrality; drastically reducing monetization of web site publishers; sophisticated algorithm-driven censoring of Internet searches; censorship of various web services such as youtube and many others as well as by Internet service providers.

We now have two distinct realities in America, the major dominant one which is a completely false illusion accepted by most Americans; and the actual true reality which is known only to a few, but daily growing number thanks to the worldwide Internet.

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