The Third Hijacking of America?

Is a new type of Fascism now being quietly and covertly installed in America deep within the Secret Space War Program?


by Preston James

Author’s Note: For many years you were never supposed to find out most of the contents of this article. But now all things have changed and there is a new sheriff. It is now okay for disclosure to proceed step-by-step. Years ago there was danger and harassment that usually always followed the author of this type of disclosure. Now the green light has been given so enjoy this information. A fair degree of major disclosure is now at hand.

The First Hijacking of America occurred in 1913 when the City of London private central Banksters passed the illegal, unconstitutional Federal Reserve Act. The second hijacking of America occurred when the Secret Shadow Government was formed as a knee-jerk reaction to the Roswell crash of an Alien ET anti-gravity craft and its recovery along with dead Alien ETs and at least one live one rescued.

This article is about the third hijacking of the USG (and the Secret Shadow Government too) by a deep-black Secret Space War faction which is now in process.


In a recent prior article entitled, The Second Hijacking of America, it was disclosed how the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) quickly emerged as a powerful covert entity after the Roswell recovery of a crashed UFO with dead Alien ET bodies (and at least one live Alien ET survivor).

So-called “national security” was deployed to protect these secrets from the American People at all costs and resulted in a complete lock-down of all related information and numerous lethal threats accompanied by numerous murders of witnesses (including one nurse who talked and ended up buried in the desert, whacked by US Army Intel).

This demand for absolute secrecy about Alien ETs (also referred to as Extraterrestrial Biological Entities or EBEs) enabled this new Secret Shadow Government (SSG) to become the actual ruling government which slowly but surely has hijacked and replaced the visible DC government.

This process has transformed the DC visible government into a ceremonial body, allowed to exist to keep the public masses conned into thinking they have actual, real representation in government when they have very little at all.

It also provided the power necessary to covertly transform the visible DC government into a gelded ceremonial government, while maintaining the illusion that the citizen votes really mattered.

We now know for certain the the stark reality that Planet Earth has been and is now being visited by Alien ETs that are extremely advanced technologically and intellectually, some with extreme psi-powers.

Recognition of this extreme Alien ET technological superiority was burned into the Pentagon’s mindset by the recovered EBE’s anti-gravity craft and was so threatening to their need for absolute world defense supremacy that they imposed a complete security lock-down.

This complete lock-down was penetrated by President Eisenhower under threat of deploying his army and attacking Area 51, but as soon as he learned the shocking reality of Roswell, he too decided that secrecy from the public must be maintained.

Secretary of Defense James Forrestal felt otherwise and was thrown out of an upper floor of Bethesda Naval Hospital to his death by US Miltel operatives because he refused to keep the secret from the American People. He felt all Americans had the right to know the truth about Alien ETs and their anti-gravity craft.

Before Forrestal was assassinated by US Army Intel operatives, he briefed Jack Kennedy who was a member of the US House of Representatives at the time about his secret knowledge about Alien ETs and UFOs. Army Intel ops had poisoned Forrestal with a toxic drug that induced severe depression and cognitive confusion before they threw him out the window.

Later on when JFK became president, this became a secret obsession of his to find out all he could about the Secret Defense Contractors relationships with Alien ETs and the conditions of their joint black engineering programs.

JFK’s stance against organized crime and use of his brother Bobby as Attorney General against them; his refusal to go recklessly into a third world full scale nuclear war with the Soviets over the Cuban Missile Crisis, his last minute refusal to be drawn into a CIA invasion of Cuba; his commitment to withdraw from Vietnam; and his printing of real US Treasury Dollars as an attempt to ease out the City of London’s private Federal Reserve System and their phony Fiat Debt-notes used by Americans at pernicious accruing interest, together illegally sealed his fate at Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963.

The American Coup d’etat November 22, 1963 brought in Fourth Reich Fascism spear-headed by GHWB and his City of London supported drug-trafficking satanic pedophile Cabal.

JFK’s assassination was a Secret Shadow Government (SSG) coup d’etat designed to serve as a public example of what the SSG will do to anyone in the presidency or high government position who goes outside their allowed parameters.


The assassination of JFK transformed the USG into a Fascist state.

At first the Secret Shadow Government was a regular fascist government just like Nazi Germany. This was a union between the state and the corporation with the state directing the corporations (and defense contractors). Then the large corporations (especially the large defense contractors) stacked the government and used it to serve their exclusive needs. This is best described as super-fascism where the corporation and state merge but the corporation controls the state and uses it for its own corporate purposes.

Later on as the Secret Shadow Government became more and more dominant and independent of the official Intel agencies and the Pentagon. This was due to its transformation into black, deep-black and beyond-black un-acknowledged programs related to joint projects with Alien ET to back engineer anti-gravity for humans defense use.

Soon the deep-black and beyond black secret un-acknowledged defense contractor programs became so dominant that they began calling all the shots inside the visible DC government, albeit in deep secret from the American People and most members of Congress. Thus the process of the deep-black secret space war program became hijacking control away from the visible large corporations that previously controlled DC and the USG.

The Nazi Bell anti-gravity and time warping device. This was provided to the US War Department as a condition of the secret treaty behind Operation Paperclip. It was comprised to two mercury filled discs counter-rotated at high speed and electrified by high voltage. Technicians close by became confused, disoriented in time and some died of strange causes.

Of course it is important to note that the secret treaty signed with the Nazis two years before the end of WW2 which created Operation Paperclip and the provision to grant immunity to over 9,000 Nazi scientists imported into the USA to work for the Pentagon, was an important factor in the Pentagon acquiring knowledge about UFOs and anti-gravity, and in the creation of the Secret Shadow Government (SSG).

Operation Paperclip provided state-of-the-art intelligence penetration of Stalin’s Russia and state-of-the-art high powered liquid fueled rocket and guidance technology.

But Operation Paperclip also provided knowledge of Alien ETs and their anti-gravity craft which quickly became an obsession of a certain sector of the Pentagon.

Soon for security reasons these Alien ET matters were transferred by MJ-12 to deep secret highly compartmentalized cells in trusted defense contractors. Allegedly the Alien ET group aiding the Nazis abandoned them midstream because they started developing anti-gravity craft to use for offensive purposes, a no-no.

The recovery of Alien ET bodies and rescue of live Alien ETs, as well as their anti-gravity craft USG provided the means for MJ-12 to transform America into a Super-fascist state controlled by the major corporations and especially the major defense contractors.

Technically this created a transformation from regular fascism where the state and corporation fuse but the state still calls the shots, into a situation of super-fascism where the state and the corporation fuse (in this case the secret defense contractor groups). But in Super-fascism the top largest corporations stack and control the USG and use it as their corporate welfare funding source from taxpayer money. Later on several powerful deep-black and beyond-black corporate defense contractors involved with Alien ETs and anti-gravity craft began to call all the shots and took control over the visible DC government in secret, overpowering the previous control over the state by the large visible corporations.

Yes, this type of fascism where the state and the corporation merge but the corporation controls the state, stacks it with its choices and uses it for its own corporate welfare and funding like pigs at the DC taxpayer trough, is best called Super-fascism. In this Super-fascist system that evolved under MJ’s control, the CIA, Mossad, FBI and other alphabets became tools, deniable cutouts to do the dirty work of the deep-black and beyond-black SSG elements.

Many of the public, especially astute Internet researchers now wrongly assume that the core power of the USG and its crimes against We The People lie in the criminal RICO networks of these alphabet agencies.

Yes, they are all part of a large RICO network that abuses We The People, but they are the tools, the cutouts of the SSG which was originally stacked and authorized by the City of London private central Banksters (also known as the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia Kingpins).

The recent shift to a new type of Super-fascism control by a small cell in the deep-black Secret Space War program has now begun and it is best called Cosmic Fascism.

As these deep-black Secret Shadow Government (SSG) (aka Secret Space War) elements began to work closely with the  Alien ET groups that they signed “Exchange Treaties” with, a number of interesting and even strange things began to occur:

1- A Secret Space War program for defense of the USA was created in one of these joint programs. The Alien ET group assisting a certain deep-black element to create this had convinced them that the USA as well as the world was now under attack by an evil anti-human Alien ET group (reputed to be the Dracos and their hived androids, the large grays and some others like the so-called praying mantis types).

This deep-black SSW element became convinced that there was an “Alien ET Agenda” being deployed by these evil Alien ETs attacking Earth to set up a Globalist NWO and thin the human herd by 90% first using a multiplicity of soft kill and hard kill, and then later on 100%, after Terra-forming Planet earth and creating their own android hived replacement race. The Alien ET group that has been assisting this deep-black element (reputed to be the tall whites) claimed they were also under attack and needed the help of Humans as well as their RNA and DNA to replenish their aging, decaying genes.

2- MJ12 (now called MAJIC) was expanded to many more than 12 and had representatives from Russia, China and numerous other nations, each committed to defending Planet Earth from these alleged space invaders. This group agreed that they would brief key legislators and take control over them by explaining the absolute necessity for them to yield to the agenda of this new deep-black element in order for the human race to survive.

This new expanded MJ group also agreed among themselves that they would never deplpy their Secret Space War weaponry against other nations of Planet Earth or each other despite all the allowed political rhetoric by governments of the world. This had been a condition of the treaty with the Alien ET group providing the technology necessary to back engineer the recovered crashed anti-gravity craft which Ben Rich the head of Lockheed Skunkworks referred to as “Biomorphic”. The treaties provided the Alien ETs the right to abduct a certain amount of humans for biological samples and reproductive genetics, tag them,as long as they wiped their memories of such clean and released them unharmed.

This Biomorphic ability of the ETs anti-gravity craft allegedly describes some of the Alien ET crafts’ abilities to to warp space, gravity and time and the ability to function as a living biological type entity itself, being able to shape-shift, separate and combine into separate craft and travel across different dimensions and through wormholes.

3- The various remote brain entrainment technologies developed in these deep-black elements of the SSG and the other advanced technologies such as quantum based remote satellite based computer hacking of any digital media whether on or off, their use of the notorious Alien ET “Looking Glass” devices, allowed them to acquire the world’s greatest power over any elected or appointed politician or high corporate official which was comprised of knowledge of their deepest dark secret sins and evil required by the Ruling Cabal to get to the top.

Here’s how their new system of cleaning house works: The world system (COL/RKM aka the Ruling Cabal) has required corruption in most government and corporate officials in order to reach high positions. This is all due to the world financial system created by the City of London Khazarian Mafia (aka the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia or RKM). These are the private Central Banksters that have basically controlled most of the world (until only recently) via their Vatican/City of London/Washington DC axis of power provided by these three small secret nation states.

This system has created a worldwide network of satanic pedophiles who are now easily blackmailed to do the RKM Banksters’ will or else they are exposed and taken down by the Bankster controlled Major Mass Media. Classically the RKM has used Cutouts to control the Major Mass Media like the CIA in America (operation Mockingbird). Many players in the network are now being exposed in a number of states by this secret deep-black element and it leads back to Franklin Credit and the CIA/BCC and the FBI who runs the cover ups.

4- One day this certain faction of the deep-black element decided to deploy the worldwide Internet as a covert weapon to clean up the USG and major “crony” corporations. They sold the idea of the Internet to the SSG and the RKM Banksters as the greatest spy and mind-kontrol tool ever devised.

This was a big con and their secret agenda was to create a new Gutenberg Press with which to leak the crimes and perversions of the Ruling Class and top elected officials and corporate heads in order to clean house. These Ruling Class individuals who were raised into high position in the first place by the RKM because of their moral turpitude, perversions and evil natures (easily controlled because they were “human compromised” by RKM Intel Cutouts) now became the secret targets of this new dep-black Secret Space War element.

5- The new ability of this deep-black element provided them with the means to easily access all personal secrets quite easily and end all secrecy any time they chose which is now in process visibly for all to see.

This secret deep-black element does not need to assassinate high USG officials or high corporate officials, all they need to do is publish these secrets all over the Internet and threaten certain chosen top key media executives that they must carry these stories in their publications too or else they will have their dirt revealed. This is best called secrecy blackmail and it is very, very effective.

The Internet is thus the new Major Mass Media of this secret deep-black element which is now engaging in a rear guard action to clean house in DC and their crony corporations and Intel agencies. Hillary and Bill Clinton always worked for GHWB and his Bush Crime Cabal which was a fully authorized Cutout of the City of London RKM private central Banksters. Their power is being decimated too along with the democratic party, some major target corporations and much of the US Congress.

Truthful leaks carry great power once the public believes they are true.

The Clintons were taken down along and the Democratic Party was forever destroyed by the release of their secret and notably dirty emails which were provided to WikiLeaks by this secret deep-black faction involving methodologies that cannot now be publicly detailed.

Note that none of these leaked emails were ever denied by any of the subjects or any of the Major Mass Media. The Clintons have had national security waivers filed which they expect will prevent any serious prosecution of them and their associates. We shall see.

Now if you think that this deep-black element is just going to destroy the Democratic Party forever and then quit, you are mistaken.

They plan to do the same to the Republican Party when they are done using it because it too is filled with satanic pedophiles, perverts, liars, self-serving narcissists and psychopaths.

In corporate Hollywood, many top moguls and male superstars will be taken down by these truthful leaks. An the deep-black secret cell is now using remote psychotronic entrainment of the victims that elicits motivation to finally go public. How do they identify victims? By using the notorious “Looking Glass” device, first described publicly by Michael Schratt.


The bottom line is this as I predicted several years ago numerous times: All secrecy is ending, so stay tuned and watch the high and mighty fall right before your eyes. Watch top corporate officials resign in mass. Stay tuned and believe me when I tell you this is going to be very interesting and remarkably earth-shattering for many power elites who were previously untouchable and protected by the satanic pedophile cabal they were members of.

Do not underestimate the power of the New Gutenberg Press which is the worldwide Internet. Despite all the Ruling Cabal’s plotting to demonetize it, restrict and censor it, the mass populism it has already produced cannot be stopped at this point. It is way too far gone for that. Other nations will pick up the pieces and this new world populism cannot be stopped or delayed unless the Cabal provokes a major worldwide ICBM-based full nuclear World War III.

The Internet is now serving as a powerful tool of this deep-black element and utilizes raw, hard-core truth about official evil. Leaking the dirty laundry and pedophile crimes and child murders of these powerful elite that run DC is powerful medicine and the American people love every bit and want more, much much more. This is the new American gladiator sport, quite similar to the Roman Gladiators in social form, just without the blood and dead bodies.

Whether you realize it or not the USA is now under secret martial law with 3 generals running the current administration from inside the White house.

And you can bet that this new secret martial law is somehow one way or another being controlled covertly behind the scenes by this new deep-black Secret Space War element.

However, if you think that this new deep-black Secret Space War element is a COL/RKM/World Zionist tool you are mistaken. It has its own agenda and is going to disassemble (as in deconstruct) World Zionism, The COL and the RKM one step at a time. Just how does it plan to do this?

By disclosing that Alien ETs and their anti-gravity craft are real, have crashed, are being back-engineered in joint programs by treaty with certain Alien ET groups right now. That the USG has lied to us all since Roswell to wrongly maintain power and attain its evil Globalist NWO Agenda as tools of the Ruling Cabal.

This secret deep-black element is going to institute disclosure in a positive way but based on the need to defend Planet earth from some evil Alien ETs that have hijacked the Banksters and most governments. They will educate folks how to defeat these evil Alien ETs spiritually and technologically.

The fact that the COL/RKM Banksters have human compromised and dirtied up most governments has made most humans hate their governments to the degree they will welcome the establishment of a new worldwide government based on disclosure and run by this deep-black Secret Space War element.

Most of us who want honest government and the driving out of all endemic corruption immensely enjoy these leaks via the New Gutenberg Press. Some of us conservative Christian believers expect this new type of Fascism, despite starting out as an extension of the world populism elicited by the Internet which is now driving out a lot of high ranking scumbags, will ultimately turn bad. Why?

Because absolute power corrupts and some of us in the know believe that the deep-black element has been very craftily and covertly mind-kontrolled to serve a secret Alien ET agenda run by Alien ETs whom present themselves as good, but secretly have an anti-human agenda themselves and want to use them to establish control over other Alien ET groups that are their enemies.

Are Alien ETs presenting themselves as friends when they are actually wolves in sheeps’ clothing and will they install a benevolent world ruler who actually turns out to be the final Antichrist? Time will tell.




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