The Second Hijacking of America

First, America was hijacked by the City of London Banksters. Now it's by Alien ETs!


DISCLOSURE: Sourced from Russian government funded media

 The City of London Banksters took down America in 1913.

… by Preston James

First published 17 November 2017

In 1913 the World Zionists, also known as the Babylonian Talmudists stationed in the City of London, were able to buy, bribe, and manipulate the US Congress to pass the Federal Reserve Act.

They were also able to manipulate President Woodrow Wilson to sign this completely unconstitutional, illegal legislation, which was passed on Christmas Eve without a legal quorum.

As has been ruled in the Supreme Court and the Circuit Court of Appeals, any law passed that is obviously unconstitutional is illegal and has no force of law. But at present such a defense does not work.

The Supreme Court is also known to insiders as the “Congressional Court” but is not actually the highest court in America which is the DC District Circuit Court of Appeals. The Supreme Court was set up by Congress to defend the Ruling Cabal of City of London (COL) Banksters by distorting, defrauding and secretly subverting the US Constitution and Bill of Rights through very crafty legalese, equivocation, casuistry, and sophistry (also known as very crafty “double talk”).

All American law  has evolved away from truth and into sophisticated mental chess games based on this crafty legalese, equivocation, casuistry, and sophistry.

The original intent of the Founding Fathers in the Constitution and Bill of Rights was to create American Courts and a just legal process which would provide a rapid trial, distill truth, convict the guilty if enough evidence was present, and make sure that the innocent were not wrongly convicted.

Look at how the courts function today. They fail in every aspect and only the super rich have any real chance of obtaining expert legal representation. In America today, justice costs a fortune. This is a compete perversion of the US Constitution and a reflection of how the Banksters’ hijacking of America in 1913 has perverted justice and made it unavailable for all but the well off and ultra rich.

When the COL Banksters hijacked America, they took control over the creation of money and its distribution and they instituted a system of pernicious usury by charging Americans accrued interest to use what should have been their own real money in the first place. Not only was the money FIAT (fake, by decree of the Banksters) but the usury associated with its use has been the greatest fraud ever conceived in America or anywhere in the world.

If Americans got rid of this unconstitutional, illegal Federal Reserve System some experts have estimated there would be an immediate 40%+ reduction in Federal Taxes. And some economists and historian have claimed that there is really no need for Federal taxes anyhow, that the Founding fathers wanted a small federal government that paid for its function by excise taxes only.

It would be bad enough if the City of London (COL) Banksters just wanted to steal us all blind and that was it. Yes, they wanted to asset strip us bare, that is true, but they also have had an age-old intergenerational Agenda of evil to use America as their economic engine and military enforcer to take down the whole world in order to create their own Worldwide Satanic Kingdom, know as the Globalist NWO System.

And it didn’t take long to use the Federal Reserve System to engulf the whole world in a web of debt and to use the American Military might to start two major world wars and a continuing stream of perpetual unwinnable illegal wars of aggression for the COL Banksters.

Right now the American military has been deployed in Afghanistan to traffic in massive amounts of Opium which is now causing about 50,000 overdose deaths a year in America. And the second reason for deploying the US Military in Afghanistan is to have cheap access to the Lithium needed for high tech batteries.

Normally everywhere the US Military goes there are illegal drugs that are needed to produce “off the books” secret black funds for clandestine purposes of the Secret Shadow Government.

Originally the Secret Shadow Government was a byproduct of the National Security Act of 1947 which itself was a knee jerk reaction to several crashes of Alien ET manufactured and operated anti-gravity craft based on technology hundreds of years more advanced than anything available on Earth. The anti-gravity technology of these craft were based on the missing Maxwell equations that were classified and withheld from the public.

The result of the 1947 crashes and recovered dead and live Alien ETs, aka Extraterrestrial Biological Entities (EBES) was the secret formation and development of the National Security State, a secret American Government that evolved to really run everything while allowing the visible ceremonial DC government to create the illusion that it was they that ran everything.

The COL Banksters created a system of their own bureaucrats which have served as disposable Cutouts and who have been used to promote their globalist agenda while the World Zionist Kingpins and their superiors (the Old black nobility Bloodline family Chieftains) hide in the shadows and pull the strings.

At first the COL Banksters and their top stateside Cutouts had complete control over the new Secret Shadow Government (SSG) that was based on the privatization and assignment of most Alien ET matters to trusted defense contractors.

Soon the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) expanded and evolved to a point that it became the top controlling entity in and of itself, even more powerful than the COL Banksters and those they answer too.

The COL Banksters thought that they could maintain control by making sure their top stateside Cutouts were appointed to Majestic, the secret agency responsible at first for all Alien ET matters including their high-tech “foreign technology”. This was because those that ran these trusted defense proprietaries usually belonged to the same secret societies which were based on Luciferianism (Satanism or ancient Babylonian Baal worship).

But as the SSG expanded and evolved, it became a controlling entity unto itself, raising massive amounts of “off the books” black funding. It set up “far above top secret” cells (unacknowledged, special-access programs), so deeply hidden that even the CEOs of the defense contractors they use for cover do not have high enough security clearances to be informed.

The following death bed interview was done by the most respected Alien ET researcher and journalist, Richard Dolan who has a track record of caution and careful consideration of all available evidence. The conclusions he has come to so far are balanced, well thought out and quite easily defended with the available evidence.

Soon Majestic (MJ) was expanded to included numerous new, younger members from Russia, China and some other nations by the efforts of President Ronald Reagan to create an Earth based Space Defense System capable of defending Planet earth from a major Alien Attack he believed was eventually coming.

President Reagan had been informed by key players in the SSG that there was a US Secret Space War System which was already involved in some secret battles with certain evil alien invaders, some even walking among us that look human.

That is why President Reagan pushed to build up new expensive space war weapons technology, which he called the Star Wars initiative.

This new expanded MJ has resulted in a SECRET World Space Coalition which has geared up to defend Planet Earth from a takeover by certain evil, malignant Alien ET groups who are dead set on Terra-forming Planet Earth AND killing off all humans through various forms of hard kill and slower soft-kill methodologies.

If insider reports are accurate (and personally I believe they are), there are several ET groups that present themselves as “human friendly” and have separately made treaties with the US and other nations to share their technology as long as these humans agree to work jointly on various biological and technological development projects; provide human and animal DNA to create Alien/human hybrids and help reconstruct the Alien ETs’ damaged DNA which is NOW degrading very rapidly; and agree to not use any of the Alien ET technology offensively but only defensively.

Those working with these groups believe that various “deep compromises” have been necessary to ward off this Alien ET invasion which is already well underway and save Planet Earth and the human species from extinction.

Now here is where the problem arises and why I think that America has been secretly hijacked once again, but this time by Alien ETs, using very sophisticated forms of mind-kontrol.

While working closely with these supposedly friendly Alien ETs, I think that the folks involved in running these deep-black and beyond-black unacknowledged, special access programs have been subtly but deeply mind-kontrolled, unbeknownst to themselves.

If insider reports are accurate, the NSA has been secretly hijacked by Alien ETs (pretending to be friendly?) along with their new, world’s largest Quantum computer Vesuvius located at Bluffdale, Utah which is supposedly based on inter-dimensional “D-waves”. D-waves allegedly move through a different dimension where time, space and distance are not what we normally think of them as. If reports are accurate, all Internet Communications have now been shifted to the Vesuvius control grid and are controlled by Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) which for this application, some insiders call “Alien Intelligence”. Is “Jigsaw” a sophisticated Alien ET run program designed to take over the world for Alien ETs?

Is there a plan to fuse this A.I. network with Satan’s fallen spirit and hybridized and hived humans, and is this the merger of iron and clay to be falsely worshiped as God Almighty?

As the SSG begins to do the will of the Alien ETs who have secretly hijacked their minds unbeknownst to themselves: the Deep SSG (which is so secret that the COL Banksters or their top Cutouts do not even know all the details or how much new and secret power this deep state within the SSG really has), is now working to displace them from power.

As this new and hidden Alien ET driven SSG rogue faction asserts itself to take over America, the USG and then the whole world, several indications are now evident.

First, we see the emergence of the Internet, the New Gutenberg press, and all the ramifications it has produced which include instant communication, instant access to hundreds of years of digitized knowledge, and a new powerful growing emergence of populism all over the world.

Second, we see the first stages of a coming end to all secrecy and the private made public in every aspect. The secret sins of the COL Banksters and their Cutouts are now being revealed in mass on a daily basis to displace them from power.

The leaked DNC emails which have forever destroyed the Democratic Party and the political careers of the Clintons, the Podestas and many, many more. It is my belief that these leaks have all been orchestrated by a coalition of certain deep-black and beyond-black rogue Secret Space War factions in the SSG.

It is believed by some that this same coalition of deep-black and beyond-black SSG factions has become a breakaway subculture (its own society) that has colonies on other planets right now and has decided to take over Planet Earth through very sophisticated means using the Internet and the end of all secrecy.


Is this why the secret Satanic World Pedophile Network is now being revealed for the very first time and all the sexual abuse sins of the DC politicians and Hollywood moguls are coming to light?

What has happened is just the tip of the iceberg that is coming. Stay tuned because you are likely to see world strongholds brought down by the ending of all secrecy which is being orchestrated by this rogue faction of deep-black and beyond black unacknowledged, special access programs.


Addendum for those who have time and are interested:

Here is an interview with the most credentialed American Pilot ever, John Lear, son of the inventor of the Lear Jet. It is my own personal view that John Lear has disclosed what he has been told and believes, but that there are inaccuracies in this information.

It is my personal view that his belief about “no God Almighty exists who created mankind in his image” is wrong as is his belief that humans were created by Alien ETs and have been genetically tweaked periodically. I do believe that a substantial amount of the other information he discloses is true. John Lear is an honest and good man that does his best to disclose what he truly believes to be true. I just happen to disagree with some of what he claims.

There are numerous records of abductions and attacks being stopped cold by folks calling on the name of Jesus. I believe these accounts because I have had my own experience with a credible witness present.

It is my view that the inaccuracies in John Lear’s account are evidence of the deep mind-kontrol exerted by Alien ETs on these deep-black and beyond-black programs, and do suggest that these Alien ETs are the second part of a two-pronged unimaginably evil plan which has been very craftily instituted to create a hijacked pure Satanic NWO based world system.

Sadly the way the SSG has terminated (with extreme prejudice) so many good, honest Americans who knew too much and started talking is good evidence to me that these deep-black and beyond-black programs are run by pure evil but well rationalized.

The first prong of Satan’s plan to take-down planet earth was the COL based Babylonian Talmudic World Zionism system of the Vatican/COL/DC secret world government, which is now being displaced by the deep-black and beyond-black factions which are the second prong. So far the yearly black budget of these secret deep-black and beyond-black programs is about 2 trillion dollars a years compared to the USG’s 3.3 Trillion USD budget per year. The second prong is powerful rogue faction inside the deep-black and beyond-black Secret Space War Program.

Being a believer in Jesus Christ and a conservative Christian, it is my own personal belief that the entity responsible for setting up and running this two-pronged take-down of Planet Earth is Satan who is the Fallen Lesser Elohim who rebelled. According to scripture 1/3 of the other lesser Elohim followed him and all were cast out and imprisoned in this dimension and on Planet Earth and used to test mankind.

Tupper Saussy disclosed in his classic book “Rulers of Evil” (now a free .pdf download) that periodically Satan (Lucifer) dumps all his Cutouts and puts a new crew in place to keep folks fooled.

I have predicted that the new ruling cabal that is now rising will be a kinder, gentler but very deceptive form of Super-Fascism (at least at first) that will deceive many into supporting this NWO System. I call this Cosmic Fascism and it will be based on a small but powerful emerging Cabal in the SSG which forces public disclosure of Alien ETs and their anti-gravity craft to break down the existing order and institute a new worldwide system of Cosmic Fascism. And I have predicted that this coming NWO system will be run by a new world leader with supernatural powers and a workable world monetary solution. This man will be the Anti-Christ who many will call the Messiah, but will be will be Satan incarnate.

It is my own personal belief that the National Security State’s sophisticated electronic surveillance and spying systems, and advanced Secret Space War capabilities have been hijacked by Satan and will be used by this NWO ruler, the Antichrist to fight a final battle against God Almighty who will invade Planet Earth and defeat the Antichrist and all evil.

I recommend that each person do his/her own research on all these issues and form their own opinions.


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