Many new Police Officers have itchy trigger fingers and are quick to shoot

The secret transformation of the American police into anti-terror cold-blooded murderers is well under way.


by  Preston James

[ Author’s note: This is a long article due to the complex nature of this problem with hyperactive, overly aggressive, mind-kontrolled police with itchy trigger fingers. Readers can skip to the parts that interest them or read the summary only. ]

There has been a substantial increase in American police incidents since 9-11-01 with the police being too quick shoot, occasionally killing or even murdering an unarmed or innocent person.

In a growing number of cases, these unarmed persons turn out to completely innocent of anything, with police responding to a call by going to the wrong address and murdering a person that was minding their own business on their own property.

There are numerous cases where swat teams have broken into the wrong house, murdered an innocent person; or roughed up, sworn at and insulted innocent family members at the same time. They often use such language to innocent men, women and children, such as “if you move I’ll blow your fucking head off”. This sick verbal abuse is tolerated by internal affairs and even respected, and considered the norm. It is disrespectful and abusive, and should never be tolerated in so-called “public servants” whose salaries and benefits are paid by We The People.

How would these same abusive swat teams members feel if a swat team broke into their home with flash bangs on a no-knock home invasion to the wrong home when they were gone and did the same to their family? Would they get it then that this is criminally abusive, a serious crime of assault, and would they then stop this abuse and brutality?

There is one well documented case where a swat team attacked the wrong house, threw a flash bang grenade into a baby’s crib and seriously injured the child. Sometimes swat members get shot themselves when folks try and defend themselves from a wrongful home invasion.

In Florida some years ago, a DEA squad was caught doing after hours invasions in swat attire of wealthy homeowners and keeping the loot unreported. Several drug task forces with swat teams have been caught stealing drug money and TV sets and jewelry for their personal use.

These police who over-react and murder, maim or insult the innocent are rarely ever brought to to justice because fellow police, internal affairs and most courts favor the police over the public, and often sidestep the US Constitution. Crafty, two-faced prosecutors can easily stack almost any jury, federal, or county, to get the results they want, which is to have all charges dropped, despite acting as if they wanted otherwise.

Too often, it turns out that there was no search warrant; a search warrant was been filled out with the wrong address, or was even read incorrectly by the attacking swat team; or that there was no search warrant at all, and flimsy exigent circumstances claimed. Often these swat raids go deeply wrong and the innocent are wrongly harassed, assaulted and even sometimes murdered.

Lately some of these murdering swat team responses have been based on false phone calls used to create a problem for a targeted individual. Some of these spoofed swat responses have proved fatal to innocent renters/homeowners.

In many states, retired law enforcement of all types are extended concealed carry privileges automatically if they pass a yearly range test by a local city or county police department. A friend of mine with a long-term ethical and very esteemed LE record before he retired, went to get his yearly shooting exam recently.

The certifying gun range officer told the group of retired LE individuals being re-certified that, if they were ever involved in using their gun to stop a crime of any type, to immediately set their gun down and don’t even waste your time trying to tell them that you are a retired LE. Why? Because the recent batch of new urban police recruits over the last several years are noticeably trigger happy and would immediately shoot first and think later when they get to a call and see anyone holding a weapon or reaching for it. If you have a gun in your hand, expect for any police officer arriving at the scene to empty his clip into you first before doing anything else.

This is a known national trend in US Police departments, both small town, rural and large urban departments.

Why are so many new police recruits so trigger happy, quick to shoot, quick to murder innocents?

The answer lies in a number of sad realities that have emerged since the RKM (Rothschild Khazarian Mafia) nuclear attack on the Twin Trade Towers on 9-11-01, which was wrongly blamed on a high-ranking CIA patsy, Osama bin Laden (CIA Tradecraft name Colonel Tim Osman).

Colonel Osman was seen going in and out of Langley and the Pentagon on numerous occasions before 9-11-01, was instrumental in arming the Mujahedeen with stingers for the CIA and, right after 9-11-01, emphatically denied having anything to do with it.

Colonel Osman had Marfans disorder (like President Abraham Lincoln), was on dialysis for CKD, because Marfans usually destroys one’s kidneys. He either died of kidney disease or the results of an America bombing in late 2001. This was announced in the foreign press, and his body was buried in a unmarked grave as is customary Islamic practice.

The massive hunt for Colonel Osman was all based on a known Big Lie by the Administration. Later on, when he was supposedly found and killed by some Seal Team Six operatives, it became known to these men that the man killed was not Colonel Osman at all, nor a terrorist, but was an innocent man they murdered in cold blood. The ops that did this were murdered by their superiors to cover it up, and the rest of the Seal Team Six that found out were also murdered to keep this covered up – they were blown out of the sky while ordered on an old National Guard twin-rotor helicopter.

Knowledge of this treachery by their superiors who had a signed-finding “kill order” right from Potus has spread to many Special Ops who also have heard about the mass-murder of all but one spooky, special ops team in South America. Naturally, most special ops are now assembling special life insurance packets of documents and hiding them with trusted friends, in case they are dealt with treacherously by their superiors. It is a fair statement to say that the trust special ops have in their superiors is at an all time low and dropping by the day.

Even Huma Abedon created a “life insurance” file dump on her husband’s computer and of lots of secret DNC emails, which also allegedly (according to NYCPD insiders) contained pedophilic sexual videos so sick the older veteran police that watched them cried. When the FBI seized these materials, the NYCPD kept numerous copies and told the FBI in plain terms that if they didn’t prosecute all those involved they would eventually release them to the American public one way or another. Right now the NYCPD has about 75,000 officers, a very large international Intel group for itself in almost every major City of the world, and it is not wise for any Intel agency to mess with them.

Irrefutable facts have since emerged as to who the real perps and cover-uppers of this great 9-11-01 crime against We The People are.

We now know for certain (without any reasonable doubt) that 9-11-01 used mini-nukes stolen out the back door at Pantex in Texas with a wink and a nod; the 9-11 event was planned by Israeli Likudists and run by the Mossad, with support from the JCS, the Administration, USAF, NORAD, the FAA and lots of Israeli-American “Israeli-first” dual citizen traitors to America; and covered up by the Administration, the RKM’s Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) and the FBI which has classically been the number one source of all so-called individual patsy-driven synthetically created terror inside America since the Murrah Bombing.

Congress is completely controlled by AIPAC, preventing any honest investigation or prosecution of the perps responsible for this great attack on America, which is just one part of the secret war between Likudists and We The People on behalf of the City of London’s RKM private fiat Banksters (aka, the Babylonian Talmudic folks who run the worldwide satanic pedophile network). Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, a great American hero, revealed this to all for the first time when she described how any member of Congress who does not sign an AIPAC Loyalty Oath to place the interests of Israel first even before the interests of We The People will never be allowed to be re-elected.

9-11-01 was used to create a false-narrative needed to use American military might to attain the Greater Israel Plan for the Likudists.

9-11-01 was used to create a false narrative that the radical Islamics attacked America and the full force of the US Military had to be deployed in the Mideast to retaliate in full vengeance. We now know this is a major lie designed to trick America into serving as Israeli surrogates to complete their greater Israel Plan. And what is the Greater Israel Plan which was concocted in the City of London for the Israelis to spearhead?

The Greater Israel Plan is a secret policy of the City of London RKM Banksters designed to use American military might to invade, destroy and mass-murder a majority of the governments and people in Islamic nations neighboring Israel, in order to clear the path for Israel’s aggressive annexation of all these lands to Greater Israel.

This Greater Israel Plan has now been thwarted by superior, precision Russian Federation air power in Syria. The Russian Federation is a close ally of Syria and was asked to come in and help defend Syria from ISIS et al., which is now known to be the secret mercenary army of Israel, the CIA, Saudi Arabia, and the City of London. This Russian Federation defense of their ally Syria is perfectly legal under international law.

The CIA’s support of ISIS is illegal under international law, just as every other American invasion in the Mideast is also illegal and unconstitutional, according to American law. Of course a growing number of Americans now realize that the only reason the US military and the CIA would be allowed to do this is because America has been hijacked by the COL, Israeli Likudists, Israeli-American “Israeli-first” dual citizen traitors and lots of traitors in the Pentagon, DOD, White House and administration, and Congress and the CIA.

It’s a fact that ever since 9-11-01 and earlier, the the Murrah Bombing (also done by the RKM and covered up by the FBI), the Administration and the CMMM’s obsession with terror and terrorists inside America has all been based on big lies, false-narratives and USG propaganda. The FBI is a RICO crime syndicate in and of itself; is actually run by the COL Banksters and their top Cutouts; has usually been run by traitors deeply morally compromised, some with ties to major CIA drug money laundering.

The FBI’s specialty is recruiting retarded or mentally ill Islamic patsies to accept a free airline ticket to the Mideast for radical terror training in a special camp run by the CIA and Mossad, or to read and become mind-kontrolled by FBI-run, terror-training websites. Almost all pedophile websites have been run by the FBI. The FBI is known to protect the worldwide satanic pedophile network from exposure or prosecution and has done so, according to reliable insiders from many years.

After 9-11-01, FBI Directors have known that the 9-11-01 attack on America was nuclear; they have known who actually did it, and have worked hard to keep it covered up forever.  These men are major American RICO criminals and traitors. If any ordinary, non-connected person did this, they would be prosecuted, convicted and hung for numerous capital crimes, such as accessory after the fact, misprision of a felony, treason, espionage against America, etc.

The matrix of big lies continually broadcast in the RKM’s CMMM is of course designed to spook the police to make them aggressive to citizens, and to scare the American People into supporting all these unprovoked, undeclared, illegal, unconstitutional Mideast wars of aggression to further the RKM’s and Likudists’ Greater Israel satanic obsession.

Most advanced American police training is done under direction of Israeli anti-terror forces (this is no coincidence). DHS was set up to consolidate all American LE and place it under the direct control on the RKM in order to keep the truth of who was behind 9-11-01 covered up forever.

One factor in this increased tendency for American Police to shoot quick and empty their clip into their target “until the threat is over” is the little realized fact that most advanced American police training is driven by Israeli anti-terror forces. This should be illegal and considered espionage by a foreign nation against America.

The current training attitude subtly but actually communicated is that the Police are the righteous occupying military force and We The People are like Palestinian Terrorists. This is the subtle but governing attitude in the back of most new police officers’ minds in America. Sad to say, but it is a fact.

Ever since the RKM and Israel attacked America on 9-11-01, the USG, which is under secret occupation by the RKM and Israel, has been working hard to quickly militarize the American police and transform them into an occupying force that is based on Israel anti-Palestinian police tactics.

Steroid and drug use (including alcohol and SSRIs) by some police is a big problem in America.

Almost every single large urban police department in America has some police that use steroids to gain an edge and some use them as a part of weight-lifting programs to build up large muscle mass. Many of these steroid users develop side-effects psychologically like over-aggressiveness, diminished reality processing, and quick trigger fingers to empty their clips. A significant number of police officers are taking physician prescribed SSRI anti-depressants, which in some can trigger over-aggressiveness and occasional unexpected, unjustified homicidal violence and suicide.

Therefore, it should be obvious to all that all police officers, all Intel, all LE (not just new applicants and recruits) should be drug tested periodically for any and all drugs, especially steroids and SSRIs. Those taking steroids without a physician’s prescription for a real illness should be immediately suspended from duty, placed in a treatment program and evaluated for termination.

Those prescribed steroids for a real medical illness should be removed from the street and given a desk job until off the steroids. Those taking SSRIs by valid physician prescription should be removed from street duty and given a desk job to protect the public until such time as they have recovered from their mental disorder and are off SSRIs.

All these black civil rights groups like Black Lives Matter have completely missed the boat on steroids, SSRI use and advance deployed psychotronics. They cannot do much about the deployed psychotronics, but they can create enough political pressure to get a national policy established for regular drug testing of all police, Intel and any LE in America. This should be their national strategy from here on out.

The CIA and BATF have supplied weapons to gangs for many years and been responsible for hyping up police vigilance, fear and over-aggressiveness in inner urban jungles. 

About 20 years ago in a large city nearby, the CIA trucked in confiscated weapons from the Chicago Police Department and sold them to the local drug gangs out of the back of a USDA cheese delivery intended for economically poor households in a bad neighborhood. The police officer who was told about this didn’t believe it but ended up investigating and was assassinated in a pizza restaurant by a CIA-linked gang banger. All drug gangs in this city were set up by the CIA, just like MS-13 has been transformed from the contras into a mind-kontrolled violent drug gang and allowed to migrate into certain large American cities.

AFT Agent Brian Terry assassinated — the Cartel’s actions have never been adjudicated

The BATF was caught (due to internal whistle-blower leaks) supplying massive amounts of high-powered weapons to the Mexican Cartels, which brought them into the USA and murdered Border Agent Brian Terry.

The RICO criminals in the USG that did this avoided any prosecution, but they are still liable to be fully prosecuted if the US Dept of Just-us is ever cleaned out, since there is no statute of limitations on murder.

It’s quite sad and also disturbing that the USG, which is now an occupied colony of the RKM and Israeli Likudists, has declared a secret war against the USA and We The People and is doing everything they can to abuse us like Palestinians by using the militarized police, asset strip us all, destroy our Republic, and then genocide us like they are doing to Palestinians.

Middle-class Americans are thus going to become the new Palestinians unless this RKM corruption is stopped cold and cleaned out.

The 1033 Program.

The infamous 1033 program was set up to provide police departments with machine guns, grenade launchers, armor and armored vehicles, as long as the Chief or Sheriff would sign a CIA contract to yield jurisdiction to the feds any time they requested. My Police Chief refused when this program first came out while on an all-expenses-paid junket to Langley; and he was given the CIA flu, which disabled him. This man is a stand-up man who could not be corrupted by the CIA using federal bribe money and military hardware; and he paid the price in spades.

Of course, much of the blame for this transformation of American cities into drug- and weapon-infested urban war zones goes back to LBJ’s Great Society program, which provided the money the CIA needed for black ops. The CIA’s massive drug-trafficking into America Cities could then easily access all the welfare dollars that LBJ’s program provided.

Before 9-11-01, the CIA had no authority inside America to run covert operations or to influence elected officials and corporate leaders. After 9-11-01, the US Congress passed laws (albeit clearly unconstitutional) to allow the CIA to combat terror inside the USA, and also got a law rescinded that prevented the USG from using the Major Mass Media to deploy false stories and propaganda to mislead the public.

Almost all lone wolf terror is synthetically manufactured by the CIA and FBI.

How come the news media (CMMM) never mentions the hard, cold realities of the CIA MK-Ultra program, or anything about the remote, psychotronic entrainment devices sold to Intel agencies and certain corporations with Intel clearances?

Answer: because the cabal that controls the USG and the Intel agencies and assets who deploy these programs and equipment do not want these sinister and highly illegal, unconstitutional practices disclosed to the America People.

If you doubt the power of remote inductive psychotronic devices that can easily be targeted against individuals, groups and whole neighborhoods, consider the documented history of the deployment of the “Voice of God” electronic weaponry in the First Gulf War against the Republican Guard.

Or consider the public disclosures by Barrie Trower, the UK’s top expert on Microwave and its use as a weapon of war. Barrie is now retired and has expressed concern about the misuse of EMF, WiFi and cell phones. He has pointed out numerous times that the constant-on, shoulder-carried police radios can harm certain susceptible officers by entraining their brains.

With some some police officers, these shoulder-carried radios cause them to experience psychomotor seizures when in stressful situations. Some officers will become temporarily unconscious, will act out violently with their guns, and will not remember what happened afterwards.

Here’s a leak from an insider to me that I will share. Evaluate it and decide for yourself if it could be true. Personally I think it is. The Voice of God has once again been deployed in the Mideast, this time quite recently in Iran to generate rebellion, which is now occurring.

This is a desperate, last-ditch attempt by the Babylonian Talmudic non-Hebrew Zios (Rev. 2:9, 3:9) to take down Iran using these pyschotronic weapons that are ground-based, and satellite-based; but it will fail.

So far, all COL/RKM/Likudist attempts to manipulate the USA to deploy its full military to invade Syria and Iran have failed. It is likely that the USG will continue to refuse to do so.

ISIS, the private Mossad/CIA/Saudi mercenary army, has now been completely defeated by Russian Federation precision air power and Assad’s highly motivated Syrian Army.

If the USG thinks it could ever attack and invade Syria or Iran (which are major Russian Federation allies) without a strong reaction from the Russian Federation, they are self-deluding. So far, Russian electronic warfare has shown itself to be quite superior to deployed American electronic warfare systems. Doubt this, then do some Internet research on the USS Donald Cook incident (March, 2014), the Khbiny and Dome of Protection systems, the latest S500 systems, and the new Russian Federation’s hypersonic, hived, grouped missile defense systems and their supersonic torpedoes with anti-gravity, matter-altering nose cones.


The City of London (RKM) and Israeli Likudists want to create as much terror and conflict inside America as they can, in order to divide the American people and create massive chaos. They have worked hard to militarize the American Police and mold them into their murderous anti-Palestinian, anti-terror apartheid forces.

They also want to blood shock Americans with major terror events – some real, like Murrah, Waco, Ruby Ridge, 9-11-01 – and some fake, like Sandy Hook, the Boston Marathon – and some hybrid FEMA/DHS exercises taken live and real to fool investigators, all done in order to “blood shock” the masses. This creates terror in the American group subconscious mind; and this massive subconscious fear can be used by the USG to motivate Americans to demand and/or allow their government to institute major, Draconian measures to provide for their safety from terror, even if these measure violate the constitution, take away their personal God-given rights, and end up resulting in the death of many innocent Americans and foreigners in illegal, unconstitutional foreign wars for Israel and the RKM.

Obviously this massive militarization of the American police has already terrorized, injured and murdered many innocent Americans in their own homes, and will lead to increased violence back at American police, and that is already happening. This is exactly what the COL Banksters (the RKM) and the Likudists want.

Everyday, more and more ordinary Israelis are catching on, and want the Likudists out and the Apartheid stopped cold, with real peace and goodwill established with the Palestinians. They want to see an end to the Greater Israel Plan. This trend is good and will continue, as some Israelis try to save Israel.

Is cosmic superfascism coming?

Unless drastic action is taken to reverse course, world justice is now forming major storm clouds against Israeli Likudist Apartheid, like the BDS movement which is accelerating and cannot be stopped.

Henry Kissinger announced that Israel as we know it would be gone in 10 years, which is a clue that the several Kingpins that run the world system have already abandoned it because they now longer need it, as they shift to a new Cosmic Fascist system.

Many American Police, especially those that work CIA drug- and BATF weapon-infested urban jungles, find themselves in extremely stressful and impossible policing situations. Those who cannot cope often become hyper-aggressive as a coping mechanism; and certainly the role of secret RKM/Mossad and FBI synthetic terror has added significantly to creating hyper-vigilance and a tendency to quickly empty one’s clip even into innocents.

At the center of many police departments at their top command is a culture of lies and cover-ups; and there is no law against it. That is true of the department in my city and others nearby, where certain officers routinely lie to the public with no consequences and abuse their power. But, if you lie to a police officer, that is a prosecutable crime.

Poor police management is likely a major “system problem”. When you have corruption at the top of the USG and state government, where most government is run by pedophiles who abuse young children, no wonder you have corrupt police command structures. It’s like what former Representative Ron Paul recently stated that, when a nation is run by pedophiles, it’s no wonder they send troops repeatedly into illegal wars to slaughter innocents.

And yet, despite all this endemic corruption, the thin blue line and lots of poor police management, there are a lot of good police officers who remain low profile and do their thankless jobs well. It’s the sociopathic, ‘roided up, abusers that give these departments a bad image; and the management usually lies and covers their bad behavior to protect their image. The new movement to active police body cameras should help this over time, somewhat.




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  1. Copshops have never been Dragnet and Adam 12 pure, but they weren’t consistently and overwhelmingly corrupt until the war on drugs and the advent of Law Enforcement Acadamy cultures across the country so’s to create a ‘brotherhood’ among them. But once a cop is bent he never can get unbent. Probably it’s just one more way this country is doomed. Or a symptom among many.

  2. Since 911 the police have been taught military tactics, shoot first ask questions later. The police and military are two different professions and should have never been joined together. SWAT should be taken out of regular police departments and given to the state to run. I have read that SWAT has been used to issue warrants and subpoenas when they are not busy, they were trained to do things in hostile situations and you can’t turn it off when dealing with regular civilians. I remember when a suspect was running away and didn’t have a weapon or known as dangerous that either the cop chased him on foot or let him go and he couldn’t shoot the suspect in the back, now its shoot first ask questions later.

  3. Furthermore,
    This is not some huge newsflash. I’ve been knowing what the police are along with the incarceration mechanism for a long time. They need to be required to have higher education. They say when you grow up you can cops or criminals but when you’re facing a loaded gun, what’s the difference?

  4. Preston,
    Why don’t you don’t say where you earned your degree? It had to be many years ago. It makes me wonder. Anyone can claim to be a PhD. I get the feeling something is not quite right. This article actually looks like an improvement over the posts from which I became familiar with you.

  5. Here is a perfect example of what Preston is talking about with respect to incompetent low level jerks running our public schools today while teachers and lower level employees get the shaft:
    Teacher handcuffed after questioning superintendent’s $38,000 raise during school meeting
    Jan 9th 2018 5:17PM

  6. Again, a glaring example of the low-grade product of our compulsory education system. A system that encourages repetitive activity over individually developing skills from a “what a given person is good at”. Instead, we compound the problem by encouraging employment and occupation from an empowerment incentive based process, and place many people in positions they are not at all suited for. The good natural sheriffs or police among us, see the corrupted system, and are repulsed by it. This police problem also provides damning evidence of the failure of the Briggs Meyers system used by most academic institutions. The only winners of this system are the very wealthy. Which is also encouraged. Stealing in natural is absolutely legal and highly demonstrated. If something is not being used, it is immediately put to use. Thus, there is no waste.

      Lawyer for Tyler Beck the officer who killed an unarmed senior Engineering student who had mental problems, circling the wagons. Four officers were at the scene but only one pulled the trigger. The victim Scout Schultz was a brilliant student with mental problems but was not armed. This was a totally unnecessary death of a top student. This is a high pressure school now and many students are under enormous pressure to excel and graduate. We were under the same pressure almost 60 years ago at UC Berkeley when I was there and graduated in 1961. Engineering is one of the toughest programs in any university today,. All engineering students must take the most rigorous physics and mathematics courses unlike pre med’s who take watered down versions or there wouldn’t be enough doctors.

  7. Suppose you own a store front business or a hotel or motel and a customer is causing a problem or fails to pay the bill. What do you do? You call the local police and they evict the perp for free and haul him or her to jail. Now, suppose that instead of evicting the perp, the police arrive and tell you (the owner or manager) that you cannot touch the perp before you have gone to the courthouse and filed civil papers to remove him and a trial is scheduled to hear both sides in about a month or two. How would you like this if it were the law? Well now you know what landlords face every day in most jurisdictions of the country. Different rules are applied to them than to store front businesses, hotels and motels. I have been a landlord for many years and got tired of the illegal different laws for the two same scenarios. I prepared a simple contract providing that if the rent was not paid by a certain time, the tenant gave me permission, signed in writing, to change the locks , turn off the power and everything inside was transferred to me. After indulging them, I enforced the contract when they were gone. They returned and acted like they would break in. I called the police and showed them the written signed contract. One officer glanced at it and said I couldn’t do that and told me if I didn’t open the door he would jail me. I refused so they took me to jail. On what charges? They came up with “trespassing”. ..

    • But I had a signed agreement to do everything I did. Eventually the charges were dropped. The state law seeks to illegally abridge the basic right for two citizens to make a private contract according to Sec. 10 of the U.S. Constitution. Also the equal protection clause was violated because different rules apply to store front businesses, hotels and motels. This was a form of illegal extortion by a police officer seeking to use force to compel me to do something which violated a written legal contract between two citizens. Our country is a corrupt criminal shameful disgrace today. Extortion is a crime if citizens do it, but just another day at the plant for corrupt police. U.S. Constitution: “No State….may…pass any law,… impairing the obligations of a contract.” The state law is totally illegal but illegally enforced every day in our totally corrupt country!

    • An amusing result of all this was that when the police arrived and checked on the perp, they found she had an outstanding warrant in another county and arrested her for that and sent her to that county jail. But of course they arrested me too for illegal reasons. Many people advised me to sue the county government for a few million dollars but I decided to let it go because all they would do is waste thousands of taxpayer dollars and years of time appealing any decision to a Supreme Court where they would likely prevail and it would cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars. So much for “justice” in America today. Our country has degenerated into a shameful disgrace. This was the second time in my life being jailed since a teenager when I ditched the police after a drag race where no one was injured or no property damaged. Recently that insolent Hollywood Pervert did the same thing in Florida but was allowed to buy his way out of jail there. Money talks in our totally corrupt legal system in America.

  8. Here is another great quote from Voltaire which applies to this situation described by Preston:

    “Those who can make you believe absurdities
    can make you commit atrocities”–Voltaire

    Of course Israel and its powerful owned corrupt lying media seek to make you believe absurdities. Our corrupt military and police then commit the atrocities. If the families of these thugs could see what they do every day they would disown them. We citizens should too.

  9. It is hard to imagine such police in Russia. There were many articles at VT about US police. It literally means that US Police is not to protect, but to press on the people. It is a tool, used by Govrnmt against Americans.
    Many times my pals from USA repeat: the police is so tough because everyone may have a gun.
    So, what? I see video where the actions of police officers have no common sence and look like runaways from soul asylums…

    • JohnZ, it is good and welcomed as far as i know Americans are nice people. Some even come to Russia and start to make business on farms- enough land for everyone.
      But my opinion is: why good American people should be enabled to leave the country where they lived in several generations. Your ancestors shed blood for independence and freedom. They started life from zero. Why should you go somewhere! Of course, it is easy to say than to do, but i think there’s better way- to cast out, throw away those who make USA a tyrant of the world and ruins world and USA.

    • Harry, thank you for the supportive comment. My local police have been harassing numerous times lately, they recently staged a DHS fake hot pursuit in my neighborhood, locked it down and trampled through folks’ yards using exigent circumstances to avoid warrants. They lied to and abused residents, and tried to provoke confrontations. then they refused to fill out a police report truthfully and have covered up the whole incident saying it is still under investigation when it was a DHS drill. several sources inside LE have leaked the truth, one did in advance, so the DHS occupation army is now breaking down. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is eventually disbanded like it should be. It is a criminal Zio run RICO crime syndicate and completely unconstitutional and illegal.

  10. Most Congressman fear extreme repercussions for exposing 9-11-01. Those that are dirty fear their secret sexual sins and worse would be exposed. Those that are clean fear assassination of their families which is the usual threat and is rumored to have been made to some members of Congress who are now leaving, even some very good men. Ron Paul has gone about as far as he can without severe repercussions.

  11. When prohibition of intoxicating liquors was implemented by Amendment 18 in 1919 the same chaos developed on the streets of America for about the next 14 years until 1933 and Amendment 21 reversed it. If it had not been reversed we would still have anarchy due to black markets in alcohol. Exactly the same thing has happened with illegal drugs today. But because there is so much money in the drug trade, our corrupt government has got into the act and prevented them from being legalized. Most street drugs are dangerous for two reasons: First they are not pure and contain many dangerous toxins, and second, the doses cannot be properly controlled. If legalized, both of these issues would be addressed. Obviously our insane national policy on drugs must have some nefarious evil agenda behind it all. This article explains much of it. Our country is a totally corrupt cesspool today. Another evil aspect of the problem is the insane procedure of assuming all laws to be “legal” upon passage but many never tested for legality in their life! This is due to lying lawyers. No law should be enforced unless and until it has been evaluated by top citizen committees for basic legality. Only after such a review should any law be enforced on the public. The draconian procedures now in place are exactly the reverse of this. Many laws are totally illegal but enforced as legal forever. This is a shameful disgrace and blame the lying lawyers for this.

    • As a corollary to the above comment how about the thousands of unwitting members of the public who are killed every year by “legal” drugs produced by the totally corrupt pharmaceutical companies?
      For example, the so called “war on cancer”, initiated in 1971, is and has been a total dismal failure. One person every minute, dies, in the U.S., either from cancer or treatment or both but falsely reported as from cancer (over half a million a year!) The only way to prove the cause of death is from a thorough autopsy by a top independent pathology laboratory which is never done to protect the doctors and pharmaceutical companies from claims. Since all approved drug “treatments” for cancer are life threatening, an unwitting cancer patient could have died either from the cancer or the treatment or both, usually from the treatment but falsely reported as from the cancer. Between about $100 billion and $1 trillion has been squandered on the failed war on cancer but your doctor can’t or won’t tell you even what cancer is, let alone how to cure and prevent it in the human body (ask him at your next visit!) Obviously something stinks in Dodge doesn’t it? The last thing these crooks want is a cure for cancer because they have become so rich without a cure!

    • I have been studying the failed war on cancer for over 20 years since my wife was nearly killed, not from inflammatory breast cancer, but “treatment”, mistreatment would be a more appropriate description. After one round of chemo, my wife developed a temperature of about 105 with severe abdominal pain. The emergency room doctor took about 20 hours to discover her colon was necrosing (dying). She had to have emergency surgery and was on a ventilator in the ICU for about 11 days in a vegetative state. An illeostomy was installed to collect her waste. The hospital charged $70,000 to keep her alive after they nearly killed her! I found a book published 17 years earlier which described verbatim what happened to her: Chemotherapy is like a machine gun inside the body; it kills good and bad cells alike especially rapidly dividing cells in the colon from the mouth to the other end. It killed so many cells it made a hole in the colon and allowed life threatening bacteria, clostridum septicum, which most patients die from in 24 hours, into her blood stream. Luckily she survived; but if she had died, the doctors would have said, “sorry we did our best”! But they would have lied and never admitted what happened to her.
      Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

    • I described my wife’s unpleasant saga with orthodox cancer treatment in a book “An Unsuccessful Effort to Deny Use of State of Georgia Facilities for Fund Raising by the American Cancer Society” by Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., 2000. Copies of this self published book are placed in the University of Georgia Library, Athens, Georgia and the Public Library there. No effort was made to have this book published by any orthodox publisher since that would have been impossible since all they publish, for the most part, are cancer sympathy scam books. I sent about 200 copies world wide at my personal expense. The failed War on Cancer is the biggest medical failure of our time and the biggest medical racket of our time. This is all a shameful disgrace in the corrupt cesspool of America today. The American Cancer Society is the biggest cancer sympathy racket in the country today and must be shut down as documented by Dr. Samuel S. Epstein, M.D. in 1999, “American Cancer Society America’s Wealthiest ‘Non Profit’ Institution” in the International Journal of Health Services, 1999. Never donate one thin dime to this corrupt organization which has done everything in its power to prevent and obstruct any and all non toxic cancer treatments from scientific testing, let alone approval.


    Let those dopers be
    A former police chief wants to end a losing war by legalizing pot, coke, meth and other drugs
    October 16, 2005|Norm Stamper | Norm Stamper is the former chief of the Seattle Police Department. He is the author of “Breaking Rank: A Top Cop’s Expose of the Dark Side of American Policing” (Nation Books, 2005).
    “ It’s not a stretch to conclude that our draconian approach to drug use is the most injurious domestic policy since slavery. Want to cut back on prison overcrowding and save a bundle on the construction of new facilities? Open the doors, let the nonviolent drug offenders go. The huge increases in federal and state prison populations during the 1980s and ’90s (from 139 per 100,000 residents in 1980 to 482 per 100,000 in 2003) were mainly for drug convictions. In 1980, 580,900 Americans were arrested on drug charges. By 2003, that figure had ballooned to 1,678,200. We’re making more arrests for drug offenses than for murder, manslaughter, forcible rape and aggravated assault combined. Feel safer?
    I’ve witnessed the devastating effects of open-air drug markets in residential neighborhoods: children recruited as runners, mules and lookouts; drug dealers and innocent citizens shot dead in firefights between rival traffickers bent on protecting or expanding their markets; dedicated narcotics officers tortured and killed in the line of duty; …”

    • “I’ve witnessed the devastating effects of open-air drug markets in residential neighborhoods: children recruited as runners, mules and lookouts; drug dealers and innocent citizens shot dead in firefights between rival traffickers bent on protecting or expanding their markets; dedicated narcotics officers tortured and killed in the line of duty; prisons filled with nonviolent drug offenders; and drug-related foreign policies that foster political instability, wreak health and environmental disasters, and make life even tougher for indigenous subsistence farmers in places such as Latin America and Afghanistan. All because we like our drugs — and can’t have them without breaking the law.
      As an illicit commodity, drugs cost and generate extravagant sums of (laundered, untaxed) money, a powerful magnet for character-challenged police officers.
      Although small in numbers of offenders, there isn’t a major police force — the Los Angeles Police Department included — that has escaped the problem: cops, sworn to uphold the law, seizing and converting drugs to their own use, planting dope on suspects, robbing and extorting pushers, taking up dealing themselves, intimidating or murdering witnesses.”

  13. The people will probably find this “Real ID” going beyond airports and military bases. Perhaps many or even most Americans will then come to the conclusion that we’re being targeted and not being protected.

  14. Serpico exposed this years ago. You got it backwards. It’s not good cops with a few bad apples. Its mostly bad apples with a few good cops. It’s a lose lose proposition. Either we keep letting them beat us up and murder us, or resist with lethal force and give them the excuse to do even worse. Eventually we will be reduced to throwing rocks at tanks. However, if you use very big rocks going very fast from a totally unexpected direction (and a lot of Ewoks)… hmmmm.

    • depends on the particular department. Some are rotten through and through, others are relatively clean through and through, especially in the wealthy upper middle class and upper class suburbs. The LE I rfespect the most whom I have known for 30 years claims that in big city police depts on average 80% are there to occupy space, collect their pay and not rock the boat, that 10% are psychopaths and criminals themselves, and the last 10% are highly ethical, hardworking righteous honest police officers that do most of the real police work solving crimes.

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