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Jack Heart

As Twin Peaks 2017 begins building to a crescendo Gordon Cole, Deputy Director of the FBI, tells agents Albert Rosenfield and Tammy Preston “last night I had another Monica Bellucci dream. I was in Paris on a case. Monica called and asked me to meet her at a certain café. She said she had to talk to me. When we met at the café Cooper was there but I couldn’t see his face. Monica was very pleasant she had brought friends. We all had a coffee and then she said the ancient phrase ‘we are like the dreamer who dreams then lives inside the dream’ I told her I understood. And then she said ‘but who is the dreamer’ A very powerful uneasy feeling came over me…”1

There is a story told by Miguel Serrano in his El Ella Book of Magic Love. A knight from the future goes in search of the besieged fortress of Montsegur and arrives centuries after it has been captured and destroyed. “The knight paused for a while, looking at the ruins and wondering whether he was dreaming of the past or the future. His meditations were soon interrupted by the last Cathar.

“Since you’re here,” he said “I’ll tell you a secret. It’s really your own destiny. At the bottom of Montsegur a beautiful girl lies asleep. No one has ever wakened her. She is being kept asleep by the Perfect Ones, who are waiting for a savior to come from far away. When she wakes, Montsegur will be destroyed and the Perfect Ones will die in the flames.” 2
The questing knight is appalled. “But I’ve come to save Montsegur, not to destroy it. I certainly won’t wake her up.”3 The last Cathar answers. “The Perfect Ones know what they are doing. They don’t make mistakes. They act according to their destiny and are guided by someone else who thinks and dreams their existence. Perhaps they are guided by this girl. For them the destruction of Montsegur would be a triumph. Therefore you must go to this girl and make her your mistress. That’s the only way to save Montsegur now.”4

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Most recognize or are at least familiar with this story’s homogenized version, embodied in the children’s fairytale Sleeping Beauty and its slightly less homogenized adult version, Parzival. Both of these tales trace their roots back to the wandering troubadours of Europe, refugees from the Vatican’s ruthless suppression of Catharism in the early thirteenth century. During this papal atrocity known as the Albigensian Crusade, many Cathar troubadours found asylum in the court of Frederick II, grandson of Barbarossa and the third and last of the great Hohenstaufen emperors. Fredrick’s formal titles included Holy Roman Emperor, King of the Romans, King of Sicily, and King of Jerusalem. The Pope simply called him the Anti-Christ…

Folklore has it that Fredrick himself or his grandfather the fiery Barbarossa sleeps in the depths of the Untersberg Mountain, tended to by elves and awaiting the day of his awakening when he will lead the forces of righteousness against the tyrants armies in a European version of Armageddon. The Untersberg Mountain is where the legendary Die Herren Vom Schwarzen Stein, the chivalric Templar Order from which the fearsome SS took their acronym, received visitation and instruction from the Goddess Ishtar in the early thirteenth century. On a visit to Austria in 1992, the Dalai Lama, one of Miguel Serrano’s closest personal friends; “asked to see the Untersberg Mountain, calling it “a sleeping Dragon” and “The Heart Chakra of the World.””5

The Untersberg Mountain lies on the border of Austria and Germany. Montségur is on the other side of Europe on the French side of the Pyrenees. It is there the Cathars made their last stand against the genocidal forces of the pope in 1244. El Ella Book of Magic Love is divided into three parts. Each part is named after a storied mountain range from diverse parts of the world. The story about the dreaming Goddess is in The Pyrenees, the second part of Serrano’s El Ella Book of Magic Love. It tells the story of the questing knight and his desperate journey through time to join the besieged knights defending Montsegur and find the lover of his dreams.

After leaving the ruins “the knight wandered alone in the mountains where he eventually came upon a cave. There he stayed for days and months. The troubadour would come and bring him food, and after a while he became a continual though unobtrusive companion. One day he told the knight he had done well to stay in the cave. He said that the Perfect Ones carved signs on the walls of their caves centuries ago.” 6 Gradually “the knight began to perceive a face on the rock wall. It was a woman’s, and strangely familiar. The man was alarmed, not knowing who had carved it, or who it represented, but something made him adore it.”7

The knight slowly became obsessed with the face, repeatedly asking it questions and “the shadowy face began to loosen itself from the wall. As this went on the image of a woman’s body began to take shape at the entrance of the cave. It didn’t have a face but approached him and went up to the stone face, which it lifted up and placed on its own body.

“Now I can finally speak,” it said. I will speak in the name of all the others because I am the master of their masters. I control the Perfect Ones in all their being. I come from a great distance. With the help of the Cathars and the troubadours I shall take possession of this whole region. I am the Mother and I alone know the secret.”8
The knight growing impatient to reach the besieged Montsegur asks the troubadour how much longer he would have to remain in the cave. “The troubadour replied that it took at least twenty years of training to be ready. “How long have you been here?” he asked. “A few centuries,” answered the knight. “let me see, we are now in the year 1244, and I came here from Asia in 900. Yet in a sense I feel I’ve only been here a few minutes.”9 Winter sets in and the impatient knight is again unsuccessful in his attempt to join the besieged Montsegur, finding once again only ruins at the mountains summit. He goes back to the cave to “contemplate the mothers face. When he returned, he discovered that the face had disappeared.”10

The Knight searches the walls of the cave for the face in futility beginning to doubt that he had ever seen her come into the “cave and put a head on her own body, like a mask.”11 In the midst of his self doubt a beautiful woman enters the “cave with bare feet, wearing a long white gown which nearly reached the ground. Without touching the stalactites, she made her way into the interior of the cave and walked over to the place where the woman’s face had been. As she walked her eyes were wide open and her arms hung down by her side. “I’ve come down from the mountain even though I am asleep. I’ve been sleeping for ages and waiting for you to wake me up. Unless you do that here in your cave Montsegur will never be destroyed.”12

Again he registers his objections over the destruction of Montsegur, this time to her but then he resolves to obey her wishes. “She had had slept for over three centuries at the base of the mountain on which the castle of Montsegur was built. The Perfect Ones had found her sleeping there and had left her alone because they knew that once she was disturbed, their castle would be destroyed.”13 In a secret room she lay “stretched out on a stone platform and covered with a transparent veil, like a bride.”14

Sometimes she would walk in her sleep occasionally scaling the “passageway that led to the top of the mountain. The Perfect Ones who guarded the castle knew immediately when she had risen from her bed, or tomb, at the foot of the hill. They did nothing. They would merely watch in ecstasy and in wonder, overcome with the mystery of her existence. More than one knight guarding the castle sighed as he watched her walk along the battlements or pause at a sentry fire as though she were warming herself.”15

After their first encounter, the knight does not see her for a long time and the troubadour “came with his lute, sat down next to a tree outside the cave and began to speak: “You’re now the supplicant. What you are going through was revealed to me by the first troubadour. He received the message from a falcon perched on a golden branch of one of the oldest trees in Eden.” He then repeated the message he had heard: “Only he who is prepared will reach Montsegur.”16 He then left.

Eventually, she returns to the cave and they talk of their love for each other before she kisses him lightly on the lips. “Then she left, passing over the surface of the ice as though walking along a ray of moonlight.”17 The feathery kiss lingers with the knight and he takes to walking through the snow covered forest growing enchanted. “More and more he began to live in her. Her solitude became his, and he felt himself enveloped by her sleeping essence. The troubadour then came to say that she would come that night.”18
That night he imagines her rising from her stone bed. “He knew she had entered the forest where his cave was because he felt himself getting so chilled that his flesh burned with the cold. When she arrived she looked deep into his eyes, without seeing anything. Then she let her gown fall slowly from her shoulders, first revealing her breasts, and then the rest of her body. She stood before him naked, trembling and vibrating, but with a triumphant smile on her face. In it he recognized the look of the Mother on the wall of the cave.”19
Gazing at the sight of her naked body the knight himself is frozen by fearful ecstasy. “Her body exuded an intangible substance that penetrated him. He realized that she possessed a magical power, and his feelings went beyond those of love and desire. He was confronting a vision that emerged from the depths of time, and her silent presence contributed to his understanding.”20 She came to his bed made of branches and skins and undressed him. Then she lay down at his side staring up at the ceiling of the cave “without seeing him, caught in her own dreams staring at her private sky, she began to speak. “My knight,” she said “I’ve not come to you but you have come to me at the foot of the mountain. You’ve entered the circular tomb where I lie dead or asleep. And now you must wake me up according to the directions I give you.”21

She trembled on the brink of waking from her dream as she embraced him, returning the warmth she had taken from him before. “Her hands caressed him, touching centers that were dormant in him. Whole worlds were aroused in his flesh. She had turned the key and was reviving the latent power of his flesh.”22 The knight emptied his mind, knowing that he must now give the sexual performance not only of his life but of all of time. “One mistake or indiscretion would ruin everything. She would never wake up. Montsegur would therefore be neither destroyed nor saved. He wondered how many knights must have failed this ultimate test called Asag.”23

He tells her that she is ready now to wake up and they will live together “in this new dimension, in this new condition of waking sleep.”24 The mothers face again materialized on the wall. “Insinuatingly it detached itself and approached the knight. “Come, take me,” it said. “Take me like a warrior, a real knight. I’ll give you my heart to devour and afterward we can exchange blood. “It’s too late now,” he replied. “I’m attached to another. Love has only one purpose, and that is the fusion of hearts.” The woman’s face faded from the wall. Once again the girl returned and pressed herself upon him, kissing him with open lips.”25

The knight is up to it and they exchange hearts. He now shared her dreams and visions, her sorrows and ecstasies and she shared his. “He now had a woman’s heart and she a mans. This fusion meant that each had a greater life: each had a heart with wings. They could move through space and visit the castle, the cave, the base of the mountain where the enemy was camped, and no one could stop them.26

When finally the snows melt he rides out from his cave to join the besieged knights of Montsegur. He now knows exactly where Montsegur is, because his heart, with her, is already there. The troubadour, like his shadow, follows him across the bridge and speaks the parting words. “Your story is not a tale of love like ours: it is more secret and ancient. Yours is the solar story of loveless love that was lost with the flood. I’ve only a glimmering of it. Our stories tell of love affairs between common men and queens, where as yours are always of exalted people, kings and queens. In the same way, your sleeping beauty is a queen and her lover a king.”27

He joins the knights at their table and is “allowed to enter the circle and sit with her beside him as a defender of Montsegur”28 In time she explains “that for centuries these mountains had been a refuge for holy men. When the great Flood drowned the continent of the god-men, and when the third moon fell to earth, the keys of their knowledge were saved and kept in the mountains. They were all that survived from one world to another.”29

Montsegur is the repository where the Jewel from the Crown of Lucifer is kept. Fallen from Lucifer’s head long ago in combat, it is a gem that shines like frozen fire, it’s green and white light brighter than the sun itself. When restored to its rightful place and Lucifer as the guardian of love is vindicated, it can and will transubstantiate all that has been created in error back to its original pristine source.

Serrano’s soliloquy on Montsegur ends when she tells her knight “Only those who walk backward can find it. It is a talisman that links the individual to the morning star. For centuries this talisman has gone from hand to hand. Originally it came from the Orient but it was taken from there and has finally come to this place. When Montsegur falls, it will be sent to some distant land, perhaps to a place that is still unknown. “In the meantime,” she said “Montsegur will always be special, for its story will pass down through the ages, transforming the lives of all who know it.”30

Finally, the knight is permitted an audience with one of the Perfect Ones and from him he learns that he is really in the ruins of a castle that was destroyed seven hundred years ago. “All you’re seeing is the ghostly shadow of something that hasn’t existed on earth for centuries. It exists only in the light of a distant star. You are coming here from the future. You’ve been able to cross intersecting planes of light. Perhaps you are in a parallel time in which Montsegur both exists and is destroyed. But the fall of Montsegur is always taking place, each time with a different luminosity.

Even though these parallel times cross each other, they do not touch. They are like the bells sounding in closed universes. What happens here on earth has already had a prior existence somewhere else through some other consecration of light and continuum of time. You and I are taking part in the distant drama of Montsegur and at the same time we’re engaged in personal drama within ourselves.”31 The perfect One ends his revelation by telling the knight “that just before the castle fell, four knights succeeded in escaping by means of a silver rope. They took the treasure of Montsegur with them…”32

Twin Peaks 2017

As Lynch winds his script up to deliver the finale of Twin Peaks 2017, which is nothing less than a tour de force through the darkest secrets of the Magi from the Arcadian Mysteries to the Babylon Working, Special Agent Dale Cooper is transported back in time to where it all began. Everything is in black and white. Laura Palmer, who represents Persephone or more accurately Despoina of the far older Arcadian Mysteries, fights with her lover the ineffectual and clueless James Hurly. She jumps off his bike and runs hysterically into the woods in the middle of the night. James true to form rides off on his Harley leaving her there. Laura is heading for a rendezvous with Death and the Devil. Her gruesome murder that night will begin the Twin Peaks saga the next day when her body, “covered with a transparent” plastic, washes up on a stony river bank at the base of a mountainous rock on the outskirts of the town.

As Laura makes her way through Ghostwood National Forest on her way to party with the villainous “Leo Johnson and his cocaine dealing accomplice the disgustingly obese Jacques Renault,”33 she is intercepted by Cooper. She pauses in the ancient woods haunted by Owls, momentarily startled by his sudden appearance in front of her. “Do I know you?” she asks. “Wait. I’ve seen you in a dream.”34 He reaches his hand out to her and she takes it. The view flashes to her corpse shrouded in plastic and sprawled at the foot of the great stone on the gravel strewn beach. What would have been in the morning can no longer be. As Cooper promised right before he cut the deck “the past dictates the future.”35

Laura’s body blinks off the screen like someone has just edited the film in an old movie. The view switches back to the dark and foreboding forest. As she clutches his hand Laura asks Cooper “where are we going?” He answers “we are going home…”36

Everything is now once again in color. In scenes from the Twin Peaks pilot premiered over a quarter century ago Josie Packard, the owner of the Packard Mill by way of deception, frets over her appearance in the mirror. Josie is Asian, representative of the West’s Khazarian monetary overlords. Pete Martell –the husband of the mill’s former owner Catherine and the discoverer of Laura Palmer’s body– fishes serenely from a pier beside the now empty beach where Laura’s body should be.

Sarah Palmer, Laura’s mother and representative of Demeter or more accurately Erinys, as Demeter is known in the Acadian Mysteries, wails like an animal, unseen in another room. She rushes into view raging, which is what Erinys means, and grabs a knife. Still wailing, she stabs Laura’s picture repeatedly as the soundtrack broadcasts a noise like a stuck record. The picture is in a loop and all she can do is break the glass on the frame. The thrusts of her steely knife over and over again are unable to even scratch Laura’s picture…

As Cooper makes his way through the dark and tangled forest leading Laura by the hand there is a clicking sound. It is the same sound that was coming from the old gramophone when Lynch began Twin Peaks 2017 with the Giant, referring to Saturn now being in Capricorn, telling Cooper “It is in…our house now.”37 There is a whooshing noise, like something being swept away by the wind and Cooper looks back to see that Laura is no longer there. Her prolonged scream of terror echoes through the forest and hangs like a pall, even after all that is left to be heard is the sounds of chirping crickets. Various versions of this theme, with Laura screaming in terror as she slips from Coopers grasp, are repeated throughout the Twin Peaks saga, right up until its very end.

The third and last part of El/Ella Book of Magic Love is titled The Andes and deals primarily with Serrano’s personal quest, as an initiate of a never-named Secret Society, to internalize Magic Love. He relates a repetitive dream of an event from his childhood that never happened. For anyone who has watched Twin Peaks, there is something very familiar about Serrano’s dream.

“He was climbing over rocks with a young girl of his own age when suddenly she slipped and began to fall. He grabbed her hand and held on to her as long as he could. But gradually her hand slipped out of his own. As she began to go she gazed fixedly at him. Just before their hands parted he saw the intensity of her terror, which seemed to encompass the whole world. Her scream hung in the air.” 38

Serrano wonders “whether he was experiencing an event from some simultaneous or parallel existence.” He muses that perhaps “life on earth was less real than something taking place somewhere else, even though it had a certain relationship to daily existence…”39

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  1. Tara,

    Just like Jack said about the strippers his daughter knows where strip club guys don’t know if there gay or straight!

    My daughter who is twenty says most of her girl friends say that they are lesbian or maybe bisexual wtf?

    Gets this alpha male even more pissed off at schlomo great work jack!


    • Nine,
      It appears that women may be attempting to take on male/alpha tendencies while the men, especially many of the younger ones are becoming soft. My thirty year old boy calls them emo-kids, that is when he’s being nice. I prefer a man who acts like one which is in short supply. Thanks a lot, Schlomo.

  2. I think that our current reality construct is not conducive to relationships between men and women. It seeks to exterminate the traditional attributes and roles which should facilitate proper functioning, whole, and lasting unions. This creates an atmosphere of competition and a destructive situation wherein women wish for yet despise the alpha male. If a women talks this way she runs the risk of becoming a pariah among her sisters.

    • I completely agree Tara. “Women wish for yet despise the alpha male”….I’m guilty of that. However one thing I do know….all this women’s lib crap I have never bought. None of it. Feels and has felt very amiss. We as women inherently have power and if we have to march with some signs declaring our equality–the whole mess is screwed from the beginning and I believe the predicament goes way back. Like way back.

  3. How’s that for a prediction supposedly made in the twentieth century? Lynch’s words at the beginning and the end of Twin Peaks circa twentieth century also need heeding.
    “I thought you Germans were always on time” – Bobby Briggs to Heidi: 16:00 season 1, Episode 1.
    “I thought you Germans were always on time” – Bobby Briggs to Heidi, 30:00. Season 2. Episode 22
    “When you see me again it won’t be me” – Man from Another Place to Agent Cooper, 32:00. Season 2. Episode 22
    “I’ll see you again in 25 years” Laura Palmer to Agent Cooper, 33:00. Season 2. Episode 22.
    Twin Peaks the Return, huh? Trust no one else to do this for you. This is just as much a mind trip for me as it is for my readers, I value the educated opinions I get from them and I can’t get that if I distort or slant a word of what I am seeing. In the words of the immortal Joe Jackson “there’s something going on around here…”

  4. Wow, it’s like one big wake up bitch slap after another, some people will be able to get up off the floor and stand up again, with wide open eyes, and some will not, even after when you offer to help them get back up, because it’s not like erasing a hard drive and reloading a fresh uncontaminated operating system. Maybe a few world class Teachers operating on the world wide web can help the younger ones.

    • It’s like running through quicksand Stan, and Facebook, Facebook is beyond criminal. I am no babe in the woods. I realize peoples thought processes have been manipulated since Time itself began but what has been done on Facebook crosses a line. When you start snatching souls in the process of maintaining the order you want to keep you are no longer a despotic criminal you are a full fledged Demon; and that is what the NSA has become with their Facebook; chosen my ass…

  5. Thank you MH. Episodes 17 and 18 of Twin Peaks 2017 maybe the most profound statement ever made by an artist, if you know what you are looking at. Stay tuned and you will, and for anyone who wants the little extras, we are putting it all up on Patreon. The 5$ minimal admission will be the best money you have ever spent, that I guarantee.

  6. I give my own, by far the best informed from having lived it, partially on Patreon and fully in my unpublished book. We will touch on it all in part 2, just enough to understand Lynch’s work which I know for a fact is more in line with the realities of humanities current predicament than any organized religion; past or present.

    And Eduardo; you are an incurable romantic, I hope your significant other appreciates it, like a breath of fresh air in an overused Latrine…

  7. Just a fairytale… a Hero’s journey? Ancient myth, Greek or otherwise, Romantic longings; as we were once one and can be again. As a Grail-seeker you may find use for this ancient tale of the winged heart. It’s Rosarium Philosophorum in prose, as was Jung’s The Psychology of the Transference and contemporary delivered as a painting for TV by David Lynch’s Twin Peaks. A welcome injection into the conscious unconscious, a reset to prime directive. Thanks to VT for re-posting it.

  8. Many people wonder why our modern mating rituals and marriages are embroiled in controversy and turmoil.
    It is fairly common to see folks marrying two or three times and it is as if they are lost and have no compass or map or anything to guide or assist them. Could this have anything to do, with the fact our marriages are conducted by or influenced by a religion that prohibits marriage for it’s own priests ? How can a man or ideology be a source of information of something he himself is sworn not to do ? This seeking of advice from those who are not suited to give it, transcends into many aspects of our lives from that point. It is another reason that even a moderate study shows this type of societal structure is not actually healthy at all.

    • Likewise, the disempowerment of women brings the “Mongo Want” factor into our mating rituals thereby subverting the natural process which leads to the deeper more realistic spiritual process it serves. Now that we have communication crack, we see the stories all the time. the man and woman who met in high school and were married for 70 years and die within minutes of each other holding hands, and we hear a collective aaawwwe. How to improve this possibility so more people have this thing we all seek and know of in the secret places of our minds. This thing many give up on and settle for a secure material place instead. And who would seek to prevent it, and what would the motivation be ?

    • Perfect synthesis of the vain attempts to go it alone. Scalpel wielded with precision on 2000 years of attempted Great Work by the tea circles and their water-down version passing as religion for the profane…

    • As usual David; profound, yes who does seek to relegate Love to an anachronism? We can’t just point the finger at the Catholic Church who’s priests are encouraged toward homosexuality and its accompanying depravities like pedophilia and even necrophilia through the papacies twisted interpretation of the ancient doctrines on Love articulated by the Minnesangers and Troubadours and explored by Serrano in his El Ella Book of Magic Love. The divorce rate is just as high among Protestants and Jews who allow their Ministers and Rabbi’s to marry. Show me a Minister or Rabbi who will not actively pursue an amorous liaison with your wife when it suits them and I will call you an idiot. Seems to me only Charlie Daniels really gets it: “Cause Hell’s broke loose in Georgia and the Devil deals the cards…” There are two archetypical states of consciousness; Love and Hate. The West has cultivated the latter. Look around you. I rest my case there.

    • The Cathars were not providing any solutions either. The Cathar elite, who doubled as priests and priestesses, were just as ludicrous as Rome in their own beliefs that celibacy would make them perfect (more like perverted, they got the first 3 letters right) but at least they only attempted this after leading normal and healthy sexual lives till at least age forty. This whole apostasy from common sense stems from the erroneous belief that Magic Love can be internalized, covered in depth in the last section of Serrano’s book titled The Andes. As the saying goes, platitude though it may be, it takes two to tango. Love requires a partner, going it alone I believe is called Narcissism not Gnosticism. To Serrano and no doubt the Ahnenerbes credit he does a 180 when he heaps praise upon Lucifer as the Guardian of Love. He does even better in his magnum opus; Adolph Hitler the Ultimate Avatar, when he analyzes Wolfram von Eschenbach’s Parzival followed by his interpretation of Rosarium philosophorum. This, as far as I know, has only been attempted by Serrano’s good friend and fellow scion of the Ahnenerbes secrets CG Jung; whom Serrano, and rightfully so, accuses of “psychogizing” it.

    • I give my own, by far the best informed from having lived it, partially on Patreon and fully in my unpublished book. We will touch on it all in part 2, just enough to understand Lynch’s work which I know for a fact is more in line with the realities of humanities current predicament than any organized religion; past or present.

      And Eduardo; you are an incurable romantic, I hope your significant other appreciates it, like a breath of fresh air in an overused Latrine…

    • Just like with Crowley don’t take one single word written about him, not written by himself or his close friends, which included the Dali Lama, CG Jung, Hermann Hesse, Julius Evola and practically everybody who was anybody in the twentieth century. His formal title was as a Chilean dignitary but he was a world traveler and spent a lot of time on the Indian sub-continent where he was treated as an honored guest by its rulers. I have read two of his books from cover to cover and can’t recall reading anything of importance about Neanderthals, plenty about Jews though…

    • “This Messiah, or King of the Jews, could constitute itself as a collective entity with a thousand arms and thousand heads, the Hydra or Polyp of International Judaism, distributed worldwide in the institutions they control everywhere: Marxism, the Soviets, capitalism, the multinationals, the Vatican, the other churches, the centers of occultism, Freemasonry, the United Nations, etc. And all directed from a hidden secret center. Nor should the possibility of an individual Messiah be discounted who, as has been said, has been preparing since time immemorial in the synagogues and lodges, a species of monstrous Golem, without blood, an arithmetic entity, imaginary, cybernetic, trans-infinite. Perhaps he could even have an electronic brain, a robot, which they manipulate. Nor can we exclude the installation of a Jewish Pope in Rome. Everything is still possible, at these heights of the fulfillment of the millennial plan.”
      Seranno, Miguel: Adolf Hitler; The Ultimate Avatar part 1, page 63 (Abridged Version).

    • How’s that for a prediction supposedly made in the twentieth century? Lynch’s words at the beginning and the end of Twin Peaks circa twentieth century also need heeding.
      “I thought you Germans were always on time” – Bobby Briggs to Heidi: 16:00 season 1, Episode 1.
      “I thought you Germans were always on time” – Bobby Briggs to Heidi, 30:00. Season 2. Episode 22
      “When you see me again it won’t be me” – Man from Another Place to Agent Cooper, 32:00. Season 2. Episode 22
      “I’ll see you again in 25 years” Laura Palmer to Agent Cooper, 33:00. Season 2. Episode 22.
      Twin Peaks the Return, huh? Trust no one else to do this for you. This is just as much a mind trip for me as it is for my readers, I value the educated opinions I get from them and I can’t get that if I distort or slant a word of what I am seeing. In the words of the immortal Joe Jackson “there’s something going on around here…”

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