The Ugly Truth: 9 Major Signs We Are Approaching the “End”



By Eric Gajewski

If you are brave enough to be talking about the “end times” it is always wise to come “armed” to the discussion. One must have proof and not just speak in general terms. The nightly news is only proof that we live in dangerous times but is it specifically “the End” as Jesus forewarned?
Now, there are far more than just nine major signs to indicate we are at the “End”.

However, It is impossible to write on this topic and be brief, but for the sake of simplicity, I, have laid out in this article nine major signs that indicate we are approaching the dreaded “End”.

Part of the problem we face is that the Neo-Trad & Neo-Catholic world do not like talking about this subject because it often exposes their position about the Pope or the overall status of the Church and the world. Or in ignorance will label such news and commentaries as “fake news”. It is why they are in the wrong “group” to begin with.

For example, I was recently emailed by a false trad who said “You attack Rome! Yet, the reality is I expose the enemy entrenched in Rome passing themselves off as wolves in sheep’s clothing. But back to my point. What are some of these signs that clearly indicate we are approaching the “End”? Let us take a look and provide some further analysis.

This is an article in which you can send to family and friends for your defense that we are living “in those times.”

First, consider the Antichrist and the rebuilding of the 3rd temple. We have a figure, who, on paper, right now, perfectly fits the description of the Antichrist. In my next round of media appearances, I will be demonstrating how “Maitreya” is the Antichrist. I will show proofs (correlation to what he says and what we know the Antichrist to be) from his own website using as a foundation Scripture, Tradition, various Saint quotes, and approved revelations.

At this point, from my perspective, it is not open for debate that it is him it is only a matter of when does he show up?

The faithless/satanic Talmudists (phony Jews) are saying they are close to rebuilding this 3rd temple. How close? They say it will be done in a matter of years. This is close! Maitreya is connected to the third temple in the New Jerusalem Project.

If they control the world essentially (which they do) and they are saying 2023 will kickstart the “messianic era” then we have a good idea of just how close we are to the great Tribulation under the Antichrist.

The Church fathers said that a clear sign of the “end” is the rebuilding of this 3rd temple and obviously the arrival of the Antichrist. Again, this is years away the Synagogue admits (if that) not decades.

Signs in the Skies/Earth Changes. Jesus himself said to lift your heads when you see all these signs converge because redemption draweth nigh. This is comforting in an ever-increasing dark world. He said watch and pray not duck and dodge. At TradCatKnight I cover all of these signs we are seeing whether it is the sun, the moon, and even the stars. There is an uptick in meteor activity over the past few years which is causing some in the science community to have “concern”. In addition, there will be a collision of two stars which will leave behind a third coming in 2022.

The “Warning” or “illumination of conscience” anyone?

Skeptics are quick to dismiss these signs as just being natural but when you piece this area in with all the other areas discussed it simply cannot be dismissed altogether and yet false Catholics and those who despise Religion altogether are quick to do so.

This is an area that must be constantly observed in order to have any indication as to what is really happening. However, as the earth’s changes increase, specifically, the massive quakes, it seems to me that this area will truly be undeniable by anyone who labels themselves as Christian.

Apostasy in the Church/ The Revolt. I have spoken on this topic at length both in articles and in video presentations. Rome has turned Masonic/Protestant. It is undeniable for those who have even the most basic understanding of the New World Order and Freemasonry. Paul records this “revolt” in Scripture and says it would precede the arrival of the Antichrist. I have already discussed just how close Maitreya is to arriving onto the scene so the Second Vatican Council was necessary to build this “cult of man” up before his formal reign on earth.

Protestantism is a revolt in and of itself and Rome is now protestant.

The day, when Luther is being praised by the Vatican, is a day to dress in sackcloth and ashes and prepare yourself for the worst.

This building up of man (Vatican II, cult of man) will lead to Maitreya formally saying that “man is god”. That Christ was a fraud and that he is “god” himself to be eventually worshiped. Vatican II was a clear sign that we are headed for the “End”.


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  1. Well, I guess it is pretty frightening for religions that despise women of power to see them regaining their rightful place. Liberty is also frightening to those who despise liberals, and we see that has become dirty word for people who no longer wish to be ruled over by cults.
    Alexandria, during the council of Nicea, did not want to agree to simply make the character of Jesus a ‘christ’ or son of god for good reason. They knew well and good it was not true nor was it a good idea. The higher ups have always known the day would come when the book would be ripped from their dirty paws, and people would know the truth about it. They have to announce it themselves or be liable for many other things. The gig is up and it is time to move on. Discomfort for believers is no longer a concern.

    • Folks should check out “The Keepers” on Netflix, and compare what you see there to the Franklin scandal, Penn State , Boston, and now MSU and USAG. All the same , and it is in your city too. No wonder religion always goes the extra mile to silence women and children. For crying out loud.

    • Mo, it is a gradual thing to come to realizations about uncomfortable things. They say, many North Koreans that defect immediately join evangelicals. When Europe broke from Catholicism, they went to Protestantism.
      Sex abuse victims of the churches, often continue wearing crosses even if not attending after realizing how little the entire thing cares. Similarly, many folks who find out the Bible is made up still believe Jesus was a real person. Yea, there is some value to some of the lessons and wisdom, but there are many texts from many cultures that teach the same things in a much more honest way. When the goal is spiritual wisdom, history has very little to do with it. To mix it in, is a political goal only and is a malicious act by the church. An attack on the people. Any Native American can show us, and they are way more spiritual than any Catholic or christian. Religion has nothing to do with spirituality. We are in the beginning times. Abundance and time to figure it all out with a full compliment of resources.

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