Is Jared Kushner in deep doo-doo again?


…by Jonas E. Alexis

We knew that Jared Kushner would be a major problem in the Trump administration. As we have reported in the past, one can convincingly say that Kushner is essentially a traditional gangster.[1]

Kushner is not in the same rank with Jewish gangsters like Meyer Lansky,[2] but he has been involved in covert activities long enough for investigators to put him on trial, give him an orange prison jumpsuit, and place him behind bars.

The common denominator between Kushner and Lansky is that they were both involved in activities that sought to subvert the moral and political order. Those covert activities always end up in either ethnic warfare or suppressing the average person. Finally, those covert activities always end up serving the interest of the Israeli regime or the oligarchs in the United States.

John F. Kennedy and former professional football quarterback turned politician George Ratterman found that out the hard way. Both Kennedy and Ratterman “shut down the Jewish gambling empire in Newport [Kentucky] and sent its leaders packing, never to return.”[3]

Ratterman was certainly marked for death because he had previously intended “to drive the racketeers out of Newport if elected sheriff.”[4] The racketeers were none other than the Khazarian Bankster Cult.

Those people were so desperate to literally destroy Ratterman’s political goal that they once put a heavy dose of chloral hydrate in his drink, which essentially knocked him out of his moral judgment. Then they drove him to a hotel and paid a 26-year old stripper by the name of Juanita Hodges to sleep with him. E. Michael Jones writes,

“At approximately 2:40 AM on May 9, three detectives from the Newport, Kentucky police department burst into room 314 of the hotel/casino which Carinci managed in Newport and discovered Ratterman wearing only a shirt and socks in bed with a 26-yearold woman wearing nothing but an imitation leopard negligee. The woman’s real name was Juanita Hodges, but she earned her living as a stripper in Newport under the name April Flowers.

“Both Hodges and Ratterman, who was wrapped in a sheet, were arrested and then taken to police headquarters where he was charged with disturbing the peace. When Ratterman arrived home he was still disoriented. Seeing his condition, Ratterman’s wife had the presence of mind to take him to their family doctor, who ordered blood and urine tests which showed that Ratterman had been dosed with enough chloral hydrate to kill someone less robust…

“The frame up that Newport’s Jewish racketeers had orchestrated against Ratterman began to unravel at his trial when Dr. Anderson described the amount of chloral hydrate that had been put in his drink.

“The prosecution’s case dissolved completely when a local photographer testified that he had been hired to come to room 304 to shoot pictures of Ratterman in bed with the stripper. Once the case collapsed, the frame up blew up in the faces of its Jewish perpetrators. Ratterman now had the entire community behind him.”[5]

Ratterman, with the help of decent men, eventually drove the racketeers out of Newport, which meant that the Khazarian Bankster Cult received a major defeat.

“The combination of local cooperation and federal muscle had a devastating effect on the Jewish mobsters’ control over Newport. Moe Dalitz abandoned the Beverly Hills Club and left Newport for Las Vegas, where he repositioned himself as an upstanding citizen with the help of the Anti-Defamation League, which gave him its Torch of Liberty award in 1982 in exchange for hundreds of thousands of dollars of gambling money.”[6]

Ratterman obviously found himself in a cosmic battle with the entire Khazarian Bankster Cult, and that included Meyer Lansky, who had a history of buying politicians and sending

“large sums of gambling money to the ADL, which would in turn accuse anyone who claimed Lansky and Dalitz were gangsters of anti-Semitism. In addition to being steady contributors to the ADL, the Jewish gangsters of this era also supported Israeli terrorist organizations:

“‘With support from Meyer Lansky, Hank Greenspun had become a gunrunner for Israel in 1948 and thereafter performed as an Israeli operative. Bugsy Siegel reportedly gave $50,000 to support Irgun while ‘celebrity gangster’ Mickey Cohen sponsored an Irgun fundraiser in 1947.’

“The Israeli newspaper Haaretz claim that ‘Jews control crime in the United States,’ but Meyer Lansky had the backing of the ADL when he claimed that ‘there was much anti-Semitism behind the campaign to convict him.’”[7]

Ratterman’s victory stunned a newly elected official by the name of John F. Kennedy, who also was a football fan. Kennedy went even further. He upset the Powers That Be by challenging the Israeli regime. “Kennedy attempted to shut down the Israeli nuclear reactor at Dimona; by 1967 the Israelis were ready to set off a nuclear device on Mt. Sinai to stop the Arab invasion.”

When Kennedy was murdered, he was replaced by an Israeli puppet, Lyndon B. Johnson. Jones writes that Johnson

“completely reversed the United States’ position on Israel. Nothing showed this more clearly that Johnson’s behavior following Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty, when Johnson ordered American planes back to their aircraft carrier and left the USS Liberty completely defenseless against a vicious Israeli attempt to sink the ship that left 34 Americans dead and over a hundred wounded. According to Jeff Gates, presidential advisor Ben Wattenberg:

“assured Johnson that if he supported Tel Aviv’s account of the USS Liberty incident as a case of ‘mistaken identity’ and ignored the 208 American casualties, 42 including 34 killed, influential Jews in the U.S. media would tone down their criticism of his policies in Vietnam. In return for his defense of Israel and a presidential cover-up, the shift in mainstream media opinion provided a temporary political respite for the war-weary president who, less than a year later, declined to run for reelection.”[8]


With Jared Kushner on the political throne in Washington, we are just repeating history. He is essentially a liaison between the Israeli mafia (including Benjamin Netanyahu) and political criminals and officials in Washington. If this sounds farfetched, then listen to the title of this article by the Wall Street Journal: “Trump Adviser Kushner’s Undisclosed Partners Include Goldman and Soros.” It cannot be any plainer:

“Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law and senior adviser, is currently in business with Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and billionaires George Soros and Peter Thiel, according to people familiar with the matter and securities filings…

“Mr. Kushner co-founded Cadre in 2014 with his brother Joshua and Ryan Williams, a 29-year-old friend and former employee of Kushner Cos., the family-controlled business that Mr. Kushner ran until recently. Cadre markets properties to prospective investors, who can put their money into specific buildings or into an investment fund run by Cadre, which collects fees on each deal.

“To get off the ground, Cadre turned to a Goldman Sachs fund and a number of high-profile investors … Cadre also secured a $250 million line of credit from the family office of George Soros, a top Democratic donor whom Mr. Trump criticized during his presidential campaign, the people close to the company said. Mr. Soros’s family office is also an investor in Cadre.”[9]

What’s wrong with Kushner buddying up with both Goldman Sachs and George Soros? Well, plenty. Goldman Sachs literately wrecked the US economy. Obama—perhaps to his own chagrin or even deliberate manipulation—bailed the banks out. And how much money are we talking about here? It has been calculated to be around 14 to 16 trillion dollars![10]

Journalist Nomi Prins has documented that the bailout “was never about the little guy.” It was exclusively done for the oligarchs, the usurers, the gangsters on Wall Street, and the banksters.[11]

Prins—who used to work as a managing director for big companies like Goldman-Sachs, Bear Stearns, the Lehman Brothers, and the Chase Manhattan Bank—writes courageously and unflinchingly:

“If the thought of the government spending trillions of dollars on Wall Street’s screw-ups pisses you off, you’re not crazy.”[12]

But the central question should be this: what could the government or society do with 14 trillion dollars? Fasten your seatbelt or hold on to something:

10 years of vaccines for kids in 117 countries
$110 billion

10 years of $10,000 bonuses for all US public school teachers
$318 billion

Sending all 2009 US high school grads to private college
$347 billion

Doubling US spending on HIV/AIDSand cancer research for 20 years
$493 billion

10 years of CO2 offsets for all Americans
$559 billion

Meeting UN anti-poverty goals by 2015
$757 billion

20 years of universal preschool in US
$860 billion

Buying a house for every homeless American
$878 billion

Buying the world an iPhone 3GS
$2 trillion

10 years of private health insurance for uninsured Americans
$2.2 trillion

Paying off 1/3 of US home mortgages

$3.5 trillion[13]

And all those expenses do not even add up to 16 trillion dollars! So the banks and the oligarchs have committed arguably the worst crimes in the history of American economics. The sad part is that no one—not even a single individual—got arrested or went to jail. On the contrary, many of the oligarchs like JPMorgan Chase & Co. Chief Executive James Dimon received “$29.5 Million Pay Package in 2017.”[14] Furthermore, there were at least “9 Wall Street Execs Who Cashed In on the Crisis”:

Joseph Cassano, AIG Financial Products

Vikram Pandit, Citigroup CEO, 2007-present

Robert Rubin, Citigroup Board of Directors, 1999-2009

Ken Lewis, Bank of America CEO and President, 2001-2009

Jamie Dimon, JPMorgan Chase CEO and President, 2005-present

Lloyd Blankfein, Goldman Sachs CEO and Chairman, 2006-present

John G. Stumpf, Wells Fargo CEO, 2007-present

John J. Mack, Morgan Stanley CEO, 2005-2009, and Chairman, 2005-present

John Thain, Merrill Lynch CEO, 2007-2009[15]

Kushner obviously thinks that he can continue the diabolical activities which his Jewish brethren have already ignited. As Jewish historiographer Heinrich Graetz has said, Jewish oligarchs have been destroying the economy and suppressing the masses for centuries. It is indeed pertinent to quote Graetz describing Jews in the 17th century:

“The study of the Talmud in Poland, established by Shachna, Solomon Lurya, and Moses Isserles, reached a pitch attained at no previous time, nor in any other country. The demand for copies of the Talmud was so great that in less than twenty years three editions had to be printed, no doubt in thousands of copies…

“The cultivation of a single faculty, that of hairsplitting judgment, at the cost of the rest, narrowed the imagination, hence not a single literary product appeared in Poland deserving the name of poetry. All the productions of the Polish school bore the Talmudic stamps, as the school regarded everything from the Talmudical point of view.

“The disciples of this school looked down almost with contempt on Scripture and its simple grandeur, or rather it did not exist for them…They knew something of the Bible from the extracts read in the synagogues, and those occasionally quoted in the Talmud…

“A love of twisting, distorting, ingenious quibbling, and a foregone antipathy to what did not lie within their field of vision, constituted the character of the Polish Jews. Pride in their knowledge of the Talmud and a spirit of dogmatism attached even to the best rabbis, and undermined their moral sense…

“Integrity and right-mindedness they had lost as completely as simplicity and the sense of truth. The vulgar acquired the quibbling method of the schools, and employed it to outwit the less cunning.

“They found pleasure and a sort of triumphant delight in deception and cheating against members of their own race; cunning could not well be employed, because they were sharp-witted; but the non-Jewish world with which they came into contact experienced to its disadvantage the superiority of the Talmudical spirit of the Polish Jews.”[16]

Kushner is subtly reviving that tradition. In fact, Kushner has personal and financial ties to the ethnic cleansing project commonly known as the Israeli settlements. Keep this in mind:

“The family of Jared Kushner… donated tens of thousands of dollars in recent years to projects in the settlements, including a small amount to one particularly radical yeshiva.

“[Kushner had] a long history of close personal and financial ties to the settlement movement and some of the most extreme settlements…The report found that among organizations and institutions in the West Bank that receive funding from the Kushner family, the leading beneficiary is American Friends of Beit El Yeshiva.

“The president of American Friends of Beit El Yeshiva is David Friedman, Trump’s senior adviser on Israel affairs. Located in one of the more hardline, ideological settlements, Beit El Yeshiva received $20,000 from the Kushner family in 2013.”[17]

Even Steve Bannon, a thorough Zionist and Israeli shill, had to declare that Kushner is “a cuck” and a “globalist.”[18] More recently, Kushner’s Office of American Innovation

“has been sued for allegedly attempting to skirt federal transparency laws while shaping the administration’s infrastructure policy.

“The nonprofits Democracy Forward and Food & Water Watch filed the lawsuit Thursday after the Kushner-led office ‘ignored’ Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. The organizations made FOIA requests to see whether policy making was being improperly influenced by conflicts of interest within the Trump administration,”[19]

Under Kushner’s watch, “More than 130 political appointees hadn’t secured permanent clearances as of November 2017, including members of President Trump’s family and close advisers.”[20]

So, should we really be surprised that Kushner has tried to circumvent the Freedom of Information Act?

The sad thing is that people like Alex Jones continue to ignore all these facts and focus on, well, “the Muslims.” Muslims did this; Muslims did that; Muslim…you know the drill.

We can now say with a great sigh that Alex Jones has been proved to be a total fraud and an Israeli shill.

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