Protestantism Will End During the Three Days of Darkness

The three days of darkness is getting dangerously close.....


By Eric Gajewski

Blessed Anna-Maria Tiagi, “All the enemies of the Church, whether known or unknown, will perish over the whole earth during that universal darkness, with the exception of a few whom God will soon convert. The air shall be infected by demons who will appear under all sorts of hideous forms.”


The three days of darkness are often talked about in Christian circles these days as you know. Those who speak on the subject are often not “well informed” as to the intimate details that were relayed by some of the Catholic Church’s most esteemed mystics. Protestants always get this topic wrong because of their erroneous perception of the Church and/or Mary.

I have seen this propaganda/disinformation spread throughout various alternative/“truther” websites. Somehow, they try to teach on the matter without knowing the true prophecies behind them and thus a lot of disinformation has been spread via the internet.

TradCatKnight has produced the most important video (viral) on the matter documenting all the signs preceding this “climatic event of the Tribulation”. It documents the majority of what the mystics have had to say on the matter from the proper Catholic perspective. In addition,

I have a follow-up video (from about a year ago) on the matter I am discussing today for those who missed it. I will add it at the end of this article.

Sadly, there are “Christians”, who think they will survive those days without repenting of their heresies and/or are living in mortal sin.

This is wishful thinking. Let me further discuss the three days of darkness and why we will probably see this “event” over the next decade.

When? When will the three days of darkness occur? It will occur as the climatic event of the Tribulation in which the Antichrist and his New World Order forces will be defeated. Yes but who else? Islam and Protestantism will also melt like wax during these three days as Catholic prophecy suggests and the true Church of Christ (the Catholic Church) will remain standing in the end.

I believe many are expecting the three days of darkness in the next few years but there are still far too many events that have to occur before then.

For starters, the Antichrist has not even shown up yet (he is close though) and we know his reign will be 3 and a half years.

I am in no way saying to not prepare because you should. I am just saying that there are too many traditionalists “jumping the gun” because they believe the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart will occur before the Antichrist which it will not.

As I have indicated over the past few months the Protestant heretics and hell itself are attacking the message of Fatima because Fatima laid down heaven’s true peace plan. Heaven’s peace plan has always been one baptism, one body, and one faith which is Catholic. This is how it has always been since the beginning when Jesus handed over the keys to Pope St. Peter.

Protestantism objectively speaking is every bit of evil as Islam is.

That is the truth.

Sadly, so many Zionist heretics join in the destruction of the Catholic Church by “beefing up” Rothschild’s Israel while watching Israel (ISIS) kill Christians throughout the middle east. Now, the devil (using Protestantism) is trying desperately as a last-ditch effort to discredit Fatima.

The reason this is important is because in the real third secret of Fatima, Fr. Malachi Martin, states the 3 days of darkness are included in the message from heaven.

Keep in mind the mainstream Western media is run by the Zionist/Jew World Order who in part have convinced so many heretics to follow their Zionist path to hell.

The whole article is loaded with pictures and viral videos on the 3 days of darkness:


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  1. I would take anything said by Malachi Martin, a former Jesuit, cum grano salo, and a big grain of salt at that. He alone was instrumental behind the scenes in undermining the Second Vatican Council when he sold out to the modern-day Sanhedrin and Zionist cause. Be careful too not to overlap into the Scofield morass, also set up by the Zionists and taken hook, line and sinker by the third-rate fishermen of the 3,000 (and odd!) denominations spawned as a by-product of Henry VIII’s sperm Crusade or Dissolution of the Monasteries.

    • I certainly agree. I have heard all the talk over the years, and never really looked into him until lately, and I have to say, he has book sales written all over him. He also fits a certain profile of person I recommend people stay away from in regard to spiritual matters. That aside from any of his affiliations.
      The entire Fatima thing is the gift that keeps on giving for the coffers. Very typical for other fabricated miracles and claims commonly used by Rome. I do not doubt that apparitions occur, but when it is exploited to this degree, it is fabricated.
      There is some trouble with Martins timeline, from student to claimed duties at the Vatican.

  2. In the case where a mystic (of any school) approaches a individual and gives them a warning, it is much more likely to be proven true. Predictions covering large segments of time are rarely understood by anyone who is not a student of time itself. The ability to predict eclipse cycles for instance, is a much different thing to predicting human events. Also, knowledge disguised as mysticism can fool a lot of people. For instance, if I hand a note to a particular person, and say open this at sundown tomorrow, and they do. If the note says, you thought of your mother at 2 pm., and they had, it would seem quite mystical, but can be easily predicted from knowledge, not intuition or mystic power. The circus could train people to guess tourists birthdays within ten days, and the crowds are mystified. It is basic knowledge.

  3. As we speak, there are scandals involving Bishops in,…Ireland, Buffalo NY, New York City, Rome and MSU, with a wide range of charges including, child pornography, embezzlement, drugs, false identity, laundering, sex abuse cover-up, gay orgies arranged by priests, and all sorts of other activities. The Church Militant website has decent coverage as do the local papers where the scandals are, but not MSM.
    Three days of darkness, is not a Roman or Catholic concept alone. It is spoken of in various cultures. This has always been interesting to me, as it is also found in the 3 days in the belly of the whale, and the 3 days before the resurrection, and even in the I-Ching hexagram #18, where it is advised to wait 3 days before making a decision.

    • Eric is absolutely correct in saying, Protestants have a very shoddy record of prophecy or interpretation of any sacred text, but as I say, they are the children of Catholicism so Catholics have to own it. They gave them the book. But where I see 3 days as a prophetic timeframe, combined with darkness, is the winter solstice.
      And this begs the question, Is actual Christianity in any way associated with the figure Jesus as an actual incarnation ? The Vatican has stated it’s position that the 3rd secret was the attempt on John Paul’s life.
      Catholics around the world, authorized by Bishops and Cardinals, authorized severed fingers in glass tubes to be presented as proof that a saint (original owner) is not decomposing, and actual bread chunks to be presented as actual bread from the last supper.

    • So, staging miracles and using props to garner followers or gain huge funding for any Diocese that has a miracle, is a very ingrained technique widely used by the Church. Yet, in spite of all the frauds uncovered and prophecies disproven over and over, we still see it.
      Mystics are found in all schools, and they are usually not the type to adhere to doctrine. Most commonly, they are using the church itself as a library and place of free food, to further their own spiritual pursuits. I consider that a good thing, but I would also add , that most commonly, like in the case of Amos, it does not favor the institution and their cryptic prophecies can be read many ways. They are something to be contemplated, but not expected. They are something to study, but not too closely.

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