Intel Drop: A UFO Visit for Trump?


By Gordon Duff with  Ian Greenhalgh

Russia Today reported a green and orange meteor over Oklahoma along with what was reported by locals as an earthquake.

Here’s the rub, the exact same UFO was reported over or on, depending on what you believe, Wurtsmith Air Force Base, then a major B 52 SAC base in 1975.  The Wurtsmith story is calculated disinformation spread  through a tightly controlled government infiltrated UFO community.

I was at Wurtsmith when the event happened.  The date was Saturday, October 6, 1973.  The time was 7:10 PM.  It was not 1975.

As with what is not reported  about Oklahoma, the “meteor” flew horizontally and was  spotted for hundreds of miles.  The 1973 “meteor” hit the US over Seattle at 4k feet at mach 2.5 and kept altitude and speed while visiting our missile command and then terminating as it came through the clouds over Wurtsmith.  It was approximately 300 feet in length and 50 feet in diameter.  It lit the clouds for the entire horizon as it came over the base and seemed to enter Lake Huron.

Thousands  saw it, reported it, it was on the news across the US and then it all never happened.  Now it has happened again.

Do we want  to say Trump is being warned about starting a nuclear war with Russia and China over his obsession with Israel and Syria?  Experts who are sufficiently “expert” as to not want to be named say “possibly” while some say “of course.”

I simply remember an airman turning to me before losing his cookies saying “It looks like the Russians are firing submarines at us.”

And so it goes.  From Russia Today:

Mysterious loud boom shakes Oklahoma, locals report green and orange flashes

Residents across Oklahoma and Texas were jostled from their daily routines after hearing a loud boom Tuesday afternoon. Many were left scratching their heads and watching the skies for the source of the explosive phenomenon.

While the US Geological Survey has not reported any earthquakes in the region, the National Weather Services in Norman, Oklahoma has said it is possible that the deafening boom was the result of “a ‘bolide’ or the breaking up of a meteor.”

A flurry of baffled residents shared their comments online, trying to make sense of the afternoon shocker. One nearby resident offered his account of the mysterious heavenly “green light” he spotted that afternoon.

“Meteor flew over Oklahoma City today at about 16:20, with a sonic boom and some shaking in nearby Norman! Was beautiful green and orange streak in the daylight,” he tweeted.

Chief Meteorologist for KFOR-TV OKC Mike Morgan was completely befuddled by the extraterrestrial visitor and asked others to clarify.

One resident’s speculation revolved around reports that China’s first space observation station was due to fall into Earth’s orbit at any moment.

“I was wondering if the meteor reports in North Texas and Oklahoma were actually Tiangong-1, but it looks like we’re still a week or so from that possibly happening,” he said.


Oklahoma is no stranger to unexplained booms, which have been attributed to an assortment of different causes. Last year, Midwest City residents were perplexed by large underground booms comparable to underground explosions, one witness stated.

“It turns out, this is a really neat deal. It has to do with water underground,” said Meteorologist John Slater. “With these cold fronts coming through, the water just freezes rapidly. And as it turns out, when it freezes, it expands.”

On January 25, 2014, News On 6 speculated that F-16 fighter jets from the 138th Fighter Wing division in Tulsa peppered the area with sonic booms powerful enough to rattle furniture and windows. However, the cause of the disturbances still remains a mystery.

Another shockwave dubbed the “Bama Boom” was felt across cities in Alabama on November 14, 2017. No explanation was offered other than either a hypersonic aircraft or meteorite shower.


Were they underground nuclear tests? Fracking adventures in the Midwest? No one will ever know.


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  1. Does this mean you believe in aliens then Gordon? Was your reading of the majick12 documents the turning point for you?

  2. Do the Aliens believe in Abrahamic religion?

    I have a credit card with a 14000 dollar limit and can afford one of Mr. Duff’s guns..


  3. Well maybe the Aliens are going to refine some herd management for us humans. Remember the old TV show “Twilight Zone”; To Serve Humanity, “it’s a cookbook’!

  4. The comings and goings of “unexplained things” is viewed quite differently depending on culture. The culture we have in the US currently is very far away from “entering the conversation”. We are myopic and detached from what is important. The animals actually do behave more intelligently. It is not simply an insult to say that, it is actually true. We are hairless monkeys endangering the entire planet. The things we do to the water , air and soil are going to take hundreds of years to heal after we stop doing it. The amount of life we have destroyed is going to thousands of years to recuperate. Most people cannot even plan their own life by the year, let alone imagine what is possible if we got smart for real.

    • A good exercise , is to plan for 500 years. To do that, we need to know where we are. There is currently no school or church teaching the answer to that simple question. And it is the starting point. So, that’s how far we have to go. Who are we ? Where are we ? and What are we doing ?
      Supporting or even tolerating archaic dogmatic religions will disallow approaching these answers.

    • Khalid, it is not a generalization, it is specific. And I have stated it repeatedly in as many ways as possible.
      Let me be specific again. If you believe a man named Abraham made a deal with the Creator then you are a fool. I believe that encompasses the entirety of the dogmatic religions.
      Any repetitive practice that performs mundane ceremony with this premise is an archaic religion and that is not an opinion but is self evident. It is monkeys with notions, and disillusions. Their product is idiocy. It is an anchor to the soul of man.

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