FFWN: Truth leaks out! WaPo breaks media silence on MLK conspiracy; Orlando False Flag blows up in government’s face


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By Kevin Barrett, VT Editor

The biggest story this week broke just a few hours too late to be included in yesterday’s False Flag Weekly News: On the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., The Washington Post, tied with the New York Times as America’s newspaper of record, broke the media blackout on the Deep State operation that killed Dr. King.

Will the Washington Post, whose motto is “democracy dies in darkness,” commit significant investigative resources to verifying the facts uncovered by King family attorney Dr. William Pepper? Or will they let sleeping dogs lie and let Jackman’s story serve as a limited hang-out, giving the MSM plausible deniability to obfuscate its participation in the 50-year-old cover-up (and the cover-ups of other SCADS including the Kennedy assassinations and 9/11)?

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The media dikes holding back oceans of truth are beginning to burst. The day after WaPo re-opened the MLK investigation, a jury found Omar Mateen’s widow Noor Salman “not guilty” of conspiring with her husband to shoot up the Pulse Nightclub, where the gay Mateen was a regular. The verdict was presumably driven by a last-minute revelation that the government had concealed its knowledge that Mateen’s father Seddique Mateen, a CIA-linked Afghan, was also a longtime FBI asset. Worse, the FBI covered up its knowledge that Seddique Mateen had engaged in suspicious money transfers (of Deep State cash rewards from his handlers?) to Afghanistan and Turkey during the run-up to the attack. Keeping in mind that suspected false flag patsy Omar Mateen worked for G4S a.k.a. Wackenhut, whose specialty is “jobs too dirty even for the CIA,” it seems that Noor Salman’s defense, and the jury, figured out that Salman was being scapegoated to cover up yet another Deep State Gladio B false flag operation.

Another huge “truth is leaking out” story this week was US District Court Judge George Daniels’ decision that Saudi Arabia must face lawsuits over its role in the 9/11 attacks. Though the Saudi role was limited to supplying “hijacker” patsies to be falsely blamed for the 9/11 operation, the ongoing lawsuit will give the Saudis a chance to defend themselves by proving that there were in fact no hijackings on 9/11 and that none of the 19 patsies was even on board any of the alleged attack planes.

Another false flag on the verge of MSM exposure this week is the Las Vegas shooting. The Los Angeles Times, which has done good work exposing the Las Vegas Police and FBI coverup, pointed out that there are Nearly 750 hours of video and 2,000 calls to 911 in Vegas shooting. Almost all of it remains unseen and unheard.

And then there is the ongoing exposure of the Trump-Kosher Nostra ties discussed in VT, as well as by Wayne Madsen and others. Will this scandal take Trump down before he can launch the Kushner-Bibi war on Iran? When will the MSM go beyond Trump-Russia and expose the real issue, Trump-Israel?

Newsweek, like WaPo owned by Jeff Bezos, exposed another Deep State scandal this week: U.S. CREATED ISIS TO DISTRACT WORLD FROM ISRAEL, IRAN SAYS  Has Bezos taken the red pill, and offered a supply to his stable of journalists?!

If the truth leaks keep gushing like this, maybe some day MSM journalists will all start doing their jobs, and my role at False Flag Weekly News will become obsolete. (Not an unwelcome prospect!) But given the MSM’s past record, I’m not exactly holding my breath.

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  1. Mateen’s wife is also, a story of another angle, and that is victim blaming by prosecutors. Most people here, know, that certain crimes, result in the phrase, “somebody has to be arrested”. Many times, wives who have been victimized are the targets. This lady was found not guilty for good reason.
    Mateen’s father could well have been one of thousands of Muslims who are frequently targeted for spring on mosques. It happens all over. Using the word “asset” is different from “informant”. Informants are not always assets. One of the things that led to the not guilty verdict, was the obvious “unplanned” nature of the shooting.
    Mateens father is indirectly connected, by way of fathering a gay son, and pushing him into cognitive dissonance. I see this whole case as a “gay acceptance issue”, as opposed to a deep state op, or terrorist op.
    Lot’s of low level security guards go bonkers and are bonkers. The field is “sub par”.

    • The casualty count was ridiculously high for an “unplanned” shooting (also with respect to number of rounds fired, suspect who flunked out of ordinary police training, etc.) Mateen, a flaming gay man and Pulse denizen, was a protected deep state asset who appeared to be assigned to play the role of “radical Muslim” by his G4S employers. It is highly unlikely that this was an unplanned one-man massacre by a disaffected lone nut. For a rundown of the long list of evidence suggesting a Gladio B op, see the book Orlando False Flag pictured above.

    • Given what we now know about MI6 involvement via Cambridge Analytica in hacking the US election, we should look at the relationship between MI6 and G4S, not least because G4S is a British company.

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