Healing the Record of Our Soul’s DNA, an Enlightenment Series


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Healing the Record of Our Soul’s DNA, an Awakened Journey Towards Enlightenment series. 

Learn about your life record and your inspiring soul song that reveals your life purpose.  

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Like a musical note seeking union with the harmony of itself, the soul returns to human form, to earth, in order to heal and integrate into a more perfect remembrance of the Divinity of love it already is. The soul, on this plane of reality, innocently expresses itself through the lens of the body’s DNA. This crystalline prism holds the harmonic records of our soul’s evolutionary journey towards enlightenment.

All thoughts, loving or fearful, are recorded onto your soul record. In Sanskrit, the oldest recorded language, the Hindus refer to this as the Akashic Records. Imagine the Akashic Records if you will, as your soul’s cosmic cloud memory. Each and every thought and experience is recorded, becomes imprinted and integrated into our DNA. As our thoughts advance towards greater love so does the DNA helix, back and forth, in the reflection of this awareness. The greater our consciousness of love, the more direct and clear we receive and transmit in alignment with the Divine.

Certain spiritual texts remind us that the Divine, or the Kingdom of Heaven, is within each of us. They remind us that we may not enter this Kingdom of Heaven until we become as a child, a metaphorical reference to a consciousness of innocence. In such innocence, we are able to find stillness from which we can know the creative power of our God-self within.

Towards this ultimate state of awareness imagine, if you will, your soul’s record is literally imprinted onto an old vinyl record. From birth, the needle of our awareness is dropped (gently or otherwise) on the outer edge of the soul record of this particular time and space reality. The needle both plays and records each note of our life’s symphony. Like all records of this type, the needle tracks from the larger/outer radius of our heart song toward the inevitably smaller/center of our radical enlightenment.

Through love and gratitude, we become aware of the rhythmic flow of our soul’s grand melody. Through fear and judgment, we find the needle sinks into a groove of disharmony and unpleasantness, discordant notes that painfully repeat over and over again. In Sanskrit, such grooves in consciousness are called “Samskaras”.

Stuck in these self-created grooves, the needle of our awareness digs ever painfully and deeper into the record of our subconscious. The ego mind ensures that we become attached to disharmony, begin to suffer and adjust to the discordant notes as being normal. Attached in this unconsciousness and suffering, our heart ever longs for the true melody of our soul’s joy.

This crossroad of unconsciousness and joyful longing marks the awakening of our intent to rejoin the symphony of our life song, our life purpose. Mindful of the disharmony of fear and lesson of greater love, we can choose to drop the awareness pebble of the Ho’oponopono into the groove to interrupt the monotony of discordance and pain.

The Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian process of reconciliation and forgiveness. At its mystical core are the elements of mental cleansing, putting things right and rectifying errors. Attending with this awareness activation is the recognition that we are always 100% at cause and responsible for any problem. Similarly, it is defined that we are also 100% capable of rectifying any and all errors. Four short phrases activate the process of this healing process and release us from the groove of suffering: “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.” Through the melody of these words, we can transmute and transcend the error of attached and fearful thoughts and choose instead to co-create an inspired new heart song.

Now, as the needle begins to track back through the old groove of unpleasantness the pebble now serves to bump the needle back onto the record surface. A new and ever more gorgeous melody begins to play. Our heart feels lifted and we are inspired by a song of new possibilities.

Frail in this new moment, the needle runs ever close to the edge of our old groove or patterns and the ear is tempted by the discord we were once trained to find so familiar. If our resolve is weak, the needle is pulled back into the groove and with this the depth and darkness will grow with strength. If our courage is strong the needle will continue towards are radical center.  It will continue to float on angelic notes that proclaim the symphony of our harmonic enlightenment.

“Consciousness is somehow a by-product of the simultaneous, high-frequency firing of neurons in different parts of the brain. It ’s the mess ing of the frequencies that generates consciousness, just as tones from individual instruments produces the rich, complex, and seamless sounds of a symphony orchestra.” – Francis Crick, co-discoverer of DNA

Suggested Exercises

Get a formal journal or a new tablet of notebook paper. Carry this with you, along with a pen, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Keep this next to your bed. If a thought, an observation or idea wakes you up, immediately write it down. Take lots of notes about your thoughts and observations. Pay very close attention to intuitive suggestions or ideas that show up in regards to what you most want to create and accomplish in relation to asking about your life purpose. Commit to becoming a lifetime student of the Divine.

The Universe is always paying attention to whether or not, we are paying attention. The more you pay attention, the more you’ll find the flow of Divine information. The result of this flow of information can create exponential growth and realized possibilities. The less you pay attention, the Divine concludes that your cup is full, that you are not interested and you do not possess the capacity for additional information. The result of presenting yourself as a full cup is that the Divine information and insight will stop. Clues that were once pointing you toward the ever-present miracles in your life, they will also stop.

“In order to be whole you must first be empty” – Buddhism 

For the next two days become very mindful of your thoughts and where they appear to be sticking in a groove of fear. This groove of fear can look like self-judgment or inner-critic thoughts, judgmental thoughts about another person, anger about a situation or anything that you perceive is in a non-loving state. Be clear that if you are seeing something negative in another person or situation, this essence, is being reflected back to you because this same frequency is in you.  This awareness is an aspect of fearful consciousness that you are still attached to and one that you are being called to bring your attention to so that healing and love can become more complete.

The Universe is a perfect mirror. You cannot recognize something negative in someone or anything else unless it is first in you. This also means that if you see something wonderful and loving in another person or situation, this is also in you.

When you find yourself in any sort of fearful groove, stop, write down your observation about this and immediately do the Ho’oponopono four (4) times on each subject matter. The Ho’oponopono: I’m Sorry, Please Forgive me, Thank You, I love you.

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  1. On the cycles of connectivity and maintenance of a particular state of mind, I find it fluctuates and ebbs and flows according to the individual and the collective. It is like surfing. When the surf is right and you catch a wave, it requires balance to ride it all the way in and gain the full benefit. The collective responds the same way the crowd on the shore does. When we see someone standup on their board, it is automatic, that everyone wants to see them stay up. The ones who recognize the wave is the vehicle, and allow it to be in charge, are more successful than those who allow the empowerment to become a source of satisfaction or food for the ego, tumble and we say, oh they were trying to show off too much. But it is a natural process. And the surf is not always up, and we have things to tend to on land as well.

    • Reincarnation is a difficult topic. Is it an individual soul that repetitively returns and grows with each incarnation, or is it a unique awareness and connectivity to the seed of ancestors that gives an appearance of memory and knowledge ? Certainly we have to factor, 7 billion people, and ask, is everyone here a unique soul ? And if so, where did all the new souls come from ? Who stands a better chance of soul survival, the monk who lives in the temple for his entire life, or the farmer who becomes salt of the earth ? Is intelligence a factor ? Is it mammals that are unique in this invisible growth, or is it all things detached from the ground ? If we reduce the population, to say 2 billion, where do the 5 billion go ? Back to the seed ? Or is it, as above so below, and all things return to dust and individuality simply dissipates into nutrients for plants and worms ?
      What is the gauge for the success rate ? or is it as some masters say, “it’s all in who you know” ?

    • If the correction of intergenerational trauma is important to the soul, then it stands to reason that causing trauma would be harmful to the soul, thus creating more and more things to clean up. Thus, we would look for waves that are advantageous for the act of reconciliation and redress. According to cycles, this would be that year. The return of the children to the troubles caused by parents, to relieve the weight it places on the souls.
      It applies to the individual and the familial, and the collective. And the signs of this are quite abundant already…. and they are in the corresponding locations geographically as well. Qanil is the 18th day, and the 18th hexagram in the I-Ching. http://www.sacred-texts.com/ich/ic18.htm A year to be cautious about causing trauma, and instead seeking to address, that which drags at the ankles from the past. A time of abundance, and overly zealous urge for continuance, and a return to the Record of our souls for the purpose of correction.
      A hard look at the seed.

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