The Mark of Cain Upon the Jews

God has not given up on the faithless Jews. Although “marked” they are still being preserved that they might repent. In the end they convert to the Catholic Faith.


By Eric Gajewski

The story of Cain and Abel is quite compelling. It can be very much applied to our own lives very loosely speaking as I shall indicate later in this article (our offering to God) but it also can be applied directly to the faithless Jews. What do I mean by this?

Let us start with the Jewish “offering”.

The Jewish “offering” under the Old Law has been nullified by Our Lord’s offering. We must consider Church teaching in the matter (not Vatican II). The modernist heretics of our times are still trying to make it seem as if the Jews (objectively speaking) are “okay” with God and they are not.

Don’t tell that to Scott Hahn or Antipope Francis though.

This is the infallible teaching taught by the Church and I will later demonstrate the connection between Genesis 4:11 and 1 Thess 2:14:16. Nevertheless, the Jews (since the advent of the death of Our Lord) “sacrifice” is not accepted by God. Those who deny the Lamb of God, our true Sacrifice, are likewise rejected by God. It is only logical.

They have rejected the true God and are now preparing the world for their new false messiah (Antichrist) to arrive on the scene who shall be the ultimate “Cain of all” we can say.

For he will slay those whose offerings (Christian’s) are truly accepted by God which every Catholic knows is the holy Sacrifice (Mass).

Do we act like Cain when God rejects our offering? First, God will reject the man who does not give himself wholly unto God. In God’s true religion Catholicism, it is all or nothing.

Take a look at the protestant sects who have their version of worship but even they too are rejected by God. It is not proper worship and God demands proper worship.

Doctrinally speaking, it is all the same. One heresy and we kill our own soul. We become Cain killers all the same and we too would likewise wander until we repent.

We must stay inward and carefully observe the movements of our hearts so as to eradicate any potential movement of self-love from the “spiritual equation.” If we give God something knowing we still have a reserve (more to give) is this truly giving?

Are we not supposed to be following Christ as our model, who, as God, gave us His whole Being?

Therefore, what makes you think God will accept your “bargain offer” of giving Him just a portion of what is already truly owed to Him? And what is this? He wants you to freely give yourself wholly unto Him for His good purpose.

Therefore, do not become like the Jew who “sacrifices” thinking it is pleasing to God whence it is not. We can only deceive ourselves for so long.

Furthermore, why do we get angry when God rejects our offering? You know deep in your heart that you didn’t give it all to Christ and thus you became like Cain. You lusted and greed took a hold of you and now you gripe, complain, and murmur against a God who sees through you transparently.

We get angry because our will combats the Divine Will.

Just as the Jews were looking for an “earthly and materialistic” messiah to rule over them so do we at times! Think about it. Do we not? We promise to amend our lives but we do not see it through.

We get angry not at God in reality. The truth is, deep down, we are only mad at ourselves because we haven’t yet fully rooted out the self from our hearts. We are like Cain all the same.



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  1. It is amazing how people puts words in “Gods” mouth ! how people “know His intimate thoughts and wishes wow…they seem to know more about God than know their neighbours ! Satanas was created to justify and explain that God did not create anything “bad” ! so Lucifer is very convenient.
    This brings to mind Epicurus Trilema
    If God is unable to prevent evil, then he is not all-powerful.
    If God is not willing to prevent evil, then he is not all-good.
    If God is both willing and able to prevent evil, then why does evil exist?

  2. Once again, Catholicism validating historical veracity of Genesis, with a singular bloodline, is , in affect, self serving. The story of Cain and Able mirrors many other creation stories which start with a set of twin boys.
    In one version it is two sets of twin boys , of which one set are hunters, and the other gardeners. The hunter twins are are killed by death personified, and the gardener twins defeat death. Strangely, the story in Genesis precisely follows this story in numerical structure and thematic content so closely, that it cannot be a coincidence. In fact, it follows it with such minor variations from it, that the correlations are in the high 90 percentile, while the deviations are in the single digits. In comparative theology, it would be considered a positive identification and any presentation of opposing theory would have to present a compelling argument to the contrary. We’re still waiting for that. Instead we get repetition and dogmatic obfuscation.

    • Genesis isn’t supposed to be taken literally, neither are the other bible myths. Here’s one thing to consider about the story of Adam and Eve – Eve was made from Adam’s rib; in modern cloning science, the best cells to use for cloning are found on the inside of the ribs. So is the biblical myth a primitive retelling of an ancient cloning/genetics incident? Certainly would make more rational sense than any religious BS about a supernatural being.

    • It is highly likely we have had technology which far surpasses what we have now, in the past. I agree.

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